red maple trees


Old tea house surrounded by Japanese maple trees par Ippei & Janine Naoi
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This old tea house will be surrounded by red leaves of Japanese maple trees in early December.



Aries - Red Maple. A tree that’s the color of fire with leaves that appear just as sharp, but this is not the case. You won’t get cut or burned by these trees or their leaves unless, of course, you set them on fire first. 

Taurus – Sycamore Trees. They are known for being one of the oldest types of trees in existence. They embody strength and longevity. Sycamores produce leaves that are deep green and large; they are easily identifiable as any Taurus is. Like Sycamore Trees, a Taurus is sturdy. They don’t buckle under pressure or changes in their surroundings; they are extremely stubborn. They take up a lot of space and are unapologetic about it.

Gemini - Rainbow Eucalyptus. These trees are so original that they almost don’t seem real. As they age, their bark changes from green to colors of blue, purple, orange, and finally brown before it peels off to reveal new, green bark. Like the Rainbow Eucalyptus, a Gemini is colorful and reinvents itself time and time again, so that they may remain childish. Their charm is that they never ever truly grow up.

Cancer - Magnolia Trees. There are so many types of Magnolia Trees and all are known for their individual characteristics. Some can stand the cold while others are intolerance. They can have flowers that are pink, purple, red, or white. So, each Magnolia tree is different, but they are all still part of the same family. Cancers are similar because they embody all the colors, personalities, and characteristics of Magnolias due to their moodiness. Their actions, thoughts, and feelings change by the hour, and they hide parts of themselves, so it’s much harder to classify them as one type when they are all the types at one point or another; it all depends on the day and time.  

Leo - Black Tupelo. To put it simply, Black Tupelo trees are stunning. They embody the rich colors of Fall, orange, yellow, fiery red, and purple, and these colors will often appear on the same branch or even leaf. But they are more than just beautiful; they provide for many birds and bees and produce honey. Like the Black Tupelo, a Leo has more than just a pretty face. With some of the biggest hearts in the world, they are always willing to lend help to those they care about and even to strangers. Their good-natured attitude simply enhances their looks and ensures that they are always the center of attention. 

Virgo – Giant Redwoods. These trees are known as coming together to create skyscraper forests. They are marvels not because of their beauty (although they are very beautiful) but because of their capabilities just like Virgos. Virgos are extremely strong and know how approach and handle any situation. It’s hard to choose just one, but their greatest capability would have to be their ability to find a way when there doesn’t seem to be one.

Libra - Golden Chain Tree. Charming and romantic are the first words this tree brings to mind. This trees bright, yellow flowers stand out in any group simply for their grace and beauty like any true Libra. However, these trees cannot stand the cold and neither can a Libra; in fact, they’re absolutely intolerant of anyone who is cold, disrespectful, or uncouth. 

Scorpio - Paperback Birch. The bark is rough in texture yet peels away in layers to reveal white bark underneath. Not known for being the prettiest tree or the easiest to grow, birch trees are still a favorite for many people. Like birch trees, Scorpios are magnetic and attract people to them effortlessly. And there are also layers to a Scorpio, and not all of those layers are as rough as its outermost one…

Sagittarius - Crepe Myrtle. These trees are the most heat tolerant. They can survive heat, humidity, and even droughts. They will bloom no matter who or what is around them, which is similar to the mentality of a Sagittarius. A Sagittarius is always ready to perform under any condition, and because they hold themselves to such standards, their performance must always be award worthy, which makes them very popular. However, their need to perform also means that they aren’t always true to themselves. No one can be beautiful all the time, and like a Crepe Myrtle shedding itself in Winter, a Sagittarius sometimes needs to miss a performance. 

Capricorn - Skyfest Poplar. This tree is known for being resistant to diseases and harsh climates while growing quickly and remaining rigidly upright. Its root system is extremely aggressive, and they will grow deep in most soils and, if necessary, even underneath houses to spread further. Capricorn is like the Skyfest Poplar because both can not only thrive but aggressively grow and succeed regardless of their environment. They won’t settle and refuse to be anything but the biggest and best.

Aquarius – Wisteria Trees. These trees instantly capture attention, and they know it. Their perfume can blanket an entire landscape, and their flowers can be brilliant purples, pinks, etc. However, let it be known that these trees can be deadly to other plants and trees and will try to take over. Like Wisteria Trees, an Aquarius is dead set on becoming not the best but the most thought about and interesting person in the room. They often do this by making themselves appear as naturally “different” and aloof, but in actuality, everything they do is calculated. An Aquarius is most like the Wisteria Trees when they are romantically interested; they will go to great lengths to make themselves irresistible so people become quickly attached to them and they don’t have to worry about being cut down.

Pisces - Weeping Willow. It’s easy to say these trees are sad, but to say they’re misunderstood would be a more accurate description. With branches that literally droop to the Earth, these trees conceal much of their trunk, their core, and most won’t spend the time to see what’s underneath. Often times, Pisces are like the Weeping Willow, misinterpreted and overlooked.

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