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The Parker Twins (behind the scenes!): Biggest Fears - Peter Parker x twinsister!Reader

Words: 878
Pairing: Peter Parker x twinsister!Reader
Featuring: May Parker, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: none.
Authors Note:  yooo i have some ideas for a Parker Twins series. READ THE SUMMARY!!

SO HI. You may recognize the name of this fic: The Parker Twins. That is because a few months back Jadyn and I wrote a little series based on the twins, (Y/N) and Peter Parker. But that actually had a plot that piggybacked on one another. This, however, does not connect to the plots of that series (exactly). This series will consist of little fics that would happen between the Parker Twins that are not long enough to make a full fic, so we will be adding to them randomly. All you need to know, if you do not want to read the previous fics, is that (Y/N) has the power of teleportation and can teleport to any place in sight, and got her powers three years before Peter- AND they can read each other’s minds! They were both recruited by Tony for Civil War, but (Y/N) changed sides to help Cap halfway through- but ended up escaping out of the prison.  

The Parker TwinsPeter / Full Masterlist

You were laying on your bed with your head hanging off the end and your phone in front of your face. You were tapping away at a random game that you had been obsessed with, and no one understood why.

The door opened and you looked for a split second to see Peter, your twin brother, walk in. “Hiya, Pete, what are you doing?”

Peter shrugged. “Just grabbing my camera, I’ve got a new assignment for photography,” He told you. “What are you doing?” He raised his eyebrow.

“I’m trying to figure out if I sit like this for a long time, will I pass out?” You smiled. “I’m very bored.”

Nodding slowly, Peter looked around the room. “Do you want to come with me? I’m going to be stopping by the Avengers compound to see if Mr. Stark will let me take some photos there.”

You sat up, almost falling over from the change in gravity and the blood rushing out of your head. “I don’t know…I don’t think Stark likes me after I declared I was on Captain America’s side…”

Peter rolled his eyes. “He doesn’t care! How many times do I have to tell you that?” He chuckled and grabbed your empty bag, throwing it at you. “You’re coming with me. Bring your camera and some snacks, too, who knows how long we’ll be out.”

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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey was first released in Japan five years ago today, on October 8th, 2009. Can you believe that shit? I sure as hell can’t.

Strange Journey was everything I wanted it to be, and more. Most importantly, it taught me that the basic concept behind Shin Megami Tensei is not just occult in appearance but that a great deal of thematic depth is hidden behind whatever facade its story wears. Specifically, it was the revelation that the game’s themes and subtext were reflective of the comparative analyses and histories within the decades-old mythology and religion books I was reading concurrently while playing; it’s a side of the series many may overlook or be only superficially aware of, but, by Strange Journey’s example, it’s there waiting to extend a psychopomp-like hand to the abyss of the collective unconscious when someone is willing and ready. 

Strange Journey lived up to the potential of Shin Megami Tensei absolutely. While it does have flaws which should not be overlooked, the game’s unique setting, atmosphere, and creativity still catapult it above most of its series peers. This is the game that really cemented my love for Shin Megami Tensei and it’s the future possibility of another game of its pedigree that will keep me a fan, no matter what the series throws out or how badly it fails to understand itself.


Both, trolls and humanstuck headcanons.

+EXTRA: Underwear/Bodytype version uvu

Humanstuck University AU headcanons:
Kanaya:Dressmaking. Terezi:Law. Aradia:Archeology. Feferi:Economics. Nepeta:Fine Arts. Vriska:History.

-Terezi usually dyes her hair using red Kool-Aid but her natural color is orange.
-Kanaya suffers every time she sees Terezi. A fashion police is needed.
-Feferi’s mom is rich, so, she can afford to buy like, two or three new dresses every month.
-Aradia believes in Ghosts and Aliens but Feferi can’t stand the sobrenatural so, sometimes she’s afraid of Megido. (Vriska too. She has a trauma related with it.)
-Nepeta, as art student, sometimes stain her clothes with paint, but she likes how they look.
-Vriska is actually a nerd. She plays D&D with Terezi.
-Kanaya writes fanfics about beautiful (and gay) vampires. She also likes Twilight but it’s her secret.
-Aradia uses her leisure to dig around the campus looking for “alien findings”
-Terezi has an albinus Iguana. Its name was Pyralsprite but Aradia started to call it Juancho and Terezi changed its name to that.

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-8

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Originally posted by kibaems

“Quick Y/N, this way!” Chen yelled running down the hall, me trailing behind him. We quickly run to his room, sliding in and running for a place to hide. I ran to his bed, sliding under it and trying to control my quick breathing. I heard Chen running to his closet and quietly close the door. As my breathing finally decided to slow I heard a loud yelling down the hall, followed by the stomping of feet.

“CHEN! Y/N! GET OUT HERE NOW”  I heard the yell of Suho yell out into the hallway. I snickered, covering my mouth with my hand. I could hear Chen doing the same in his spot. I could also hear the slamming of doors opening and closing, which was obviously Suho trying to find us. He continued to yell as he went, mostly about how much trouble we were going to be in when he found us. As he was storming around I couldn’t contain my laughter and had to close my eyes from crying from laughing so hard.

Suddenly I was grabbed by the ankles and yanked out from under the bed. I screamed in my panic thrashing around. Suho was holding me by my ankles so that I was hanging upside down. I looked at him and noticing that he was dripping wet while his hair was a light pink color. His face however was a deep red “you think this is funny?” he asks fuming, I try not to laugh to piss him off more but I’m unable to control myself. I look back at his hair and red face and break into laughter. He sighs frustratedly before letting go of my ankles and dropping me onto the floor. I drop with a thump while Suho moves to the closet. He throws open the doors storming in, I hear a yell from Chen from within the room.

I hear another opening door so I turn my head to look at it seeing Kris standing in the doorway. “Whats going on, I heard a scream and a loud thump” he questions crossing his arms I look at him but point my finger towards the closet. He turns his eyes to look that way just as a whining Chen comes out having his ear pulled by the still red faced Suho. “what happened to your hair?” Kris asks with a smirk, Suho’s eyes snap up to look at him. He points at the two of us “these two put red kool aid in the shower top, now my hair is stained this color!” he says grabbing Chen’s ear tighter, to which the said man whines more. “We thought it would be funny! It will wash out with a few showers hyung” Chen says trying to get Suho to release his ear. Suho grabs tighter but then releases “you better hope so” he glares but quickly whips around to look at me. I cower slightly “and you, don’t think you aren’t getting punished either. You are grounded till Friday.” he says sternly. “But it’s only Tuesday?!” I say exasperated “no buts! It’s not that long, now give me your phone” he says putting his hand out to take my phone.

