red lobster cheddar bay biscuits

  • Griffin: Koby asks, "Is it normal to get aroused by the sight and smell of garlic bread? So I was at the dinner table eating garlic bread with the family and I started to feel a tingly sensation down there, and I asked to be excused to go to the toilet, and I pulled my pants down ... to find I was completely drenched."
  • Travis: Woah!
  • Justin: No!
  • Griffin: "I don't think this is normal, what should I do?" I'm like this for the cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster. I get there and it's shrimp fest, and I get so excited for shrimp fest that I forget that it's always cheddar bay biscuit fest, and then I'm just soaked.
  • Travis: God! God bless.
  • Griffin: Just soaked through.

me on a date at red lobster: I love seafood

date: I should have told you earlier but I don’t like red lobster :/ you were so excited about coming here, I didn’t want to ruin it. I actually like Olive Garden. they have breadsticks.

me *starts grabbing nearby cheddar bay biscuits*: i gotta go


1. what color are your character’s underpants? if your character doesn’t wear underpants, when and why did they turn away from the light of the lord?

2. how does your character’s “that one uncle” feel about the federal reserve?

3. as your character, write a myspace blog entry from 2006

4. what kind of fucked up old person medicine did your character’s grandma always give them instead of candy?

5. is your character a cat person or a dog person or just a regular normal human person?

6. how does your character react to farts? from friends? from strangers? from their own butts?

7. how would your character react if, while they were going through some old photos in a beautiful album in the attic, they found a picture of somebody in a medieval plague doctor mask with a HUMONGOUS boner? somebody with the same belly button tattoo as their dad???

8. celeb crush!!! (1499-1999 celebs only)

9. using the formula 1ST PET’S NAME+3RD STREET LIVED ON+FAVORITE MEAT, what is your character’s soap opera name and favorite meat?

10. freewrite: 500 words on the confrontation between your character and the lady at red lobster who questioned their right to jam 8 cheddar bay biscuits in their pockets for later

mod-rabbitblogs  asked:

Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits or Olive Garden's Garlic Breadsticks?

Olive garden breadsticks IF there is soup to dip them in or dressing at the bottom of the salad bowl. you know what i’m talking about?