red lantern walker


Sorta sequel to this, but not really since the outfits are totally different. XD

I had not entertained this idea until I saw Elf Grove at the last DC nation meetup (The last meetup was the best! I can’t believe I met Isaia and Junryou in person!!! Sorry if I forgot to mention other peoples. I should have taken names) XD I can’t remember how we talked about it, but after she brought it up, couldn’t stop thinkin’ about it. ^^ I do like my first design, but after looking at it again, it didn’t have a silhouette that I loved. 

I have this headcanon that Astonian head tails are a symbol of many things. A source of pride, astonian hood, aesthetic, an indicator of age (longer tails means your older? When you’re a kid your head tail is just a nub). So if it’s ever cut off, ripped off, maimed, scarred beyond recognition, well, it’s a pretty terrible thing. I’m thinkin’ that the tails can grow back, but if the trauma were severe enough, it would stunt it or never grow back.

So Red Lantern Walker used to have a long beautiful tail, but it was ripped/sliced off. At first, when he became a red lantern, he would create tail projections, but he stopped that after a while because every time it touched his back or flew in his face, it was a constant reminder of what he lost, and what he could never recover. It’s sorta like how Aya constantly reminds Razer of Illana. But when he goes into FULL RAGE MODE, it comes back anyways.

I kept some elements of his civilian outfit, like the scarf/cape, and rings around lower arms and legs. His neck is more crooked, face more hard edged ^^ I don’t know off hand any red lanterns who had a cape, so it was a fun idea to play with.

but of course, if the idea of Red Lantern Saint Walker makes you cry, you can think of this guy as his evil alternate universe doppelganger. Hopefully when I have some time, I can try my hand at Blue Lantern Razer, although I’ve already seen so many cool designs! XD I’m a wee bit hesitant. I love my boy Razer in Blue, but I also love my Saint Walker in red!

Since that’s taken care of…

Where da drabbles an’ fic at? :p


So… follow up to this. MustardWithKetchup and JasJuliet fueled my unhealthy AU headcanon.

He still wasn’t certain how they had escaped Atrocitus. Something about knowing his daughter’s safety hung in the balance had given him more strength than even the leader of the Red Lanterns could muster. He squeezed the unconscious child a little tighter against him. She was still breathing. Unconscious  but with no obvious injuries. His little girl was alive and safe. His little girl IS alive!

He needed a plan. Somewhere safe to go. To hide. That they had made him believe his entire family was dead, that he had believed them, that the Green Lanterns had recruited his child to their war… All of it only fueled the rage that had a grip on his mind. He knew it wasn’t healthy. He should be grateful for the Green Lantern ring that had probably saved Peesh’s life before and was almost certainly the reason she had survived Atrocitus’s attack back there. There was possibility for new life, for a new path now. Knowing his daughter was alive and in his arms had rekindled in him a hope he thought was lost. Things could change. He could change.

He was so focused on his wandering thoughts and the steady rhythm of Peesh’s breathing that he had failed to notice the person snaking up on them. A warning shot of green energy lanced past his shoulder, too close to Peesh for his frayed nerves. He whirled on the new attacker to find a Bolovoxian Green Lantern staring him down, ring held at the ready.

“Put my Rookie down, Red!" 

Kilowog was fuming. He had told those thrice damned guardians Peace Walker was too young to go into the field. She was just a child, even by her people’s standards. It was ridiculous and irresponsible. He’d gone to check on her himself – and drag her back to the training hall, Guardians be damned. Instead he’d found the senior lantern that was posted with her dead, clearly a result of a Red Lantern attack, and no sign of Peace anywhere. He’d followed the traces of Red Lantern energy and found a lone one, seeming to wander aimlessly through space, carrying the young Green Lantern. He had no idea what the Red wanted with Peace, but he wasn’t going to let the poozer hurt her further.

He was a little surprised when the Red that turned to face him was one of Peace’s own people. So few had survived the devastation Atrocitus had visited on their homeworld, he couldn’t imagine why one would sign onto the Red Lantern Corp. The damned fool must be out of his mind. He had to get Peace away from him – safely.

"She is MINE, Bolovoxian." 

Walker couldn’t tamp down the new wave of anger. First a new attack, and now the Green Lantern was trying to lay claim to his child?! The red energy around him surged again, reflecting off nearby asteroids. He would not lose his daughter a second time. 

A movement in his arms caused him to glance down. Peesh stirred, her eyes opening, groggy at first. She focused on him first, her eyes narrowing as if she was trying to make sense of the sight, and then her head turned slowly to take in the Green Lantern he was facing off against.

