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Can I request a short fanfic of the moment where Saeran breaks into the apartment during 707's route, but for this request, 707 is just a really good friend? And when saeran breaks in, they find MC in an animal onesie and she doesn't refuse the offer for paradise, but instead stalls them by offering them food until 707 gets there (aka is just really nice to Saeran/not freaked out or scared). And then when Saeran leaves, he kinda starts to crush on MC, and you can go from there!

((Sorry, I kind of kept going and now it’s over 2k words now. Also Saeran may be a little OOC here but he’s cute!))

“The Special security system will be acti-acti-activa….”

MC looked up from her phone to look where the sound was coming from. She stood up from the bed and went over to the sound, but it suddenly sputtered out. After that, she couldn’t figure out where it came from, so she shrugged and flopped back down on the bed. Suddenly, there was a loud shattering of glass, and MC whipped her head towards the window. Glass was shattered everywhere, and MC was stunned.

How the heck? I’m on the 14th floor!” MC thought to herself

“Gosh…I didn’t plan on making a sound, but I suppose I failed on that.” A smooth voice muttered from the direction of the window

MC, not having anything to really defend herself with, picked up her pillow, ready to smack the heck out of the intruder with it, but before she could get off the bed, the young male’s voice shouted for her to stop.

“Hey miss, just stay there. You’ll hurt your feet if you step on glass. I’m climbing over the window.”

MC suddenly saw a lanky boy wearing black skinny jeans, a red tank top with a black leather jacket on top with the left shoulder exposing an eye tattoo climbing in through the broken window. As he came in, MC saw that he wore a black face mask that covered the bottom half of his face, and had white and pink hair. He walked over to her and softly smiled with his eyes. 

“Hello. You remember who I am?”

“I’m assuming that you’re the hacker since you didn’t come through the front door.” MC said in a monotone, yet irritated tone

“Smart girl. You might be able to understand me then.”

“Excuse you?” MC asked irked. “You saying you thought I was stupid?”

The boy ignored her and looked around the room absentmindedly.

“Wow, it feels so strange to see it like this…”

“What the heck are you talking about? Who are you and how did you find me?” MC shouted, raising the pillow above her head in a threatening manner

The boy turned to MC and smiled a somewhat creepy smile, and advanced so he was no more than one pace away from the terrified girl. His eyes showed no sign of harming her, in fact, they were rather kind, and MC found them rather attractive. She shook it off

“MC, Do you know that I’m the one who first talked to you about the missing phone? I left that strange message a couple days ago…And I’m the one who sent that email.”

“Wait, how do you know my name? Also, you’re the one who sent that email about Mint Eye?”

“I led you here, I know all about you. Yes, It’s your invitation to paradise MC.”

“Paradise?” MC asked, slightly intrigued.

“Yes MC, our Paradise, where everyone is happy. Magenta of hopes and dreams. I’ve come to take you there…I will explain everything once we get to magenta” The boy said, extending his hand to her

“That sounds great, but um, I’m in an animal onesie and I’m not changing in front of a guy who’s name I don’t even know.” MC replied, just staring at his hand

The boy stared at her, and after a moment, came to the realization that MC was in fact in Panda footie PJs, and was still holding a pillow over his head. A slight blush came to his face in embarrassment for not noticing. He retracted his hand and coughed uncomfortably.

“So, you going to tell me your name or no? I mean, if you’re going to take me somewhere, I should at least know their name.”

“S-Saeran.” He answered quickly, refusing to look at her.

“Saeran, huh? So, you want some snacks while I get dressed into something a bit more appropriate? Oh, don’t worry, I’ll change in the bathroom.”

“Food sounds nice…” Saeran answered awkwardly.

Saeran was internally freaking out because THIS was not part of the plan. Besides, didn’t this girl realize that he just crashed through a window….on the 14th fricking level? And here he was, introducing himself while she got food for him. He looked over to the shattered window and felt a pang of guilt. She probably didn’t have the money to pay for it to be repaired, and he could have just opened it without breaking it…

“H-hey, um , miss? Do you have a broom or something. I don’t want you to get hurt with the glass. Since I broke it, I figured that I should, well, clean it up”

MC looked over her shoulder as she made sandwiches. He honestly looked guilty, and so she brought him a broom and a dustpan to him, and he began to sweep up the glass into the pan carefully. She couldn’t believe that this was the same person who came in through her window and tried to whisk her away in her panda pjs.

She put the plate next to him and grabbed an outfit to change into. He muttered something that sounded like ‘thanks’. She then smiled, shaking her head as she wandered into the bathroom to change. She quickly got changed and headed back out to see the boy had taken off his face mask and was now munching on the last sandwich.

“That good huh?” MC asked jokingly

“Actually, yeah. I don’t really like bread, but this actually pretty good.” He replied, staring at the sandwich as if it would tell him why it tasted so good.

“It’s Hawaiian bread. It’s sweeter than most bread. I’m glad you like it. So Saeran, right?”

Saeran just kind of nodded in response.

So…do you wanna play video games or something? I bought a DS awhile back and found another one in a thrift shop for cheap. It came with these games…oh there’s two copies of Kirby, you wanna play?”

“Uh…What’s a Kirby?”Saeran asked, cocking an eyebrow

MC smiled and gave him a DS. He just kind of stared at it and MC realized that he had no clue what to do with it. She took the DS back and in and started a new game for Saeran, and he just stared at MC setting it up, then snapping out of his trance as she handed it to him. She taught him the basic controls, and soon, he was running and sucking up all the enemies. They then hooked up and played two player. She thought it was rather funny how he would scrunch his eyebrows together while he was focusing.

“Hey…um. I’m kind of hungry again…” Saeran admitted, not looking up from the game, hinting at the fact that he wanted MC to get more food.

“Me too. I’ll go grab us some snacks!” MC laughed and went to the kitchen to get snacks for the two of them

She found it rather funny that this boy was now playing Kirby with her, when just minutes ago he was going to kidnap her and take her to some “Mint Eye” Maybe going with him wouldn’t be too bad. He seemed sweet enough, and honestly, he was really cute. He reminded MC of her best friend Seven for some reason, but she couldn’t figure out why. She snapped out of her thoughts and got some chips for the two of them to share

“DAMMIT KIRBY! YOU STUPID PINK BALLOON THING! HOW DARE YOU DIE TO A WALKING LOAF OF BREAD!!!” Saeran shouted at the DS, growling as he was sent to the beginning of the level…again. He had gotten bored of waiting for MC and had tried to beat the level alone and, well…it wasn’t working very well. MC couldn’t help but laugh at how innocent he looked as he cussed out the happy pink character

“Saeran! I got the snacks!” MC cheerfully said as she put down the snacks and took back her DS.

After about half an hour later, Saeran excuses himself to go to the restroom, and MC resumes playing on the DS alone. Suddenly, there’s a bang on the door, and she hears Seven’s voice shouting from the outside. As she gets up to answer it, Saeran, with his face mask back in place, comes out and stops her. The door is suddenly thrown open, and Saeran grabs MC to keep the door from smacking her in the face.

“MC, I’m here! I’ll turn the special security system back on, gimme a sec.” Seven says, taking his backpack off and preparing to unzip it.

Saeran then walks up to Seven, grabs him by the shoulders, spins him back towards the door, and starts pushing him out the door. Seven is so shocked by the fact that there’s another person here and by the fact that MC isn’t freaking out that he just kind of lets the person push him out. MC begins laughing hysterically as Saeran pushes the confused hacker out the door, kicks him in the back of the knees, and slams the door on him. He then locks the bolt and tells Seven to get lost. At this point, Seven has snapped out of his shock, and is frantically trying to unlock the door to no avail.

“Who the hell are you, and how the hell did you get in?” Seven shouts through the door.

Saeran ignores him, and returns to MC, who at this point is rolling on the ground laughing her head off. She couldn’t help it. Seven’s confused face and Saeran just pushing them out so easily was hilarious to her for some reason. Saeran cracked a smile under his mask, and almost started laughing himself. I mean, he had expected to get revenge on his brother, but not like that!

“Well Princess, I suppose I’ll have to leave for now.” Saeran told her, trying to hold back his laughter.

MC immediately stopped laughing and begged Saeran to stay. MC suddenly realized that it was kind of weird because he was originally here to kidnap her. 

“Wait, is he still going to kidnap me? I mean, he is pretty cute, and paradise sounded a lot better than being locked in an apartment…with a bomb…alone.”

Suddenly there was a thud on the door and an ‘ow’, and Saeran decided that he could come back later, now that MC had his trust. Plus, he kind of had fun with her. He would enjoy having her at Mint Eye, but with his stupid brother trying to kick in the door, getting MC out now would be difficult.

“Wait!” MC cried out, getting Saeran’s attention as he walked to the apartment door, “If you’re going to leave, take this.”

MC held out the DS that he had been playing with, and also a charger. Saeran paused for a minute before taking the DS and charger and slipping it into a back pocket. He didn’t know why, but it was the first time he had ever received something, and it felt rather nice. He heard another thump at the door and sighed. He should get going before Luciel actually knocked in the door and she had to pay for that too. For some reason, he felt a pang of guilt, and looking back at her, he kind of felt bad leaving such a cute girl in an apartment alone with a bomb that was unstable. He shook it off though, and opened the door and watched his brother keep running and fall onto his face. He pulled down his mask and gave MC a quick kiss on the cheek and then ran out the door.

MC stood there and touched where Saeran had kissed her gently. She hoped she’d see him again. She really enjoyed the company, and honestly, getting out of the apartment sounded like a good idea. For crying out loud, Seven was going to set the bomb up…again. She sighed as Seven got up and went out into the hall to get his backpack.

Meanwhile, Saeran was scolding himself for kissing her. He didn’t know why he did that. He thought about it, and he supposed that she was pretty cute, and she was really nice to him. He remembered the gift that she gave him and promised that he would definitely bring her to paradise. She deserved to be happy….and maybe Savior would let him keep her. It was worth asking. With that, he ran down the stairs, excited to return to Mint Eye with the good news.

