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i know we talk a lot about Dex’s pale skin making it impossible to hide his blush , but can we also talk about how this also means he gets flushed and red when working out? after a long run his face is bright red and after lifting his arms have splotches of deep red that linger for a few extra minutes and they make his muscles stand out more and–

nursey faceplants on the treadmill because he was too distracted wondering exactly how far down that flush goes

Second Day of Christmas (Joker x Reader)

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Warning(s): None

Pairing: Joker x Reader

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me; two machine guns!

And a Robin in a pear tree.

Carefully you pushed the red lipstick over your numb lips, gradually covering your once nude lips in a deep bloody red. Last night thoughts lingered in your head while you proceed to do your makeup, murmuring curse words every time you would mess up. Just a couple of hours ago you and Joker decorated your ‘Christmas tree’ and ate sugar cookies. Of course, the fun was ended shortly when an unannounced wave of boredom crash through you with enough force, that you both decided to let the poor boy go. 

And by letting him go; you both dropped him off at the nearest gas station, not bothering taking off the ornaments and other festive decorations. 

Your heavy and dull eyes peered at your clear reflection that lingered in front of you. This holiday season was a bust so far, and your once happy and wild Christmas spirit was gone in a blink of an eye. 

“We have no Christmas tree, and the damn house ain’t even decorated…Not to mention that Gotham is all grey! I ain’t see a lick of snow out there.” You spat out, ranting at your reflection. You honestly wish that Batman would come crashing through those doors and take you back to the police. You lazily tossed the makeup brush across the room, the sound of it hitting the floor ranged through your ears. 

“Oh, Sugarlips, Daddy’s home!” The loud and gruff voice from the Joker blared through the large bedroom. You slowly turned in the cushioned chair, your hazy eyes met with a flamboyant sight. Joker’s classic neon green hair was wild and messy, jade colored strands stuck onto his milky forehead, covering his Damaged tattoo from view.

“I’ve notice you’ve been a little upset since last night, and I decided to give ya’ your Christmas gift early.” He said, pushing his green hair back, his pale forehead wrinkled when he shot you his signature smile. With a snap of his fingers, two goons appeared before you and what in their hands surprised you.

Two hot pink machine guns that were covered in grey sparkles were in their hands. 

You let out a gasp, jumping out of your chair. You yanked on of them out of the goon’s hands, the gun was surprisingly light and extremely pretty to look at. 

“Mistah J…” You mumbled, the joyful and familiar Christmas spirit filled your body. You then turn towards the older man, his silver teeth shining in the faux fiery light. You dropped the gun onto the ground and raced into his arms. 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You said, kissing him all over his soft face. Smudging your makeup.               

Honeymustard Collection 5

…I will cuddle you so hard

Red wiggled deeper into the formidable cocoon of blankets Papyrus had all but trapped him in. Warmth gathered at the surface of his bones and the pressing, dark memory of being under the ice began to seem like it had happened a long time ago. His head swam with remnants of Papyrus’s magic and he shook his skull in an attempt to dislodge the pesky swirls – they lingered stubbornly.

Red grunted in annoyance. Papyrus’s magic felt different from Boss’s. It was almost…tingly. Pleasant? But still foreign. Red flushed at the thought of Papyrus’s magic gripping his soul to drag him from the river. He felt invaded…and stupid, and childish, and guilty, and sick, and…

“Ugh,” Red squeezed his eye sockets shut, willing his spinning head to be quiet.

“You good?” Papyrus came into the living room from the kitchen, holding what looked like a mug of coffee in his hand.

Red didn’t dare open his eyes, hyperaware of the taller skeleton’s presence. He grunted noncommittally. Papyrus chuckled and squatted down next to where he lay on the couch, not missing the smaller skeleton’s flinch.

“That’s what you get for ‘porting right over the river, you dummy.” Papyrus teased softly.

Red flushed darker, if possible.

Shit, this whole thing sucked. Red figured it would have been better if he’d been dusted under the ice. Who knows? Maybe then he’d pop back up in his own timeline and be free of this mess. Boss would’ve found the whole thing pretty pathetic.

“Here,” Papyrus offered Red the mug, helping him sit up and readjust the blankets so he could take it. Red nearly spat the liquid back out when he eagerly took a large gulp. It wasn’t coffee. It was stupidly sweet and thick, but Papyrus was watching him expectantly so Red swallowed and tried not to gag.

“Hot cocoa. It’s Sans’s favorite,” Papyrus explained happily, motioning for Red to drink more. Red bit back a sigh and obeyed. No wonder everyone in this timeline smelled like sugar.