"Sargent Kilowog…?” Her voice was uncertain, and then something seemed to catch in her eyes. Understanding of the situation perhaps? She squirmed a little in her father’s grasp, turning more fully towards the Green Lantern. “Sargent Kilowog, dont’–”

“It’s gonna be okay Peace.” Kilowog interrupted her. “I gotcha, Baby Girl.”

‘Peace’?! Walker’s fingers tightened over Peesh’s shoulder, suddenly even more furious that not only did the Green Lanterns attempt to steal his daughter away, they also wanted to erase her history, her culture, her very ties to her family?!

“You’ll not erase her name, Green Lantern.” The words were ground out between clenched teeth.

Kilowog started at that reaction. Peace had said she liked nickname the other Green Lantern recruits had given her. She’d been going by it commonly enough now that most of her fellow lanterns didn't remember her real name offhand. For this man to take offense to it, he must have known Peace before– Or he was truly out of his head, and might harm Peace before Kilowog could get to her.

“Okay Moonface, I think maybe we got off to the wrong foot here.” He lifted both hands in what he hoped was a conciliatory gesture. “Just put Peesh down, and we can all talk about this. Nice and peaceful like.”

Walker roared in wordless fury when the Green Lantern further insisted on separating his daughter from him. In a swift movement he shifted Peesh into a one arm carry and put his body between hers and the Green Lantern that would take her. His ring came to life, crimson energy spitting and sparking from his outstretched fist. The Bolovoxian Lantern had a giant hammer construct in hand almost immediately, and the tension thickened as they stood off, floating in the otherwise empty asteroid field.

He didn’t know how to react when Peesh pushed at him, whispering something he couldn’t hear. The next thing he knew she was slipping out of his arm, and his eyes widened with panic. “Peesh!”

Peesh didn’t move far. She wasn’t about to let go of her Father. He’d clearly been through too much, and she couldn’t let anyone hurt him more than he already was. Not even if it was Sargent Kilowog with the best of intentions. She could not imagine what must have occurred to make her Father a Red Lantern or how painful it must have been to lose his tail. She had no doubt of one thing though – Her father wouldn’t hurt her, not ever, but the Sargent didn’t know that. 

“NO!” Her voice cracked on the yell, and she felt too small and too childish for this stand, but she would make it.

As she slipped out of her Father’s grasp, she grabbed his wrist in her unadorned hand, making sure he would know she wasn’t going to leave him. With her other hand, she outstretched her fist at Sargent Kilowog, summoning a shield construct between herself and him, making sure her father was behind her.

“Peace, get out of there!”

“No, Sir!” She forced her expression to soften, trying to force the panic and anger aside. “He’s my father, Sargent. He saved me.”

Kilowog’s eyes widened, and he started to lower his construct. “You sure about this, Peace? He’s safe?” Despite the uncertainty in his face, his construct was already shrinking and dissipating.

Peesh tightened her grip on her Father’s wrist. She had thought she would never see him again. She wanted to cry for joy that he was alive. “I’m sure.”


The official unofficial Green Lantern the Animated Series suggested team build for League of Legends!

GLTAS fans: you may or may not be aware that I now work at Riot Games, infamous for making League of Legends.

Grab your friends and relive your GLTAS feels with these similar archetypes:

Civilian Hal Jordan / Jayce

One’s a fighter pilot turned super hero who wields a power ring - the other’s a steam punk inventor who created a weapon called the Mercury Hammer.  Kilowog would be proud.

Razer / Varus

One lived a simple life on Volkrieg until his planet was attacked by Manhunters, sending him down a path of hate. The other was the warden of a sacred Ionian temple until a Noxus invasion corrupted his soul and drove him down a similar path of vengeance.  Oooh, so dark and broody.

Aya / Orianna

One was created by an Oan Science Director in an attempt to make the perfect artificial intelligence.  The other was built by a grieving father hoping to replace the ballerina daughter he lost.  Emotions detected.

Larfleeze / Twitch

One is a diseased dog-like hoarder that doesn’t want you to touch any of his stuff.  The other is a mutated sewer rat that doesn’t want you to touch any of his stuff.  STOP TOUCHING THEIR STUFF.

Saint Walker / Diana

One is a zen master bastion for hope who’s nickname is “Moonface”.  The other belongs to a moon worshipping order called the Lunari who crusade against the sun worshipping Solari.  Okay, this one’s a stretch, but you have to admit Diana’s in game model looks a lot like Saint Flawless.  If you squint. 

The best part of all this? - League of Legends is free to play!  

Let me know how this team build fairs!  See you in game!

PS: Warner Bros. lawyers, all these characters already existed before I started at Riot, so don’t come at me bro.