red lobster cheddar biscuit

fake ah ryan who constantly quotes shit from filmcow.

like obviously he quotes shit from llamas with hats all the time because he is carl tbh, but he also quotes dumb shit from the other videos like 

he drives up in a police car “I STOLE A POLICE CAR CSI MIAMI LETS GO TO THE BEACH” 

they go out to eat one night “man i would kill anyone of you for a cheddar biscuit” “Ryan we’re not at red lobster” “You think thats gonna stop me?”

he gets shot or stabbed during a heist “AHHH IM BLEEDING BANANA BLOOD” ryan you fucking idiot now is not the time”

someone, probably ray, sits down next to him, “hey asshole what’s going on” “weeeell to be honest im feein kinda depressed” “aw im sorry to hear that, have you tried killing some pedestrians?” “Yeaaah i tried killing some pedestrians” “have you tried..fucking with gavin?” “Yeaaaaah i tried fucking with gavin” “well i guess thats about all a vagabond can do huh” and then of course ryan pulls out his fucking gun and tries to rob ray but rays laughing too hard to care.

Ryan singing all of Ferrets in the middle of a heist.

Ryan making a Mr. Happy Face mask and chasing Gavin around the apartment. “I’m going to cut your throat open and use your blood as syrup on my pancakes yaaaaaay!”

Ray and Gavin sitting in Ryans car repeatidly going “Ring Ring,” “Hello?” and they do it for so long Ryan almost crashes the car yelling “YOU HAVE A BAD CONNECTION”

  • John Darnielle, scribbling on a napkin at Red Lobster: "Take me to church/I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies"... ugh, no. This isn't working. I'll just scrap this one and start over. *crumples up napkin and sets it amongst his discarded shrimp shells*
  • Hozier, digging through the Red Lobster dumpster for scraps to eat several hours later: Mmm, these cheddar biscuits are only a little bit sta- wait a minute, what's this?

5/17/17: Day 4 of my low carb journey has gone pretty well. I went to painting with a twist and turned down pizza and red lobster cheddar biscuits and treated myself to some champagne instead. For breakfast I had hard boiled eggs, lunch was my take on a shrimp hand roll and a protein shake, dinner was a cream cheese Mac and cheese made with shiritaki noodles. So far down 2 lbs! Hope to keep it up!

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Can you imagine how sore Michonne was, the day after she was rick'd?

Oh, devil Anon, you…

I’ve pointed this out before, but I’ll say it again:

Michonne spent that day having a leisurely stroll in the forest with Spencer, then helped him bury his mom.  That is literally all she did all day.

Rick went on a long drive, an even longer run, got into a walker fight, then had to drive some more.  Like, that man should have been exhausted.  And yet…

Like, that is not how she goes to sleep.  She passed the fuck OUT.  If there was a Red Lobster, you best believe Rick had a week’s worth of meals coming his way…

The next day, it could be my imagination, but she seemed kind of wide-legged coming down those steps:

Or maybe I’m just tripping…

  • Huey: Granddad, have you asked yourself why a 20-year-old girl would wanna go out with a man your age?
  • Granddad: Because I laid my game down quite flat.
  • Riley: Game? What you know about the game, Granddad?
  • Granddad: I know the game.
  • Riley: Takin' women out to eat, givin' 'em free meals? What part of the game is that? You takin' her to Red Lobster with the cheddar biscuits. The fam ain't eatin' cheddar biscuits but this random broad is eatin' cheddar biscuits.
  • Granddad: I know the game. Your granddaddy knows the game.
  • Riley: Game recognize game, Granddad.
  • Granddad: I recognize game! Your granddaddy recognize game!
  • Riley: Game recognize game and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar right now. I - I can't... Where's Granddad? Can I help you, sir?

1. what color are your character’s underpants? if your character doesn’t wear underpants, when and why did they turn away from the light of the lord?

2. how does your character’s “that one uncle” feel about the federal reserve?

3. as your character, write a myspace blog entry from 2006

4. what kind of fucked up old person medicine did your character’s grandma always give them instead of candy?

5. is your character a cat person or a dog person or just a regular normal human person?

6. how does your character react to farts? from friends? from strangers? from their own butts?

7. how would your character react if, while they were going through some old photos in a beautiful album in the attic, they found a picture of somebody in a medieval plague doctor mask with a HUMONGOUS boner? somebody with the same belly button tattoo as their dad???

8. celeb crush!!! (1499-1999 celebs only)

9. using the formula 1ST PET’S NAME+3RD STREET LIVED ON+FAVORITE MEAT, what is your character’s soap opera name and favorite meat?

10. freewrite: 500 words on the confrontation between your character and the lady at red lobster who questioned their right to jam 8 cheddar bay biscuits in their pockets for later

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what's your fav sex position?

the one where the guy is sitting in a chair. and ur also in a chair. sitting separately. across from each other. fully clothed. at a red lobster eating the cheddar biscuits