red knife

The Flower soulmate AU (PJO edition)

(not only including wounds but also suffering that isn’t caused by wounds. + old scars)

• Percy got a large red rose where the knife hit Annabeth when she caught it to protect him. Also his body is covered in a soft rose tendril from all the small battle injuries Annabeth has suffered from throughout all those years.

• When Piper was two years old, a tiny white rose appeared above her upper lip and her father always wondered why. Throughout her childhood more and more red and white roses appeared on her skin and her father was so worried because her soulmate apparently got injured so often.

• As Hazel got back from the underworld, many flowers appeared on her body all at once because Frank was chosen as her new soulmate.

• Frank was born with a nightshade over his heart, representing the fact that Hazel was dead, but it started to slowly die the more time Hazel was alive.

• Leo was born with a bunch of daisies over his heart, representing Calypso’s broken and scarred heart. They disappeared after he took her away from Ogygia.

• While Nico shadowtravelled Reyna, Coach Hedge, the Athena Parthenos and himself around half the world, and his whole body ache and he was so exhausted, tendrils of many different flowers appeared all over Will’s body, adding up to the small red roses that had appeared after and after during the last three years on his arms. Will knew he was getting better when the flowers slowly started to die.

• When Rachel got bruises, flowers appeared on nobody’s skin, because she was destined to become the oracle and not to fall in love, though she first hoped that flowers would appear on Percy’s skin when she fell.

• Thalia had roses on her face, resembling Luke’s scar but they all disappeared after she became a huntress.