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I'm so sinful, but could I get some kink headcanons for the reapers, please?

Welcome to the darkside. It happens to be the best one.

Othello (London Branch), Ludger (German Branch), Sascha (German Branch), Allen Humphries (Musical), Eric Slingby (Musical) and Undertaker are excluded. He’s technically an ex-shinigami but that’s still his race? ANYWHO, if you wanted any of these could I whip something up for any except for the ones in musical because I have only seen the song numbers. Sorry for being so nit picky ^^; !

Kink Headcanons

Ronald Knox

  • For someone who enjoys partying it comes to no surprise that he absolutely loves looking at the way his s/o’s body moves. His imagination tends to run wild.
  • If there’s celebrating and you join the dance floor his eyes never lose sight of you.
  • Dancing alone? Fear not Ronald is here! He’ll definitely keep you all to himself and make you’re as close as possible to him.
  • To the point that you can probably feel the erection he’s sporting from being so close and watching you.
  • In that case he won’t back away. He’ll stay close and make you are absolutely aware of the situation in his trousers and make sure you are as hot as he is.

William T. Spears

  • He absolutely doesn’t mind being watched when rubbing one off especially if the one watching is one of his subordinates. He’ll just come even harder in the long run.
  • There are consequences to face.
  • He’ll calmly invite them into his room or office, if that’s where he was at the moment, and threaten their life. That’s right overtime. Honestly, no one in the branch wants that kind of work especially since they seem perpetually understaffed.
  • He will stare you down like a hawk if you show any signs of disagreement. A secret between the two of you. Who’s going to believe your story about William anyway?

Grell Sutcliff

  • Red… Obviously!
  • Red lipstick, underwear, blood, etc. Their s/o or potential s/o covered in blood splatters would be such a heavenly sight that Grell can’t help the goosebumps that form all over her body.
  • She’d be more than happy to kiss the bloody mess of her s/o’s lips away and proceed to kiss other places that are clean just because. Grell is just a passionate lover. 

I’m rusty and I cry. 

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best friend luke - his girlfriend Alice

You had been friends with Luke since you met in maths class back in 5th grade. The minute you saw him, you just knew that you had to be friends with him. Ever since that day, you always secretly had a crush on him - well it wasn’t a secret, everyone knew apart from him. He’d been dating Alice for 5 months now and since that day you had only seen him twice because she demanded that Luke stopped spending time with you because she was jealous of how close you were. You pretended to Luke that it didn’t bother you, but it broke your heart. 

Today was the day of Calum’s birthday party; Calum was Luke’s band mate. It was his 19th birthday and because they had just got home from tour he was planning on having a massive party to celebrate their success as well as his birthday. You weren’t sure that you wanted to go anymore though, Luke was going to be there and Alice was going to be there and you just weren’t in the mood to get on the wrong side of her today. You stood up and went to go look in the mirror to start doing your make up but you were stopped in your tracks when you heard your phone buzzing. It was a text from Calum, before you could read it and reply to him, the phone started buzzing in your hand again, only this time it wasn’t Calum texting, it was Luke. Calum’s text simply said that he couldn’t wait to see you tonight because he missed hanging out; this wasn’t the first time that he told you that him and the boys had been missing you since Luke had stopped seeing you. In that moment you decided you were going to go to the party and you were going to make Luke regret his decision.

You turned up at the party a few hours later in the tightest fitting dress that you could find with some killer heels and bright red lipstick. Calum was obviously the first to greet you at the door, followed by Ashton, Mikey and a few of their friends that you had never met before. You could hear them all mumbling to one another about how good you looked. “You look amazing, wait until Luke sees you” Ashton whispered to you as he pulled you into a hug and kissed you on the cheek. “I don’t think he’ll be all the bothered, now he has Alice” you said with a lump in your throat. “I’m off to get myself a drink boys” you called out as you walked away, you knew of you stood there any longer you would end up crying.

You’d been there for 40 minutes now and you had lost count of the amount of drinks that you had drank but there was still no sign of Luke. As the songs kept playing and more drinks kept coming your way you thought to yourself that it was probably time you went home. You’d only ever been to parties with Luke before and there was something about being there without him that just didn’t feel right.

Just as you went to walk out of the front door, a familiar hand reached out and grabbed you. “Please don’t go” a voice called, a voice you knew, a voice you loved; It was Luke.