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Fic: Showing Off

AU: popular jock Blaine and nerd Kurt are dating, though no one knows it. Until they all do.

~2050 words, PG-13, so fucking fluffy.

Kurt opened his locker to see two small pieces of paper flutter out. He retrieved them both, noting that one was origami folded into an envelope shape, while the other was crumpled and sloppy. It didn’t take him too many brain cells to guess who each note was from.

He opened the crumpled one first, figuring he may as well get it over with. Sure enough, the message inside made his jaw tighten almost imperceptibly in suppressed emotion, and he tucked it away in his pocket before anyone else could walk past and read it over his shoulder. The other note, however, gave him a reason to smile.

Meet me at our place tonight at 9. I miss you. Xo, B.

Kurt looked up and made eye contact with Blaine, who was standing down the hall at his own locker, ostensibly chatting with his lacrosse buddies. He nodded once smoothly before noticing the death glare Sebastian was giving him from his place next to Blaine. Kurt dropped his head so quickly his glasses tried to fall down his nose and scurried off to class, feeling the note in his pocket poke painfully into his thigh the whole way.

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