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stuck on you. (m) | 01

“I want you to take my virginity.”
“What the fuck did you just ask me, Kim Taehyung?”

or, alternatively:

you’re not actually supposed to take your bestfriend’s virginity when he asks, right?

pairing: kim taehyung x reader 
genre: attempt at crack, eventual smut, college au
warnings: sexual jokes (like a cringe-worthy amount)
words: 9,582k
part: 01/03

out of context quote:
[9:52 am] Taehyung:  ___\o/___ me drowning in ur pussy lol 

“I want you to take my virginity.”

You’ve just taken a gulp of your pulp-included orange juice when Taehyung says this. He’s sitting across from you in the cafeteria of the University you both attend - have attended for the past two years.

His brown coffee coated eyes are staring directly into yours - a serious expression written across his features that tells you what he’s just spoken was said in nothing but pure seriousness.

And he says it so nonchalantly - so earnestly, that you do the only thing you can think of.

A perfectly reasonable reaction after hearing that your best friend, the boy you’ve been in love with for over two years - wants you to take his virginity.

You spit your orange juice out all over him.

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Something They Don’t Know

Prompt: In which Daveed Diggs is asked how he comes up with his lyrics during an interview. Told in his POV.

Warning: Smut.

A/N: Day 5 of the write-a-thon. Of course I would post this early when all I’ve been complaining about is not having enough time to write. Oh well. Also, I’m sure Nadeska Alexis is a cool girl, I just needed her to behave this certain way to get the story going. Enjoy!

Daveed slips his phone into his pocket and stood to give Nadeska Alexis a handshake once she enters the dressing room, Lin’s advice on how to handle the tricky reporter reverberating in his mind. Having done the Complex interview with Chance previously, he warned him about her ruthlessness and her inclination to pry for scandalous information she could share with her readers. Lin told Daveed to be polite, courteous, and above all, smile through the “little white lies” he would have to tell.

“Mr. Diggs, it’s unfortunate that the rest of the crew couldn’t make it,” she says, turning on her recorder and sliding it on the table that separated them, “but I’m glad you were able to come in despite the late notice.”

Daveed lets out a nervous chuckle when she ignores his gesture, his hand still awkwardly hovering between the two of them, and opts to bring out her notebook and pen from her purse instead. He was never the best with interviews, especially when he was by himself, dressed in clothes he couldn’t afford and sitting in a room that was too sophisticated for his tastes. He wished William and Jonathan were here – they understood his ineptness when it came to talking to new people and would definitely take over the interview. But since they couldn’t, he had to man up and promote the new album releasing in a week.

Nadeska sits, and Daveed follows suit, watching as she flips to a page full of questions that she’s prepared. Luckily, the first few questions were predictable –  how he adjusted to life after Hamilton, his role in Blackish, the release of the album, and the upcoming tour -  all he could answer easily and truthfully. But when she suddenly leans forward, a gleam in her eyes that screamed trouble, Daveed knew it was time to make use of Lin’s advice: smile through the little white lies. 

“So, clipping doesn’t exactly have the most innocent songs,” Nadeska hums, choosing her words carefully, “and some of them require a repeat listen. Your lyrics are curt but very complex, Mr. Diggs.  Mind if I throw a few lines at you to elaborate on? And if you could perhaps share what, or who,inspired you to write them?”

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Let’s appreciate our beautiful queen, Queen H₩A$A 💋


red was the color of stanley’s cheeks when he first asked bill out.

red was the color of the licorice that stanley bought for bill on their first date at the movies.

bill never really liked licorice

red was the color of the watch that bill was wearing when they first held hands.

bill never really liked holding hands.

red was the color of the ink that stanley used to write bill a poem as a gift for their one month anniversary.

bill never really liked poetry.

red was the color of the first milkshake they ever shared.

bill never really liked milkshakes.

red was the color of stanley’s lips when he first told bill “i love you”

bill never responded.

red was the color of the hickeys that were scattered all over bill’s neck to his collar bones.

but here’s the thing, stanley had never given bill a hickey before.

red was the color of the blood that trickled down richie’s nose after stanley had punched him for hooking up with his boyfriend of six months.

well, ex-boyfriend.

red was the color of the wine that stanley stole from his mother to help him get the heartbreak off of his mind.

bill never really liked the color red.

bill never really loved stanley.

Fifty Shades of Park Jimin

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Length: 6k+ 

Warnings: Dry Humping, Dirty talk (do you seriously expect anything else from me tbh), just a lot of filth.

A/N: Okay so, I know this is 2 days late but I had to prepare an unexpected presentation, as well as present, at a peace symposium so i could not post on time. Though please appreciate that I ignored all my studies for an exam in 3 days and spent the whole afternoon writing and editing this, bless. Thank you. Other than that, happy reading :))))) Also the part about them being too beautiful is no exaggeration. To the people who have seen BTS live will know what I am talking about.

P.s.: Fuck park jimin tbh.

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Happy birthday to this rude cutie

Leave Me Breathless

Originally posted by kevinkeller

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “68 & 73 with Zach Dempsey?? If just one number than just 68 :,) <3.”


68. “Your girlfriend would hate me even more.”
73. “Where did you get that hickey?”

Word count: 1.695

Posted: 09th of May 2017

A/N: This is the first request that I got for my personal prompt list and I must say that I had fun on writing this. These prompts helped me to write these requests faster. In fact, I already have another two drafts from my prompt requests. I am so excited to write them all and there are still some numbers left, so don’t hesitate to request. Thank you for this request and for the others that I received.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests as I have more than 50 prompts to write. I am so sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: slightly swearing, betraying

“Hey (Y/N)!” Your best friend Zach softly greeted you as he entered the school library. He put his backpack on the large desk in front of him and took the seat beside you.

“Wow, Zachary Dempsey in the library!” You mocked while you were poking him with your pen. “Tell me, you need to meet your girlfriend here, right?”