I sigh but hand it over to him, after he takes it he storms out of the room. Kris stands in the door for a second, eyes following Suho before turning to look at us. He winks and leaves the room closing the door after himself.

Chen turns to me “we are getting your phone back before than” he says with a mischievous glint in his eyes. I raise my eyebrow at him “how exactly do you intend to do that?” I ask him “I’m gonna teach you how to pick a lock” he says putting his hands on his hips in a heroic fashion. I laugh “I feel like that is going to get us in more trouble” I say standing up from where I was dropped on the floor. “No it’s fine besides I know the safe Suho keeps his stuff in is” he says heading for the door. “You wanna do it right now!” I yell at him, he turns around looking wide eyed at me “quite! We don’t want everyone knowing what we are doing!” he says slamming the door closed again “we will do it tomorrow, they will be least suspecting then also Suho will be away for the day. I’m going to get a safe out of the basement to practice” he says walking out the door, leaving me alone in his room.

A few minutes pass and he returns holding an old looking safe in his hands. “We got rid of this because it was too hard to open” he says putting it down in front of his bed. “It was too hard to open, so you want me to learn to pick the lock on it?” I ask raising my brows again. “Yes because if you learn on a hard lock any other will be a piece of cake” he says raising his hand to beckon me forward. I stand walking to the safe and sitting in front of him. He reaches for my hair and grabs a bobby pin from it causing my hair to fall in front of my face. I blow my hair away and stare at him “ok so take this and stick it in the hole” he says, I smirk looking at him “that’s what she said” I joke taking the bobby pin from him. He smacks the back of my head “knock it off and focus” he laughs. I do as he instructs “ok now listen closely to the safe and try to figure out how it fits” he says. I put my ear against the safe and listen waiting for everything to click into place. It takes awhile but when it does I turn and look at him. “Now slam your hand on it to lock it in place and twist” he instructs watching me intently. I do as he says and with the last turn I hear a click louder than the ones before.

I look at him again for instruction but he just gestures for me to open it. I do and with it the safe opens revealing nothing inside the box besides a few dead flies. “Good now practice that a few times till you have it down” he crosses his arms over his chest looking proud. I close the safe again locking it and proceed to do it again.

I probably open the safe a total of 7 times before he says I can stop, each time I get faster at it. “Good, now remember what I told you. We are getting your phone back tomorrow” he says standing taking the safe with him. Just as he is about to close the door he turns back around “goodnight Y/N, sleep well” with that he closes the door leaving me alone. I turn and look at the clock noticing it’s 11 pm.

I get up and change into a pair of pj’s and crawl into my bed, excited to try my new skill tomorrow.

“Wake up Y/N, Suho’s gone” I hear Chen whisper shaking me. I groan trying to roll over onto my side. He pulls me back forward “no Y/N, we gotta do this now” he says pulling me into a sitting position. I groan again but reluctantly open my eyes “fine” I saying pulling myself from his grip. I roll over and stand from my bed. “Grab some bobby pins and meet me outside your room” he says leaving me to grab stuff. I walk to my bathroom grabbing at the stuff and throwing my hair in a ponytail.

I walk out my room meeting Chen in the hall. He is leaning against the wall looking around till he spots me “good you’re here, let’s go” he says.

We start to sneak our way to Suho’s room till we are both startled by a voice from behind us.

“Going somewhere?” Kyungsoo asks looking suspicious. I always forget that he is an early riser. “We are um… just going for a stroll. Right Y/N!” Chen tries to cover last minute looking at me. “Uh… yeah right, stroll” I say crossing my arms behind me back concealing the bobby pins. “Uh huh, sure. This stroll wouldn’t have anything to do with your phone right?” he asked raising an eyebrow in question casually sipping his tea. Both Chen and my eyes widen at him, before Chen can say anything I step in “please don’t tell him Soo!” I say clasping my hands in front of me, even using my childhood nickname for him to try to convince him, looking cuter and younger.

He stops what he is doing and glances between Chen and me before giving a sigh, closing his eyes “fine” both Chen and I let out a huge breath. “But, no pranking me for two months” he says sternly. Both of us nodding excitedly “of course!” we say in unison running off before he can say anything else.

We make it to Suho’s room soon enough and sneak our way in, closing the door quietly after ourselves. “Quick its under his bed” Chen says pointing it out. We both run to it and pull the safe out from under his bed. We both sit down on the floor, I pull out my bobby pins and start to try to open it. I quickly try to crack it while Chen is breathing down my neck, wanting me to move quickly.

The click from it opening filled the small space. What we didn’t notice was that we were so excited from the lock opening we didn’t here the click of the door opening. Both Chen and I cheered and high fived. A throat clearing stopped us both in our tracks, we both whipped around to see Suho standing in the doorway with an eyebrow raised before he casually said “busted.”

Friends Like Ours (Part Six)

Story/One Shot Collection Summary: You decide to move in with your best friend and his roommates after a bad breakup. Your best friend is Sam Wilson. His roommates are Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Let’s just say that your life becomes a little more interesting…

Part One: Whose Side Are You On?

Part Two: On Your Left

Part Three: Movie Night

Part Four: The End of the World

Part Five: The One with the Ex and the Dining Set

Chapter Title: Repaying a Debt

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, some mentions of “horizontal mambo” 

A/N: While this is a one shot collection, this one shot is connected to Part Four: The End of the World so please read that first before reading this part, if you haven’t already. Happy reading!

“Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”

Steve smirks, his bright blue eyes gazing your way as he inches closer to you. “Why should we stop? You still owe me after that little stunt you pulled a few nights ago,” he leans forward, your body between his arms as he places his hands on the counter behind you. “This is paying your debt.”

Your eyes narrowing, you let out a sigh and lightly push Steve away from you. “Fine, fine. I’ll do this,” you mutter under your breath as Steve grins widely at you in response. Rolling your eyes, you step into the shower and hold your hand out. “Give me what you got.”

