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The Signs As Cars Characters

Aries: Snot Rod

Taurus: Filmore

Gemini:  Guido

Cancer: Wingo

Leo: Lightning McQueen

Virgo:  Flo

Libra: Sheriff

Scorpio: Chick Hicks

Sagittarius: Mater

Capricorn: Sarge

Aquarius: Tractor

Pisces: Luigi

anonymous asked:

How do our beloved racers and amazing Radiator Springs residents sleep? Is there snoring? Tossing and turning? Waking up every few hours? I know this is a weird ask, but i'm curious ✨

Lightning - sleeps soundly, but mutters quietly a lot

Sally - very light sleeper, wakes up at any little sound, rolls around a lot

Doc - soft snoring, only sleeps five or six hours a night, always up late

Sheriff - heavy sleeper, likes to nap throughout the day

Lizzie - anytime, anywhere, always down for naptime. snores quietly. shakes a lot.

Ramone - sound sleeper, adjusts hydraulics while unconscious

Flo - tolerant light sleeper, wakes up every few hours

Red - like a baby

Luigi - likes to lean against something while he sleeps

Guido - Sometimes sleep drives around, rearranges tires in the shop

Sarge - sleeps very deeply for a few hours at a time, spread throughout the day

Fillmore - snoozes like we do after taking a big dose of NyQuil

Mater - definitely drives in his sleep. backwards. a lot. obnoxious snoring and drooling.

Bobby - tosses and turns a lot, sleeps well for short periods of time

Brick - wakes up a lot, is restless as night. superior napper in the daytime though

Cal - sleeps straight through the night, doesn’t snore, but breathes through his mouth

Strip - might as well be dead, there’s no waking him up without getting physical

Cruz - cover stealer, speaks in soft Spanish and hums a lot

Jackson - must be wrapped in something warm, sleeps lightly, silently

Chick - obnoxious snoring, flops around a lot, talks to himself in his sleep

anonymous asked:

Lightning, Bobby, Cal, Jackson and the rest of the RS gang are stuck in a room, by themselves, with a daddy long legs. How do they react?

Lightning - jumps back when he first encounters it, but then stealthily sneaks up on it to dispose of it

Bobby - just sits on the other side of the room. they respect each other’s space.

Cal - freaks out and instinctively smashes it, spends the next five minutes in disgust trying to wipe it off his tire

Jackson - takes his time planning out the cold, calculated murder he’s about to commit

Mater - does not care. he names it Dale and begins a conversation with it

Fillmore - befriends it and vows to protect it until it can return to the wild

Sarge - doesn’t even notice it

Sally - is a little squeamish, keeps an eye on it and avoids it

Lizzie - just thinks it’s dirt in the room and forgets about it, falling asleep

Flo - she ain’t afraid to squish a bug. this is her space, and she don’t like no creepy crawlies

Ramone - paints a square around it and tells it to stay in it’s space, and he’ll stay in his

Guido - thinks it’s fascinating until it moves. swears in Italian and avoids it

Luigi - considers killing it, but lets it live (under constant supervision)

Red - it scares him. he sprays it with water and accidentally kills it. cries for hours. such guilt.

Sheriff - doesn’t pay it any mind, it’s harmless

Doc - questions why he’s stuck alone in a room with an unproportional spider