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Vim- Hakyona

Happy Fourth! since America and I share a birthday week I figured it was due time i give yall the gift of hakyona so happy fireworks and stay safe! Also this is is sorta au where yona also has a crush on hak while theyre still in the castle

Vim: (Noun) lively or energetic spirit; enthusiasm; vitality.

Yona was nothing more than a child and as far as Hak was concerned would always be one, forever destined to bewilder him with her entirely clever mind that seemed only ever focused on gluttony, vanity, and pride. Yes of course Yona had always been predisposed with a naturally kind and benevolent spirit however her character was prone to flaws predictable of one raised a sheltered spoiled princess. Her youthful disposition often lead to naïve impulses of the heart and juvenile adventures that always got him in trouble. Still, Hak had never been able to help the budding feelings that stemmed from an innocent childhood attachment to a wild princess and her callow games from growing into a not so simple love. It seemed he and trouble were kindred spirits.

Growing up, the insatiable princess had been a pain to deal with, a lovable and adorable pain but a massive pain nonetheless. As small children, her curiosity demanded she know everything and anything about the stubborn-Hah! She was one to talk- and reserved new Wind tribe orphan boy and the mystery his personality and past presented. If Hak was honest, he had never been able to figure out if her incessant interrogations were formed out of genuine intrigue or if it was all just a way to distract he mind from the lingering heartbreak of the death of a most beloved mother. The older he got however, the more Hak decided that the reason didn’t actually matter, as long as Yona was happy and free then his heart was (mostly) at peace. Her loneliness often deprived him of the naps under the large willow tree just shy of the courtyard he so desired and her eagerness demanded his full attention.

In short, Yona had been a handful, his handful to be precise.

Hak played victim to her never-ending questions, bribed with fruits and snacks and- was that cake? He supposed he had time for a few more of her queries. Despite his insistence that she was annoying and needed to leave him alone, Hak never could actually bring himself to shake off the red haired mania that was the cute princess. It had nothing to do with the scarlet that stained his cheeks and the all too erratic pitter patters of his cracked heart when her tiny body barreled into him with a force she should not physically possess. It had nothing at all to do with any of those things, Yona was just easier to deal with when she got her way and he was simply an incredibly patient and indulging friend… yeah that was it.

“Hak, wanna play a game?”



“…Fine… but I’m not dressing up again…”

By the time they were in their early teens, Hak had developed a mostly comfortable and witty rapport with the princess he had tried so hard not to think about. She still insisted on the questions and established her authority over his free time, but her execution with her diction had become somewhat haughty and snooty and contained a bizarre yet subtle bite. He hated how easily she excelled in snooty… and how attracted to it he was. Her sharp words and coy expressions shot straight through his heart… amoung other places. Yona with all her condescending attitudes and pompous extravagance had turned into everything Hak hated and for some reason he just loved the pretentious princess even more. How could he say no to those ruby red lips and those coquettish amethyst eyes?

What was he supposed to bring to the table against a spoiled princess who would inevitably get her way using nothing more than a demure pout? Well pick up the wholesome hobby of teasing her till she was at her wits end of course. And so, with this new element added to his arsenal of retort, Hak had finally won the upper ground in all their exchanges and hide his very obvious crush under a thin veil of mockery. Yona was hungry? All he needed to mention was that she was always hungry aaand if she didn’t seem to notice that well then no wonder she was starting to look like one of those dumplings she loved. Yona’s hands hurt? It was probably all that twiddling of her thumbs the poor thing, did Yona need some ice or maybe a massage? Yona’s hair was too weird and too red? Well it definitely wasn’t her hair that was odd. It was with these playful remarks and jests that Hak finally was the one awarded with the sight of his partner in crime blushing up a crimson storm as bright as those locks. Now he was the one who saw her sputter and stutter until she answered him with a stomp of her right foot- it was always the right-and an indignant a ‘Shut up Hak!’ And the transition from occasional visiting friend to nonstop chastising thorn in her side always brought on a sort of sadistic joy the boy (Ah, no it was man now!) could never seem to explain. Was he consistently torturing himself and his all to onesided love by actively pointing out all her perfect imperfections that Hak himself had become addicted to? Oh no doubt, but by this time in their evergrowing relationship, Hak was really too far gone to even care if his hear was slowly cracking like forgotten porcelain. Hak loved Yona, there was nothing to be done now, and the damage of falling in love had already been done. So, his desire to keep her spirited and happy and full of vim to the end of his days had far surpassed the consequence of his broken heart.

