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Antique Persian Rug - circa 1970s / 64 x 41 / 192cm x 126cm This is a beautiful dark red worn Persian rug. It is a great size that works well for a medium area rug underneath a coffee table or in a wider hallway. It features 5 geometric medallions in its design and has intricate interlocking hook shapes along the boarder. The rug is a deep red color that will really ground a room. It has low pile and is hand knotted. No holes, light wear from age / use. This rug is from the 19… Interior Design Home

Chris Evans Fic: Hiking and Hypocrisy (Chapter 7)

Some very slight NSFW content in this.

All you remembered was that plummeting feeling you sometimes get when you dream that you’re falling out of bed, or off a cliff, and you force yourself awake a millisecond before hitting the ground. Snapping your eyes open felt like impact when you saw Chris’ concerned gaze in the moonlight filtering in through the glass roof.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ He asked immediately, but you were too confused and disorientated to respond.

You had a myriad of emotions tumbling through you, rolling around in waves, clashing and colliding together. You blinked, trying to swim to the surface, but failing, and everything was instinct. Instead of speaking, you simply leaned forward, pressing your lips to Chris’. You heard a noise of surprise from him but it didn’t stop him from kissing you back and soon you were lost in the sensation. He was gentle, tender, raising one hand to softly cup your cheek, perhaps sensing your delicate emotional state, but it wasn’t what you associated with this place, this room, this bed. Everything had always been a mile a minute, demanding, forceful and you had mistaken it all for wanton passion, had revelled in it even: ‘He just can’t keep his hands off me, can’t resist me,’ was what you had told yourself time after time.

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Rose-Red City as Old as Time

This is my entry for the prompt: Out of Place for the the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon organized by the @thebookjumper.  Set after 5x23.  Thanks to @candykizzes24 for the amazing edit and to @missyriver and @nalla-madness for reading and encouraging.. I hope you like it!

The camel jostled back and forth, and Felicity was having a hard time dealing with the swinging motion.  After the first hour, her body was still not becoming one with the large animal underneath her, the rocking gesticulation was making her nauseous.

Scanning the narrow path that is the Siq, she noted that their caravan was now walking in a fissure made up of continuous walls of pink layered rock formations separating two tectonic plates; Felicity felt dwarfed and very claustrophobic.

Her gaze wandered to her right, meeting intense blue eyes.  It was ridiculous how good Oliver looked sitting astride his camel.  He just totally fit within the element. Watching him in his khakis and white Bedouin head cover was like seeing her own version of Rick O’Connell ready to conquer the desert. His golden tan, and the way his hands held the reins, his body one with his ride, you would think he grew up in this part of the world.

Felicity giggled, there were no mummies or secret treasures on this adventure, Petra was a city carved from rose rock under sea level, eternal, beautiful and alone, it offered the perfect solitude their crazy life was lacking!

Being in the heart of Wadi Rum, she never thought she would feel more out of place, the desert reminded her of Vegas.  The worn rocks on either side were reminiscent of the Grand Canyon and the incessant sun and heat was just as scorching.

“How much more?” she asked the little guide who held the reins of her camel.

“One hour!” he replied in a heavy accented English.

After their impromptu wedding, they decided to continue their world tour for their honeymoon.  Felicity wanted to see Petra, and the Red Sea; and although she had read the brochures she had no idea how much tourism websites failed to address how extraneous the journey was, as what they considered part of the mystery.  Apparently, after a four-hour car ride, they had to ride horses for two hours just to get to the entrance of the treasury, which was where Indiana Jones had filmed the last crusade, then it was camels for two hours more to reach the museum, then there was a trek up 365 steps to reach sea level so she can see the infamous split between the two continents of Asia and Africa and the promised Red Sea. As much as Felicity was looking forward to sight seeing, she was dreading this gigantic effort in the midst of summer heat.  Maybe this was a bad idea after all!