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ways in which bitty goes through a rebellious phase in lieu of coming out to his parents:

  • having sleepovers at his friend haley kaye’s house in eighth grade & telling them he’s at hunter jones’ place
  • (sleeping in the same house as a GIRL?? his mama would have a fit)
  • listening to nothing but green day for like a month straight
  • listening to the dixie chicks on blast for like a year straight
  • and I’m talking about during the bush administration so like he was seriously aiming to piss off every mega republican in the neighborhood plus his daddy so
  • dies his hair red with kool aid to celebrate a hockey win in hs. mama Bittle actually cries thinking he’s gone and damaged his beautiful blonde hair
  • once fell asleep in the backyard doing homework and when his mama thought he was sneaking back in after being out all night with friends he didn’t actually have, he let her believe that & took the week’s grounding almost happily
  • oh no I’m making myself sad
  • after a fight with his mama he made pies with store bought crusts for a whole week and the church ladies told him, in front of his mother, that they were his best pies yet
  • if he’s feeling petty while at samwell he talks about lardo on his calls home. nothing scandalous, but enough to casually mention her piercings and arty hair and propensity for burping in people’s faces and JUST how close they are
  • (I am of the opinion mama and coach Know at this point and are not falling for the I Have A Friend Who Is A Girl Isn’t That Scandalous act, but they recognize their son acting out when they see it)
  • lying to them about visiting jack feels the most rebellious and the most painful of all of these acts. it’s so much more serious than pretending the sharpie doodle on his arm is a stick n poke from the burnout kid in his l.a. class.
  • he doesn’t want a real part of his life to feel like acting out in defiance of his upbringing. he wants to talk to his parents about his boyfriend. he wants them to share his happiness.
  • (and that day will come. one day he’ll be sitting in that old kitchen in georgia, laughing about the silly things he did when he was a scared, hurting kid, hand-in-hand with the love of his life.)
Lloyd is grown up and we r suffer ing

Not Enough Cake is Cole
Garmadon_Green is Lloyd
Red Shogun is Kai
Screaming Intensifies is Jay
Kool-aid is Nya (don’t ask. XD)
Ice Cubes is Zane


Red Shogun: Lloyd is so hoooot.

Not Enough Cake: He is, like, a twelve-year old stuck in a teenager’s body.

Screaming Intensifies: He is still a kid, Kai.

Kool-aid: Kai, it’s wrong to like a kid.

Red Shogun: But he’s so cuuuute. His hair is so soft, like kitten’s fur.

Ice Cubes: Wait, you like Lloyd?

Not Enough Cake: Where have you been during this?

Ice Cubes: I was doing some repairs on the falcon.

Screaming Intensifies: Don’t you have a girl in your head? P.I.X.A.L., was it?

Ice Cubes: That is irrelevant to the conversation, Jay.

-Garmadon_Green joins the chat-

Garmadon_Green: What are you guys talking about?

Red Shogun: NOTHING

Not Enough Cake: We were talking about turtles.

Ice Cubes: But I thought we were talking about the fact that Kai— Nevermind.

Screaming Intensifies: Kai wants a turtle, a cute one. A baby turtle that he will love even though it’s wrong.

Garmadon_Green: What’s so bad about loving turtles, Jay?

Kool-aid: You can’t have a turtle, Kai.

Red Shogun: Why?

Kool-aid: They are smelly and gross.

Garmadon_Green: This conversation went from casual to really weird.

-Everybody except Red Shogun left the chat-

Red Shogun: See what you did guys? You made him leave!

Red Shogun: Hello?

(the next day)

-Red Shogun sends a photo-

Not Enough Cake: You took a picture of Lloyd sleeping?

Screaming Intensifies: You are so gross.

Red Shogun: But he’s cute.

Kool-aid: Does he even know that you did that?

Red Shogun: Yes.

Ice Cubes: Lloyd woke up a second after the picture was taken, caught him in the act.

Not Enough Cake: How did you know that, Zane?

Ice Cubes: I was there.

Red Shogun: His cheeks turned so red.

Ice Cubes: I believe it was out of embarrassment and shock.

Red Shogun: It is because he loves me, too.

Red Shogun: I’m going to tell him that I love him.

Not Enough Cake: Dude! Don’t do that!

-Red Shogun left the chat-

Kool-aid: Oh, my God.

(A few hours later)

Red Shogun: Told you guys he loved me.

Not Enough Cake: w hat?

Ice Cubes: Ancieizjdeiocnfiejxnex

Kool-aid: He loves you?

Screaming Intensifies: My chat name is what I’m doing right now.

Red Shogun: We made out for, like, an hour after I confessed.

Not Enough Cake: Ew, dude.

Red Shogun: We also had sexual intercourse. Did you know sex was short for sexual intercourse? He told me that while we were doing it.

Kool-aid: My brother is a pedophile. Can’t believe it.

Red Shogun: His ass is so tight.

Ice Cubes: I’m suppose to be emotionless because I’m a robot, but even I’m disgusted by this.

Red Shogun: I’m cuddling with him right now.

-Red Shogun sends them a photo-

-Everybody except Red Shogun left the chat-

Red Shogun: Haha. They don’t understand love.

(The second photo is basically of him with Lloyd, both naked. Just saying.)

The lockwood and company nerds as actual people in my Fencing academy

(Bonus points if you can figure out which one I am)

Lockwood: Student who literally loses a different piece of equiptment every week and has to borrow from the academy.

Quill Kipps: Minecraft fan. “360 no scope” mid-bout. Why. Probably a young male with weirdly long greasy hair in a headband.

Lucy Carlyle: Young prodigy. Approximately 3 ft tall. Adorable and obviously ridiculously talented, but also constantly judging you.

Flo Bones: Girl who always has absolutely crazy socks. Love her. Has half her hair badly dyed red with kool aid.

George Cubbins: Dabs while holding rapier, definitely a health risk. “Fencing class but everytime someone harasses me about not wearing the right knee socks it gets faster.”

Holly Munro: Student whose parents are almost definitely in the mafia. Seemingly rich but also probably a disappointment to their prestigous family. Artsy and gay, constantly covered in bandaids. But like, rich person bandaids.

Kate Godwin: Twenty one pilots fan. The only reason you know this is because theyve worn the same twenty one pilots shirt to every single class.

they say shit like “oh just go out and buy a plane ticket to
anywhere, go live life instead of worrying about him”
but who actually has the time or the cash for that

