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Not quite an au but where

Keith sighs when Lance is exaggerating and going on in that scene when Pidge reveals her gender (transgirl! Pidge gives me life don’t take this from me) and says in that tone of voice that means he’s trying not to smile “oh cut it out Lance, we know you found out first you don’t have to rub it in”
And everyone just stops? Because what? And Keith frowns at them all making dumb faces at him and his shoulders rise in that defensive way and he just snaps “come on. You’re trying to tell me that you think Lance– the most observant member of this team– didn’t realise that the kid that he’s been protecting since our Garrison days was actually a girl? Are you crazy?”
And everyone else is even MORE confused now because since when has Lance been the most observant in the team? And even Lance is looking confused and kinda embarrassed
And Keith just. Gets really mad (and NOT because he has a ridiculous crush on the prettiest boy he’s ever met -seriously why is he so pretty)
“Of course he’s the most observant! Who do you think programmed the ship to play relaxing music in the common room when people go in there late at night?” There’s no huge reaction from the team but Keith is just getting started here.
First he confronts their leader and the man who was basically his big brother for years until the Kerberos mission
“Who do you think is the one that always covers you with blankets and puts pillows under your head when you fall asleep on the couches Shiro?
Who do you think carries Pidge back to her room in the middle of the night when she’s been working too hard with her computers that she’s fallen asleep in the hallways?
Who comforts Hunk and tries all his dishes when he’s anxious and needs to cook?
Who goes and voluntarily cleans sections of the castle with Coran when he’s feeling nostalgic so he has someone to tell all of his stories to?
Who did you think was the one that makes tea for the princess and leaves it outside her room when she’s feeling lonely?
Who leaves water and snacks for me in the training room when I’ve been working too hard and forget to eat?”
The team are starting to look shocked and kind of awed, staring at Lance like they’ve never seen him before and while this should probably calm him down it only makes the Red Paladin even madder so he soldiers on:
“He covers all our backs whenever we get in fights; he always puts everyone else’s safety above his and he’s always supporting us with his bayard! I can’t do that! The closet I can do is with my shield! He’s the sharpshooter that backs us up from a distance and always keeps us safe with his split-second tactics!
How did you think our clothes and uniforms get mended after they get run down by wear-and-tear or when they’re ruined in battles? Have you ever wondered what Lance was doing in his downtime while we’re all of training and cooking and brooding on our own? He’s been sitting down with a needle and thread and repairing all of our stuff! Of his own free will! Because he notices this shit!
Where would our morale be if he didn’t make all his stupid jokes during our missions and flirt with all those stupid aliens and reassure and encourage us all when we’re feeling down about this whole ‘saving the universe thing!’” Keith’s red in the face and breathing pretty heavily now but his message seems to have sunken in to everybody; including Lance.
The tanned boy had his hand up to his mouth as he stared at Keith and to the Korean’s confusion and slight horror the taller began to tear up and he was really starting to worry until a near silent “thanks, mullet-brain” was whispered and Keith finally let go of his anger enough to shoot a smile at the other.
Unsurprisingly it was Hunk who reacted first between the other paladins and the alteans; lunging forwards with a cry of some sort to gather Keith, Lance, and Pidge in a huge and very comforting group hug while simultaneously apologising and thanking Lance who laughed at the other and wrapped his arm around Keith’s shoulders which he chose to take as an extended 'thank-you’ so that his hopes wouldn’t get too high.

(Soon enough it would be Lance defending Keith from the team’s spite anyway, due to some unfortunate genetic ties)


Spring Cinderella Fest! Kanade Limited Gacha 3/28

Cinderella Fest has begun. For the next 3 days, SSR rates are doubled to 3% and some exclusive SSRs are available. This time, the one new limited SSR is

  • SSR [End of the Blue] Kanade Hayami (0.600%)

Kanade has a new center skill, Tricolor Ability, and skill, Skill Boost, that increase the activation rates of your other idols’ skills! Additionally, the SSRs from the previous CinFests are also available again

  • SSR [Peaceful Days] Uzuki Shimamura (0.066%)
  • SSR [Over Myself] Rin Shibuya (0.066%)
  • SSR [Wonder Entertainer] Mio Honda (0.066%)
  • SSR [Self-Proclaimed Sweet Heroine] Sachiko Koshimizu (0.066%)
  • SSR [Madder Red Coloring] Kaede Takagaki (0.066%)
  • SSR [Glorious★Glow] Mika Jougasaki (0.066%)
  • SSR [Usamin the Secret] Nana Abe (0.066%)
  • SSR [Flower-Patterned Reality] Syuko Shiomi (0.066%)
  • SSR [Sol Paraiso] Yui Ohtsuki (0.066%)

You have to act fast as these cards will disappear, until next CinFest, after Mar. 31 @ 2:59 PM JST (1:59 AM EDT). Have a great CinFest everyone!