Felicity was flushed, even with her straw hat, tied under her chin with a wispy scarf, she had to admit she was wilting!

“How are you holding up?” Oliver asked

“Oh, you know, other than hot sweaty and soaking wet, I am completely fine!”

Oliver met her with a smirk and a raised eyebrow,

Realizing how that sounded, she was about to take it back with a massive babble, when the path opened to a great plaza and the caravan stopped.  It seems they were to pass some inspection point by the local authorities.

Two police officers with visible side arms approached them asking for their passports.  After scanning Oliver’s passport, the officer glanced up meeting what Felicity classified as the Green Arrow glare, then whispered something to his companion in Arabic.  “We need you to come with us,” they told Oliver.

“Is something wrong officer?” the officers exchanged looks,

“Would you please step down from your camel?”

Oliver and Felicity exchanged looks, Felicity was starting to get concerned. Oliver stepped down and stood towering over the officers who placed their hands over their weapons in response to his threatening stance.  Felicity was seriously worried now, this was no time to play the Green Arrow, they were unarmed and Olivers bow and arrows were safely tucked in their duffle bags strapped to the camels, plus did Oliver really want to cause an international incident at a famous world tourist site?

She motioned to the boy to bring down her camel.  As the camel squatted down, Felicity squealed.  “Oh sorry, I don’t know how anyone can get used to this” The officers were frowning now.

The officers looked at Olivers passport again, “Please calm down Mrs. Queen”  “We are just doing our jobs, please don’t resist this arrest”

“Arrest”? Oliver glowered, “On what basis?”

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You Want Me As Much As I Want You《E.D》

Warning: Smut bitch!!!

The feeling of having you around is like a winter breeze on the top of January. The thought of you is the feeling of


In the pit of my stomach, the familiar ones I got when I first met you. The warmth you give off to my cold, black soul making me better along the way of a rocky past life. The touch of yours that brushes over every single curve on my body, rough but heavenly all together. Your appearance different from others but stops the world from spinning somehow and only keeps my focus on you. Your voice music to my ears when you speak. But you hate my guts and I guess i “hated” yours too. As always the famous quote rings in my ears every time you come around

“You can’t always get what you want”

It never occurred to me why you thought of me this way, why was he angry at me all the time. Why do you hate me pretty boy.

City lights. I see you at the end of the busy street completely overlooking me as if I didn’t exist. “Hey” my voice shallow and small but can still be heard over the beeping of cars passing by in a frenzy. You ignored my greeting giving me a look of disgust. I brushed off the rising feeling of questions being asked in my head, Did he even hear me?Was I loud enough? Was I not worth his time? “Y/n!” Jumping out of my scattered thoughts I was engulfed in a hug by my best friend Cameron Dolan. Me and Cameron have been tight since kindergarten, she’s always had my back and I’ve always had hers. She picked me up when I was down and kept me away from the negatives in my life. We pulled apart to do our one and only handshake we made up when we were 10 and 11.

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“Alright, alright” we were interrupted by Grayson who happened to be my best friend to. “Now that you’ve seen Cameron it’s my turn to see my best friend” I wrapped my arms around his torso, he lifted me up making me squeal at the sudden surprise as I kissed his cheek and him kissing my temple. “Uh can we go I’m starving” gray put me down giving Ethan an annoyed look, Ethan rolling his eyes in the process. “Fine y/n where do you want to go” “oh i-” “ Ugh why is she picking” I looked down at my feet “Ethan seriously” Ethan scoffed storming off in the opposite direction. “I’m gonna go talk to him brb” grayson ran off into his direction leaving me and Cameron. “Hey y/n I’m sorry he-” “hates me that’s what” I felt anger fill my whole body as the tears came rushing down. Cameron pulled me into a hug when she noticed my face turn red and a sniffle heard with my head held low staring down at the ground, the thoughts came all at once hitting me hard and making me think the worst of myself. Why did he hate me so much? What did i do wrong? Why am I even here? The questions keeping me from hearing the outside world making me feel like I’m in a shut box that could never be opened.