“Uhm,” He scratched his head with a wide I’m-in-a-trouble smile. “yup.”

“I noticed.” You smiled at him, but quickly looked away as you continued writing for your Science test for the next hour.

“Did you skip History class to study?” He asked, even though he was just stating the obvious. Zach knew your timetable, although the only class you had together was Peer Communications.

“I thought it was already obvious.” You flashed him your judging face and he rolled his eyes in response. You giggled softly and Zach just huffed.

You’ve always liked Zach, but you never had the guts to tell him the truth. You were so insecure of yourself and you were afraid that he would never love you back. In fact, it broke your heart when he announced you that he started to date Meghan, one of the cheerleaders at Liberty High.

You were thankful though, because your relationship with Zach didn’t change, not even a tittle, or maybe some little things changed.

You’ve always had that more than best friends but less than lovers relationship with Zach and you were both okay with that. In fact, it never bothered you to kiss him during one of your friends’ house parties. Sometimes he would even tell you some sexual jokes, but you never pushed further than a passionate and deep French kiss. Of course, this thing has changed, because he was already dating someone and it wasn’t the right thing to cheat on his girlfriend.

“Hey, are you okay?” Zach called for your attention by waving his hand in front of you and you harshly shook your head to forget your thoughts about your best friend. You felt your cheeks burning at the thought of kissing Zach and you knew that he noticed your bright red face.

“Oh, yup.” You flashed him a sweet smile, but then you decided to stand up and head to the shelves, where Science books were located, to hide your blushing cheeks. You looked for a book that might be handy during your test and you freely released your tensed sensation.

You looked for some books while you wished that Zach didn’t follow you so you could calm yourself down.

“What the fuck!?” You loudly exclaimed as you held your chest for the shock. You saw Zach standing behind the shelves, leaning on the candid and cold wall of the library as he observed you.

“Shush!” You heard someone shouting from afar and you assumed that it was the old librarian, who sat on her computer desk near the entrance of the library.

“Sorry.” You and Zach said in unison and you slapped him using a thick textbook that you had in your hand.

“I didn’t mean to, sorry.” Zach whispered and you rolled your eyes as you stopped hitting him with the book.

“Fine.” You softly said and you decided to walk back to your place, but Zach stopped you as he held your forearm firmly. “What?”

“I miss you.” He sincerely said as you looked at your forearm, wrapped with Zach’s big hand. You knew what he meant and you obviously felt the same.

“Zach,” You pulled your forearm back and his hand fell in his side. You put the book back to the shelf as you tried to clear things with Zach. “you know that we can’t do those things, anymore.”

“I know, but I miss your lips. I miss your kisses.” He sadly confessed. He didn’t want to be a treacherous boyfriend, but the feeling was stronger than he was. He missed you a lot and the weight he had in his chest surely didn’t help him to forget your kisses. “I miss you, (Y/N).”

“Zach, I don’t want to betray people.” You looked at him and you read what his brown eyes tried to tell you. He was surely sad and he had this feeling that he was about to lose you because of the presence of his actual girlfriend. “She doesn’t deserve this.”

“I know, no one deserves this,” He unleashed a long deep sigh and he pulled you closer to him. “but I love you, (Y/N). I love you and not Meg.”

“Zach, this is so wrong. I love you too, but this is about lacking respect for someone.” You insisted, but Zach didn’t listen to you. You confessed your feelings and you were shocked for what he has just said to you, but that wasn’t the most important thing during that moment. You were about to betray someone and you couldn’t stand that feeling.

You were about to open your mouth to say something else, to start a debate between you and Zach but you suddenly felt his soft red lips on yours.

You were shocked at first, but you could never lie to yourself. You missed Zach’s kisses too and you longed for his lips every time you would see him with his girlfriend. You would always wish that he was your boyfriend.

The kiss became passionate when you responded back to his movements. He gently pushed you against the wall, behind some book shelves so people wouldn’t have the chance to see you. He held your hips tightly and you wrapped your arms around his neck, slightly tiptoeing because of your height difference.

The kiss wasn’t just a normal kiss. It was one of those breathtaking kisses, those kisses that could leave you breathless.

“Zach!” You shouted whispering as you broke the kiss. The reality sank in your mind and you felt disgusting, realizing what you were doing. You slowly unwrapped your arms from his neck as you panted for the deep kiss that you just had. “Your girlfriend would hate me even more.

“She will never know, (Y/N).” He leant in once again and he started to kiss your forehead, your temples, your cheeks and he went down to kiss your neck. He left some wet kisses on it and you wanted him to stop, but something suddenly took your voice away. Instead of barricading him, you pushed him closer to your neck and pulled his soft black hair.

You let him do what he had in his mind and you encouraged him to keep on doing it as you felt him sucking your neck hardly. You slightly let out a soft moan, it was so soft that only Zach could hear it.

It felt great, breathless just like the kiss before, but it was a little bit pungent and painful too. He bit your neck and continued marking your neck as if it was his own territory.

“Zach?” Your eyes shot open as you heard Meghan’s voice and you slightly pushed Zach away. The tranquil paradise that you were imagining has been changed by the loud and deafening shouts of hell.

Zach rolled his eyes and huffed against your skin. His hot breath sent shivers down your spine and you smiled at him. He caressed the love bite that he has just left and he smirked at you.

“Idiot.” You shook your head and you tiptoed to give him a quick peck on his lips. He was shocked, but then smiled at you. You liked what you did, although you felt horrible. You really felt horrible.

“Naughty.” He whispered and you winked at him. You made your way back through the shelves and grabbed the book that you were holding before the things between you and Zach happened.

“Hey Meg!” You cheerfully greeted as you saw her walking on the same aisle you were in. “What’s up?”

“Hey (Y/N)!” She pulled a fake smile as she greeted you. She has always hated you since she discovered that you were Zach’s best friend. It was great, wasn’t it? “Did you see Zach? His things were on the table.”