Imagine Sam, Dean and Castiel all being changed into Women after a witch casts a spell on them

You choked on your coffee practically coughing up your lungs as you saw the three standing before you in the library. “The Witches did something to our bodies!” Sam said waving his well, her, arms out to the side. “You….you’re……women. oh my god! I have to write those witches a thank you card and send them some fruit baskets or herb baskets.” you laughed standing up. “Dammit Y/N! This isnt funny!” Female Dean said. You stopped in your tracks and stared at them. “Look here, you boys, well…..girls now…..used to treat me like crap. You ordered me around, made me feel like I was just here to help you and please you. Now…..” you stopped in your tracks. 

“Oh my god…..” you whispered before laughing again. “What?!” Dean said crossing his arms. “The spell will play itself out, you’re like this to get a taste of your own medicine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be relaxing, because there is no way in hell we’re hunting with you three walking vaginas.” You smirked walking away. 

It had been three days and no one had turned back yet. “NOTHING FITS!” Dean screamed storming down the hallway in a robe you’d given her. You laughed as she stormed in your room. “Relax Deana, Just borrow some of my clothes…Samantha did earlier as well as Cassie” You smirked. Dean grabbed your last pair of clean jeans and a flannel. “Easy there, Thats what Im wearing out tonight. I’ve got your outfit already picked out.” you smirked pulling out the black leather mini skirt with a red tank top. “Oh hell no” Deana said putting a hand on her hip. 

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A/N: Im sorry this is a crappy piece and I havent posted for a while, Im finishing Unspoken (The final chapter) and working on a cute soft cuddly piece for @ellen-reincarnated1967 :) Please get a small laugh over this little piece of trash and just wait until I get my mojo back some and this baby will be on fire again…..I hope lol

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to build a home (1/?)

summary: Lifelong orphan and wanderer Emma Swan moves to Storybrooke, Maine in search for a home. Content with a new job as deputy, she meets Killian Jones, director of an orphanage. It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly, but will Emma finally be able to settle down and find a home here? 

word count: ~3900

also found on:, ao3


Emma Swan washes her face in the sink of the ladies bathroom. She uses a paper towel to dry off and meets her own eyes in the mirror, finding dark circles under the green of her irises.

Her hair is knotted and flat, so Emma pulls it up into a ponytail and nervously nibbles on her lower lip. She’s a royally hot mess, but it’s not as if she has any way of resolving this issue. At least, not right now.

It’s her first day as Storybrooke’s newest deputy, a job she wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for herself, but with the pressure of needing something to get by and the offer given to her by the town’s sheriff, she couldn’t refuse.

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Witch Character Sketch

I posted this awhile ago, but I just remembered it because of the witch ask.

Also, feel free to use this template for answering questions about your OCs but please don’t “steal” this character because I think I’ll use her in a future story- probably in a combo with my recent Vampire Witch prompt

General Information-
°Name: Ember P. Lynx
°Gender: Female
°Sexuality: Bi
°Birthday: April 15th
°Age: 22

Physical Appearance-
○Height: 5'8"
○Hair Type: wavy/curly
○Hair Length: mid-back
○Hair Color: red/orange
○Skin Color: creamy/pale
○Body Shape: slightly curvy, but not quite hourglass
○Weight: average
○Eye Color: honey w/ gold amd green flecks
○Freckles: yes, across cheeks and nose
○Birthmarks: crescent moon shaped on right heel
○Oddities: mildly pointed ears

●Common Outfit: leather jacket, black combat boots, red tank top, jeans/leggings
●Fancy Outfit: red, form fitting dress; black heels
●Other Common Outfit: black jeans, vans, flannel
●Typical Makeup: winged eyeliner, red lipstick
●Accessories: locket necklace, gemstone ring, messenger bag
●Hair: natural and down, or in a pony tail with a few strands falling out to frame face

♡Positive Traits: confident, fierce, brave, intelligent, loyal, determined, bold, free-spirited adventurous, curious
♡Negative Traits: temperamental, argumentative, impatient, bossy, skeptical, stubborn, reckless, commitment Issues
♡Spirit Animal: wolf (would be an alpha)
♡Fears: not being in control, failure
♡Hopes/Dreams: have a fun life, travel the world, lead coven
♡Mental State: stable
♡Favourite Motto: life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
♡Religion: between agnostic and the coven’s religion
♡Core Beliefs: live life to the fullest blood Makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.
♡Zodiac Sign: Aries

Family and Relationships-
•Father: she is mistrustful of his motives; he worries about her
•Twin Brother: protective of each other
•Mother: died during childbirth, Ember doesn’t miss her
•Status: single, often engages in flings
•Friends: very close inner circle; would die for them
• Enemies: sketchy coven members, potentially the leader
• Coven: is friendly with most members, views as family

Witch Stuff-
♢Loves her coven, wants to lead one day
♢1 of 42 members in coven
♢active participant in rituals
♢Determined to master a temporary wings spell
♢Current favorite ppell is a plant growth spell or an animal summoning spell
♢Is fraid that current leader of coven is up to something
♢Coven acceptance and position decided through earning it
♢Blood related/family ties in relation to social class still leaks through
♢Full fledged member, not in council
♢Would never give up witchcraft

Endure Choices {SE One Shot}

So! Some of you were really salty I did a Bonkaifan preview and not an SE update and some of you were wondering where the hell the review for 1x08 is. Well, I’m doing the review now and I wrote an SE one shot which I was going to upload yesterday but work got in the way, lol. It’s fulfilling one of many one shot requests, which was for me to do a drabble/one shot of Elena showing up to the Steroline wedding. I hope you enjoy it!

Stefan paced the room, loosening and re-tightening his tie, rolling his shoulders back; the suit felt too tight even though he new it couldn’t be — Caroline had made him promise to have his clothes tailor-made for the wedding. Anyway, it wasn’t just the suit — it was the room, everything felt small and close, he was hot and he couldn’t breathe, he was agitated and anxious. No. Those were the wrong words. Excited and nervous. That was what was how he felt. It was his wedding day, a certain level of anxiety was to be expected. He gritted his teeth. He felt like climbing walls. Patches of sweat dampened his shirt — a less desirable side effect of being human once more. Everything felt so claustrophobic, he was suffocating —

Sudden calm.

Stefan paused. He exhaled. He relaxed.

After a moment he furrowed his eyebrows and turned around.


She stood in the doorway, blue jeans and sneakers, red tank-top, cropped leather jacket — the spitting image of the memory he carried of her in his head. The sight of her made Stefan feel faint and his knees threatened to buckle beneath him, it was as if a dream had found its way into reality just to torment him. But he knew it was real. The intensity with which his heart ached told him so. He couldn’t even be happy to see her, he couldn’t even embrace her, feel her realness, he couldn’t be anything but angry.

“You shouldn’t be here,” he said finally.

Elena didn’t look surprised by his words, she only nodded slightly. “I know,” she said, inching into the room and closing the door behind her. “I just …” She swallowed hard. “I heard what was happening and I just wanted to say congratulations.”

Stefan nodded. He felt like he was going to keel over. “Thank you,” he said.

Elena smiled slightly. She walked over to him with slow, almost brittle steps. When she was only a foot away from him, her smile widened as he stared down at her.

“Congratulations,” she said again.

She stood up on tiptoe and hugged him and Stefan pressed her against his torso. He could feel Elena nestle her head into the crook of his neck and he closed his eyes at the familiar sensation of her nestled in his arms — he hadn’t realized how desperately he’d longed to hold her all these years, how his entire body felt devoid of real warmth i her absence. The piece of himself he’d been missing all this time had finally found its way back and he felt like himself again, felt whole, felt complete. It was Elena. He wasn’t truly living unless he was living with her. He —

Stefan’s eyes snapped open and he took a step back, shaking his head. “Why couldn’t you say congratulations at the reception like everyone else?”

Elena exhaled heavily. “I woke up and I was alone and I saw an RSVP on the kitchen counter and I just …” She closed her eyes. “I needed to see you before it happened. Before you became hers.”

Stefan glared at her. “And what about what I need? What about what’s best for me?”

“What are you —?”

“I never stopped loving you, Elena,” said Stefan sharply.

She pressed her lips together, silently screaming at the fact that the words she always wanted to hear were the words that also hurt her the most because nothing could be done about them.


“I know you know that. Everyone knows that. Caroline knows that. And you came anyway? I can’t see you today.”

“You think it’s easy for me seeing you here? Easy for me to wake up after how many years to find out you’re marrying my best friend? Well it isn’t, Stefan. I feel awful and I feel awful for feeling awful but I thought —”  

“No, I thought, Elena. I thought that this would be us.” Stefan gritted his teeth and hung his head. “For a long time, I thought somehow, some day you and I would end up together and the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was accept that that wasn’t going to happen.”

Elena’s felt her throat tighten but she bit the inside of her lip to keep from crying. Stefan’s stare blazed with raw intensity. “You being here is messing with my head and that isn’t fair to Caroline.”

“I don’t want to hurt Caroline. Or Damon.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Because I never stopped loving you either, Stefan,” said Elena. “Did you really think I did? No matter how serious it got with Damon, no matter how much you tried to take a step away from me, you were always with me, you never went away, it wasn’t even something I could begin to fight, I never don’t love you. I just—”  

“What did you say?”

“I needed time.”

Stefan’s eyes widened and Elena put her hands to her head. “And what was I supposed to do, wait for you to fall out of love with my brother?”

“No, of course not —”

“He was going to take the cure for you, you two were going to have a human life together.”

“I wouldn’t have let him do it.”

“You made a choice, Elena.”

“And so did you! You’re marrying my best friend.”

“And you slept with my brother!”

“I know!” said Elena.

Stefan paused and looked at her. “I didn’t want to cause any problems between you and Damon.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“I didn’t want to pine for you and haunt your steps and make you feel guilty for us not being together.”

Her tone flattened. “I know.”

“I wanted to be happy again. I wanted a life.”

“I know,” she gasped.

“I love her,” said Stefan. “Caroline? I do love her. It’s not, it’s won’t be, it’s —”

“I know, Stefan, I know,” said Elena. “I just… “ She cleared her throat. Her face was getting hot. She couldn’t cry. “I love you so much and I had to see you before it happened. I want you to be happy, Stefan, I want you to be so so happy because you deserve everything and Caroline is great, she’s kind of the perfect woman.”

Stefan stared at her.

“That’s what I wanted to say,” said Elena. “Be happy.” She turned around and opened the door and before he could think twice about what he was about to say, Stefan started to speak.

“I’ll … I’ll never love anyone the way I love you, Elena,” he said. “I just … I can’t. You’re the love of my life.”