Grayson’s Pov~

I followed Ethan into a alley way away from the streets only the both of us in it “Hey can you slow the hell down” he turned around “why should I huh I don’t wanna be anywhere near her” “why” I looked him in the eye studying his expression waiting for him to blow up at me. “You know why gray” he laughed as if this was a joke “no I don’t know why, you are being rude to a innocent girl that innocent girl happens to be our best friend you gotta drop this act” he furrowed his eyebrows “what act” “The act where you fake hate a girl but deep inside your in love with her act” he laughed even harder but stopped looking over my shoulder. I looked in the he was looking in direction seeing y/n making her way towards us, her head held high with a look of determination “Hey boys” I stepped back “I’m gonna go and let you talk guys talk ” I sped off turning the corner to see Cameron “move idiot this is gonna be good” we looked down in the alley to see them just standing there “yeah this is good alright.”

Y/n Pov~

I was standing in front of him now the boy for years I’ve been thrown mean comments on my hair, my outfits, even the guys I dated in the past. Although he hated me I still deep down had feelings for him, we both stood there quiet scared to make the move of speaking first but that was soon gone when he spoke “what do you want” I looked up at him his eye contact not persistent

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“I want you” he looked at me confused but more surprised “I’ve always wanted you Ethan I was always scared of telling you because” choking back the tears that had already escaped my eyes “I was afraid you’d hate me even more than you already do and step all over my heart” he stayed silent looking at me with guilt “are you gonna fucking say something” “what do you want me to say” “i-” “that I like you because I don’t… I love you okay i- I love y/n i always have I never really hated you. I just have a complicated way of showing that side an-” I stopped him from speaking and pressed my lips against his, him kissing me back almost instantly. I felt my legs slowly begin to feel weak, he slid his hand to the small of my back pulling me closer to him deepening the kiss as I wrapped my arms around his neck tangling my fingers in his soft brown locks. He pulled away as i met his lustful gaze him eyeing me down licking his lips, I bit my lip at the sight of him looking like he wanted to devour me “let’s get out of here” he grabbed me hand as we made our way to streets fetching a taxi back to ethans hotel room. We headed straight for the elevator and already he couldn’t keep his hands off me, he pushed me against the wall pinning my hands above my head kissing me roughly and passionately.

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The doors opened to the floor his room was on he picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss, he stopped to open the door as I pressed my forehead against his. We entered his hotel room that he had all to himself, He closed the door behind him laying me gently on the bed “I want you now” he whispered his voice low and demanding, he kissed along my jawline gently nibbling my earlobe he started to unbutton my blue jeans taking them off slowly leaving me in only my underwear. He kissed my inner thigh making me grab his hair as he bit the rim of my lace underwear tugging them off. “Mmm so wet already” drawing a circle around my clit applying pressure watching me go crazy, “ooo ethan” I moaned out as he started to make 8 figure motions on my clit I arched my back tugging at his hair, he stuck in one finger curving it hitting my g spot every time he pumped I moaned louder this time feeling my adrenaline rush as he picked up the pace flicking his tongue faster driving me off the edge. I felt myself growing closer and closer “hold on baby alright” he abruptly stopped as I whimpered for him he took off his shirt as I slowly rose myself on my elbows watching him take off his pants licking my lips when his hard cock came into view hiding behind his Tommy Hilfiger boxers he slowly pulled them down his cock hitting his stomach making him groan. I reached my hand up to touch his defined chest and abs making my way to his throbbing cock grabbing it and kissing it ever so gently he moaned throwing his head back watching me as I winked up at him and started bobing my head up and down his shaft as he huffed out grabbing my hair pulling it into a makeshift ponytail. Thrusting in and out of my mouth stopping every now and then so I could breath, I could feel he was close I stopped crawling back up on the bed taking of my shirt and bra “I want you now” he pulled me roughly at my waist positioning himself at my entrance slowly going in having me adjust first as I moaned out loud, he picked up the pace. I wrapped my arms around his back digging my nails into it