“Yeah, he was searching for something before but then I lost him.” You raised your shoulders as you lied through your teeth. You felt bad, of course, but you would never want Zach to be in a great trouble with her.

“OMG,” Her eyes grew wide as she didn’t mind your answer and you noticed that her gaze fell on your neck. “Where did you get that hickey?

“Oh, this?” You pretended that you didn’t know what she was talking about at first, but then you pointed at the love bite that you had on your neck. Your eyes grew wide as you peeked at it and it revealed you the reddish purple colour of it, almost scarlet.

“Yes!” She smirked at you, obviously not knowing from who it was, you honestly felt sorry for the innocent girl during that moment. You saw Zach walk near the two of you, leaving a little bit of space between him and Meghan.

“Just a weekend fling, nothing much.” You sugarcoated your lies with a sweet smile and you turned your head to Zach. “Oh, look. He’s here.”

“Oh, I noticed.” She nodded and smiled at you. Zach didn’t seem so excited to see his girlfriend, but it wasn’t one of your businesses.

“See you around guys!” You looked at Zach and you flashed him a naughty smirk. You noticed that he giggled a little bit and you winked at him, Meghan obliviously stood few steps away from Zach, thinking that you were teasing Zach with her.

“See you, (Y/N)!” They softly said in unison and you started to walk back to your place, packing up your things and you headed to the librarian to borrow the book that you needed.

You smiled at the thought of the kiss that you shared with Zach, but a knot was built in your stomach as soon as the thought of betraying his girlfriend sank in your mind.

How was the kiss? It was incredibly great. What might happen after? It would be plausibly terrible.

Georgia Gal

Pairing: Bones x (Southern!)Reader

Word Count: 1914

Warnings: Some swearing, general bar creeps

A/N: Not my first fic ever but my first Bones fic! Very loosely inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” (maybe if you squint?). Let me know what you guys think!! 

You weren’t quite sure how you kept ending up in this situation - settled in alone a noisy bar with your friends long gone and tongue deep in strangers by now.

“I need to find better friends,” you muttered to yourself as you knocked back what was left of your drink.

“Well, then it’s lucky I’m here” came a cocky voice from your right.

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BTS scenario: You waking up from coma

Anon requested:  BTS reaction to get in car accident with there GF and they’re okay but there GF in bad condition (coma) but wake up after week or two? Please 😭💞💞


He was the opposite to his normal self. He was quiet. He wouldn’t talk at all. He kept thinking about all the memories you shared, being thankful for every little moment.

„I thought about the worst case scenario, but just I couldn’t imagine life without you. I knew we have a future together ahead of us,“ he’d say right after you gained consciousness, while trying to hold back the tears that threatend to leave his eyes.

Originally posted by jinmini


He didn’t eat, drink or sleep properly these past few weeks but just sit there emotionless. When he got the message that you woke up, he wouldn’t believe it. He RAN, yes RAN, all the way from their dorm to the hospital to see it with his own eyes. And there you were, lying in the hospital bed, giving him a weak smile. His knees would give in, so he’d fall to the ground and start crying, pouring out all the emotions he held back the past days.

Originally posted by classysuga


Hoseok was by your side when you woke up. He’d tell you all the things that happened and why you were in coma, while being a crying mess.

„We were driving home… And it was raining… And suddenly… And you were covered in blood… And I thought the world was gonna end…“, he’d say between his sobs.

Originally posted by oneversehobi


The first days, he was crying nonstop, but he knew he had to get his shit together. He needed to be strong. When he saw you slowly opening your eyes, his eyes getting watery and he felt a stone falling from his heart.

„Hey there. How are you feeling ? Are you in a lot of pain ?“, he’d ask while waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Originally posted by rapmunstar


The first thing you heard when you woke up, were his quiet sobs. You squeezed his hand to show him that you’re awake.

„I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t leave me alone in this cruel world“, he’d confess while kissing the back of your hand.

Originally posted by sosjimin


Yo slowly shifting and opening your eyes, was all it took to turn him into a crying mess. At first, he wouldn’t talk at all, just crying for hours, burying his face between his hands on the bed while you stroked his head softly.

„I missed you. I missed you so much, you cannot imagine. I’ll cherish every second with you from now on, so please don’t do this to me again“, he’d finally let out.

Originally posted by bangthebae


This young man would blame himself. He thought it was his fault at a certain point. You could see that him being without you was hell for him. His red, swollen eyes, his pale skin and his dry lips were the first view you were confronted with when you woke up.

„I love you. And I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to protect you properly from now on,“ he’d say while sobbing.

Originally posted by btsyub

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. 

You stare at the closed door in front of you and take a deep breath for the third time tonight. You’re standing outside your boyfriend’s apartment, like you’ve done a thousand times before. It’s the same chipped and faded paint on the wood you’ve seen that has been etched into your memory, along with the same useless doorbell that never works- But it all feels different, because of what you’ve come here to do.

You are completely, totally, hopelessly in love with Daveed Diggs. He feels the same way about you, you know he does. He’s expressed it breathlessly between kisses, in dorky love letters, and in a song coupled with Lin’s awkward beatboxing in the background. And because the two of you are in love, you want to do what people who are in love do.

In the year that you’ve been dating he has mostly managed to keep his hands off of you. You never went much further than the occasional hasty make out session on the couch, but lately you’d been wanting more. You came to his apartment with the intention of finally, finally taking that next step with him. You are worried about one thing, though, since you are an absolutely clueless virgin. You’ve never done this before, but have always imagined how it would go… your first time being so intimate with another human being. Thinking it through from the last couple of days, you convinced yourself you had nothing to worry about. He’s always been so caring with you, and you’re not a child. You know how this works.

You finally knock on the door, smoothing out your dress and fixing your hair as you wait. You’ve chosen to wear something that you know makes you look irresistible-a short, sleeveless dress, lace tights, and your lucky heels, all in black. It should definitely do the trick.