She paused at the door and turned her head to face him. “And don’t ever think I could ever love anyone the way I love you. You’re the one. The minute you bumped into me in the hallway I knew you were the one.” She smiled sadly. “You make a dapper groom Stefan Salvatore.” And then she left, closing the door.


When Elena heard the door click behind her, she bent over and started hyperventilating, trying to catch her breath. She didn’t even hear the footsteps in the hallway.

“Elena? Elena is that you?”

Get it together, Elena, please, get it together. She stood up, subtly trying to control her breathing as she did. “Bonnie?”

They stared at each other for a moment, both of them paralyzed in a shocked happiness and then they ran toward each other and hugged.

Elena smiled. “I’ve missed you,” she said.  

“I can’t believe this. How is this possible?” said Bonnie. “How did you—?”

“I … I don’t know, I thought you did it!”

“No,” said Bonnie, shaking her head. She hugged her tighter. “No, I wish I did. I wanted to try, Elena, but Kai said —”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Elena, smiling. “We’ll figure it out later, let me just …” She pulled away to see Bonnie and giggled as she touched her face. “You’re real. This happening. I can’t believe it.”

“Oh my God, Caroline is going to freak! This was the best day to wake up!”

Elena’s smile faltered slightly but she did her best to perk back up, hoping Bonnie didn’t notice. “Yeah it is. I, um, I wanted to wish her well but I still don’t quite right so I think I’ll just see her and then go.”

“Yeah,” said Bonnie. “Yeah if you’re not feeling well. Let’s go.”

She took Elena by the hand and led her through the hallway and down the stairs. “Wait until you meet Josie and Lizzie, they’re the cutest things in the entire world. If Caroline doesn’t watch out, I might steal them from her. Is that a bad joke to make since they were kind of kidnapped?”


“Sorry, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about,” said Bonnie. “How long have you been awake? I’m guessing you didn’t get to read any of our journal entries yet.”

“Only a few…”

Bonnie opened a door with white tulle over the frame. “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

“Bonnie! A surprise? I’m having a meltdown here, Josie spilled something all over her flower girl dress and —”

Caroline stopped speaking when she turned around to face the door. She looked from Elena to Bonnie and back again. “Elena? Is this … Bonnie, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do it, she just woke up and —”

“Oh my God, this is amazing!” Caroline exclaimed. She ran over to Elena and hugged her. “It must be a June wedding miracle! Even if it isn’t in June but whatever, that’s not the point. Elena, you’re here!”

Elena smiled. It was the strangest sensation to feel so utterly glad to see her friend again and to be completely devastated about the circumstances with which they were seeing each other. She pulled away. “Congratulations,” she barely gasped. “I just …I wanted to tell you congratulations.”

“Wait a minute,” said Caroline. “Why are you saying it like you’re not staying? You’re a bridesmaid.”

Elena’s eyes widened slightly. “I don’t have a dress.”

“OK you might think this is crazy but I sort of had your bridesmaid dress made and I brought it with me. I know it’s a little insane but I don’t know I just needed to feel like you were here too and bringing the dress here just made it feel like you would come to put it on. I’m a total nutcase, right?”

“No,” said Elena. “No, that’s sweet. I just … I don’t feel quite oriented, you know, like I just woke up and —”

“But it’s my wedding day,” said Caroline. “You and Bonnie are my best friends and it’s all a girl really wants, to share one of the greatest days of their lives with their best friends, right?”

Each of Caroline’s words felt like a blow to Elena’s chest, causing her to hold her breath. She felt like she was going to collapse. “OK,” she said. “I’ll get ready.”


Stefan could feel the emotion swell in his gut, choking his windpipe but he cleared his throat — he would endure and he would endure dry-eyed. As long as Elena managed to leave then it would be fine, he would be fine. A knock on the door.

“Come on, little brother, it’s show time.”

Stefan sighed. He could do this. He would do this. He would be happy and in love and it would be with Caroline Forbes, a woman he very much cared for. His promulgations felt much less hollow in Elena’s absence and now that she was back, she awakened in him all that he’d been missing for nearly five years but he made a choice, he made a choice and he was seeing it through because it was a good choice, a rational choice.

“Stefan, man, let’s go.”

“Yeah, Damon, I’m coming.”

He wondered if he should tell him Elena was awake but then it would bring about too many hurtful questions, like why Elena went to him first and not Damon. Stefan was sure Elena went to see Bonnie and Caroline, they could be the ones to tell Damon she was awake.

Stefan opened the door and smiled when Damon saw him. “Looking sharp,” he said. “Ready to end your life as a free man?”

“Funny and original, Damon, thank you.”

Damon grinned and clapped Stefan on the shoulder. “Let’s go.”


Stefan stood at the altar, looking out at the tons of people sitting in the rows of chairs in front of him. He knew probably five of them and two of those people were Matt Donovan and his father. The decorations were extravagant but poised, everything very much a reflection of Caroline’s taste; rather than feeling like the groom, he felt like a groom, like he was playing a role for a magazine shoot.

The music sounded and Stefan smiled fondly as Josie and Lizzie littered the aisle with pink rose petals. Bonnie walked down after them with that easy grace only she could ever possess and that Stefan had always admired. A woman from Caroline’s work walked down after her and Stefan smiled politely when she made her way to the front. He turned back toward the aisle, preparing to see Caroline, no preparing to see his bride, his soon-to-be wife, his —

Stefan’s stomach dropped.

No. NO.

Elena walked stiffly down the aisle, her eyes lowered to the bouquet she held in her hands. Stefan barely heard Damon’s whisper. “Elena?”

A hole had gnawed its way through Stefan’s gut, emptying his very centre and his heart thudded painfully, everything inside of him was screaming. She couldn’t be here. Every step she took toward him felt like a jab in his chest and he was desperately thankful that he was not a vampire because he didn’t think he would be able to bear the anguish that was currently working its way through him if he was still subjected to that condition; if he had still been a vampire, the pain would’ve broken him apart.

Elena made it to the altar and Damon shifted to go to her but she shook her head slightly. “After,” she whispered.

She shifted her focus to Stefan who looked at her with angry betrayal. How could you do this to me.

Elena furrowed her eyebrows, her eyes shining with unshed tears. I had no choice. I’m sorry.

Stefan closed his eyes for a brief second and then took in a deep breath. We will endure this.

Elena swallowed and then found a spot next to Bonnie, tight-lipped and staring straight ahead directly past Stefan.

The wedding march sounded and all the guests stood up. Stefan turned toward the aisle again and saw Caroline walk down the steps toward him. She did look very pretty. Beautiful. Her blonde curls radiant in the sun but Stefan could only look at her, he couldn’t see her, not really, not with his entire being because it was attuned elsewhere, synced to Elena and he felt her everywhere as he watched Caroline walk toward him.  

He should do it, call it off, no one would have to know why, he could be the asshole who humiliated Caroline at her own wedding, it had to be better than this, right? It had to be better than shackling her to him instead of bonding her, leaving her wanting for something he couldn’t for the life of him give her.  

Stefan jerked as if he were about to move forward and speak but something held him back, a strong aura, a silent plea. Elena. He could feel her screaming at him even though he wasn’t looking at her and she wasn’t speaking. He knew in her mind she was yelling at him to stop, to endure, to be happy, to make Caroline happy, he’d made a choice after all.

He couldn’t breathe.

Caroline made it to the altar and Stefan took her by the hand as she moved to stand in front of him. He could see Elena in the periphery, just behind Caroline and a little to the right. Her head was turned toward them like the other bridesmaids but her eyes were lowered. Stefan looked back to Caroline who was smiling incredulously. She put her hand on his cheek.

“Aww, your face is red,” she said. “Are you going to cry?”

“No,” Stefan whispered. He smiled. “I won’t cry, I promise.”

She giggled.

Damon started the proceedings and something within Elena shrunk painfully, there was a weight on her chest that made her want to sink onto the floor. It hurt her to be so devastated with grief on her best friend’s wedding day and she wanted to the ceremony to be over so she could feel ashamed in private, so she could endure the extent of her sorrow alone because watching the two of them together opened within her a wound beyond healing

“The couple has prepared their own vows…”

Elena closed her eyes at the words. Is this what she woke up for? To suffer for a choice she thought she needed to make but that only caused her massive destruction.


Caroline fumbled with the piece of paper she’d written her vows on and it fell to the floor. When she bent to pick it up, Elena took this moment to glance at Stefan. Just once. When he wasn’t paying attention. She lifted her head slightly to gaze at him and saw that he was already looking at her, raw-eyed and clenched jaw. Her lips parted. Something within her contracted. And she felt the tears before she knew what was happening; she didn’t sniffle or blubber, she merely cried silently, stoically, accepting the warm streaks down her face.

The emotion that had been swelling in Stefan’s chest burst beyond repression and a tear dropped from his eye as he watched Elena cry. Caroline stood back up, blocking most of Elena from Stefan. She looked at him.

“You did cry,” she said.

“Sorry,” he gasped as another tear fell. “I am so sorry.”

Caroline smiled and started to read her vows as Stefan and Elena kept each other in their sights, staring at one another through the corners of their eyes, as one tear fell after the other.

Damon turned to Stefan. “Brother, your turn.”

Stefan’s eyes fluttered. He refocused his attention to Caroline who beamed at him. “Caroline, I …” He pressed his lips together.“I am not a perfect man and I never want to hurt you. Ever. You’ve seen me through so much. So I … I vow to you today to do everything in my power to be the man that you deserve…”

Elena chewed on her bottom lip as another tear fell, the salty sadness stinging her tongue. Stefan powered through even though he was torn inside with longing and guilt and shame and sadness.

At the back of the venue, behind the guests, two people listened to the ceremony with lazy expressions; one was picking at her nails and the other was eating some of the wedding cake with his fingers.

“I have to say, I’m disappointed. All I heard in Hell were stories about the Infamous Katherine Pierce and your flare for making an entrance. All you did was wake up Elena Gilbert. Not to brag, but the last time I crashed a wedding, the bride died and so did, like, fifty guests. This is just boring.”