so instead i’ve opened the college-girl manual on
how to scrub a boy out from every strand of hair
he ran his fingers through, instead i’ve started figuring out
the little things to make him wash out like
dip-dying your hair with the leftover bleach
from your sister’s kit or maybe using red kool-aid for it
so when you stand in the shower you watch thin blood-colored streams
run down your curves or maybe you learn to give your phone
to a more responsible adult when you go out to get drunk
because you kind of turn into a needy little shit (you’re
starting to worry your friends are a million times done with it)
and you start learning how to force yourself into having fun
in little thing like spooning chocolate icing out of
the container even though it’s probably definitely not healthy
but it’s better than going crazy trying to get thin again for him,
you learn not to let yourself get too introverted on rainy days because
that shit is a slippery slope right down into spending four hours
on his facebook page,
you learn to take long walks when you need to think
because that way at least you get some exercise since let’s be real
you really just want to curl up in bed and stare at a wall until
the earth crumbles around your ears, you learn to dress
hot as hell just for yourself
because you’re bammin-slammin-bootylicious,
you learn to be cool with leggings as pants despite the fact
when you were fourteen and trying too hard to be ‘alternative’ you
totally used to rage about how they’re not actually,
you learn and you grow up and you cry about it some and then you
cry about it until it feels like you’re gonna drown and then you have
a couple of days of just absolute blankness where you
kind of don’t know if you’re okay and then you have a couple of days
of being a fucking rainbow like hell yeah and then maybe you see
two people kissing and you start crying all over again and it’s okay
because you learn to stretch out in the sun and to pet every animal
you come across even if it’s something you’re kind of scared of
and you learn and you learn and you learn and you kind of end up
becoming a whole different person and this will fuck with your head
for a little whenever you see him
because part of you will want to tell him
“i’m someone completely new now, i’ve buffed out some of my
flaws and i’m pretty fucking proud” but at the same time you
don’t want to go back to where you were so you’re in this weird “do
i actually talk to him” limbo - you learn that you still feel an odd kind
of queasy when you think about him and you really wanna puke when
you see him with her but you learn to take a deep breath
and not let it ruin your night and
to make out with random guys if you’re into that and
you learn to do your homework on time and you
learn the people you can study with so you can copy from them and
you relearn how to make friends
and you learn that you’re not the only one feeling broken and
you learn to be fine without him because eventually
some part of you remembers that you’ve had a whole life without him
and you were doing pretty good beforehand and
right now you might cry all day but you’re getting better and
you’re gonna be

—  “I’m alone again and I’m not so sure I’m ever going to be loved.”
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I Just Copped this shit online, its so dope!!! Can’t wait for it to ship

Something New

This is my entry for @supernatural-x-reader-oneshots‘ Zodiac Challenge! I’m a weird one when it comes to the zodiac. My birthday is October 23, which is either the ending day of the Libra cycle or the beginning of Scorpio, depending on what you’re looking at. So, being on the cusp as I am, I *believe* I show traits of both of those signs. 

PROMPTS: Libra- “Have sex, then fall in love” and Scorpio- “Single parents who meet at Parent-Teacher night”
WARNINGS: Smut, insecurity, fluff

Originally posted by theskyonbluehour

Your little girl sat at the kitchen counter, pouting into her bowl of macaroni and cheese. She’d demanded the Star Wars shaped kind, despite never seeing a single one of the movies. However, you’d learned in the past five years to pick your battles, and if Chloe wanted Star Wars mac and cheese, well, she got it. You bent over and kissed her chubby cheek and she sighed.

“Hey, you.”

Big blue eyes turned to look at you, and you tugged on a strand of wet blonde hair.

“You love when Aunt Charlie comes over.”

Chloe gave a long-suffering sigh, looking up at you.

“But I like it when you tuck me in. And when I get scared, I like to come to your room. Aunt Charlie stays on the couch.”
“Are you afraid of the couch?”
“No, Mommy.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and you laughed.

“Listen up, squirt. Aunt Charlie stays on the couch because she plays that silly game of hers until she falls asleep. She could stay in a bed like a normal person, but she’s weird.”

Chloe giggled, and you reached over to tuck a piece of wet hair behind her ear.

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wrong number au

@roosterbox I finally get to post a thing, ha!  

I wrote this based off one of my random au’s that I threw up on here before.  Feel free to die after reading cause it’s terrible or you loved it less likely.  Enjoy! or not. 

- - -

Arthur scowled at his computer as he adjusted the volume again, trying to drown out the moaning bleeding through his wall.  Dear God he was going to kill Cobb the next day, with something blunt and heavy.  He wasn’t going to get anything done at this rate and his music didn’t go loud enough to ignore it without blowing out his ear drums.  It was the vibrating of his phone rather then the ring tone that got his attention in that moment, the shake of it on the desk, and he tugged out his ear buds in time to roll his eyes at the loud ‘Oh Dom!’ that made him want to gag.  

He didn’t know the number, at least not off the top of his head, but that didn’t mean much in his line of work.  He was the personal assistant to the CEO after all, it wasn’t like people called him looking to talk to him anymore.  He answered without really thinking about it and brought the phone to his ear, “Saito Engeneering, CEO office, Arthur speaking, can I help you?”

He heard a crowd, not a large one but there were people in the background, and the sound of a voice echoing over a P.A. System. “Apparently not, because you’re not Yusuf…”  

Over the years of answering phone calls he had become something of a connoisseur of voices.  Accents, tone, general sound, he knew in an instant who most people were without them actually explaining themselves, and he liked this one.  English accent, a strange sort of gravel to it, he could make millions as a voice actor.  “No sir, does he work for the company?”

The chuckle that came over the line was a growling thing that made his skin tingle.  “No, he’s a chemist.  Although you don’t call them that.”  There was a momentary hesitation, “You go to him to get medicine.”

Arthur thought for a moment, “A doctor?  A pharmacist?”

“That’s the one.”  The man on the other end of the line seemed pleased with himself.  “I mean we call the shop a Pharmacy but they’re chemists.”  Arthur shook his head a little, “Sorry if I ramble a bit I’ve been flying all day and Yusuf is two hours late to fetch me and I’ve had a lot of tea.”

Arthur chuckled a little himself, “It could be worse.”

“What, like no tea?”  The voice sounded overly concerned behind the grin.

He may suddenly be developing a thing for voices beyond just and appreciation.  “You could be trying to work and have to listen to your roommate and his girlfriend going at it in the next room.”  He sounded a little more cynical then he had planned.

“Ooooh.” The noise made him forget his cynicism.  “That’s a rough one.  I don’t think I’d have to worry about it much myself, I’ve never seen Yusuf actually take anyone home.  I could ask him of course, but he’s not here.”  This time the other man sounded a little cynical.

“You could short sheet his bed.”  Arthur felt his ribs shake at the sound of the man’s laughter, like at a live concert with a lot of base.  “No really, it’s incredibly frustrating, my roommate used to do it to me all the time.  Or fill up little paper cups with something like red kool-aid and set them on every flat surface in his room.”

Between chuckles the other man managed to ask, “Why would I do that?”

“Because it stains.”  Arthur answered with a grin, “If he isn’t very careful taking them all out he’ll ruin the carpet.”

The man on the other end of the line laughed loudly, with no reserve at all even though Arthur knew he was somewhere public.  He liked that. “I will remember that Arthur.”

Arthur smiled, “You’re more then welcome to.”

There was a pause as another announcement went over the P.A. In the background, “Well Arthur it’s been a pleasure.  Just out of curiosity what number did I call?”

Arthur paused a moment, thinking better of giving his number out to a strange man he had never actually met.  “Five two eight, four nine one one.”

“Ah.” The voice chuckled again, “That’d be why then, should have been nine one two.”  Arthur was quiet, almost hoping the man wouldn’t hang up, but far too soon the other man broke the silence.  “It was wonderful talking to you Arthur, I hope you have a better night, and if ever I feel the need to prank some one I’ll be calling back for ideas.”