Soft footsteps come closer, and the door opens to reveal your boyfriend, messy haired and as cute as ever.

“Hey, Y/N,” He beams at you, his brown eyes shining with joy from your surprise of just randomly showing at his door. He’s so cute that you nearly forget to respond.

“Hi, Dave. Mind if I come inside?” You smile back, trying to add an edge to your voice that you hope is anything near sexy.

“Not at all, sugar,” He ushers you inside and kisses your cheek as you brush past him. “What inspired this visit?” He hums against your neck, slipping his arms around your waist.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see you. That’s all,” You reply coyly.

“Well, you’re always welcome here. I can never get enough of you,” He’s still smiling at you, although it’s more of a smirk now. Maybe he knows what you’re up to. Still in an almost-embrace, you drift into the living room and onto the couch.

“Do you want a drink? I could get us some beers,” Daveed asks.

“How about something a little more… sophisticated?” You suggest sinking your vision to his eyes, hoping that you’re still being subtle.

He must have caught on to your plan, because his eyebrows quirk up, like they always do when he’s in a playful mood. “Coming right up, doll,” he says and whisks to the kitchen and returns shortly with two blood-red glasses. When he gives you yours your hands touch and linger. It’s as if every time your skin has come into contact, from the kiss at the door to this quick moment, sparks have flown between the two of you. Even making eye contact with him over the rim of your glass has you feeling hot all over.

It doesn’t take long before both of your glasses are drained and you’re basically in his lap, toying with the buttons at the top of his shirt. You kick off your shoes so you can bring your feet up on the couch. Looking down at you, he pulls you closer to him, as if it were even possible. It’s still chaste and innocent. You’re only playing with each other’s hair, looking into each other’s eyes. His gaze keeps flicking down to your lips, which you had agonized over for some time, delicately painting on the perfect shade of red. Then his lips are on yours, soft at first and then building up to something dangerous and reckless. There’s teeth, there’s tongue, it’s filthy and you love it. Your lipstick is definitely ruined but you couldn’t care less.

He pushes you onto your back, suddenly harsh and commanding. He has total control over you, and you’re just helplessly needy, arching into his touch and chasing those wonderful feelings he’s giving you. There’s that sinful thing he does with his tongue, and the way he keeps grinding his hips where your dress has ridden up… It’s too much and not enough.

“Maybe we should… Mmf… Go to your room?” You ask as he stops his assault on your lips to nibble at your collarbone.

He simply nods, holding your hand on the way there and looking at you like he wants to devour you. He throws you onto the bed, making you squeak in surprise. “I want you, and I’m going to take you… I’ll make you mine, babydoll…” He murmurs and literally tears your tights off your legs. The amount of force he’s using begins to scare you.

Your dress is the next to go. Thankfully, he manages to keep it in one piece. Now you’re fully exposed, except for a thin lace bra which he makes quick work of. He’s straddling you at this point, and you can feel his erection straining in his skinny jeans. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Y/N.” He growls as he takes in the expanse of your bare body. Even though it’s a compliment, it sounds almost predatory.

His clothes come off quickly. You want to take a second to let the fact sink in that you’re skin to skin with the love of your life, but he’s moving so fast you don’t have the time. It’s too frantic. Every touch is fleeting; every brush of your lips is too rushed.

“It’s been such a long time, sweetheart. You’re so gorgeous. I might have to skip the foreplay. I need to feel you, now,” He growls and pounces on you, and starts rutting his cock against your opening. It’s nice- but your eyes widen when you realize exactly how big he is. You were not expecting it to be so thick or so long, and you find yourself wondering how on Earth that is going to fit inside you. “Mmm… You’re going to feel me for days. You’ll be so wrecked when I’m through with you…” He’s pressing harder, sending prickles of pain throughout your body and your heart is racing. You want to back out, but it must be too late now. He’s starts to force it in you and it’s too much too soon- you cry out in pain.

“It’s okay, it will be better soon, it’s just been a while-” he begins to soothe you, his eyes closed and running his hands over your arms.

“No, no, no- I’m a virgin. I’m a virgin, Daveed.” You blurt out.

“You’re what?” He stops immediately, and pulls out to scoop you up in his arms.

“I’ve never had sex. I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” tears practically falling out as you admitted it. “I thought it would be fine, but you were being so rough, and you were bigger than I expected and…” You trail off, pressing your face into his bare shoulder.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Y/N.” He strokes your hair, kissing your forehead softly. “I’m so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that you’d done this before. I don’t know what I was thinking. Why didn’t you tell me? I would have made it better for you.”

“I don’t know.” You sigh. “I wanted everything to go smoothly.”

“That worked out really well.” He says sarcastically, trying to pull a joke. He must have noticed your worried expression because he adds, “I’m not mad at you, babe. Don’t worry. Just be honest with me in the future, okay?”

You nod meekly, and then smile at him, which he returns happily. Then he wraps you in another hug. “I didn’t say we had to stop. I only said we should go slower., You whisper, glancing at him and biting your lower lip.

“Will you be okay if I touch you?” he asks cautiously. He seems more afraid than you are, now. You find yourself unable to believe that he cares about you so much.

“Yes,” you breathe out.

He lets his hands run over you, in no rush. This time he worships you; he treats you like a queen. Daveed memorizes every dip and curve, delicately tracing every freckle and scar. It seems like an eternity before he reaches the place you need him to be. His fingers touch your clit hesitantly at first, but he moves faster as you let out whines and gasps of pleasure. “Do you like that, sugar?” he asks, smirking, obviously proud of the reactions he’s retrieving from you.

“Oh God, yes…” you cut yourself off with a moan when a finger enters you. It’s seconds before he finds the spot that has you begging for more and bucking into his hand. Then it’s joined by another, and you wince at the stretch but never stop the stream of noises and incoherent curses leaving your mouth.