Katherine turned to Kai. “This is more personal than that. I don’t just want to kill them for what they did to me, I want to destroy their lives and everyone knows, including Caroline but she’s just being an idiot, that Stefan Salvatore and bland, simple, self-righteous Little Miss Elena Gilbert are each other’s One True Loves. They will never get over each other. And nothing pleases me more than Stefan watching Elena watch him marry her best friend while Damon watches Elena’s reaction to Stefan marrying Caroline and Caroline being Caroline and burying her head in the sand, acting like none of this is happening. It’s going to rip them all apart until finally one of them snaps and I’m going to be there when that happens. They’re going to destroy themselves over this little love rhombus and then when they’ve psychologically and emotionally torn each other to shreds, I will kill them all.”

*Fun fact* I was trying to recreate a scene from a Chinese drama called The Princess Weiyoung:

Did I succeed?

Magnetic  Chapter 1: Life Turned Upside Down

Dean Winchester x Reader

1700 Words

Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Your life had never been normal, but you had never thought much about it. Your Dad was gone frequently, for work, he always assured you. But often times he would return, his face and body broken and bruised. Your Mom would just look at him, shake her head sadly, then turn back to her Diet Pepsi and cigarettes that she seemed to survive on.

At first you hadn’t noticed it much, too caught up in school, and when you turned old enough, boys. As the years passed by, your Dad was gone more and more, coming back even more battered and bruised than you had considered possible. When your Mom passed away from lung cancer, the two of you sold your small farm, moving into a small cabin far away from town. At first you had complained, hating the fact that you were so far away from your friends, and your life. But your Dad was adamant, and you were old enough to see the fear in his eyes. So instead of complaining, you would sneak out at night, letting your boyfriend Todd pick you up, and take you back into town to party.

One night, after a long make out session with Todd at the end of your drive, you crept up the pitted road, holding your heels in one hand as you stumbled up to your house. It was then you noticed the front door open, the lights flickering in the house. It unnerved you, but you moved forward, through the front door, calling softly for your Dad.

Your heart sped up as you saw the over turned furniture, the scattering of what seemed to be salt, and the blood. The blood had you holding a hand over your mouth, wanting to do nothing more than run out of the cabin and never look back. But you forced yourself to move forward, through the one main room, back to where Dad’s room was. The door was splintered open, the room dark, but through the moonlight you could see your Dad propped against the far wall. Rushing forward, you dropped to your knees, looking at the darkness on his shirt, and all the cuts crossing his face.

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Hands of an Artist, Lips of an Angel

Part 2/3

Summary: “You’re the one person who can do my elaborate stage makeup, so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I want to kiss you so badly.” Killian is an actor and Emma is his makeup artist.

Notes: Okay, so I was talked into writing another chapter, and now there will be a third part as well : )

Read: Part 1


Emma was nervous. And not the type of nervous that patients got before a doctor’s appointment or a student got before a big test. She wasn’t afraid of failure, not really. She has always been confident in everything she did. Because she always loved what she did. Four years ago she was just an artist with a dream and had a passion to fulfill that dream. That all changed after she went to school. Thanks to the eight-week advanced makeup application course she took, she gained an edge over other artists; learning the differences between the types of jobs and techniques involved, and learning how to work with different lighting, camera angles and scripts as a professional makeup artist.

Then, after she moved to Vancouver, getting offered the job as Robbie Gold’s makeup artist was a blessing. She had watched ‘The Lost Boys’ since it aired, so getting to work with the actors and actresses of the show had felt so surreal. Not to mention, getting requested by Killian Jones himself, who played the lead role, Captain Hook and who the fans all loved and adored (for very good reason). Killian had managed to take a despised Disney villain and a fearsome dirty pirate and turn him into a dashing, heroic gentleman.

Before her first day working with the crew, she had expected the actor to be arrogant and cocky, all full of himself like he was God’s greatest gift. That had been her experience with other actors she had encountered in the past. But Killian Jones was not at all what she had expected. God’s greatest gift, yes, but he was surprisingly shy and sweet and really funny. Emma quickly grew comfortable working with him and they had a great professional relationship. That is of course until she kissed him.

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All of the Osomatsu-san cosplay I wore at Sakura Con 2016!

I had a lot of fun hanging with and meeting people, and giving out lollipops to Jyushimatsu cosplayers (there were so many of you!), and giving away my special Easter eggs to Karamatsu Girls and Boys. You guys made my first SakuraCon awesome, thank you!!

Mechanics & Rebels

Paring: Cassian X Fem! Reader

Warnings: Some smutty elements, reader hurt, some violence, and my favorite angst

You and Cassian were never on the best of terms. Working on a mission together was the worst chore and his droid didn’t help the tension at all. You two were smart, quick, good shot, everything you needed to be for the rebellion. But there was always some tension, some annoyance you two shared.

 Each mission was normally silent with the exception of a few sarcastic remarks and strategies of attack. That was really all the words you spoke during a mission. However during your time at Yavin Four you two seemed to be at each other’s throats. Many people saw the tension and never tried to get in the middle of it all. Watching you two fight was intense enough.

You and Cassian were both captains. But you entered the rebellion a bit later then Cassian, as you were taking care of your sick mother after your father had passed. The passing of your father was very hard on your mother’s personal health, and she needed you to do simple chores, and help with the processes of recovery. You didn’t regret it, helping your mother into health was fine enough. And when she died peacefully you took an opportunity to join the rebellion.

The relationship between you and your mother was undoubtedly close. She was your best friend, the person you could always talk to. Your father however was someone you hardly talked to or about. He never was a terrible father he just showed a lack of affection and approval. Your mother always said that it was because of his focus on giving you two a good life. And you believed your mother, you just wished he could say something about being proud of you. 

When your father died from a resisting arrest of a stormtrooper. Your father was a righteous man, who firmly believed in the rebellion. Your family had lived in an Empire occupied planetary system where your father was a merchant. One day he was seen talking against the empire, unknowing that imperial troops were hearing.Your father was quickly approached about his outspoken words. 

 The imperial troop asked for his father to come with the troop, he was being arrested for treason. Your father spat in the troop’s face resisting arrest. Before he knew it, your father was lying on the ground bleeding from a shot in his stomach. No other merchant helped him, they knew the best thing to do was pretend like nothing happened. If anyone did anything it would only mean arrest or death. 

 It wasn’t until late at night, diner was left cold on the table and your mother was waiting anxiously for your father to return. She knew something was wrong as your father would come home at the same time every night. You were only seven years old, watching your mother worry and worry as each minute passed by. When the door knocked, not opened, you knew something terrible had happened. 

 Your mother opened the door to find a strange man at your door. You had seen the man a few times before. He was a merchant who was a few shops down. Your mother invited him, desperately asking where your father was. The man looked at your mother frowning. “I’m sorry but imperial troops shot him this afternoon, he was talking against the empire and would not go with the troops once he was caught. I’m really sorr-” The man was cut off by your mother yelling.

 “You knew, you watched him die, you knew since this afternoon. And yet you did nothing, you and countless other cowards. And when you decide to have sort of decency to tell me, his wife whom you have seen many times before, now when it is late at night! How dare you put me and my daughter through all this waiting thinking my husband will come home! How dare all of you merchants. Get out of my house!” 

Your mother yelled in rage as she watched the man walk away and she slamming the door on him. You mother pushed her back against the door and slid down, sobbing holding her knees close to her chest. She knew she couldn’t blame anyone for not telling her or for not helping your father but she was in such a state of grief that she couldn’t contain herself. 

 You watched your mother sobbing, you walked over towards her hugging her arm. You weren’t crying, however. Your dad was just a man you had little connection with. Your mother smiled at you with tears running down her face as she looked at you. “Your father loved you, he loved you and believed in you. Don’t let yourself think otherwise. He was so proud, he just didn’t know how to show it.”

Your mother lied, your father knew how to show how proud he was for you. How much he loved you. But he knew he was a righteous man and that one day he would die too soon, and getting close would make his death hard. You could call your father a selfish man in thinking that way, but he just wanted for you to grow up without the Empire breathing down your neck. Even if that meant not being a part of your life.

That was the thought you would remind yourself whenever you thought about your father. Soon after your father’s death your mother got sick due to stress and hurt from your father’s death. You started to take care of your mother trying to get any small job to help pay for medicine and food. Your mother passed away in her sleep with you comforting her. You were thirteen at the time. 

 From then on you have sold nearly anything in your home then eventually your home itself. You stayed on your planet for a while until you could buy your own ship, with help from some people who taught you how to drive it. When you were sixteen you left your planet to a rebel training base. You stayed there training and moving your rank to captain.

Eventually you were moved to Yavin Four. Working with Mon-Mothma and other captains. Your skills were mechanics and hand on hand combat. You mostly worked on repairing ships rather than missions. But when you did go on missions, they were always successful. However almost every mission, you were partnered with Cassian. A captain in his own right, but seemed very arrogant.

You two started out as very cold to each other, only wanting to get the mission done and go your separate ways. You had some respect for him, and you would like to think he had some for you too. At times you two could get at each other’s throats, you pointing out how arrogant he could be and him saying that you are reckless. And sure you were reckless but you always got things down without any problems, unlike him.

You typically kept to yourself on Yavin Four. You either fixed ships or was greeted with a mission. It was very lonely on Yavin Four, not that it was a bad thing, it just how it was. Until you met a man named Alastair Frome. He was a strategist, and a few ranks higher than you. 

 He had dark brown hair and olive skin, his height was a few inches taller than you. He had brown eyes that anyone would fall in love with. And that’s exactly what you did. Alastair was a charmer, he was very charismatic and got along with everyone at Yavin Four. Alastair frequently visited Yavin Four with new intelligence and plans for the rebels. 

 When you two first started dating no one would have guessed it, as you kept your relationship well hidden for almost a year. After a year you two became more public with your relationship, some people whispering how you slept your way up, which was wrong. But you didn’t care what people whispered about you. 

 Cassian, however was not so fond of Alastair, he was only good at strategies, something Cassian was as very talented at too. Not to mention Cassian has been apart of the rebellion longer than Frome. Cassian never knew why he had such a disdain of Frome, he just did. 

 But after one mission with you, Cassian had figured out why he was never really fond about Alastair. You two were sent on a planet known for its bustling city-esque life and illegal smuggling of weapons. There was a man you two had to find, his name was Talon Fallian {fall-ian}, a man responsible for illegal trading of weapons and the murder of some rebels. 