Arthur smiled and without meaning to said, “I’ll look forward to it.”  

There was a pause, a quiet marked by the crowd on the other end, and then a chime as the call disconnected.  Arthur stared at his phone for a moment, adding the number into his contacts as 'the sexy voice’, and dropped his phone back onto his desk to a call of 'Yes Dom, yes’.  He replaced his earbud and actively tried not to be sick on himself.

- - -

Arthur reached out from under the cocoon of blankets and pillows he had made himself to dampen the noise from Cobb’s room and grabbed the phone from where it lay on the mattress.  “Saito Engeneering, CEO office, Arthur speaking, can I help you?”  His voice sounded strange inside all the blankets.

There was a low, gravely chuckle that sent a familiar tingle up his spine. “Sorry to bother you again Arthur but it occurred to me that I never gave you my name last time we spoke.”

Arthur had to swallow a few times, “Are you stranded again?”

There was a pause and Arthur could hear what sounded like city noise.  He could imagine this man, probably tall and well built, maybe wearing a nice business suit, and here he was on the phone with him. “Hopelessly and irrevocably, and I’m going to be put in jail for murdering Yusuf but that’s another story.”  Another of those chuckles, “At least I know where home is now, easier to get a cab that way, although your lot’s cabs are far less friendly.”

Arthur hesitated, shifting a little in his blankets, “So you’re stuck wondering the streets in search of a cab and realize that you hadn’t introduced yourself to the man you called by accident almost a week ago?”

“Would you believe yours and Yusuf’s contacts are right by one another?  Ah here we are.”  The sounds of him climbing into a car and the muffled sound of an address while he held the phone against something.  The quiet sound of a breath at the microphone, “Care to keep me company on my way?”

“Goodbye Mr….”

“Eames.” He could hear the purr in the other man’s voice.  “Just Eames.”

Arthur couldn’t help his own smile, “Goodbye Mr. Eames.”

“Goodbye darling.”

- - -

Arthur sipped at his coffee, shook his head.  All he wanted was a coffee from a coffee shop that tasted better then one from a gas station. He set the cup down, lamented his wasted money, and tapped the button on his blue-tooth.  “Saito Engeneering, CEO office, Arthur speaking, can I help you?”

“Do you always answer your phone that way Arthur?”

Arthur’s mind went numb at that familiar gravel and his elbow slipped into the side of the styrofoam cup. “God Damnit!”

“Careful darling, your intellect is showing.”  

Arthur scowled at the air despite the thrill that swelled in his stomach at the nickname.  “Very funny.”  He grabbed the blanket off his bed, wiping at his pants leg and desk where the coffee had spilled.  “What can I do for you Mr. Eames?”

“Mmm… I do like the sound of that.”

Arthur swallowed but didn’t miss the slurring of the words, “Are you drunk?”

The chuckle rumbled in his chest even over the phone, “I am, and what of it?”

Arthur grasped for something, anything, that he could manage to say to that. “Nothing but you’ve made me spill coffee on my favorite slacks.”

“Slacks!?” He flinched a little at the volume.  “Oh come now don’t tell me you’re one of those boys with his plaid button down and tan slacks with black socks.”

Arthur couldn’t help the snicker, “Of course not.”  He picked the coffee up, remembered it was empty and dropped it into the garbage can by his desk.  “How do I know you’re not running around in a skirt.”

Eames laughed, “Oh please, I’d never step out in anything less then a dress.”  Arthur was sure he heard the heavy lidded eyes.  “I’m actually wearing jeans and a shirt, no frocks, how about you?”

Arthur paused, “Did you just ask what I’m wearing?”  

Eames laughed a little, quietly, and Arthur couldn’t help but follow suit. “Well darling you’re on to me.”


“Mr. Eames…”


“I did ask first of course.”  He was rambling.


“Eames.” Beep.  He was more forceful this time and Eames stopped, “I have  another call.”


“Oh well far be it from me to interrupt work darling.  Talk to you later.”  There was a click and a buzz and he tapped the button on his blue-tooth again, “Saito Engeneering, CEO office, Arthur speaking, can I help you?”

- - -

Arthur rolled back toward the wall again, lifting his phone and swiping through the received calls.  Twenty nine in the past five days from numbers he didn’t know, nineteen from works numbers, but not one from Mr. Eames.  His finger hovered over the call button, staring at the letters that spelled it out, Mr. Eames… Mr.  Eames.  He dropped the phone, grumbled something about how stupid it was to worry about it, and rolled back over.  Why couldn’t he sleep?  For that matter why was this man popping in and out of his mind while he was laying here not sleeping?

The quick, double buzz from the offending device was enough to bring him to tears, almost.  That would be Mr. Saito, most likely needing him to send a car to get him from his mistresses house, because who else would text him this early?  He hated his job on a more and more regular basis.  He swiped a thumb across the message icon and it popped up for him to read.

It’s come to my attention that I may have drunk dialed you the other night, and as I can be an obstinate arse when I’m drunk I’m sure I offended you, and I apologize for it.  I promise not to bother you again. - E

Arthur stared at the phone, at the apology he’d just read, and and tried to think of what to say to that.  It was an all too familiar occurrence when he talked to Mr. Eames, and he wasn’t entirely sure if he liked it.  He tapped at the keyboard a few times, none of the words forming on the screen seemed to come anywhere near what was racing through his mind.  Eventually, without really noticing, he sent the first thing that he managed to type that made any sense.  

Actually you admitted to wearing dresses.   He watched the glaring LCD screen in the darkness of 1 am and waited for an answer.  It dawned on him again how ridiculous this all was.

I most decidedly did not. - E

He laughed.  Oh yes, said you wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt though.

Arthur could imagine the indignation in the answer that came quickly after that.  Well of course, I’m English not Scottish, we don’t wear skirts. - E

It was nice talking to him without actually talking.  He didn’t find himself getting distracted so easily by the way he curved his vowels, the way he laughed that made him shiver.  It was kind of nice.  

I don’t believe you.

Oh really? - E  

The answer was quick and then nothing.  He was part way through what he considered a rather witty response about how nice he was sure Eames’ calves were when another message popped up.  Nothing appeared but a gray square and he considered he might have given Eames too much credit if he was just going to answer him with emoticons.  He tapped the message and an image opened, and he immediately reevaluated that assessment.