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Putting my hand in the crook of his neck as he left love bites along my jawline down to my neck. He got up putting my legs on his shoulder grabbing my throat choking me with his free hand the other gripped tightly on my waist going faster “are you close baby” I moaned as he choked me tighter “use your words y/n” “yes Ethan I’m cumming” you arched your back gripping the sheets as you clenched around him. He groaned deeply cumming right after, laying next to me our bodies dripping from sweat I cuddled into him as he pulled the silk sheets against us, laying my head on his chest listening to his heart beat “I say tomorrow I take you on a proper date and things should start from there, agreed?” I looked up at him his eyes already set on mine “as long as what just happened a minute ago continues on I’m totally down” we laughed as he kissed my forehead holding me tighter and closer to him as we drifted off into a deep sleep….

♡♡♡ I finally finished it!! I hope you enjoyed♡♡♡

I saw this prompt a while ago but was too busy at work to sit down and write for it! I haven’t lost the inspiration so i’m going for it! this is prompt #93 from @yyhfanfiction . Hope you enjoy the little snippet. :>

Prompt: Kurama and Kuwabara are treated differently for being red-heads

rating: pg-13

tags: tension, blood, assault mention

“Did you bring them, Shou?” 

“Yes master Yen, I have them here. They put up a fight, but once the bigger one was overwhelmed, the fox came along easily! It was just as you said…” A demon with a higher pitched voice (Shou presumably) eagerly answered the darker voice of his employer.

Shou tossed two figures that were half his size against the stone tiles of the floor. 

One figure was large, battered and lifeless. His body hit the floor and lay sprawled and boneless, unmoving against the cold stone. The second figure had chains on his arms and about his wrists. He fell sprawling to the floor as well, but unlike the first figure, he sprang into action rather than lying lifeless. With his hands still bound behind his back, the second figure managed to rise, and position himself near the first, eyes flashing, and mouth set in a threatening snarl. 

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Every time I’m driving home from somewhere far away I go through Pennsylvania, and there’s this one old factory building by the road right outside of Harrisburg - the kind of building that’s brick red and low to the ground with a wall of gridded windows. The windows are always dark, dusty, and some are even broken. But one of those many windows is painted over in a beautifully rich blue, and another on the other side is painted over in a bright green. I smile every time I see it.


If you’re never sorry
Then you can’t be forgiven
If you’re not forgiven
Then you can’t be forgotten
If you’re not forgotten
Then you can live forever

Regina Spektor, “Pound of Flesh”

He was one of the unforgotten ones, not remembered – unforgotten. One of those wisps of epiphany, those sudden sadnesses that manifested in some poor soul. He drifted, and jostled past the more animate, more real beings. The transition between him and “it” had been gradual, lost somewhere between celestial dust bunnies, past lives, and packets of hair dye. Faces and memories pushed – jabbed - collided - past each other until he forgot who he was.

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“Too young.”

requested by anon:… I modified it a bit… don’t kill me… I was… on the herb

    “(y/n), I… don’t know what to say. I’m just… too old for you. You have living to do, you don’t want to have to deal with me. You’re too young.”

That exact response from when you practically poured your entire days, nights, afternoons of thinking about him, of trying to figure out, how this could be. You had been an agent of SHIELD since you were nineteen. You’ve known Tony since SHIELD got a hold of him, and since then, you’ve both grew. And you became apart of the Avengers. You know that him and Pepper are on break, but you had to tell him, or it would’ve ate your stomach alive and worked its way to your heart.

      Now, you didn’t say much when Tony practically called you out for being a love-struck baby; and you haven’t had to deal with much anger issues for awhile. But this




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voltron, shiro/keith // the night before kerberos

He’s shedding up the night sky, and awake, awake, he’s a Molotov cocktail against the denim-blue midnight; he wears it tight and close, close as he keeps his prayers to no one, his solitude.