“God – you’re still blue.” Papyrus muttered, lifting a palm to Red’s crown. Red froze, the lip of the mug pressed to his mouth. Papyrus’s phalanges were warm from carrying the hot mug. It felt good on his frozen bones. Again with the…touching though. Since when had Papyrus become so interested in touching him? Aside from fucking, that was different. This was also…different. Red squirmed uncomfortably.

“And you’re still cold,” Papyrus said, dropping his hand from Red’s brow and furrowing his own thoughtfully. He contemplated Red for a long moment.

Red fidgeted under his scrutiny. “Heh,” he attempted a chuckle around the mug, “guess you could say…I’m frozen down to the bone, huh?”

Papyrus’s jaw turned up in a bit of a grin and Red relaxed a little.

“You know,” Papyrus said, standing suddenly, “I bet if I applied magic directly to your soul it would be more effective.”

Red nearly choked, “You wanna touch my soul? Shit, that’s kinky, Stretch.”

Papyrus took the empty mug from him with a cocked brow. “Don’t be so immature,” he scolded, “doctors heal sick monsters through their souls all the time.”

“Yeah, but you ain’t no doctor,” Red muttered.

Red stiffened when Papyrus dropped onto the couch next to him, uncomfortably close. The taller skeleton leaned back against the armrest and plucked at Red’s blankets, signaling for him to come closer. Red recoiled, aware of his naked bones under the blankets and the intimate significance of what Papyrus had proposed.

“What?” Papyrus laughed, “Shy all of the sudden?”

“No! I just…”

Papyrus’s long arms reached out and looped around Red’s tense shoulders, dragging him against his chest before the other had a chance to react. Red tried to scramble back but Papyrus hooked his legs around him and pinned him between his knees, effectively immobilizing him. Red yelped and flailed the one arm he’d freed to hold the stupid hot chocolate with but Papyrus snagged that too, pressing his phalanges into Red’s wrist firmly.

“Seriously, Stretch! Stop with the…” Red stuttered.

“With the what?” Papyrus brought his mouth within an inch of Red’s shoulder and neck. His breath warm on the other’s cold bones. “The…touching?” He kissed the side of Red’s skull with a soft click.

Red absolutely froze, his eye sockets wide.

What the actual fuck?

“Don’t worry, Red,” Papyrus said, “I’ll be careful. Now, show me your soul.”

Shit. Shit. Shit. Red’s head was really spinning now. When was the last time he’d shown another monster besides Boss his soul? Even in battle he kept on the defense, ducking and dodging while keeping his heart securely inside his ribcage. Besides, souls were private! He couldn’t just hand it over to this stupid, persistent, lazy skeleton who didn’t know the first thing about his timeline or how his and Boss’s relationship worked or…

“C’mon, Red,” Papyrus said, softer this time.

Red gritted his teeth. “Fine. Take it.”

Papyrus shook his head. “I’m not going to take it from you. You have to give it to me.”

“What the hell for!?”

Papyrus gave a little smile. Red wanted to smash his stupid skull in. Papyrus released Red’s hand expectantly. For a long moment Red tried to think of a way out of it, but the way Papyrus had him completely wrapped around his finger offered no alternatives. Red heaved a sigh and moved his phalanges, tugging his soul into manifestation with a soft ting!

“Ya happy now?” Red muttered.

Papyrus tried not to let his surprise show – he’d prepared himself for the worst, just in case, but this was…this was bad. Red’s soul was in terrible shape. Papyrus wasn’t even sure how the small, red lump of scarred magic was still functioning. But it was Red’s attitude about the whole thing that really concerned him, and confirmed what Papyrus had begun to suspect all along. Red literally didn’t know any better. This mutilation was normal to him. The thought squeezed in Papyrus’s stomach painfully and he had to make a real effort to stop the tremble in his hands.

Papyrus took Red’s soul, feeling the smaller skeleton tense against his chest. He tried to move slowly and gently, knowing how important this moment was if Papyrus ever wanted to help Red get better. He cradled the small, red heart in front of them both, his arms draped over Red’s shoulders, still cautious to hold him in place so he didn’t jerk around and accidentally hurt himself or anything.

Giving Red a moment to adjust to the feel of his soul in another monster’s hands, Papyrus mustered some of his own magic and allowed it to hum in his phalange-tips. Red’s response was immediate – his spine went stiff as a board and his phalanges dug into Papyrus’s femurs, a broken breath huffing from his chest.

Papyrus stopped quickly. “Sorry! Sorry…did that hurt?”

Red was panting, his eye sockets screwed shut.

“Red?” Papyrus pressed, worry cinching inside him.