 Talon had tendency to stay at a club known for many smugglers and thugs of the galaxies, many of them Cassian knew too well. You knew the mission wouldn’t be so successful if you, Cassian and his imperial droid K-2SO walk right in asking to see Talon. There would be no way for the mission to go smoothly. 

 The very day you two were assigned to your mission you two left immediately onto one of the U wings provided by the rebellion. You had sat in the pilot’s seat and K-2SO in the copilot seat. Cassian scuffed a bit as you sat in the pilot seat. “You think you should drive the ship, huh.” Cassian spoke with bitterness. 

 “Yes Cassian, I do. Since one. people tend to remember your face once you kinda screw them over, and two, people will see my face it will be easier for us to get on the planet without any problems. So if I were you I would stop lurking and sit down patiently, in the back.” You said focusing on the driving. Cassian rolling his eyes before going to a place on the ship where he was hidden. 

 Once landed you stepped away asking K-2SO to finish shutting off the ship as you had to get ready for the plan. The plan was to get Talon alone in a room off in the club which had a back door easily accessed if you know the right people, or have a blaster. You had changed into a pair of black fitting pants and a red tank top with a black leather jacket. With the very small pocket you slipped in a knife. Talon had a very ‘lowkey’ business. No one really knew how to approach his business.

 Once you finished you putting on high heeled boots, not very preferred shoes, but this mission did not require athletic shoes. You walked out with K-2SO and Cassian waiting for you to get on with the mission. “Finally, you were taking forever.” K-2SO over exaggerated, meanwhile Cassian stood quietly, looking at you for a moment before quickly looking away. “I sure hope you could get on with the mission, God help you break a heel and we get into some hot water. And might I add the chances of you breaking a heel is very high.” K-2SO also added.

You rolled your eyes at K-2SO’s comment, brushing your hands through your hair. “Are you ready Captain Andor?” You asked looking at him your arms crossed on your chest. He finally looked up at you nodding. “Okay so K-2SO you will need to stay in the ship” K-2SO groaned sitting back in the copilot seat muttering silently. “I’ll get in the club get Talon alone, and I’ll yell if I need any help”

“And what if you can’t yell for help so quickly? I doubt in that outfit you have a blaster easily accessible.” Cassian said raising an eyebrow at you.

“I have a knife easily to get out if I needed to. Not to mention I’m pretty decent at hand on hand combat for a mechanic.” You spoke before walking out and Cassian following shortly after. 

 You made your way to the entrance into the club, looking and hoping to find Talon. And as you looked to your right, you found him. He was leaning against the wall taking a few sips of his alcohol. You grabbed a drink from a waiter and walked towards him. He smirked at you looking up and down your body. You stepped aside to him leaning against the wall he was leaning on. Talon turned and smirked looking at you. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

You smirked taking a sip of your drink, this was going to be a long night. “Please, the pleasure is all mine.” You said taking yet another sip of your drink. Talon began to face towards you getting off the wall. The mission began to startup successfully as you two began to talk and causally flirt. Luckily Alastair would not be too phased by this since it was all for the mission, not matter what you did.

Talon began to slide his hands against your side and thighs. You then pulled him closer telling him how you wanted to go into a place quieter. You grabbed his hand and made your way passing the crowds to a hallway leading to the planned room, which was Talon’s favorite room. He smirked pressing you against the wall kissing your lips harshly as his hands moved up your body. 

Your hands moved to the door and opened it, both you and Talon walking in you hands and lips still with each other. Only breaking away for Talon to lock the door. Once more Talon pressed you against the wall his lips traveling down you neck taking off your jacket. Fake moans escaped your mouth as you tried to sound turned on. Before you knew it your shirt was off, and you realized you needed to put the brakes on this.

You pressed him close before you took your knife from your pocket. You then stabbed Talon in the stomach. He screamed out loudly causing Cassian to open the back door walking in with his blaster out. You looked over at him for a moment before going to Talon kneeling down at him still shirtless. “Okay enough foreplay Talon, you can always confess or you will be looking at the last thing you will ever see.” You said as Cassian moving to the opposite side of where you were kneeling beside Cassian.

“I’m not saying anything sweetheart.” He spat at you before taking out his knife from his stomach. “He’s not going to talk we better leave him.” Cassian said to you as you looked up. Right then Talon struck his knife into your side. You groaned in pain before you overpower him took the knife and stabbed him in his throat. You stood up your hand covered in blood as you tried to take your clothes back, but only managing to grab your jacket. Cassian ran over to help you. “Hey take it easy.” He whispered to you walking you back to the ship.

Cassian told K-2SO to start the ship up and to begin flying away, while he set you onto one of two beds on the ship. You grit your teeth in pain as he took your hand from your wound. It didn’t hurt that bad. A few stitches would be all you need. Cassian grabbed something to clean your wound, a wash cloth, and thread and needle. You were still in your bra, (there is underwear in space fight me george lucas) and you were one hundred percent positive you saw Cassian have a blush on his cheeks.

“You shouldn’t have been so reckless. You shouldn’t have let your guard down” Cassian whispered as he cleaned your wound and you wincing in pain grabbing onto a blanket.

“How could I not let my guard down Cassian? He was such a charmer.” You spoke sarcastically before Cassian began to stitch up your wound. Your skin making goosebumps as he touched your bare skin. “What Frome isn’t enough of a charmer?” 

“Don’t be so arrogant Andor.” You groaned in pain as he was stitching up your wound.“I wouldn’t talk the way about someone who is stitching up your wound.”“Well, then forgive me captain.”Cassian didn’t say much after that, he finished your stitching and went to the pilot seat. You laid down and got some rest, still shirtless. Eventually you fell asleep.

You were soon in the same room were Talon once was. The room was all too familiar, however your wound was covered. You were alone in the room until the door opened, but not by Talon, or Alaistair. But it was opened by Cassian.Your heart was beating quickly as he closed the door and walked towards you. His hands cupped your face as he kissed you passionately your arms taking off his jacket. His hands then moved to your waist pressing you against him as he pressed your back against the wall.His lips moving to your neck, goosebumps rising as you felt his lips and his beard against your skin. You pressed yourself against him your hand holding his neck as he bit your skin gently. Once he bit you, you moaned out. This time you didn’t have to fake it. Cassian’s hands moved your shirt of you, breaking his lips from your neck for as split moment as he took off your shirt. Once your shirt was off his lips went back to your neck. “Cassian..” You moaned out softly.

Then you woke up, your heart racing and your shirt still off like your dream, but you were on the ship. Your breath was fast as you were sitting up. Just then the small lamp turned on and you saw Cassian looking over at you on the bed across from you. “What are you doing up so late?” You asked squinting your eyes trying to adjust your eyes to the lamp lighting.

“It’s hard to sleep when your moaning out my name.” Cassian said shrugging looking at you. Your cheeks became a subtle shade of pink as your fingers ran through your hair. 

“Please, I was having a nightmare.” You said coldly as you tried to get your blanket to cover you up. As you brought up your blanket you had noticed your wound reopened. You cursed under your breath, enough to get Cassian’s attention.

“What happened?” He asked concerned. You pulled off your blanket and exposed your open wound. It was now bleeding even more. Cassian ran over you sitting at the space beside you trying to stop your bleeding. “I could have sworn that I did the stitching correctly.”

“Well you clearly didn’t.” You groaned in pain.

“Well you wouldn’t have a wound if you hadn’t been so careless.” Cassian spoke frustrated as he bandaged up your wound. “You should stop being so reckless.” He mumbled finishing up bandaging up the bleeding mess. 

“Why do you care so much?”

Cassian looked up at you, his eyes looking into yours. He sighed as his eyes moved their gaze to your lips. In all honesty Cassian had thought about kissing you. He even felt his heart leap as he faintly heard his name from your lips. Sure you two had a very professional, and at some point a sarcastic relationship. But somewhere along those times spent together he had wanted to kiss you. He wanted to be yours.

“Why Cassian?” You asked once more Cassian not saying anything at all. He sighed looking away mumbling what sounded like ‘night’. And then he walked to the bed and went to sleep. You just looked at him not saying anything, you then laid back and went to sleep wondering why Cassian cared so much.

That morning K-2SO had landed the ship back to Yavin Four. You got up put on the shirt you wore leaving to the mission, grabbed your things and walked outside of the hsip, not saying anything to Cassian. But he watched you. He watched you leave and leap into the arms of Alistair Frome, your partner. He watched you kiss him and smile brightly looking at him. And from the moment Cassian knew why he disliked Alistair. 

Angel or Devil?~ 10k OC reader imagine Pt 1

Originally posted by ppoedameron

You bounced around from group to group with times in between when you remained on your own. You did it on your accord but it also had partly to do with the fact you weren’t the most sane person in the apocalypse. For you this was fun. While most people were worried about survival you were struggling to pick out the color you wanted to dye your hair next. Hair dye was easy to come across since people usually went straight for the food, weapons and medicine. You had that in bulk so you didn’t really need anymore. Your hair was currently a very pale green, kinda like a minty green. You were stuck between the dark purple and the bright turquoise. You heard talking outside of the small drug store you stood in before the group walked in with weapons raised. You didn’t look up as they looked around, obviously spotting your minty green hair above that just barely poked out over the low shelves. “Hands were we can see them!” A dark skinned middle aged woman shouted causing the Z stuck behind a fallen shelf to stir again. You pouted but ignored the Z. “Everything is pretty much gone. There is some vitamins in aisle three, condoms and pregnancy tests in aisle six, hair dye is right here and make-up is in aisle one.” You said calmly as you juggled the hair dye between both of your hands. They all gave you weird looks before you looked up with two-toned eyes. One was was a grayish-blue and the other was a onyx color. This always made people uneasy when it came to looking you in the eyes. 

“What do you think? Dark purple or turquoise?” You questioned them innocently as they just stared at you suspiciously, well except the boy close to your age that looked at you in awe. You clothing wasn’t the most normal either. A purple leather jacket, Ouija broad themed tank-top, acid washed red shorts, ripped black tights and navy blue combat boots. You had dual machete swords across your back under your spiky black backpack. A hunting knife was strapped to your thigh, a hatchet hung from your side and on the shelf in front of you was your pump shotgun. The older man with a grey-white beard spoke up first. “Purple.” You smiled and threw the turquoise dye back onto the shelf without a care. “Thanks! You guys need anything?” You asked, moving around the dead Z that laid on the floor beside you. They looked at each other before the dark skinned lady stepped forward with her weapon holstered. “Would you know of a place were we could find some supplies? A place to sleep?” She asked politely and you beamed, letting out a giggle. “If you need some supplies and a place to stay I can help you out. I more then enough to spare and I’m set up in a hotel not far from here. You’d love it! The water is works, so does the pool and hot tub. Plus there is a load of spare clothes.” 

