red lippy


Happy Wednesday, kittens!

So as I talk makeup on here from time to time, you may be aware of my slight obsession with lipstick. And Peggy Carter. And Peggy Carter’s lipstick.

As summer kicks in, it’s time for me to transition to a more summery red, officially retiring the beautiful brick red of Besame’s 1946 Red Velvet until the fall. It’s just a wee bit dark for the summah time, darlings. Finding new reds is hard enough, finding new MATTE reds is a whole other level of hard. They are usually too dry, too orange, too blue, or too expensive. My budget + the amount of lipstick I wear = not $35 tubes of lippy.  

So behold! The fruit of my search: Maybelline’s Creamy (blech that word) Matte lipstick in Siren in Scarlet. It’s like $6 at Target. SIX BUCKS. This red is fabulous, bright, with more blue undertones than orange (but not too many, it’s a good balance, imo). The matte is perfect, light and not too dry, and it has some pretty decent staying power. I quickly bought it in 3 other colors: Craving Coral, A Touch of Spice, and Daringly Nude. This has created a fun new game of See How I Can Never Pull The Right Shade Out Of My Makeup Bag On The First Try!

But I digress.

Anyway, there’s Ann’s Official Summer Lippy Rec™ for all you red lipstick loving gals! It’s a solid buy. 

Some honorable mentions: MAC’s Dangerous (a little more orange), NARS Dragon Girl (a little more pink). Both great, but lost out to the Maybelline because it is also great while being a fraction of the price.