“No…” Red grunted. Papyrus blinked in surprise, his worry fading when he noticed how flush Red’s cheekbones were. The smaller skeleton’s whole face was glowing. “It, uh…” Red stuttered, phalanges still curled into Papyrus’s femurs. “It feels…good.”

Papyrus almost laughed, but his relief was undercut by plummeting feeling in his gut. He’d barely touched Red’s soul and the kid had practically come apart. Was he really this starved for positive physical contact? What had his Papyrus done to him?

“Want me to stop?” Papyrus asked.

Red shook his head a little, mouth pressed shut.

“You feeling warmer now?” Papyrus ventured.

Red nodded.

“Okay,” Papyrus breathed. He coaxed the magic back into his hands, watching the light orange wisps rub and press against the knots and scars of Red’s soul gently. He focused on warmth, but didn’t stop a little presence of pleasure and happiness from slipping into his magic every now and again. He wanted to let Red feel so much more, but he thought it best to take it slow for now.

Red eventually relaxed into Papyrus’s chest, his fists uncurling until his hands rested lightly on Papyrus’s legs. The smaller skeleton’s ribcage lifted and fell shakily, starved pants transitioning into long, slow breaths. His eye sockets drooped and for a horrified second a tearful sting was present, but Red blinked it away rapidly. This was…

Red drifted to sleep with his soul in Papyrus’s hands and his face burrowed in the crook of the taller skeleton’s arm. The storm outside had slowed into a quiet snowfall. The only light was the flickering glow of soft magic. Papyrus held onto him – and his soul – the whole night.

Imagine getting flustered every time Regulus looks at you

You felt your cheeks grow red after Regulus’ gaze lingered on you for a little longer than usual, as he entered the classroom.

“Y/N, it’s so obvious that you fancy him! Just tell him!” your best friend told you, rolling her eyes, as she kept doodling on her parchment. You two were waiting for History of Magic to start and you were already bored.

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❛ it’s so hard when you're in a cuddly mood and don't have anyone to cuddle with!! this is an outrage! ❜

Red whined, pretending its such a chore to not have anyone to cuddle. “I-I know~! Daddy don give me cuddles for whole hour once- and made me so sad.” Boss is quiet, fiddling with his little fingers and lingering behind Red, looking all about. 

* table for two.

starter for @twchaeyeon​.

she can feel her fingers tighten their grip around the cup of coffee within her hands, the tips of her fingers turning white under the exceeded mount of pressure, and it’s not until a numb sensation travels across them to the tops of her knuckles does she let the mug go. she can feel it, a yawn crawling up the side of her back, and it takes everything in her to bite it back— letting her eyes droop and allowing her exhaustion to overcome her would be no good, especially when she was supposed to be wide awake and alert now.

she had to stay up, had to make herself look as if her night hadn’t been spent dealing with two crying children who for the love of her were determined to stay up till the latest possible hour, causing her to run back and forth in a frenzy in hopes of calming them down. she had to pretend she wasn’t stressed, and that the lingering redness in her eyes wasn’t from tears shed as she lay motionless in her bed, staring up at the ceiling for hours on end.

she knew chaeyeon would ask questions, the younger girl had a keen sense of perception and had come to know joohyun closer than anyone else, but she would do what she could to lessen any gazes of worry she might receive.

she let’s a gentle sigh fall from her lips, eyes trained on the window of the small diner she’d situated in, and she watches as people walk by— it was rather funny, for them to settle on a mundy dinner a few blocks from the safety of fabletown, but joohyun had felt they both needed a break from that space, if only for an hour or two.

i shouldn’t, she thinks, but her hands already waving to a waitress, her cup being refilled for the second time, and she’s taking a sip from the scalding cup before the waitress can even leave. she stops, however, when she hears the buildings front door open ( signaled by the ever iconic bell ) and she finds herself smiling at her friend.

