red lids

Fred Durst

Fred Durst walked into a Lids.

The salesman jumped to attention. “Fred Durst!” he exclaimed. “We have just the red Yankees cap you’re looking for!” The salesman headed for the stockroom, but stopped at the sound of Fred’s voice.

“That won’t be necessary,” said the Limpest Bizkit of them all. “I’ve decided to wear a different sort of hat!”

The loud gasp of all of the mall’s customers was only matched by the roar of the undercover policeman’s pistol. Fred Durst’s body went limp and collapsed in a heap after the shot to the head.

The entire mall heaved a sigh of relief. Whoever that imposter was, it wasn’t Fred Durst, despite having his driver’s license and fingerprints and DNA. Fred Durst only wore red Yankees hats and would never change.

The imposter’s body was thrown into the mall’s fountain and is still there today, Wednesday.

🚀🍻 “Nuka-Cola” Potion 🍻🚀

inspired by fallout 4′s health potion, “nuka-cola”, here is a frosty potion recipe for emotional healing and positive disposition.

🚀 gather: coke (or some root beer related soda), vanilla (happiness), caramel (love/kindness), orange peel and blackberry garnishes (healing), a red stone/gem.

🍻 fill the glass not completely with the soda. 

🚀 add in caramel to taste

🍻 add in ice cream and cover. let it sit 5 minutes, letting the ice cream melt.

🚀 place the red stone over the lid of the drink while you wait for the ice cream to melt, letting its energies mix with the drink

🍻 uncover and stir. add garnishes. enjoy!

🚀 keep the red stone for whenever you need the potion’s magic again.

Some cute old couple stevetony for the cap-im flashworks ‘Old Friends’ prompt~ I decided to leave it unfinished/sketchy, the focus more on the faces than the rest.

And they’re from an au since tony looks like mcu but with 616′s blue eyes, plus when i started drawing this I was definitely thinking about the 10+ years of friendship between them in 616. But maybe this is a non-powered au bc this way steve can grow old with tony. And they’re best friends and husbands and adorably in love of course

I liked drawing them a little older and making them look it with little lines and marks and creases too. well, i hope that its successfully showing that.

…hopefully this fits the prompt bc they are old friends right so…^^; 

His Angel - NatePat

(this is a sort of bonus chapter I wrote for one of my Wattpad stories, Contrast)

“Nate…” The choked attempt at the musician’s name comes from the bedroom.

“Matthew? Are you okay?” Nate calls, before quickly walking to the bedroom and pushing the door open.

He’s greeted with a pathetic whimper and the sight of Matthew, curled up stiffly under Nate’s blanket, holding a pillow to his chest tightly. His eyes are red and half-lidded with pain, and Nate feels a heavy weight in his stomach as the former angel looks up at him pathetically, brown eyes wet with tears.

“One of your bad days, huh?” Nate asks gently.

Matthew makes the tiniest of nods.

“Aww, Matthew…” Nate sits down besides him.

“It’s the meds,” Matthew mumbles, voice dripping with pain. “They don’t do anything except make me tired and achy.”

Nate gently gathers his form up into his arms, being careful to avoid his wounds. “I know, love.”

“I can’t do anything,” the former angel murmurs, sniffling, tears starting to run down his face. “I’m useless.”

“No, Matthew, you’re not useless. You don’t have to do anything. You’re still recovering,” Nate whispers softly. “You’re doing amazing.”

Matthew doesn’t respond.

“You know what?” The musician asks quietly. “Let’s just stay in bed today.”

“What?” Matthew asks, looking guilty and worried. “No, Nate, you don’t have to do that! You have stuff to do…”

“Not today. Today, the only thing I’m going to do is make sure you’re comfortable,” Nate tells him firmly. “You can’t change my mind.”

The brunet almost sobs, clutching Nate tightly. “Thank you…”

Nate hums softly, holding Matthew as tight as he can without hurting him. “No problem.”

A few hours later finds the two curled up together, Nate feeding Matthew popcorn and watching him laugh at the cheesy comedy movies they’re watching on Nate’s laptop, warm and cuddled up together and comfortable. Nate just adores the former angel, though in his mind he still is an angel.