“So wet… I think you’re ready, doll,” He retracts his fingers and guides you onto your back. He’s above you, now; knees braced on either side of you. You’re still shaking, but he’s still lending you soothing touches. Every time you look at him you find yourself reassured, somehow. It reminds you that all he wants tonight is to make you feel as special as he thinks you are. “I’ll be careful, I promise,” Daveed motions and kisses your forehead. Then he’s pushing in, as slow as he promised. He watches you carefully, ready to pull out at the first sign that you’re in pain. Your eyes are shut tight as you try to ignore the slight stretch. “Hey, look at me.” He tilts your chin up and you look at him. He’s absolutely bewitching like this, towering over you, beautiful eyes glinting and full of an intoxicating combination of adoration and lust. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” you say. He takes this as his cue to slide in fully, eliciting a pained whimper from you. Immediately he’s planting quick, sloppy kisses to your neck, mumbling apologies and promises about how good it’s going to feel. You’re not sure if you believe him until he starts to move. Somehow he’s managed to reach a place you never knew existed, and each time he rubs against it you’re overcome with such an intense want for him. You moan out loud, shamefully loud, and he grins against your skin. Heat spreads over you, radiating from every point where your body connects with his. He keeps making all these wonderful, lewd noises- groans and breathy “oh fuck”s and unintelligible praise. The unhurried roll of his hips is driving you mad with bliss, to the point where you’re almost delirious.

“You’re so perfect, Y/N,” He groans. You try to respond, but you’re so overwhelmed by aching need and the heavenly drag of his cock in an out of you that you can’t manage more than desperate panting. You’re trembling beneath him, consumed with unfamiliar feelings and a fire that keeps threatening to break loose in your body. Unfathomable ecstasy washes over you when he finds your clit again, rubbing it to the beat of his thrusts. “I want to see you become undone for me,” he purrs.

So you do. It’s everything you thought it would be- heaven, paradise, a high you know you could never get from any drug. Your release triggers his, and you watch his face contort in euphoria.

Still in a haze, you untangle yourselves. He pulls you close to him, your back against his chest. Both of you are sweaty and practically burning up from your previous activities, but you don’t mind at all. “That was… amazing. You’re amazing,” He mumbles into your hair.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” You giggle, exhausted from your adventure.

“I love you so much, you know that, right?” You turn to face him and he props himself up on an elbow.

“Of course I do. I love you, too,” you say, and you mean it. He smiles and pecks you on the lips.

“I am sorry about your underwear though…”

Joker Imagine - Self harm

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can you write one where joker finds out the reader is selfharming? Like when he catches he doing it?

!!!! WARNING !!!! 


Side note: I’m not trying to romanticise self harming in any way. It was requested and (warning, an opinion is coming!) I think that people should write anything really. I mean, for some murder can be an awful topic. If no one wrote about crime, there would be no detective stories, comics etc. Just saying! 

Originally posted by won-der-land89

Your P.O.V.

The pain was one feeling that made me feel alive. I didn’t feel completely empty, numb and dead inside when I made myself feel something. When the blood tickled down my skin or the electricity pinched me, I felt alive. Funny how a few weeks ago I was scared to do this, so terrified that my boyfriend the Joker would find it. I still was, but I reached a point where I couldn’t stop.

I cut myself, not so it was super obvious, but sometimes here and there. What I mostly did was something different. I used a few wires and a battery to give myself shocks. It hurt like fuck and rarely left marks. Of course my skin was bruising but J wouldn’t suspect a thing. It was better so. He wouldn’t understand anyway.

I was a disgrace, a stupid girl who couldn’t do anything right. I felt like J would kill me off sooner or later because no one would want someone like me around for too long. Right? Who the fuck would put up with me for longer than a couple months? I was surprised J hadn’t realized what kind of a fool I was by now.

It was Monday evening in Gotham city. J was out somewhere with his goons so I was all alone in the penthouse. The day had been okay so far, but then things turned upside down when I was alone. My thoughts were clogged with bad memories, all the negative things people had told me, my super awful years and simply depressing thoughts. Like Joker hated me, he only used me, the entire world hated me. Stuff like that.

A couple hours passed and then I found myself in our purple bedroom, sitting on the floor close to the bathroom just in case I had to hurry there. I stared at the electricity gadget in front of me. My vision was a little blurry because I had been crying earlier. Tonight seemed worse. I needed something worse than some shocks. ‘’Fuck it’’ I spat out and got up, walking hazily to the bathroom. I opened a white drawer and grabbed a razor. The small cold metal could do a lot of bad things.

I looked at my almost clean wrist. It was very tempting since I used to cut my legs. J would see if I had a lot of scars on my wrist. One couldn’t be too obvious. So I took a deep breath and placed the sharp metal on my wrist, pressing it gently to add pressure.Then I just stared at it with my heart beating harder than normally. I just had to drag it, down, then it would be done.

‘’Come on now’’ I growled at myself, getting angry because I couldn’t find the guts to do it. Then I leaned against the bathroom wall and I tried again. I just couldn’t. My gut twisted because I was a little pissed off with myself. ‘’Do it you sick idiot! It’s not like anyone cares’’ I spoke out loud once I saw my reflection in the mirror. I saw an ugly worthless girl. I gritted my teeth and then let the anger take the best of me. I made a deep cut and then I dropped the razor on the white tile floor. It took me a couple seconds to realize what I had done.

Blood started oozing out of the fresh cut and it hurt more than I expected. ‘’Oh no’’ I whispered and quickly pressed the wound with my clean hand. I made a huge mess! J would get so mad if he saw a ll this blood! ‘’Shit shit shit’’ I hissed under my breath and hurried to another drawer, pulling out a towel. Then I fell down on my knees and I tried to clean the blood. It just soaked the green towel and my bleeding wound kept making a mess. Before I could do anything else, I was stopped.

‘’What the hell is going on?’’ I heard a very familiar voice by the bathroom door. My entire body froze on the floor, every single muscle and cell just tensed up once Joker’s voice rang through my ears. How long had he been here?