The Guys in Blue with the Red Caps

a short guide to identify a zouave of the French army.
I failed as a teacher of French fabulousness but that won’t happen again

This is the French infantry uniform at the beginning of WW1. The kepi, that is the hat, very popular in the French army and introduced in this form in 1886, is already horizon blue as would be the rest of the uniform by the end of 1914, but was also red and ‘steel blue’ for a very long time. The greatcoat is called the Capote Mle 1877, and goes with a pair of garance red pants (madder lake pigment) that gave the French army its fabulousness during all its second colonial expansion (just because you’re committing war crimes doesn’t mean you can’t dress fancy).

If you thought the guys wearing those were zouaves because they’re conspicuous and over-dressed, boy prepare to wet your pants.

Those are zouaves.

French high command gave no fuck about camouflage back when these uniforms were designed, and focused instead on giving it an exotic flair including but not limited to a floppy-ass fez I’d kill for, a floppy-ass saruel I’d kill for, a bolero vest I’d kill for and a sash I’d kill for, with the usual spats and all. Otherwise the equipment was very similar. As you can see the mess pack is roughly the same, with the canteen high up in the air like it doesn’t care, and they also were equipped with the Mle 1886 ‘Lebel’ rifle.
So yeah really up till 1915 once you know the difference it’s easy to spot.

Bonus round: a French army zouave from the Crimean war

Activities for Ostara

1.     Color Hard-boiled Eggs: adding symbols for: the God and the Goddess; fertility; the Sun, unity, fire, water, agriculture, prosperity, growth, strength, wisdom, spring, love, affection, and protection.

2.     Make Natural Dyes for Herbs:

a.     Green: coltsfoot and bracken

b.     Yellow-green: carrot tops

c.      Yellow: turmeric

d.     Orange: onion skin

e.     Red: madder root

f.      Blue: blueberries

g.     Bright blue: red cabbage

3.     Consecrate the Eggs:

In the Name of the Goddess of Spring; And the ever-returning God of the Sun; By the powers of the Elementals Earth, Air, Fire, and Water; I do consecrate these Eggs of Ostara.

Point athame at eggs; make sign of pentagram; see energy flow into eggs:

New life lies within as new life shall enter the soil. Let those who seek this life find it and consume it, for all life feeds on life.

4.     Hide the Eggs; and commence the Ostara Egg Hunt.

5.     Make: some of the found eggs into “deviled” eggs for supper.

6.     Make Hot Cross Buns: cut the X with the bolline, honoring Earth and Sun for Spring; then bless the cakes.

7.     Ostara Eve: Light a purple or votive candle; burn Patchouli incense; carry both through the house:

Farewell to Wintry spirits and friends;

On morrow we greet the spirits of Spring.

Our blessings to thee as your way you wend;

And merry we’ll meet next Winter again.

[Blow out candle] Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!

8.     Have a Traditional Meal; of hot-cross buns and eggs for breakfast; ham for supper.

9.     Toss: crushed eggshells into the garden:

For Fairy, for flowers, for herbs in the bowers; the shells pass fertility with Springtime showers.

10. Wear: colorful or pastel clothing

11. Bless Seed: to be planted in the garden.

12. Empower: an egg with a desired quality, then eat the egg and envision it bringing what was sought.

From Ann Moura’s “Grimoire for the Green Witch”

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Horror comic books. Take Madder Red from Bedlam. We’re not sure if he’s a hero or still a blood-lusting freak. Could be both. And every issue has a twist leading to a cliffhanger. The dramatic conundrum that keeps generating bloodshed. And there’s always another issue, and another… Kinda like Lakewood.

文法:〜ことなく(Without ~)

Verb Plain + ことなく

The こと in ことなく is the same 事 used in the nominalization of verbs, and thus is always followed by the short, present tense or plain form of a verb. The なく is the adverbial form of ない.

〜ことなく is a more formal version of 〜ないで. It is similar to ~ずに, although it is used at times in formal spoken language.

The number of students who come to school without eating breakfast is increasing.

J-Rock Examples:

Without looking back once at the madder-red sky / or your waving figure, the train starts running.
関取花 - 石段のワルツ


Schminke pastels review

1 cobalt turqouise 
2 cobalt blue tone 
3 purple 2
4 dark brown
5 burnt sienna (018B)
6 burnt sienna (018O)
7 Silver
8 Gold
9 Permanent red 3 deep
10 madder lake (045M)
11 madder lake (045B)

All colors are soft, it’s easy to pick up pastel dust right off the crayon to use on the doll. Sealer used is MSC UV cut, one base layer and one sealing layer. The headcap is a Souldoll normal skin one from 2015.