Staring back at him with a a little wave was an absolutely gorgeous man who appeared to be only wearing a pair of garish purple paisley sweat pants.  He had medium blonde hair swept back to reveal a pleasant face with blue eyes and the most ridiculous lips Arthur had ever seen.  He had obviously just taken it laying haphazardly on a set of navy sheets, the camera held up in his other hand.  Arthur’s eyes went back and forth over the picture, memorizing the little curve of the smile on those god-awful, perfect lips.  The broad shoulders and solidly built frame, even those absolutely dreadful pajamas.  They were not at all the features he’d imagined the owner of that incredible voice looking like but so much better then everything he’d imagined at the same time.  

The quick buzz-buzz had him swiping back to his messages.  How long had he been staring at that picture?  

I’ve broken your phone then I take it darling? - E

He could feel the rumbling chuckle even though he couldn’t hear it.

His fingers searched for something sensible to type but nothing came to mind.  The only things he could focus on were those lips, those shoulders, and just how low on his hips those terrible pants were.   Not at all Mr. Eames.  I was just trying to decide if those pants were a mean joke someone played on you.

I happen to love these trousers. - E

Well it’s a very mean joke then.

He couldn’t help the stupid grin as he sat there, alone in his room in the middle of the night as he texted a man he had talked to for no more then eight minutes.  He was being stupid, and childish, and he didn’t care nearly as much as he knew he should have.

How do I know you’re not wearing a dress? - E

Arthur stared at the phone and shook his head.  Because I too, am not Scottish.

Prove it. - E

Arthur stared at the phone.  He wasn’t talking to him, it was a text, but he was sure he knew exactly the timbre he would have used to say that and he had to take a very long breath.

I showed you mine and all that. - E

Arthur suddenly felt incredibly inadequate.  He had always been thin, not scrawny but lean and gangly, and he’d spent no measurable time outside in the past month between work and trying to actually sleep. He was not broad and well built like Eames, he was not slightly tan like Eames, and he certainly didn’t have any hideous pajama pants laying around.  He looked around, grabbed the first shirt he found and pulled it on.  He ran his fingers through his hair in an attempt to keep it from looking too terrible although he wasn’t expecting it to help much.  When he was sure he looked at least presentable he dropped back onto the bed and held his phone up, searching for an angle he didn’t absolutely despise and marveling at how paranoid he was about this.

He took the picture, scowled at it, took another one where he returned Eames’ little wave and stared at it just long enough to feel self conscious about it before he clicked send.  Why did he always look so young?  He looked like a teenager in a collage t-shirt but at least he looked half-way decent.

He waited, and the two minutes that ticked by seemed like thirty before the phone buzzed in his hand again.  Harvard boy? - E

Arthur looked down at his Harvard shirt and sweatpants as if they had said anything else.  Yes.

I’ve always said it should be Cambridge or absolutely nothing, but I’ve kept you up, and I’m sure you have to work.  Goodnight darling. - E

Goodnight Mr. Eames.

- - -

There was a long pause on the other end of the line, “Hmmm… never have I ever… oh, been to a Disney park.”  Arthur didn’t drink and Eames laughed, “Really?  But you live in the states!”

“There are other things to do in America besides go to Disney.” He stared around his room for something to inspire his next turn.

“Not that I’ve noticed.”  The clink of ice as he took a sip, “You have to meet mickey mouse and ride the teacups at least once in your life or you aren’t really American.  Alright, your turn darling.”

Arthur’s eyes landed on the computer.  “Never have I ever signed up for an online dating service.”  The clink of ice was unmistakable. “Really!?”

“Oh hush.”  He chuckled deep in his chest somewhere and Arthur appreciated the fact he couldn’t see his face turning pink immeasurably.    “My mother is very pushy and knows how to use the internet.”

“But a dating service….”

“Yes well, things happen.  Your turn.”

“No it’s your turn.”  Arthur laughed a little.  “I just went.”

Eames made a noise that caused Arthur’s lungs to stop working, “Alright, never have I ever answered a drunken call from a stranger and then proceeded to talk to him on a regular basis.”  

“You’re not always drunk.”  Arthur drank, and a thought occurred to him, “Never have I ever fallen for someone based purely on their voice.” There was a pause and then the unmistakable clink of ice, and by the rules of the game, as he had lied, he drank as quietly as he possibly could.

- - -

Arthur woke up the day after his birthday only half awake, his sleep short and perfectly terrible.  Eames called him, like clockwork, between ten thirty and eleven his time every three days, and this particular call would have been the only time anyone besides Mr. Saito would have told him happy birthday, but he’d waited until two and no call had come, so he’d tossed and turned all night and he didn’t know why.

He rolled over and hit the alarm button on his phone only to find a video message alert.  He scrubbed at his face and hit the button to prompt the download.  When the video began playing it was people he’d never seen, a handful here and there all wishing him a happy birthday, until he reached a pair who asked what it was for.  

“A friend who can’t make it here and is having a birthday.”  

That was Eames.  The girl in front of the camera asked who it was for and Eames answered with, “Arthur.”  Even though they were clearly at a party and he could hardly hear it, he liked the way he said his name.  A few more people he didn’t know said something nice and then an Indian man appeared, “Come on now Yusuf say something nice.”

“Happy birthday Arthur.”  So this was Yusuf.  

The camera moved as Eames apparently went into his room and turned the camera around so it was facing him, “In case your birthday was terrible darling.  Happy birthday Arthur.”  The mischievous little curve of his lips froze as the video stopped.  He watched it ten more times before he got out of bed.

- - -

Arthur was restless.  

He’d spent his whole day at work checking his phone at ever decreasing intervals, he’d found himself tapping his heel impatiently on the floor under his desk, and now that he was home he was driving himself batty staring at the phone on the arm of the couch.  He was alone, Dom and Mal had gone out for the evening, and he’d opted to stay home because he knew he wouldn’t be worth having along tonight.  

Six months he had been talking to Eames at lest twice a week.  Six months was a very long time to get into a routine, and sure enough he’d found himself wired when he hadn’t heard from him like he usually did, every three days or so.  He grumbled something under his breath about how stupid he was being and stopped his leg from tapping again. It wasn’t even that he had anything to say to him really, he just missed hearing his voice, missed the chuckle that would accompany any silly little comment he made.

He missed Eames.  He had never once met the man and he missed him like a friend that hadn’t been home to see you from school in a year.  

He was pathetic really, he knew it would end.  This man obviously had more important things to do then sit on the phone with him and talk about nothing for hours.  Even on nights when they’d had things to talk about, made plans for their own respective weeks, there had been nothing really said.  They’d talked about their lives,their families to a point, Eames had explained the difference between 'bloody’ and 'fuck’, but they hadn’t exactly been sharing the most intimate details of their souls or anything.  They were just friends with unlimited talk on their phone plans.

If Eames called he wouldn’t answer.  