Of course, there had been one consequence his heartbroken mind had not been privy to, and that little detail was that…

Yona loved being teased. But only by Hak.

His choice words and snarky jabs made her heart stop and the narrowing of those sapphire eyes (she could just dive into!) just before his unintentionally sultry comebacks made her mouth water in anticipation. It had also never missed Yona’s attention that while Hak had always been cute and sulky when they were kids, nothing could have prepared her unsuspecting soul for his transformation into the literal smoldering symbol of sexual perfection. Yona had made it a point to ensure that the majority of their feuds were timed right as he was training, the view of his sculpted abs and powerful arms flexing and tightening and glistening with each swing of his impossibly large spear did wonders for her private fantasies. And should he ever take a moment to catch his breath and her off guard with a casual turn of his narrowed hips and a confident smirk playing on his lustful lips then she could never stop the drop of her wanting mouth and her wanton thoughts. Yona had never wanted for anything until Hak towered over her and at that point all she wanted was a room, some privacy, and a shirtless sweating Hak all over her. Hak had been mostly right, there was nothing going on in her head…except of course, Hak.

So with his lack of foresight, or more technically his lack of hope that she would ever reciprocate his feelings, Hak was genuinely astonished when one moment he was being called to her highness’s side and the next he had landed hands and knees barely pressed on top of her in her spacious but very well hidden closet. Hak was more impressed however, that she had somehow managed to pull him in said closet and drag him down without his knowledge that she had been hiding in the first place and with a strength she still should not possess. Hak gulped; Had her nightgown always been that sheer?

“Princess, wha-"he quietly started before those slender arms of hers reached up to pull on his scalp and yank his mouth down on her open lips. His mind came to a complete stop and all movement of his ceased. Yona whined impatiently, pulled tightly, and demanded incessantly for more, and who was he, her faithful bodyguard and servant, to say no? Teeth clashed and tongues invaded as their lips melded aggressively and if he decided that his hands were better put to use running up the sides of her failing gown rather than keeping him from pinning her body into the gown with his, then Yona was perfectly fine with it. With their new proximity, she was finally able to wrap her legs around his hips and rock into Hak in a fashion that made his eyes roll and his hands squeeze her delightfully rough. His teeth nipping at her bottom lip, sucking and pulling, while one hand pulled her hips even closer and drew a shamefully loud keen from her as Yona snapped her head back in pleasure. And then Hak moved down, working a path from the top of her ear, where he whispered filthy nothings and lascivious promises, and making his way to her unmarred jaw and pale throat leaving bites in his wake as she rocked against him demanding more, always demanding.

If they were to be caught by a stray servant or heaven forbid her father, then Hak would most definitely lose his job and maybe his head, but Hak, was a weak man, and if Yona wanted a good romp every now and then, who was he to say no?

Makeup Review Monday!

Top Red Lipstick Review:

  1. Yves Saint Laurent – color 4rouge in danger, $35 at Sephora.  Yes the price point is a bit staggering but this red both lasts all day with the proper application and does not dry out my lips or leave that fun fruit punch ring after removal. You will have to primer your lips first but there is not need for a liner pencil or a top gloss. This product is amazing for photos and everyday use. Also you do not need to layer it on so one tube will last for the life time of the product.

  2. Ben Nye – color Russian Red, $10 at Makeup Mania.  I love the brand Ben Nye, and this is my go to red lipstick for the past 6yrs. You do have to use a primer, liner pencil, and a concealer around the outside edges. It shows a little more matte then standard lipsticks so you can layer gloss on top of it.  When you are ready to remove it you will have to use a lipstick remover and then exfoliate your lips to remove the staining.
  3. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar– color NSFW balanced red, $18 at Sephora.  Once I discovered this brand I’ve been in love with the range of colors it comes in. This red is a great balance between blue and orange-based reds, a very rare find. With his product you will have to prime your lips but skip the pencil. Each tar comes with a singe brush; the tars are very thick and highly pigmented so use these brushes with the tars because the product will ruin your normal brushes. I’ve found I like layering a clear gloss over this tar to create a mirror finish. To remove you only need face wash and water.