‘’ was an accident’’ I lied with fear in my voice. Then I started getting lightheaded. I felt like I could just go to sleep for years. But I was also scared shitless now that J caught me. ‘’Don’t..lie’’ He tried to say as calmly as he could, but Joker wasn’t the best anger controller. I could tell that he was fucking disappointed in me. The way he spoke sent a shiver down my spine.

I fucked up.

‘’I’m not lying’’ I whispered with tears in my throat. Suddenly I felt like I could sit on the floor all night. I ignored eye contact and I focused on breathing. In and out.. in and out..

Joker growled something under his breath and I could tell that he struggled to keep as calm as he was. Then he kneeled down in front of me, roughly grabbing the towel and then my arm. I had to bite my lips so I wouldn’t start whimpering when he pressed the towel on my cut, pressing it so the bleeding would stop. He faced down so I couldn’t see if he was super angry or sad. It honestly scared me a little bit.

‘’I swear I-I’ll clean up’’ I broke the silence, because it was killing me. Suddenly J raised his head so he could face me. His red lips were pulled into a thin line and there was a dark, perhaps dull twist in his icy eyes. I tried my best to look into his eyes without crying, but it didn’t take long to fail. His silence was just awful because I knew what he was thinking, what he was doing. 

Tears blurred my vision and before I knew it they were rolling down my face. My body started trembling and then I sobbed quietly. Why wasn’t he speaking to me? ‘’Why?’’ I finally heard his voice. Now he sounded both angry and somber. I covered my  eyes with my other hand and I tried to wipe away my tears, but I couldn’t stop crying. It’s like all my feelings I had kept inside wanted to burst out. I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to explain it to someone who could react in ways I couldn’t imagine. Even tho he was my boyfriend..

Joker did the unexpected. He scooted right next to me and pulled me closer to him by wrapping his strong arms around me. I leaned against his chest. Soon after he started comforting me the best he could, which was a lot coming from him. J ran his fingers up and down my back, slowly, but so I felt his presence. Then he let me cry. I felt like a kid, crying wildly before it could speak. That was exactly my situation.

‘’What made you do this?’’ He asked me with a raspy voice when I calmed down a little bit. I grabbed the towel hard and I tried to take a deep breath. I had nothing to lose anyway so I could tell him anything. ‘’My thoughts’’ I started with a small voice. I had to tell him, because knowing J he wouldn’t let me off the hook until I told him the truth and if there was a person behind something. Once a guy yelled at me in the club because I apparently bumped into him, ruining his outfit with a drink. J shot the guy in the head, just like that.

‘’My thoughts are so mean to me, it’s like I have a bully in my head’’ I tried to explain something. Then I sniffled and blinked a couple tears away. J played with my hair and let me continue. So I simply told him anything that came to my mind. I told him about my past, my bad childhood, stupid exes and how the voices in my head seemed to get louder and more cruel. Everything.

‘’I just feel so worthless, like you’ll dump me soon and then I’ll have nothing’’ I whispered, partly hoping that he couldn’t hear that part. Suddenly he stopped playing with my hair, making me nervous. I hadn’t looked up to him while talking so I didn’t know his mood. I turned a little so I could look at his face. He seemed surprisingly sad. His red lips were parted a little bit and his eyes were very tedious. First he looked into my eyes, then my tearstained cheeks and my wrist where his eyes stayed. 

A wave of guilt slapped my face. I made him look so sad. It’s all my fault..

‘’Why haven’t you told me anything before?’’ He wanted to know, this time being the one avoiding eye contact. My heart skipped a beat. I expected him to pull out his gun and put a bullet through me. ‘’Because I didn’t want to bother you J. I-I didn’t want to seem weak’’ I explained myself carefully. J shut his mouth and looked at me again. Then he put his big hand on my cheek, gently. ‘’You’re not weak baby. Damn..’’ He growled and tilted his head from side to side. He was probably debating inside his head whether he should sound harsh or try to stay calm.

‘’You took down a group of armed men by yourself, you managed to get a cold man like me to feel things. Remember when we met?’’ He questioned me with a deep and raspy voice. I nodded, wondering why he brought that up. ‘’You weren’t scared. While everyone else were down on the floor, scared for their lives, you stood out. You walked up to me and I could have shot you, but no. You were so brave. So you’re not weak. If you were weak, you’d be dead by now’’ He told me very honestly without sugarcoats.

‘’But you must promise me something, and I’m not letting you break that promise’’ He warned me seriously. I knew what he would say, but I still waited. ‘’Don’t ever, I mean never ever do this to yourself again’’ He tried to make a deal. The tone in his voice was harsh and I knew why. He wasn’t playing around. ‘’I promise’’ I sighed and faced down, feeling ashamed. I couldn’t do anything right.

J touched my jaw and made me look at him. ‘’I trust you kitten, I really hope you can keep it. The next time you feel this way, speak to me. We can either talk and be like normal people, or go and find a toy to torture. You don’t have to hurt yourself when there’s plenty of people around’’ He suggested  seriously with a small smile. The suggestion sure sounded more thrilling.

‘’I’m sorry J’’ I apologized and sighed. I knew I’d have a scar on my wrist to remind me of this whenever I saw it. ‘’Mmh’’ J breathed out and shut his eyes.I didn’t even want to picture what it would be like to find him in my shoes and me in his. If I ever saw J so broken, I’d break too. Did he feel the same way about me? Or was I in deeper than he was? I had no idea and I didn’t want to find out.

‘’Let’s clean you up’’ He declared after a while. Then he got up and helped me on my feet as well. After sitting down and bleeding for a while, standing made me lightheaded. J put his hands on my shoulders so I could let my blood flow and clear my head. ‘’Thanks’’ I murmured silently. Damn this crying made my head hurt.