Matthew is sleepy and happy and can forget about the pain for a little while. Nate is solid and warm, his hand absentmindedly stroking Matthew’s brown hair. The former angel snuggles closer, drowsily leaning up and kissing Nate.

“Thanks,” the brunet mumbles sleepily.

“Shh,” Nate whispers, setting the bag of popcorn aside and pausing the movie.

He leans down and kisses Matthew’s forehead, pulling a blanket up over him. Matthew looks up at him tiredly, a small smile making his eyes sparkle, a lock of brown hair falling across his forehead. He’s so different from how he was just a few hours ago.

“Can you stay with me?” The brunet asks.

“Of course, love. I’ll be here when you wake up,” the musician assures him.

Matthew’s eyes slip closed, and he fights to say one more thing. “I love you..”

“I love you too,” Nate murmurs, gently kissing him.


ill compile a proper eye tutorial on monolids and epicanthol folds and the basics of drawing “asian” eyes (notably in e/s.e asians however monolids and epicanthol folds can appear on people of other races too)

however this is the basic concept that i use for drawing any eyes: blue dots for the corners, green line is the top lid, red bottom lid. the idea is that the eye will generally look the same on everyone in some cases bigger/smaller, what im really trying to teach is how to draw the skin and fat that shapes the eye tbh

And around and around we go

Customer: Hey, do you have this butter but the one with the red lid?

Me: Which variety was the one with the red lid?

Customer: I don’t know, I just buy the one with the red lid.

Me: Oookaaay, well, they recently redesigned their packaging, so they don’t have one with a red lid any more, do you know what variety it was?

Customer: I don’t know, I just know it’s the one with the red lid.

Me: Right. Well, there isn’t one with a red lid any more, so … Was it the original? Olive oil? Light?

Customer: It was the one with the red lid.

Me: I’m not sure which one that was. I think it was the original, does that sound right?

Customer: I don’t know what it was, I just want the one with the red lid! That’s the one I buy!

Me: I … don’t know which one that was since there aren’t any red lids any more. You don’t know what variety you buy?

Customer: The one with the red lid!!!

Me: Well, I think that was the original, that one’s right here. *hands them the original, which now has a green lid*

Customer: That’s not a red lid! I buy the one with the red lid!


bodyswap!au || matty & lydia


She was between the state of sleep and consciousness, slowly waking up but feeling drowsy and plain odd. It was no surprise that hangover was met with dry lips and thirst, with headache and general bad feeling all over, but there was something extra to all of that — maybe shouldn’t have done the last body shot after all. The girl she had done it off was a babe, and no regrets crossed her mind as a lazy curve appeared in her lips. 

Lydia ten woke up, eyes opening to see ceiling, as she was sleeping in the middle of people and mattresses, everything looking like an orgy with clothes. She wouldn’t have been surprised to find out it was. Turned over on hr stomach pressing her cheek to the self made pillow out of someone’s clothing and closed her eyes only for a second before a ray of sunshine crossed her face lighting up eye lids bright red and she winced, pulling them open. 

She sat up, body heavy, and ran her hand through her——

hair. Where the bloody hell was her hair? She brought another hand to her head, desperately trying to find it and pulling on it just to know it isn’t a simple nightmare. A rush of panic went through her heart and she was now wide awake and ready to flip anyone’s ass who was dumb enough to cut her hair off. HER hair. LONG, beautiful blond hair. “Who the FUCK—” She immediately went mute after she heard her voice. Hangover voice was one thing, but this, this was—a whole new level of crazy she hadn’t been prepared to deal with. She sprung up with her whole body aching, and instinctively grabbed her chest: no boobs. No. boobs. 


There was a girl sleeping just a step away from her and Lydia decided to wake her up and make sure she wasn’t hallucinating or going insane. So she leaned, pressed her hand to her shoulder and shook before pulling her back a little. To her own horror, a hysterical scream escaping her lips, seeing nobody else but her own face 

        come  in,  c a p t a i n.    his soft voice cuts through the silence as he stood in the center of the Admiral’s command room. his black gloved hands were behind him, folded together while his head looked down at a holographic battlefield that play’d by itself. his eyes were nearly closed, so that only a glint of red showed between the lids. the only thing that could be heard were the soft echoes of her captain’s footsteps as she came closer towards the blue skinned alien.    it  seems  that  our  stormtroopers  preform  well,  you’ve  truly  trained  them  the  best  that  you  could. c a p t a i n.  ❞  it seemed as if the Admiral congratulated her, but there had to be more than just that.         //         @chromedarmour.

