red low to the ground

voltron, shiro/keith // the night before kerberos

He’s shedding up the night sky, and awake, awake, he’s a Molotov cocktail against the denim-blue midnight; he wears it tight and close, close as he keeps his prayers to no one, his solitude.

Under his hands, he feels his engine teeter on the precipice of go, and go again, faster. Kicks things up another gear with a reckless flick of his wrist. This, this hits the spot, sweeter than honey and coffee and a hot summer’s dream, and he soars, swoops low to skim the ground where the red cliffs are watching.

When he comes in to land, Shiro’s waiting.

“Hey,” he says.

“How long have you been there?” asks Keith, without preamble. His bike’s still burning, and he knows it’ll scorch the ground if he lets it all the way down. So he leaves it where it is, hovering, but for Shiro’s sake, he dims the headlights.

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I’m really trying to get back into writing so I’m going to be writing these one-shots every day till I can get back. I hope you guys enjoy this one It was a lot of fun to write. 

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Your hair was stained red with blood and your body sank low into the ground like a headstone. Nothing felt real. Everything felt as if it was a dream and that you were having a nightmare. 

You never meant to lose him so suddenly. 

Your life was hard but that didn’t mean that it was anything less than loved. every memory was still yours. Every decision was still made. Now all there was to do was wait. to see how long it would take for the grim reaper to come and take what was theirs. 

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