red jasper

This is the sum total of my day’s work and is all @happywife416’s fault. The tiger iron is a terrific weight. There is a small Tigers eye, lack leather with leopard jasper, the white deerskin is sodalite, green jasper, and red tigers eye. Falcons eye is the dark blue and is on a stretch band. Globe charm, and baby’s breath from one of the more recent bouquets the BH brought me.


A collection of Ancient Roman rings, found on Christie’s.

Top left: Amethyst intaglio ring depicting a youth holding a spear and an owl, dating to the 1st century CE.

Top right: Carnelian intaglio ring of Minerva facing an armed warrior, perhaps Mars, dated to the 1st century CE.

Bottom left: Jasper intaglio of Hercules, dated to about the 2nd century CE. 

Bottom right: Gold ring depicting a stork and a fish, dating to the 2nd to 3rd centuries CE.