the signs as moments
  • Aries: sitting by a campfire and smelling the woodsmoke, the smudge of it in your eyes; the night coolness on your back, the warmth on your front. distantly, the roar of the sea. overhead a thousand stars, the crescent of a gentle moon.
  • Taurus: walking through silent halls in noisy shoes, the clack of heels echoing off the marble walls. standing in front of a tintoretto, deep reds and browns, the lingering scent of ancient oil point. pale, pearlescent light drifting through rain-splashed windows.
  • Gemini: sitting on a hill in early summer. someone near you, too vibrant to look at. blue skies, warm earth, the smell of fresh-shorn grass. in the distance a frowst of stormclouds churning forward. sitting until the first fat drops of hot rain touch your skin, running for the shelter of pine forest with hands clutched together. a sudden kiss that tastes of rain.
  • Cancer: clipping fat pink tea roses off of a thorny bush. a wicker basket hooked on the arm, shears sticky with resin. the sweet, intoxicating scent of roses, inducing a state of drowsiness. sitting in the sun wearing a straw hat, sipping lemonade from a frosted glass, touching soft rose petals.
  • Leo: loud music, the bass in your chest. bare legs, feet aching in high heels, drinking sugary alcoholic drinks with strangers, telling ridiculous jokes. dancing with your eyes closed, freely, without caring who looks and without needing anyone else. a raw throat from screaming with joy.
  • Virgo: sleeping on clean linen sheets, reaching out to touch someone else's warm, soft skin. hands on inner thighs, soft breaths against the private skin on the back of the neck. softer gasps and sleepy kisses. laying overlapped on someone else's body, full of contentment, watching the breeze gently lift lace curtains.
  • Libra: crouching down in the snow, a dog bounding up with slavering kisses, body vibrating with a wagging tail. footprints behind you in deep snow, cheeks pink with cold. watching a red cardinal move from branch to branch in the naked trees, then lift into the sky, frightened by the joy of the dog below. your fingertips wet in your gloves, warmed by a paper cup of hot cocoa.
  • Scorpio: eating outrageously spicy food and drinking ice-cold beer, wading into blue water whispering over pearly white sand. diving head-first into the sea, tasting salt, sand in everything. floating in the water, watching the sun set in a blaze of colour, a flock of birds in silhouette.
  • Sagittarius: flirting with a stranger, stealing a kiss. learning the shape of their hands, drawing their eyes in the margins of the page. the smell of graphite, their laugh on seeing their own stare. a swollen feeling in the chest that is contentment, unrealized until it suddenly disappears. remembering memories.
  • Capricorn: a hot bath that smells of lemon, lingering until the water gets cool, mounds of bubbles and a glittering bath bomb. reading an entire book in an hour, the turned pages parked by wrinkled wet fingerprints. a glass of wine on the edge of the tub, smiling when someone comes in to join you.
  • Aquarius: legs and arms burning, rough branches under palms, climbing into the leafy embrace of an unfamiliar tree and sitting back, being able to see further into the distance than was possible on the ground. finding a fat green caterpillar nearby, frightening a robin from the branches above you. the smell of green growing things, a soft wind supporting you.
  • Pisces: wandering through an old bookstore to find a red plush armchair, sitting down with a stack of books that should not be bought but must be read. day waning into night as foreign lands are explored and epic battles are fought. the air smells like old paper, the distinctly perfect smell of aging tomes. in the end, buying every book because the store is about to close.
  • ((check your sun, moon, and/or venus))
Flame & Shadow Part 1 (AkaKuro Freedom Fighter AU)

Notes: This small fic is very! loosely based on the life of the two Danish World War II freedom fighters, ’Flammen’ (The Flame) and ’Citronen’ (The lemon/Citron). Decided to convert Citron into something more fitting for Kuroko, artistic freedom for the win :p

For anyone interested, I highly recommend watching the Danish movie of the same name: ‘Flammen og Citronen’ (English title: Flame & Citron)

Wrote this in less than 2 hours. Do not expect a lot :)

Part 2 Link

Pairing: Akakuro, somewhat one-sided.

Rating: Mature, descriptive sexual content!

He pressed the cigarette to the fullness of his lips, his dark red eyes lingering at the farthest corner of the small bedroom. His gaze grew distant.

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2013 Porrera Black Slate Priorat

Oooh, a modern-style Priorat wine. Black cherries, dark plums, prunes, clove, vanilla, and violets on the nose. Modern, ripe, fruit-driven style on the palate. Black cherries and vanilla initially on the palate with clove and dark fruit mid-palate. Tarter red cherries and lingering acidity on the finish. Pawsonally, I’m more for old-style Priorat, but at this price point, this is a gem!

4/5 bones


Cariñena (Carignan), Garnacha (Grenache)

15% abv

Priorat, SPAIN

Wide Awake || Logan + Hannah

It was the morning after Logan had gotten high as hell on top of the roof top. Half of him thought that the conversation he’d had with his ex-wife had been a really vivid trip, but the lingering redness and stinging on his cheek reminded him otherwise. After lying in bed trying to figure it all out he decided it was pointless. That he needed to talk it out, after going over his options there was only really one candidate, Hannah. Throwing himself up and out of bed it didn’t take him long to find her room, opening it and relieved to see it was just her h closed the door behind him. “I need to talk to you.” He said words tripping over each other at how fast he  was talking striding over to where she was he sat down next to her quickly pulling the power cable out of her microphone.