red leather tank top


All of the Osomatsu-san cosplay I wore at Sakura Con 2016!

I had a lot of fun hanging with and meeting people, and giving out lollipops to Jyushimatsu cosplayers (there were so many of you!), and giving away my special Easter eggs to Karamatsu Girls and Boys. You guys made my first SakuraCon awesome, thank you!!

Better than planned

🐳~Rated- F for Fluff

Member- BTS, Jungkook

Word Count- 865

Finally. The day that you had imagined over and over in your head in the past months was here. Jungkook had finally asked you on a date. 6:58, the clock said. ‘He will be here any minute now.’, you thought.

You were starting to get really nervous now, so you decided to do something to take things off you mind till he gets here. Turning around and facing your big floor mirror, you studied your reflection. You were wearing a crimson red lace tank top, a black leather skater skirt, with your black platform combat boots and cat crossbody(the outfit is below). While you were too busy making sure that you makeup looks nice, you hear the sound of the doorbell and you freeze. A few seconds later your mum appears in our bedroom; “You look great honey, come on, your date is here.”

She was about to turn around when she looked back at you and asked; “aren’t you going to wear a jacket on that? You know how chilly it gets during the night.”

“I’m sure it won’t be that cold tonight mum.” you said, and before she could protest you quickly slide out of the room. Of course, you lied. Tonight was going to get quite cold, and you knew it. You checked the weather for today every night for the past week. Yes, each day, said something new but the only thing that didn’t change was the fact that it would get pretty chilly after eight.

But still, you insisted not to wear a jacket. ‘Why wear a jacket and miss this opportunity’ you thought.

Yes. Your plan was to have Jungkook lend you his jacket so you won’t get cold. You were a sucker for this kind of cheesy things.

But you knew that your plan had failed before the date even started when you saw that he wasn’t wearing a jacket either.


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Think about it:

If A+E wanted people to stop seeing/shipping Swan Queen, SURELY they would write it in to the script. Maybe, I don’t know, have Emma back to her red leather jacket + tank top wearing self when she’s with Hook, or give Regina a love interest. BASICALLY MAKE IT INCREDIBLY CLEAR THAT THERE IS N.O. lust/love/longing there.

And yet instead;
- Blindingly obvious true love parallels between Jasmine + Aladdin AND even Snowing
- Emma completely NOT herself with her supposed true love
- Regina utterly willing to do everything to save Emma (within reason) *cough* *cough* unlike trust betraying, manipulating HO0K
- camera angles (eye sex) (hugging true loves yet showing a jealous onlooker etc)

- and that is just this season….

If A+E are not making SQ endgame, they are doing an APPALLING job at putting us off.

(and no, I don’t think it’s click bait… A+E must have more integrity than that)