The looked at you in disbelief. The red head gawked while the old man smiled. You waved them on as you walked around them to the parking lot outside. Around the corner your prized car came into view. A 1967 four door red Chevy impala. “ Oh my god.” The boy who was rather cute breathed from behind you. You could see the smile break out on his face as he stared at the beautiful care before him and the beauty of the girl.  “The hotel is a few blocks from here. I can take you.” You said calmly as you moved forward. The blue eyes, raven haired boy turned his attention to you as you spoke. You gave him a devilish smile. 

“You wanna drive?”     

Better than planned

🐳~Rated- F for Fluff

Member- BTS, Jungkook

Word Count- 865

Finally. The day that you had imagined over and over in your head in the past months was here. Jungkook had finally asked you on a date. 6:58, the clock said. ‘He will be here any minute now.’, you thought.

You were starting to get really nervous now, so you decided to do something to take things off you mind till he gets here. Turning around and facing your big floor mirror, you studied your reflection. You were wearing a crimson red lace tank top, a black leather skater skirt, with your black platform combat boots and cat crossbody(the outfit is below). While you were too busy making sure that you makeup looks nice, you hear the sound of the doorbell and you freeze. A few seconds later your mum appears in our bedroom; “You look great honey, come on, your date is here.”

She was about to turn around when she looked back at you and asked; “aren’t you going to wear a jacket on that? You know how chilly it gets during the night.”

“I’m sure it won’t be that cold tonight mum.” you said, and before she could protest you quickly slide out of the room. Of course, you lied. Tonight was going to get quite cold, and you knew it. You checked the weather for today every night for the past week. Yes, each day, said something new but the only thing that didn’t change was the fact that it would get pretty chilly after eight.

But still, you insisted not to wear a jacket. ‘Why wear a jacket and miss this opportunity’ you thought.

Yes. Your plan was to have Jungkook lend you his jacket so you won’t get cold. You were a sucker for this kind of cheesy things.

But you knew that your plan had failed before the date even started when you saw that he wasn’t wearing a jacket either.


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Finally free

Yoohooooo~ To that lovely anon below that requested the Saeran x MC story, here you go! 

I was only planning to write half of it today and continue again another time, but I couldn’t help myself from finishing it HAHA. Procrastinating from studying ftw!!! >///<

Its kiiiinda different from what you requested, I hope it’s okay!! I didn’t want to follow the storyline of MC entering RFA and meeting Saeran because I thought it would be complicated to write about the whole Mint Eye + Rika thing!

Please lemme know what you think! :DD

It all began the year I turned 10. The year my father left my mother for another woman. The amount of betrayal and grief that my mother felt towards my father turned into hatred for me.

Every loving glance that my mother used to give me turned into looks of disgust and scorn. The gentle touches that used to comfort me became whips on my skin, leaving angry red marks wherever they landed. The voice that once sang me lullabies now cursed and spat at me. I didn’t understand what was happening - how could I? I was only 10. All I knew was that my father, whom I thought was my superman, was no longer here to protect me, and my mother was never the same again.

8 years. The abuse had been going on for 8 years. In that period of time, I’ve made countless trips in and out of the hospital. Cuts had to be stitched up, bones had to be mended. The physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional torture though. My mother constantly told me that I was useless, that she hated me, and that she wished I had never been born. And the strange thing was, I believed every single word that came out of her mouth. Her words carved itself cruelly into my heart, and I truly believed everything that happened was all my fault.

The only time that I could get a brief reprieve from the constant abuse was when my mother had drank herself silly, dead to the world. I always cherished those few short hours where I could escape from the stink of stale alcohol lingering in the air of my apartment, and breathe in the fresh, cool air outside.

My favorite spot was at the park an hour away from my house. It made me feel safe, like I was transported to another universe where my mother could never reach me. It was the only place I felt free, where I felt like I wasn’t walking on eggshells all the time.

I always sat at a bench in a secluded corner of the park where people did not venture into. The trees casted shadows around me, giving me a sense of peace and protection. The chirping of the birds were like melodies to my ear, and I felt like they were telling me that someday, everything was going be okay. I usually sat alone at the bench. Today however, was different. Someone was already sitting there, people watching, as I approached.

He had a head of silver, almost white hair with pink streaks dyed randomly throughout. He was wearing a red tank top paired with a leather jacket. The left side of his jacket had fallen off from his shoulder, revealing tattoos running down his biceps. Normally I would have been intimidated by someone who looked like that, but for some strange reason, I didn’t feel the same way looking at him.

“Do you mind if I sit here too?” I asked gingerly.

He looked up at me, his eyes a piercing green, and shook his head silently. I sat beside him, a sense of serenity washing over me as I breathed in the cool air. It was spring and the scent of frangipanis filled the air. They were my favourite flowers. I felt the stranger looking over at me, and I peeked at him out of corner of my eyes.

“Do you smell that? They’re frangipanis. I love frangipanis,” I smiled at him and said.

He just stared into the distance, not saying a word as he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, smelling the flowers.

“Frangipanis may look weak and delicate, but they are tough and are able to withstand strong pressures,” I shared with him. I always thought of myself as a frangipani - I am strong. I can handle anything. I have to, don’t I?

I don’t know for how long, but the two of us sat in silence for awhile, comfortable in each other’s company. Finally, it was time for me to leave this sanctuary and return to reality. I didn’t want to leave, but if my mother realised that I had left the apartment, the beatings would be so much worse.

“I have to go. It was nice sitting here with you, hope to see you again,” I told the stranger as I stood up to leave. As I walked away, I heard the stranger speak softly after me, “My name is Saeran.”

Saeran. I thought of him constantly throughout the week. There was something about him that tugged at my heart. Whenever my mother was raining blows on me or screaming insults at me, his emerald green eyes flashed in my mind. He was young, but his eyes seemed to portray otherwise. They looked empty and forlorn. It seemed like he had been through something terrible, making him seem old and jaded. I always had to hide my pain from the rest of the world, but I felt like if anyone was able to see through my mask, he would be the one.

I kept wanting to go over to the park, to see if I could meet him there again. At last, one day, after the usual round of beatings, my mother finally fell asleep with a bottle of vodka in her hands. I silently crept out of the apartment and made my way to the park with an anticipating heart.

He was there. At the very same spot as before.

“You’re bleeding,” he pointed out as I sat down beside him. He stared at me with those intense eyes as I awkwardly wiped at my temple. My mother had hit me with the ashtray. I cleaned up my wounds before leaving the apartment, but I didn’t realise that I was bleeding again. He didn’t ask about my injury, and I was grateful for that. I never talked about them to anyone.

“Apparently frangipanis can withstand up to 250 degrees celsius before they burn,” he said suddenly, looking into the distance.

“Oh you remembered what I mentioned last week!” I exclaimed excitedly. My heart skipped a beat - does this mean that he thought of me too after I left the previous week?

“You know, I feel like you’ve experienced horrible things in your life. I experience them too. I think we’re the same. I… I’ll be able to understand you,” I muttered nervously. I’ve never shared my life to anyone before. This was the first time I admitted what i’ve been going through. I’ve only met him twice, but I felt a connection to him.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you another time,” he said in that quiet voice of his. He sounded scared and lonely. At that single moment, I wanted to hold him tight, and tell him that I understand his pain, but I knew that he would be uncomfortable with the suddenly bodily contact, so I controlled myself.

As the weeks passed, I continued meeting Saeran at the park. Sometimes he shared bits of his past with me, and in return, I told him about my mother. Sometimes we just sat there in silence.

Meeting him became the only thing I looked forward to. Even the torture back home felt more bearable, as long as I closed my eyes and thought of him. My life was like a bed of roses compared to his. My heart broke at the thought of a young boy waiting in fear at home, thinking that his twin brother had abandoned him; at the thought of the mental abuse he had to overcome. If he could overcome all those and come out strong like he is now, I could too.

One day, as I sat down beside Saeran at the park, fresh bruises appearing along my arms and legs, he grasped my hands and said solemnly, “Leave your mother. You deserve much better. Escape with me. I know people who can help you start a new life.” He looked deep into my eyes, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t look away. I wanted to leave. I wanted to be with him.

That night, after my mother had fallen asleep. I silently packed what meagre belongings I had, careful not to wake her from her slumber. As I walked out of the prison that had tortured me for the past 8 years of my life, I felt a sense of conviction. This was the right thing to do. Meeting Saeran had helped me finally take control of my life. He saved me.

He said that he would wait for me, no matter how long it took for me to come. He kept his promise. There he was, waiting for me at our park.

It was like we were two broken pieces, wandering aimlessly around the earth searching for someone to make us whole again. As we clutched tightly onto each other’s hands, running away deep into the night, I finally felt complete.

Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Maknae Line
Genre: Light smut, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Taehyung figured there was a lot to lose, but maybe he was willing to take the risk. / (requested by anon, aka i butched your request and made it maknae line instead of taekook bc i’m awful)

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Here for my kiss.

She finally settled on low slung red leather pants, a backless black tank top and black ankle boots. Sexy and practical for the job site. Faith had decided to finally surprise Xander at work and she wanted to make an impression on his employees. Sultry, not slutty. With a final touch to her lipstick, she grabbed the lunch she picked up (and repacked to look like she made) and hurried out the door.

Sauntering through a chorus of cat calls and whistles, it was hard not to feel a bit like a god. Okay, maybe not the most feminist point of view she figured, but she also knew she could kick everyone of their asses if she needed to, so there was that.

The little guy with the sad attempt at a moustache said Xander would be inside this trailer, so walking up the makeshift steps, Faith confidentially knocked on the door ready to give him that lunchtime kiss he teased her about before leaving for work this morning.


Hey Bartender

Pairing: Jared Leto x Reader

Words: 2392

Warnings: Language, Smut, Fluff

Prompt: None

A/N: Dialogue is in Italics, Text Messages are in Bold. Let me know if you want me to continue the story.