Shape me out of darkness II

I’m no more than an explosion wrapped in flesh.
First time picking up a blade, blood buzzing.
Press it to flesh and there was no magic,
Just a different kind of suffering.

I turn my face away from the sun,
So that I could feel the still
Patient embrace of shadow.

I close my eyes and against red grey lids,
See a field of lonely desolation.

In the mirror I see only flesh.
A torment different from the bite of wire hangers.
A special kind of hell is where I resided.


I filmed this look on the @beautyfam snapchat yesterday! 💘 Add us to see makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and more!

✨DETAILS / ig: tmbmakeup
💫 Morphe 35B Palette matte light orange (crease), matte coral (crease, inner/outer lid, & lower lashline) matte red (inner/outer lid & outer half of lower lashline), and matte white (browbone)
💫 Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette “Semi Sweet” (inner/outer lid & outer lower lashline) and “Champagne Truffle” (center of lid & inner corner)
💫 NYX Crystal Liner (center of lid & lower lashline)
💫 NYC Liquid Liner
💫 Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
💫 Ardell Demi Wispies


FOTD: Warm Burnished Rose Eye for Fall

I haven’t worn much red-tones around the eyes this Fall season, as I’ve been sticking more to stronger lips and cooler or more neutral toned eyes.

It’s a bit late but before I move into all the Winter/Holiday makeup looks, I decided to wear a smokier eye look that references the warm, rusty, terracotta tones of Fall. 

Bonus? This looks wicked against grey, blue, and green eyes.


Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation - found an old bottle of this fave sitting around and I’ve started using it again; I don’t understand why they discontinued this

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (not shown)

Marc Jacobs Light Filtering Contour Powder 40 Mirage Filter - this is great for matte face sculpting

Milani Powder Blush 01 - a soft neutral-rose tone to go with the beige-rose lipstick I’m wearing


Transition/socket color: Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Melrose (matte red-brown)

Lid color: Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Hot Tamale (glittery wine brown)

Inner corners: Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Supermodel (pearlescent beige)

Color accent down the center of lids: MAC Dazzleshadow in Slow/Fast/Slow (copper and pink glitter) - this translucent copper-rose glitter color is limited edition so if you don’t have it, a great alternative is something like Inglot’s AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 82

Charcoal shade just in outer corners for definition - I used a discontinued Bourjois shadow but MAC’s Typographic would be a good dupe

Black Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero 

Mascara: Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom


Givenchy Le Rouge 106 Nude Guipure - I didn’t even bother with liner; I like to balance things out so the lips should be soft, soft, soft - since the eyes are strong and the cheeks are sculpted

Watch on

as your request - cassia1511995 :)

[Trans] 150705 Jimin`s Q&A from Inkigayo goodbye stage mini fan meeting  

Q : While you were promoting ‘DOPE’, do you think whose appearance was the most 'DOPE’?

Rap Monster : Actually, While we were promoting we had to go and introduce ourselves to many directors. Since Jimin had the most 'DOPE’’s appearance, directors paid a lots of attention to him. There’s this director who was really shock when he saw his face and asked him 'you got hit a lot,weren’t you?’ Because his eyes lid were red.
Jimin : Do you have any evidence?!? I think the one our fans are cheering is the one whose appearance is the most 'DOPE’

Q : What is Yoongi hyung means to you?
Jimin : I prepare a dance for him. *Dance a boxing dance*
J-hope : Oh! so you wanna hit him. It was a cool dance.
Jimin : What you guys think is right. xD I was kidding. I think Yoongi hyung is a really warm person. He has that kind of charms in a very little part of him. I believe you understand that.

Jimin : I still have one question left but I want J-Hope hyung to answer this for me.
'Can you express your feeling at the end of 'DOPE’ promotion by dancing.

J-Hope : *Dances a meerkat dance*