He wasn’t at Eames’ beckon call.  Just because Eames called didn’t mean he had to talk after all, if the man was so busy he couldn’t call then he was too busy to answer.  It was far too late to be up talking on the phone anyway, he had to work, he had to sleep even if he wasn’t tired at all.  He stood, stretched his back, turned off the TV he wasn’t really watching and headed for bed.  He would just forget about it, maybe delete the contact and the stupid picture he’d set to it of him laying back on those navy blue sheets with those hideous pants.

The phone rang and he answered it absentmindedly, “Saito Engeneering, CEO office, Arthur speaking, can I help you?”

“Sorry to call so late darling.”  He winced at the pet name and felt his anger slipping through his grasp.  “Just wanted to say goodnight before I caught a cab.”

“Oh?” Arthur tried to sound uninterested.

“I’ve stopped expecting Yusuf to pick me up places, it’s cut down on my time wandering the city immensely.”  He could hear what sounded like a crowd in the background.  “I would have called sooner  but my mum insisted I stay a few extra days and my phone doesn’t work overseas like it does here, and did you know it would have cost one pound a minute to call the states?”

Arthur tried not to get sucked in by his outlandish response to such a thing, by the laugh when he made a joke he found funny, by the way he imagined Eames looked talking on his phone like this in the middle of the night to other people.  He failed miserably.

Two hours later he hung up, the warm feeling on his skin from Eames’ goodnight making his heart pound harder then anything else in recent memory.

- - -

“What is that?”  Eames asked, shifting around his room on the other end of the line.  

“Just watch the movie Mr. Eames.”  Arthur answered, watching his own TV as some alien or another went past.  “I can’t believe you’ve never seen Star Wars.”

Eames chuckled, “Well I’ve never seen much reason, but if you recommend it.”  Arthur heard the sounds in his own room a second after they came over the phone.  “Now why is Harrison Ford talking to a carpet?”

Arthur laughed, “You’re a terrible date Mr. Eames.”  As he words slipped out of his mouth he went still on his bed.  This wasn’t a date, this was him watching a movie over a phone with someone who he had never even met.  It wasn’t like he was even suggesting that it could be one, Eames knew what he meant.

“Just depends on what we’re doing, darling.  I’m terrible at films but I’m better at the end.”

Arthur swallowed, hard.

- - -

“You will never guess what I’m doing right now Mr. Eames.”  Arthur smiled at the thought of Eames trying to figure it out.

“Well by the sound of it you’re in public so my guess is out.”

Arthur struggled to keep the pink off his face.  “Oh please.  I am currently standing in line with the bosses daughter to ride the teacups.”


“Yes.” Arthur chuckled this time, the little girl holding his hand swaying excitedly next to him so much that she nearly knocked the blue tooth out of his ear.  “And later I’ve got to take her to meet Mickey Mouse because her parents are working on a p-a-r-t-y for her.”

“See now you’re properly American.”  Eames answered with his own little chuckle.  “And you picked a good first call to make I suppose.  Try and have fun, I’ll cal you later though, I’ve got to go tell a room full of ugly old men I’m not terrible at my job.  Goodbye darling.”

“Goodbye Mr. Eames.”  Arthur said in a half daze, had this been the first time Arthur had ever called him?  He thought back, stepping forward in line absently.  Every time they’d talked it had been around the same time at night, and he had, in fact, never once placed the call.

In his excitement to share this new development he’d forgotten that they both had jobs, that they both had real lives outside of each other, and he had just intruded on Eames’, and Eames hadn’t treated it like an intrusion.  He felt a little thrill in the pit of his stomach and stared at the children and parents in line in front of them.  He was a part of Eames’ actual life, and he wasn’t sure if that scared him or made him float a few inches off the ground.

- - -

“So do you have any special plans for tonight darling?”  

Arthur considered.  “Dom and Mal said something about going out to dinner but nothing special.”  He had never really made much of his own birthday, but this wasn’t just his birthday, this was Eames’.  This was different.  “But this is Saturday night , surely you have a party to go to or a date for later.”  He kind of hoped that he would say he wasn’t dating anyone else, that they were in love, or something equally as disgusting and perfect.

“Can’t say I do.”  Eames chuckled a little, “Wouldn’t want to have to miss out on our call after all.”

Arthur felt his heart racing in his throat.  He knew how he felt, he knew how he wished Eames felt, but how exactly did you explain something like that over the phone to someone you’d never met?  In nearly a year that they had been talking they had never even told one another where they lived.  Eames knew he grew up in New York, was an only child, liked grilled cheese and tomato soup when it was cold, and that argyle was his favorite kind of sock.  He knew that Eames was from London, had three younger siblings, loved paisley in garish colors, and that he had a voice that made Arthur’s toes curl.  They had exchanged pictures, he knew every curve of Eames face, he imagined Eames knew his as well, he even bought a bottle of Eames’ preferred cologne just to see what it smelled like.

The truth of the matter was they hadn’t been in the same room.  “Well if I were there Mr. Eames I would take you on a date.”

Eames smiled, he knew because he’d heard it so many times before.  “I wouldn’t want you to take me anywhere darling.”  Arthur was positive he heard the sound of blankets being moved.  There was quiet on the other end of the line then, the kind of quiet that didn’t invite him to fill it so he left it be.  “Do… do you ever have …”  Arthur had never heard him stumble over his words before. “trouble, I suppose, sleeping?  If we don’t talk at night that is. I mean…”


“Yes…” Another smile, slowly this time, “Here I was thinking I was mad.”

- - -

Arthur didn’t even look at the man properly as he mentioned, again, just how much he adored Arthur’s dimples.  He smiled a little, thanked him with curt nod, and sipped at his drink.  He wasn’t much into bars or clubs but Mal had insisted he come and all but dragged him out the door.  Apparently he was spending far too much time in his room.  He needed to socialize with real people not just talk on the phone.

She didn’t know he was just out a few nights ago with Dom to buy a ring so he could purpose, and he wasn’t going to tell her that, so here he sat.  To his right an man, tall and pale with long hair and an ugly shirt, that looked completely at odds with the neon and the small dance floor, and to his left a perfectly attractive man with cheek bones for days and bluer eyes then were humanly possible.  Yet here he was absently spinning his phone on the bar and not really paying any attention to any of it.  

He was watching the second hand tick on and on and on behind the glass of the cat clock on the wall.  He was ignoring the gorgeous man in a business suit that had bought him a drink and talked about god knows what for twenty minutes and all he could do was watch the minute hand creep from ten thirty toward eleven.

The man said something about maybe finding a table, a corner somewhere, he considered it for a moment before the edge of the phone he was touching vibrated in his hand and he looked down.  Waving up at him with that perfect smile was Eames and he smiled back.  “Actually, I have to take this.”  He gestured to the phone as he pushed himself off the stool.  “Thanks though.”  He was out the door just in time to answer the call.  “Saito Engeneering, CEO office, Arthur speaking, can I help you?”  Eames laughed as he turned down the street.

