red lodge mountain resort


   I worked up at Red Lodge Mountain Resort as a Lift Operator for the ‘12-'13 season. It was definitely the funnest job I’ve had. I got the incredible chance to snowboard 5 days out of the week all season. I would’ve boarded more days, but I had to work at another job. The season wasn’t the very best snow-wise, but it wasn’t the worst we could’ve had either. I miss being on the mountain all the time. I miss boarding at the top of the world. I miss being able to challenge myself to get better at boarding by getting up the courage to hit jumps and rails and trying to stay going faster than 50mph. I miss the cold and the powder. I miss going into the trees and learning to become a better backcountry boarder. I miss the thrill of taking on new double black diamonds. I miss boarding moguls(yes, I like boarding those, too). I miss boarding alone. And at times, I miss boarding with my sister, or my friend and ex co-worker, Jon. I miss the foggy days and the sunny days. I yes, I do miss riding the chairlift. I miss being on the chairlift and turning around to admire the breathtaking view of miles and miles around. I miss everything.

   I don’t know if I'l work up there next season, but it’s looking like I might not be able to. But we’ll see. Either way, I have already bought next year’s season pass. So I’ll be up there everyday I have off…and I can’t wait. I’m counting down the days until the end of November. It will be great.