Especially the Permanent red and the burnt sienna’s pigment reaaaaly well. it’s easy to get a intense color. You don’t see the color of the burnt siena B (number 6) well because it’s so close to the headcaps color, but it did cover really well, it will be a great color to mix with. The madder lake colors apply a little bit more difficult, a little splotchy, mainly visible in the B (number 11) one because it’s so dark. The dark brown is also a bit harder to apply but it will be nice for layering color and bringing out shadows. The purple isn’t as intense as I hoped but it will be easy to layer, as is the same with the cobalt blue, I also expexted that color to be a bit more cornflower and a bit less cyan. 

The gold and silver are a bust, they are beaautifull on paper but don’t stick to resin that well (particles to big?) and after sealing don’t shimmer as brightly. I think getting PearlEx shimmer powder is cheaper and easyer to work with.

All in all I’m quite content with my little selection of Schminke pastels, these are the colors I use the most (minus the gold and silver), I do think I might get another blue thats more cornflower in the future, as an orange, a yellow and a green to complete the set :D


gustavo acosta in every episode - i know what you did last summer (2x01)

Horror comic books. Take Madder Red from Bedlam. We’re not sure if he’s a hero or still a blood-lusting freak. Could be both. And every issue has a twist leading to a cliffhanger. The dramatic conundrum that keeps generating bloodshed. And there’s always another issue, and another… Kinda like Lakewood.

Kanji: 茜

茜 (pronounced あかね “akane”) is the Japanese name for the madder plant, whose roots can be used to make a deep red dye. The word is a combination of あか (“aka”=red) and ね (“ne”=root). The kanji 茜 is a combination of the “plant” radical 艹 on the top and the kanji for “west” 西 on the bottom: madder red comes from a plant and looks like the western sky at sunset.

The word 茜 is usually used for:

  • Names (especially female given names)
  • Describing sunsets, especially in the form 茜色 (あかねいろ/akane-iro “madder-color”)
  • Making people cry through song:


Fall Cinderella Fest begins! Sachiko, Kaede, and Mika  Limited Gacha 9/28

Cinderella Fest has begun. For the next 2 days, SSR rates are doubled to 3% and some exclusive SSRs are available. This time, the new limited SSRs are

  • SSR [Self-Proclaimed Sweet Heroine] Sachiko Koshimizu
  • SSR [Madder Red Coloring] Kaede Takagaki
  • SSR [Glorious★Glow] Mika Jougasaki

Additionally, the New Generations SSRs from the last CinFest are also available

  • SSR [Peaceful Days] Uzuki Shimamura
  • SSR [Over Myself] Rin Shibuya
  • SSR [Wonder Entertainer] Mio Honda

All six cards will have raised draw rates, meaning you’re more likely to get them than any other SSR. You have to act fast as these cards will disappear, presumably until next CinFest, after Sept. 30 @ 2:59 PM JST (1:59 AM EDT). Have a great CinFest everyone!

For @funkytoes, who sort of asked for it?  And @oh–you–pretty–things, who might find it useful.  Some very archaeological guesses at Susan’s clothing.

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“The Generation lawn season launches on a minimalist, indigenous note. Manjeet Diaries itself embodies an urban aesthetic, with traditional block print motifs on the distinct shade of madder red (Manjeet) in fluid free-spirited silhouettes. We, at GENERATION, feel that some spaces are so strongly defined as ‘not for women’ that it inspired to rethink our creative design process. ‘Manjeet Diaries,’ our first collection for Spring, becomes the spark for debate and an insight into the spirit of the Generation Woman, someone who finds beauty in the ordinary and thrives upon her individuality.”

your lows will have their compliment of highs (by losvaccines)

a mix of some (sort of) unconventional summer songs

1) Anna Sun- Walk the Moon 2) I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)- Michael Franti 3) 16 Years- The Griswolds 4) I Promise- Generationals 5) Strawberries- WHY? 6) All My Friends- LCD Soundsystem 7) Honey- Swim Deep 8) She’s Got You High- Mumm-Ra 9) Madder Red- Yeasayer 10) Alright- Supergrass 11) Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids 12) Ambling Alp- Yeasayer 13) Shooting Star- Bag Raiders 14) Ways to Go- Grouplove 15) Wouldn’t It Be Nice- The Beach Boys 16) Waves- Sleeper Agent 17) I Summon You- Spoon 18) Step- Vampire Weekend