- - -

Arthur stared at the ceiling of his hotel room.  It had been a week since he had talked to Eames, a discussion that had turned from the music they had been listening too while he wondered what it would be like to dance with the man to an explanation that they wouldn’t be able to talk for a little while because he was was going out of the country for a few weeks.  Arthur knew that it was something important, some kind of board meeting or another, but he still wished Eames didn’t have to go.  When he’d said as much he’d gotten a laugh he’d never heard before, but he liked it.  

Now here he was, on a business trip with Mr. Saito, in the most romantic city in the world and he couldn’t even describe Paris to Eames over the phone.  He put a hand over his phone where it lay next to him and wondered if Eames was staring up at his ceiling thinking the same kind of thing.

As if on cue the phone buzzed twice and Arthur picked it up, opening the message with a swipe of his thumb.  The gray square that indicated a picture popped up and he tapped it.  It proved to be a shot of Eames in what looked like pajamas laying on a hotel bed.  Under it a short message read 'wish you were here’.

Arthur stared at it for a moment and without hesitation tapped a few times at the screen and called him.  The phone rang through and Arthur was surprised when Eames picked up, sounding as if he’d nearly been asleep.  “Hello?”

“Hello Mr. Eames.”

The sounds of Eames shifting around, presumably to get in a more comfortable position, were almost as familiar as his voice at this point.  “This is a surprise darling, I just sent you something actually.”

“I know, I just got it and thought I’d call.”  Arthur chewed on his bottom lip, “I figured paying for one over-seas call wouldn’t be a big deal, it’s not like it’s really that far anyway, I imagine.”

Eames chuckled a little, “Well the states are pretty far away at the moment.”

“I’m not in the states.”  Arthur answered, his fingers absently drawing circles on the bed sheet, “I’m actually at a meeting in Paris.  The hotel is lovely.”

There was a quiet on the other end of the line that Arthur couldn’t interpenetrate.  “Oh really?  Where are you staying?”

Arthur smiled at the inflection in those words.  “The Four Seasons George the fifth, right near the water and the Eiffel Tower.”  He glanced out his window, “I can actually see it from my bed, of course I don’t have one of the truly expensive rooms so it’s not the best view but it’s still a view.”

Eames chuckled, “In the 8th arrondissement?”  Arthur made a somewhat affirmative noise and he heard the twist of Eames’ mouth as he smiled and shifted around.  “I’ve stayed there, it’s a nice place.  Which room are you in?”  

Arthur smiled, “417.  It’s not the Parisian suite but I get the whole thing to myself.”  He shrugged half heartedly, “To be honest this is one of the nicer 'plain’ rooms I’ve ever had.  There’s a couch and everything.”  

Eames laughed, “So the boss takes the big room and leaves you to fend for yourself?”

“There’s a mini-bar and room service Mr. Eames, I’d hardly call this fending for anything.”  He rolled over onto his stomach and buried his face in his pillow, “I never thought I’d be in a hotel in Paris alone of course but at least I can’t hear someone going at it through the wall.”  There was a knock at the door and a woman’s voice announced housekeeping.  Arthur ignored it.  “That would be interesting though, here it wouldn’t be my roommate and his girlfriend, it could be the president for all I’d know.”

Eames chuckled a little but as he breathed in to say something the knock sounded again, “Will you get that before she barges in and starts hoovering your bed or something?”  Eames started to say something else, a garbled, strange sound overtaking him, and Arthur pulled the phone away from his ear to look at the screen as it ended the call. Great, just wonderful.

Knocking on the door brought him out of his scowl.  “Yeah alright.” Arthur was up, stretched his back, and got to the door as another set of knocks started.  “I don’t need any….”  He stared at the twist of those perfect lips as Eames smiled at him.  His mouth opened a few times as if to say something but nothing came out until finally his voice managed a weak, “Hello Mr. Eames.”

The words had barely left his mouth when Eames stepped toward him and pulled him in.  Arthur felt his heart pounding in his ears as those disgustingly perfect lips met his and the entire hotel, hell the entire world, seemed to vanish around them.  By the time they finally separated Arthur could hardly breath and he watched those lips curl into another perfect smile as Eames chuckled, this time actually vibrating all the way into Arthur’s chest, “Hello Darling, I think we got disconnected.”

Arthur grabbed the front of the Harvard shirt he was wearing, which if he had looked at it he would have noticed exactly matched his own, and pulled Eames into the room.

The Great Prank War

TFW x Reader (Friendship)

Summary: You, Sam, and Dean are in the middle of a prank war. What happens when Cas joins in?

Warnings: Brief cursing.

Requested by @its-my-perky-nipples

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

You bellow out laughing as you watch Sam come through the door, body soaked with red Kool-aid.

“Didn’t check the tap? Rookie mistake”, you giggle out as he glares at you.

Suddenly, you’re soaked to the bone as Dean dumps a bucket of water on your head. Sam bursts out laughing, and Dean joins him as you pout. 

You get up to chase him, and he begins to run, but slips on the hardwood harshly, landing with an oof.

“Nice job, Dean”, Sam laughs, holding an empty container of butter.

Cas manages to come in during the madness, and he looks at you all with confusion.

“What are you doing?”

You slap a hand on his shoulder. “It’s all in the name of the Great Prank War.”

“Prank?” Cas looks even more confused.

“It’s like, playing jokes on your friends”, Dean tries to explain, pushing himself up off the ground. 

Cas smiles. “Oh, sounds fun. May I join?”

Sam shrugs, and so does Dean. “Sure.”

“Alright”, he says, snapping his fingers.

Suddenly, you’re teleported somewhere warm. It’s a busy city, and it takes you a minute to register the Eiffel Tower in the background.

“Paris?! Cas!”, you yell out, still soaking wet. 

Sam’s face is almost as red as the rest of his body, pulling the towel up as much as possible. Dean’s side is covered in butter, and the side of his face is turning red.

People are looking at you strangely, and you try to smile it off.

“Uh, bonjour?” Dean says to a pretty French lady, but she just scoffs and walks away.

“Damn it, Cas! Come back!” Sam yells, embarrassed and angry.

After about five minutes, a familiar fluttering of wings is heard.

“Cas! Please take us back?” you beg, fluttering your eyelashes. 

Soon, you’re back in the bunker, and Sam immediately runs to take a shower. 

“Was that a ‘prank?’” Cas asks innocently, smirking at your angry faces.

“Yes… Just, tone it down a bit, alright buddy?” Dean asks, also heading to the shower.

You nod in agreement, slouching on the couch.

Just another day in the Great Prank War.

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