*Your POV*

-Y/N, I need you to work tonight. Misty is still pretty sick so she can’t come in. I know it’s your day off, but we need you.

Ending the voicemail from your boss, Cal, you threw your phone on the floor. You had planned on going to the beach with your friends, not working. It was supposed to be your first day off in nearly three weeks. Cal knew you needed the money, but you were beginning to feel like he was taking advantage of you. Scheduling you every night, even though he had six other bartenders.

-Hey, Leah, it’s Y/N. I can’t make it tonight. Cal needs me to come in

-What!? Y/N, we’ve been planning this trip for weeks!

-I know, I’m just as mad as you. I am honestly debating looking for a new job. I’m sick of this shit.

You hung up with your best friend so you could get ready for work. The dress code at Club Escalate was literally “slutty-chic”. It said so in the handbook.

Picking out a pair of red leather short shorts, a cropped white tank top, black lace bra, and black Converse sneakers, you threw your long pin-straight brown hair into a ponytail, slapped on some mascara and red lipstick, and locked up the apartment.

Obnoxious pop music blared from the speakers as you walked in through the club from the back entrance.

-Y/N! So glad you could cover tonight! Cal shouted.

You rolled your eyes, tying an apron behind your back. Walking up to the bar you saw you only had one customer, who was already sipping a cocktail. Jennifer propped her elbows on the counter beside you.

-It’s been so dead, dude. I have literally had 6 people my whole shift.

Your shoulders sagged. This was going to be a long ass shift…

You were four hours into your shift and only had two people come in. Finally, at 1:46am, a group of five people came in. They sat at the bar and were all engrossed in conversations. Clearing your throat, you began my mandatory speech.

-Hey, boys. Welcome to Escalate. My name’s Y/N and I’ll be taking care of ya tonight. We’ve got $2 pitchers of domestic beer tonight as well as shots for $1.50.

A few guys just ordered waters and went to the pool tables. Two decided to stay at the bar. One was tall with short black hair and brown eyes. The other was just as tall with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He smiled at you.

-I’ll take a whiskey sour, gorgeous.

You returned the smile and made his drink.

-I’m Jared

-Nice to meet you, Jared. Do you come here often? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you.

He shook his head, making his hair fall in his face.

-No, we are just in town for the night. I’m actually in a band and we are on tour.

You made him a new drink and handed him a napkin.

-Well in that case, I would like your autograph. It might be worth something on eBay.

You winked at him. He laughed and scribbled on the paper. He put his phone number underneath his name. Looking up at him from the napkin, he winked back at you.

-I’ll be in town for a few nights. If you’d like, I would love to take you out.

Smiling, you walked away to the kitchen to get more glasses. When you returned to the bar, Jared and his friends were gone. There was a $100 bill on the counter. Their tab was only $14.38. As you picked up the money, your phone buzzed in your back pocket. It was Jared.

“Keep the change, beautiful. Can’t wait to see you again. PS your legs are fucking flawless”

Finally, 3am came around and you drove back to your apartment. You undressed and took a quick shower. The hot water hitting your muscles, loosening the tension. You stood there for several minutes, breathing in the steam, until the water began to cool. Settling into bed, your phone buzzed. It was Jared again.

“Hey, beautiful. Are you awake?”

You debated on replying. Ah fuck it, you thought.

“Yep. Just got in a little while ago.”

“So what would you like to do tomorrow?” You smiled at your phone.

“Where are you staying?”

“The Hilton. Why?”

“I’ll pick you up at 2pm. Wear comfy shoes.” You set your phone on your bedside table after turning it to silent. It didn’t take long until you fell asleep.

A clap of thunder shook your apartment, waking you up. You glanced at your phone.

11:13am. Fuck. There went your idea of taking Jared on a walk through Gingrich Woods. You grabbed your phone and typed a text.

“Hey, so thanks to the weather, my plan won’t work. Have any ideas for today?”

Not even a minute passed before your phone vibrated.

“Well, we could just hang out and watch movies or something if you’d like?”

You scoffed, writing your reply.

“Netflix and chill, huh? I see your intentions.”

Instantaneously, he responded.

“No no no. Okay, movie is a bad idea. How about we go shopping, get dinner, and then go to a concert tonight? I’ll still be ready at 2 unless you wanna go sooner.”

“I will get ready and be there ASAP. See you soon xoxo”

You threw your phone onto the table and ran into the bathroom to curl your hair. You pulled on a pair of skin-tight jeans, a sparkly gold tank top and a dark brown leather jacket, slipped on matching boots, and brushed your teeth. Once your makeup was on, you saw that it was already 1:51pm. You grabbed your purse, tossed your phone in it, grabbed your keys off the counter, and headed out the door to go pick up your date.

Jared was standing underneath the awning outside the hotel, watching for you. You never told him what kind of car you drove, so he didn’t know what to expect. You pulled your 1999 red Volkswagon Beetle up and honked. Sliding in, you softly punched his shoulder.

-Slug-bug red, no slugs back

-You cheater! He shouted, smiling. Once he was securely buckled, you pulled back onto the road in the direction of the mall.

You and Jared had been into almost every store. He insisted on buying you a gorgeous royal blue pair of heels. You used the extra money from his tip at the bar to buy him a brown leather jacket, which just so happened to be the men’s version of yours.

-So, where’d you like to go for dinner? You asked, driving out of the mall parking lot.

-Wherever you’d like. He was too easy going. You needed a challenge.

Smiling devilishly, you took him to your favorite Italian restaurant, Fabrizzio’s. You had worked here when you were 16 and fell in love with the shrimp linguine.

-Ooh we gotta get going! Jared spoke up after a fairly silent dinner. You protested as Jared paid the bill.

-This was my restaurant choice, you should have let me pay for it.

He gave you a warm smile.

-Y/N, believe it or not, but I practice chivalry. Especially on my first date with a stunning woman. Blushing, you looked at the ground. You felt Jared’s hand slip under your chin, lightly lifting your face back up. You looked into his eyes. You still were mesmerized by their piercing blue color.

Jared placed a soft kiss on your forehead. His hand slipped down your arm and held your hand, pulling you out the door to your car. His hand stayed in yours the entire ride to the venue.

You went to pull into the parking lot but Jared stopped you.  

-Park in the back, Y/N. We can take this entrance.

You looked at him, confused.

-Uh… how?

Instead of replying, he just looked at you and smiled.

The two of you walked in. He whispered in the ear of one of the security guards, who let us through.

-Jared, we are backstage! Who is even playing tonight? They must be popular because it’s packed our there! You glanced over the crowd. Jared held your face between his hands.

-I will be right back, okay? Just stay right here.

He kissed your forehead again and slipped away through one of the doors. You stood side stage, watching a tech bang on the drums to make sure they were tuned. The crowd was chanting “Mars! Mars! Mars!”

Ten minutes passed and Jared still wasn’t back. You tried sending him a text but it wouldn’t go through. You didn’t have signal.

He ditched me… You thought. You felt your eyes start to fill with tears. Just as you were about to turn around and leave, Jared walked in with a couple of the guys from the bar from last night.

-Hey, I was starting to think you abandoned me You said with a laugh. Jared put his hand on your cheek.

-No, babe. I had to go get the guys. Sit tight, okay?

He started talking to one of the sound guys. You didn’t know what to think about more. The fact that he called you babe (swoon) or why he asked you to sit tight. While you were thinking, you didn’t even notice the fact that Jared and the other guys had gone on stage. The crowd went crazy, screaming. Your jaw dropped. Jared’s band was playing tonight.

The concert was incredible. There wasn’t one fan out there that was not singing along. Jared had an incredible voice. You were so mesmerized by it, you didn’t even pay attention to the end of the show. The guys walked off stage and Jared came straight to you.

-Hey, I am going to take a quick shower and then we can go, okay? You smiled hugely and nodded.

After a few minutes, Jared came out of the dressing room, wearing a white v-neck tshirt, black jeans, and brown boots. He walked up to you, putting his arm around.


-For what? You asked. You weren’t aware there was more date night ahead of you.

-Well if you want, we can go to either your place or mine. Disregarding the ‘Netflix and Chill’ stereotype, I actually want to watch a movie with you.

Smiling, you nodded, leading him to your car.

-I have a pair of pajama pants that you can wear so you’re comfy, you offered. Jared smiled warmly as you tossed him a pair of Hello Kitty pants. He went to the bathroom to change and returned in the pants, with no shirt on. You had to keep yourself from staring at his toned body. After changing into a cami and shorts, you cuddled up next to Jared on your bed, turning the TV on. He was forcing you to watch American Horror Story since you’ve never seen an episode. Trying to focus on the screen, you kept glancing at Jared, who hadn’t taken his eyes off you.

-You’re missing the show you told him, finally meeting his eyes. He smiled.

-I’ve seen this one already. You nodded, smiling disapprovingly.

*Jareds POV*

Y/N had the most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen. You couldn’t stop looking into them, even when you were supposed to be watching TV with her. You couldn’t take this anymore. You needed your lips on her body. You slid your hand against her neck and pulled her closer to you, pressing your mouth to hers. She didn’t object, placing her hands on your chest. She tickled her tongue against your bottom lip. You immediately opened your mouth, invited her in. Her arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer. Tossing the blanket to the side, you crawled on top of her, trailing kisses along her jaw, along her neck, your hands sliding up her sides. Her breath started to deepen. You looked up at her. She had her eyes closed, her cheeks flushed.

-Baby, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to

-Shut up, Jared, she said breathlessly. You pressed your lips onto her collarbone, smiling into her skin.

Five minutes later, both of you were nearly undressed. Y/N was down to only her panties. You had your boxers on. You kissed down her torso, reaching her panties. You kissed her core from the outside, her breath catching. Her fingers found your hair as you pushed her panties down her legs. Kissing and nibbling her thighs, you wanted to drive her crazy before giving her pleasure.

-Please, Jared. Please fuck me, she moaned.

-In due time, baby. You slid your tongue from the bottom of her heat to her throbbing clit. A moan left her lips, her fingers grasped the sheets. You circled your tongue on her, gently sucking. Slowly, you inserted one finger into her, pulsing and sucking in the same rhythm. You felt her squirm under your mouth. With your hand that wasn’t inside of her, you reached up to play with her nipples. This pushed her over the edge. You felt her back arch as she screamed your name, releasing all over your face. You licked her clean and kissed back up her body. She grabbed your face and kissed you deeply, almost hungrily.