‘’And just so you know, after a bath and sleep we’re going to find your old bullies and torture them’’ J let me know and then he started filling the tub. I looked at him, first without an expression but then the corners of my mouth carved into a wicked smile. He truly cared about me. ‘’I can’t wait’’ I replied and then the flame of revenge burnt down my misery, at least for the moment.

I’d make them suffer for ruining me..

Cake Batter Fun

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“Hey babe can you come in here?” I yelled into the living room and Harry came walking in with a smile on his face.

“Yea?” he asked.

“Can you reach that cake mix, I want to make a cake,” I said standing on my tippy toes trying to get the cake mix out of the back of the cupboard.

“Why are you making a cake?” he asked easily grabbing the box without even standing on his tippy toes.

“I don’t know I’m bored and I want something sweet,” I said and he nodded and went to hand me the box, holding it out I reached for it just as he jerked it back, a snicker leaving his perfect red lips.

“Babe,” I whined.

“Kiss first,” he said with a pout and I giggled as he stepped forward and pressed my back into the counter and kissed my lips, my hands wrapping around his neck and kissing back. I pushed on his chest a few moments later and he stepped back, handing me the box and walking around the counter to sit.

“So what your just going to watch me? and then except a piece later?” I asked and he nodded with a gleam in his eye, “come on you can help.” He sighed and got up and walked back around the table to me.

“On one condition,” he said and I looked at him with my eye brows raised in question. He reached back into the cupboard and came out with an apron.

“Harry I really don’t care if this shirt gets dirty,” I said.

“No you wear this with no shirt, or bra,” he said with a devious grin that exposed his dimple and I rolled my eyes.

“Fine but then you have to bake with no shirt on too,” I said and he pulled his shirt over his head like it was no big deal, I starred at his long torso, amazing v-lines and tattoos for a few moments till he snapped his fingers in my face and handed me the apron. I slid off the t-shirt I was wearing and turned my back to him teasingly as I slid off my bra and tied the apron into place, it just barely covered my nipples and it felt weird cooking food like this.

“Perfect…” he breathed when I turned around and I could feel my whole face turning red. I pulled some bowls and a cake pan out of the cupboard, and handed him the box.

“Get these ingredients,” I said and he nodded, walking to the fridge and getting the milk and eggs out. I poured the batter into the bowl and felt Harry graze my breast as he reached past me and poured the milk into the bowl, making me gasp and a pleasurable feeling to travel between my legs.

“Harry,” I warned and I felt his warm breath on my neck before he gently kissed it and sucked at the skin as his body pressed against my back and he cracked the two eggs into the bowl. I took the spoon in my hand trying to ignore the sucking and kissing on my bare back and neck and I stirred the batter till it was evened out and smooth. I turned towards Harry and pushed on him to walk to the stove and turn it on, I bent down to make sure there was nothing inside and I felt something wet and sticky land on my back before a tongue was licking it up. I straightened up and turned to see Harry smiling and licking his lips before he suddenly reached out and wiped batter on my nose.

“Harry!” I gasped and he laughed his adorable hyena laugh.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry babe,” he faked innocence and leaned in and licked a strip across my nose, making me cringe but get excited at the same time.

“Oh it’s fine,” I lied walking past him nonchalantly to scoop and finger full of batter out of the bowl and turn and lob it at his chest, splattering across the tan and smooth skin.

“Y/n!” he yelled shocked and I chuckled as his features softened and he motioned me forward with his finger. I walked forward and looked in his eyes briefly before I leaned down and ate the batter off his abs, chest and nipples, making a small moan escape his lips as I grazed over his nipples with my tongue.

“Ok no more, or we won’t have any for the cake,” I warned and he nodded. I walked over and poured the batter into the pan, smoothing it out just as he swooped in and wiped it across my face and side. I squealed and jumped to the side grabbing a handful I chucked it at him and it wet flying across his face and the floor. He then grabbed a handful and did the same, coating me in the thick sticky liquid.

“Harry Edward Styles! stop right now!” I yelled but I must not have sounded too convincing cause he lunged forward and grabbed me, slipping on the batter on the floor and tumbling down, landing on top of me, his arms the only things supporting his weight on either side of my head.

“I wanna lick it all off,” he said in a seductive tone and I felt my legs clenching together to stop the pleasure that was about to release a moan. He started with the small splattering of batter on my face, kissing and licking it off gently then he reached behind me neck and untied the apron, pulling it away from my breasts he kissed and licked at my nipples, making my back arch and grunts to escape my lips. He licked down my stomach, past my belly button and slid my sweats off, leaving me lying on the batter dirty floor in only my underwear. I felt his warm breath between my legs on my thighs and I spread my legs, asking for more attention. He kissed at my clothed center and I could feel the wetness pooling there, waiting for his touch. I watched him reach up onto the counter and come back with another handful of batter smearing it across my thighs and stomach he began eating it off me again, making me moan when his tongue dipped between my legs a little lower and his tongue lapped at my nipples again. He pulled my underwear off and immediately assaulted my clit, rolling his tongue up and down it and then disappearing to please my entrance for a few seconds before rubbing his tongue over my clit again and again. I felt his two fingers enter me and I lost my cool, holding in my moans didn’t seem like a good idea any more.

“Shit Harry, right there,” I moaned as he found a steady rhythm with his fingers and his tongue, flicking my clit recklessly.

“Shit babe I’m getting close,” I moaned and it all stopped, making me whimper at the untouched and lonely feeling. He crawled up my body unbuttoning and sliding off his jeans as he did so. Laying on top of me in only his boxers, his hard erection pressing through the fabric into my thigh. I thrust my hips up giving him some friction and he moaned, his mouth attaching to mine and kissing me deep and hard. His tongue slid into my mouth and I moaned, feeling our tongues dancing seductively. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and I grabbed onto the back of his head, tangling my sticky hands into the curls on the nape of his neck.