Under his hands, he feels his engine teeter on the precipice of go, and go again, faster. Kicks things up another gear with a reckless flick of his wrist. This, this hits the spot, sweeter than honey and coffee and a hot summer’s dream, and he soars, swoops low to skim the ground where the red cliffs are watching.

When he comes in to land, Shiro’s waiting.

“Hey,” he says.

“How long have you been there?” asks Keith, without preamble. His bike’s still burning, and he knows it’ll scorch the ground if he lets it all the way down. So he leaves it where it is, hovering, but for Shiro’s sake, he dims the headlights.

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more shenanigans for our ramfreewood au!
you can pretty much entirely thank beren for this one because she was drunkenly playing guitar hero to avoid uni things and kept texting pretty ideas at me

comes with really fucking great art from her as well!

“I think it sounds like fun.” Geoff shrugged with a lazy smile directed at Ryan’s uncertain frown.

They were huddled together on the couch, Ryan balancing a laptop on his knees with Geoff and Gavin cuddling up to his sides. Gavin had hooked his chin on Ryan’s right shoulder, staring intently at the screen while Geoff was leaning into the arm Ryan had thrown over the back of the couch, his hand idly playing with the short hair at Geoff’s nape.

Geoff and Ryan had recently managed to secure two weeks vacation time for the same spot in July. Gavin had a three-day-shoot in England in the middle of that time, so the plan was to travel to the UK together, see London, visit Gav’s family, visit the shoot when Gavin would be working on it and just generally do some sight-seeing. Then the younger man had come up with the idea of visiting a festival during their vacation and for the first time in their planning session, Ryan’s face had settled into a frown.

“Come on, Ry. Bruce Springsteen’s gonna be there,” Gavin tried to convince him.


“Everybody knows any decent summer festival has Bruce Springsteen. That’s like a rule of thumb, innit?” Gavin asked.

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I’m really trying to get back into writing so I’m going to be writing these one-shots every day till I can get back. I hope you guys enjoy this one It was a lot of fun to write. 

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Your hair was stained red with blood and your body sank low into the ground like a headstone. Nothing felt real. Everything felt as if it was a dream and that you were having a nightmare. 

You never meant to lose him so suddenly. 

Your life was hard but that didn’t mean that it was anything less than loved. every memory was still yours. Every decision was still made. Now all there was to do was wait. to see how long it would take for the grim reaper to come and take what was theirs. 

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Chapter 12 is here! 

Fandom: Arrow

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn, all the permutations thereof

Rated: Explicit

Summary:  There’s nothing Oliver Queen won’t do to change his sister’s fate. Living his life under the thumb of his mob-boss mother, he’s sacrificed his soul for the Family name. To protect his sister’s innocence, he travels to Russia to enlist the help of Felicity Smoak. With her by his side, and long-time friend and past-lover Tommy Merlyn at his back, Oliver will seek to dismantle the criminal empire that has plagued his city, and maybe rediscover love along the way.

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Previous Chapters on Tumblr: One | Two | Three | Four | Five |Six|Seven| Eight | Nine | Ten

Excerpt: The pair of them got attention from the moment they stepped out of Oliver’s car. Oliver in his beat-up jeans, the collar of his jacket turned up, and Tommy in his clean-cut suit. They were well known figures in Starling City. He knew, objectively, they made quite a picture. On a normal morning, heads might turn. On this morning, when Felicity had just leaked the information about his disinheritance from the Merlyn Global fortune, they were already a topic of conversation. And no one, he was sure, expected him to be out and about in public today.

It was a ploy. It was all set up by Tommy and Felicity and Oliver; they were counting on people reacting like this, but it still got Tommy’s neck hair up. Fuck them, he thought. Fuck their morbid, sick fascination with his family drama and fuck the entire world.

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