-Someone is eager, you whispered.

-Just fuck me, Jared. Her blunt words nearly made you cum right then and there. You pulled your boxers down and lined yourself up to her entrance. Her eyes met yours, signalling that she was ready. You pressed in, filling her completely until you were enveloped. Thrusting, your pace quickened, as did Y/N’s moans. Her nails dug into your back. You grabbed ahold of her ankles and held them in front of you for deeper access. You could tell you were hitting her sweet spot when her moans turned into screams. She bit her lip in ecstasy and moaned your name as she finished a second time. You followed her right after, pouring your seed into her. Breathless, you collapsed next to her. Neither of you could hardly move, but you managed to pull her against your chest.

She took a deep breath.

-So much for ‘no Netflix and Chill’, huh?

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In ninth grade,
I got ready for my first date.
My friends surrounded me,
questioning my choice
of apparel.
I wore blue jeans
and a hoodie,
because that’s all I was comfortable in.
They shook their heads in disgust
and gave me tight,
jet black,
leather pants
and a low,
red, button up
tank top.
They said I looked fierce
and that guys like a feisty girl.
So I wore what they told me to.
That night he looked more
at my chest
than my eyes,
but I didn’t stop him.

In tenth grade,
I got ready for my first party.
My best friend came to me,
and questioned my choice
in makeup.
I had a shimmering lip gloss
and a dash of glitter over my eyes,
because makeup made me feel
more like a Barbie doll
than a human being.
She shook her head in disgust
and gave me thick eye liner,
heavy grey shadow
and fake lashes.
She told me I looked sexy
and that guys like sexy girls.
So I did what she told me to.
I hardly recognized myself,
and neither did the college boys
who thought I was the same as as them.
That night they wouldn’t leave
me alone,
but I didn’t stop them.

In eleventh grade,
I got ready for my first time
at the bar.
My mother came to me
and told me that I looked like a whore
with my denim jeans
with holes all throughout the thighs
and tight tank top
that didn’t go past my stomach.
She said I looked dirty
and that only bad guys
like dirty girls,
but I didn’t listen to her.
That night at the bar
the university boys
told me I looked perfect,
and I couldn’t help but smile
because my friends were right all along.
Someone got too drunk
and hit me that night,
and I started to reconsider
what perfect really meant.

The next year,
I got ready for my friends graduation.
I dressed myself
in blue jeans
and a hoodie,
so I wouldn’t attract
too much attention.
I hadn’t gone to school that year
because my baby needed more attention
than my high school degree.
I thought before then
that I was a perfect girl
because I tried so hard to be,
but all I did was attract the wrong boys,
so I went back to my blue jeans.

Poem for: “needing to look perfect for a boy.”

Imagine being 21 and Chibs has a crush on you. He doesn’t think he has any chance with you.

Requested by @suicidaldemondarling 


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You pulled up into the TM lot with Chibs. He had just picked up your car for a tow from the diner you worked at. You jumped out of the tow truck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much Chibs. You’re a sweetheart.” You smiled at Chibs and walked away to the office to fill out paperwork. 

“Shite.” Chibs said under his breath. Jax heard him and walked to the Scot.

“What’s up, Chibs?” Jackson asked, concerned for his brother.

“Look.” He stared over at you while you entered the office. Jax saw you just before you went into the office.

“Holy shit, who’s that?” Jax looked from the office door to Chibs with a smile on his face.

“Y/n. She works at the dinner.”

“How old is she? She looks at least 5 years younger than me.”

“21.” Jax’s eyes went wide and he looked over at Chibs.

“You kidding?” Chibs shook his head no as an answer.

“Well, I haven’t seen you look at anyone like that for a very long time. I’m inviting her to tonight’s party.”

“Jax, don’t”

“To late, old man!” Jax ran off into the office to invite you to the party. That was Chibs’ problem with liking you: he was an old man. He was twice your age, and he was worried that you wouldn’t like him because of that. 

“She’s coming!” Jax ran back outside to Chibs. Chibs nodded his head and went to work on your car.


You had gotten a ride home from Jax in the tow truck so you could go home and change.

“Chibs is gonna pick you up around 9.” He told you. You nodded your head and thanked him for the ride, and invitation. 

You ran into your apartment and hopped int he shower. You spent about an hour doing your hair and makeup, really only blow drying your hair and throwing on mascara and a bit of eyeliner with some lip gloss.

You walked over to your closet and stared at it for about ten minutes. You had never been to a biker party before, you didn’t know what to wear. You saw what Gemma and Tara would wear whenever they came into the dinner, so you went with something similar. You pulled out your black skinny jeans and your black wedges. You looked into your dresser and got out a red tank top and your leather crop jacket. You looked at the time: it was only 6:30. You decided to throw your robe on and go into your living room and watch TV until 8:00. You threw some trash TV on and dozed off.

You awoke to the sound of knocking on your door. You looked down at your watch and saw it was 9:15. “Shit!” You yelled out. You re-adjusted your robe and ran to the door. Looking through the peephole you saw Chibs.

“Chibs! Hey!” You said with a wide smile. You opened the door and invited him into your apartment.

“That what you’re wearing, lass?” The scot asked you. You looked at him and almost forgot you were only wearing a robe.

“oh shit. Right. Umm…wait here for like 5 minutes.” You ran down into your bedroom and ran into your door. “Fuck! I’ll, uh…yeah..” Chibs started to chuckle and shake his head at you. You finally figured out how a door worked and went into your room. “What the fuck y/n? Stop acting like a crazy idiot. Jesus. He probably thinks you’re crazy.” You were talking to yourself as you were getting dressed. Once you were clothed. You went into your bathroom and looked yourself over. “Okay. You can do this. Just calm the fuck down.” You put on some more lip gloss before leaving the bathroom with your purse in hand. You walked down the hall looking through your purse to make sure you had you phone, wallet, etc. You looked up to see Chibs staring at you. “What?” You asked him, you thought something was wrong with your face.

“You look beautiful, lass.” You started to blush and smile.

“Thanks Chibs. You don’t look half bad yourself.” You winked over at him. You turned off the TV and the rest of your lights. Chibs followed you out of the apartment. 

“I hope you don’t mind, I drove my bike over here.” You looked ahead to the bike in front of you.

“Of course I don’t. I love to ride.” You thought back to when you lived with your parents, both were avid motorcycle enthusiasts. You hopped on to Chibs’ bike after him. He handed you his helmet and you clipped it on. He started it up and your smile grew bigger. Your arms wrapped around Chibs tightly. He’s really starting to grow on you. 

You both pulled into TM and it looked like the party was just starting. You followed Chibs into the clubhouse. You saw Gemma at the bar with Tara and waved at them. You met Gemma earlier that day, and you had seen Tara with Jax’s son in the diner a lot. She normally sat in your section.

Chibs led you two the bar and sat down. You sat down next to him and asked the bartender for four shots of whiskey. “Woah, lass, what are all those for?”

“Well they’re for me, unless you want to split them with me?” He laughed and nodded his head yes. “I normally go hard at the beginning of the night then slow down as the night progresses. I normally have to drive home after I drink so I give myself time to sober up.”

“Well you can drink all night if you want to love, there are plenty of places to crash here.”

As the night progressed you slowly got more and more drunk, along with everyone else. Somehow you had ended up in Chibs’ room with him. You were both laying on his bed, talking. You hated how much distance there was between you and him, but you didn’t want to assume he was attracted to you. You had been talking basically about how you were brought up, playing a game of twenty questions. 

“Alright. My turn. How did you get your scars?” You bluntly asked him. You both told each other at the beginning you would both be honest. Chibs wasn’t sure he wanted to tell you about how he got them. He was worried once he told you about Fiona and Kerianne, you would freak out.

“I used to be a part of a gang in Ireland. Some shite went down and I was kicked out. My boss of sorts, took my wife and daughter from me. He gave me these and told me to never come back.” He looked over at you and saw you staring at him with a sort of sad expression on your face.

“You have a daughter?” You asked him.

“Aye. Kerianne. She’s seventeen now.”

“And your wife and her just live with this guy?”

He nodded. “I’m still legally married to Fi, but that’s to protect her and my daughter. I don’t know what Jimmy would do to them if I separated from her.”

You looked at Chibs intensely. There was something about him you couldn’t put your finger on. He was so loyal, dedicated to his family and to his club. You were surprised he was so honest with you as well. You turned your body so you were laying on your side rather than your back, mimicking the way he was laying. You reached your hand out and touched the side of his face, tracing his scar with your fingers. You rubbed your thumb  lightly across his lips. He turned his head into your hand and kissed you palm. You spotted forward, closer to the man in front of you. You pulled him in and kissed him. It was soft and sweet, almost pure.

“Why me, love? Why not Juice or one of the younger guys?” Chibs pulled away from you and sat up. You figured this was why he was acting a little distant from you. You were connecting intellectually, but that was the first physical contact the two of you had since you hopped off his bike.

You sat up as well and scooted closer to him; you closed your eyes and leaned against him. You stayed like this for a few minutes, the silence was strange but welcoming. You were trying to figure out the best way to explain to him why she was attracted to the man twice her age. “Because they aren’t you.”

Chibs looked down at you and smiled. He turned and pulled you in for another kiss. You pulled away and looked into his beautiful brown eyes and smiled. “I’m tired.” You said while biting your lip.

“Want to stay with me tonight, lass?” 

You nodded your head, never breaking eye contact with  him. You stood from his bed and started undressing. You took your jacket off, then your pants followed. You were wearing lacy black boy shorts. You felt Chibs’ eyes on you the whole time and you were eating all the attention up. You took your bra off with your tank top still on, then crawled under the covers. Chibs started removing his boot and took his cut off, gently placing it on the dresser. He took his shirt off, then his pants. He remained in his boxers and turned the light off. Chibs walked over to the opposite side of the bed from you and got under the covers. He laid on his back, you were laying on his chest and had your fingers gently making circles along his skin. Chibs’ arm was wrapped around you and was playing with your hair. After awhile, he took your hand with his other one and held it on his chest. Every once in awhile as he was falling asleep, he would bring your hand up to his mouth and kiss it. You fell asleep about ten minutes after your head hit the pillow, listening to Chibs breath.