“Suck my dick baby,” he moaned into my ear and I pushed him off of me and onto the floor where I had been laying. I removed his boxers and reached for a little batter, coating his dick I winked at him before I slid my mouth down onto him, tasting the chocolately cake batter instantly. I moaned at the weird sensation the batter added and he ended up groaning, feeling my moan vibrate his hard cock.

“God yes Y/N, clean up all the batter on my cock babe,” he said and I bobbed my head, swallowing around him and tasting the batter go down my throat. I cupped his balls in my other hand and kneaded and messaged them gently making his hips buck up and his cock to slid to the back of my throat many times.

“Shit baby I’m close,” he said pushing on my head and I removed from his now clean dick with a pop. He roughly laid me back down on the floor and positioned himself between my legs, leaning down and kissing me, letting his tip prod and tease my entrance before I shifted and the tip slid inside of me.

“Mnmm yes Y/N your so warm,” he moaned sitting up and grabbing my hips and shoving the rest of the way inside me, giving me no time to adjust to his size before he was rapidly and roughly slamming into my pussy.

“God yes Harry,” I moaned feeling his dick dragging in and out of me giving me extreme pleasure.

“Your so tight,” he moaned against my collar bone and I could feel him sucking a purple mark into my skin.

“Harry faster,” I moaned feeling the warm heat tightening in the pit of my stomach and I so badly wanting him to pound right into my g-spot.

“Shit Harry yes!” I screamed feeling his tip hit my g-spot dead on, he moved his hips so that he was hitting it with every thrust and I literally thought I’d see stars any moment. I started to move my hips against his giving him all new angles and making my pussy clench around him.

“Fuck Y/N don’t stop,” he moaned and I gripped my nails into his shoulders and moved my hips as fast as he was thrusting his achingly hard cock inside me.

“God Harry I’m getting close,” I moaned and all he could do was nod, too many moans escaping his lips to talk.

“Shit Y/n I’m cumming,” he moaned as I felt his warm liquid releasing inside me, making me closer to the edge. He reached between our bodies as he rode out his high and ran his thumb over my clit, messaging figure eights into the nub.

“Yes Harry I’m cumming, don’t stop,” I moaned as he picked up the pace on his thrusting and rubbing. I came onto his cock hard and long and then he was pulling out and collapsing onto the floor next to me, dried cake batter in his curls and on his cheek.

“I could go for some cake now,” he said and I rolled my eyes and laughed, getting up I slid my apron back on and worked around him on the floor finishing our much smaller cake.


Word Count: 747

Summary: A lazy afternoon teaches you why love songs are written about kisses.

A/N: So I’m still iffy on the borderline book that I’m currently writing. I’ll post a summary later on it and see if you’re interested. I wrote this because I realized that I was obsessing over the “book” I’m writing. 


It’s a drowsy Sunday afternoon. You’d like to say that it’s the morning, but you’d be lying. You spent the morning wrapped in the warm embrace of your boyfriend, Peter Parker. His strong arms held you close to him while he kisses your forehead lazily. When he got up to go to the bathroom, you decided to prepare some lunch for him. Doing everything that he does, he deserves it. Being his girlfriend, you’re going to be the first one to give him everything he deserves.

You play some soft music as you pull the ingredients to make a homemade version of his favourite sub, making sure to push it real flat. As you’re flattening the bread, you feel arms wrap around your waist. Peter buries his face into your neck, breathing in deeply as his hands hold onto your hips. You lean into him slightly, a content smile on your face.

“What are you doing, babe?” He whispers, his breath fanning across your neck. You giggle, turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck. You stand on your tip toes to hug him. He pulls you ever closer to him, even though it’s not possible.

“Just making your favourite sub. But of course, with a little more love.” You tell him, kissing him on the cheek before turning around to show him the sub. You grin when he gasps, his eyes bouncing from you to the sub and back to you.

“When did I get the best girlfriend in the world?” He asks, taking a bite of the sub and moaning. “You even remembered to push it down real flat.” He tells you, his mouth full of food. He pulls you into another hug. You giggle and push him away. Not wanting to get any crumbs on your- his shirt.

“Don’t talk with your mouth open!” You tell him, swatting away his hands as you giggle harder. You run away as he tries to catch you, making you laugh harder.

Peter chases you around the kitchen, trying to catch you as you try to escape his grip. You stop running, unable to continue with all your laughter. He grabs you around the waist and throws you over his shoulder. He laughs along with you, making you bounce.

“Peter!” You gently hit his butt, which is in your face. “Set me down!”

Peter shakes his head, a blush coming to his face as you hit his butt. While he has become more confident through the year that you’ve been dating, you can still make him blush just as hard as when he first met you.

He gently tosses you on the couch, before leaning over you. You wrap your legs around his waist and giggle, not letting him leave. “Now you can never get your precious sandwich!” You laugh evilly. You link your ankles around his back, making sure that he could never escape your hold.

“Noooooo, what will I ever do?!” He pretends that he can’t get out of your grip. Even though he could easily pull your legs off him.

You grin and quickly unlink your ankles from his back, before escaping from under him and running back to the kitchen. You grab the sub you made for yourself before taking a bite.

He runs into the kitchen and, thinking you’ve taken his sub, pouts. “You took my sub!” Fake tears come to his eyes, almost making you cry. How can this boy make fake tears so quickly?

You roll your eyes and point to his sub. “I don’t like mine flat.” You say matter of factly, showing him the difference between the two subs.

Peter pulls you into a hug, putting his face in your neck. You put the sandwhich down before hugging back, just as tight. The two of you share the embrace before he pulls away. He looks you deeply in your eyes before kissing you.

Your eyes close on their own accord. You put your hands in his hair as he puts his on your face. He tastes of mint chap-stick and his favourite sub. It’s somehow a good combination. You pull him close to you, enjoying the warmth of him.

The kiss isn’t messy or deep. It’s slow and cautious. It’s two people beginning to understand why love songs are written about a kiss.  

You pull away, you lips red and his hair messy. You breath deeply before saying the first thing that comes into your mind.