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Healing Spell for a Friend

My friend’s dog recently passed away and it’s left her absolutely heartbroken. Just today I went to a street fair where I intended to get a piece of Jasper for my friend because her dog’s name was Jasper, I found only a piece of Red Jasper and her dog was also red haired- which worked out perfectly! The coincidence inspired me to cast a spell on the stone so that it may bring her healing and warmth throughout her grieving process. Here is that spell (which can be altered to accommodate you and your available materials)

  1. Charge the stone in sunlight, under a small rainbow (created by a glass sun-catcher) for a few moments. Direct your loving energy into the stone
  2. Place it down on something soft while you prepare the loose incense
  3. On a charcoal disk, place dried lavender, chamomile, orange peel, and black salt. (My “orange” was actually a tangerine but any sweet citrus peel is fine)
  4. Underneath the charcoal disk, place white salt & dried rosemary on the sand or whatever material you use for proper and safe charcoal burning
  5. Light two candles on either side of the stone. A lavender for healing and a dark blue to represent grief. One of these flames will light the incense
  6. Light the charcoal disk and set the stone near it
  7. Circle the stone with a wand or your finger while reciting:
    “Healing stone, Warm [her] bones.
    Healing stone, Warm [her] bones.
    Healing stone, Warm [her] bones,
    Though they part, Mend [her] heart.” Repeat as many times as you need
  8. Burn the incense for as long as you see fit
  9. Extinguish the blue candle and pass the stone through the smoke, symbolizing the inevitable grief this person is/will suffer
  10. Hold the stone over the flame of the lavender candle, gradually heating it
  11. Focus your intent into the stone to fill it with healing power
  12. When finished, stick it in a pouch. Tie strings in one knot, stating “so mote it be.” Now keep it safe until gifting it to your person!

Ancient Roman red jasper intaglio of a helmet decorated with Bellerophon and Pegasus at the top, and with a chimera and a dog at the bottom. The ringstone dates to the 1st century BCE to the 3rd century CE. Currently located at the Met.


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Crystals To Have on Your Altar

Obviously none of these are mandatory, but their presence can help keep your altar spiritually clean and aid you in your work! This is only a handful of ideas, as many more crystals have uses as well!

💎Red Jasper helps clear the mind and encourages grounding/stability. It also helps establish new disciplines and helps create a sense of control. This is super handy if you are new and want a little reassurance!

💎Quartz is a very common and very popular one. It helps store energy, and can be used to charge other items, keeping them “fresh” for you. It’s also a good amplifier for any magical workings.

💎Obsidian absorbs and converts negative energy, keeping it from gunking up your altar space! It’s like a fish tank cleaner.

💎Agate helps aid ceremonies and rituals by assuring everything goes smoothly! It also is useful for communicating with spirits and higher powers, so if you have a devotional altar, this might be a nice addition.

💎Chrysoprase gives off a calm and gentle vibe. If you would like your altar space to be immediately soothing and peaceful, this is a nice stone to help color the atmosphere.

💎Ruby in Fuchsite is known for clearing out energy blocks, greatly enhancing psychic powers, and is handy in spirit work/meditation. If you’re into divination or the altar is for a spirit companion, this could be a great thing to keep around!

💎Black Kyanite, besides being a handy protection stone, is great for aiding in energy work! If your altar space is for magic working, this can help the flow of energy between you, your tools, and your spell go much more smoothly.

  • cayenne pepper
  • coffee (turkish if possible, but any is okay - choose black coffee over any other coffee tho)
  • salt and/or black salt
  • black pepper
  • basil
  • mint
  • bay leaf
  • onions
  • lemon
  • iron nails
  • black tourmaline, amethyst, red jasper (these are the crystals I have for protection and strength, you can arrange a crystal grid of any sort you want, or you don’t even have to have a crystal grid, the idea of this is to add more power to the potion. A simple representation of the elements would do good too. Or a spiderman comic book idk whatever floats your boat)
  • chosen piece of jewelry 
  • a shell

Boil all ingredients in a small pot, the smaller the better. When it’s done draw an eye on a piece of paper with an X over the eye - this symbolizes the ‘evil eye’ not being able to harm you. The piece of paper should be as big as the pot because you’re gonna need to put it over the pot and let the sigil activate by the steam from the potion. Add the grid around the pot, and after a few moments of letting the steam get to the sigil, add the piece of jewelry right in the middle of the eye and add the shell on top of the jewelry.


Pray to the Paw~ Charged my crystals today, my puppy decided to help😄🐶 ——–—————————————————————–—– please do not delete caption
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                                    GODDESS GLAMOUR POTION

  • vodka
  • if you’d like you can put a little bit of color in there
  • glitter (optional, i added only a little bit and i did it after taking this picture)
  • rose petals
  • tiny bit of sugar
  • crystals (optional; i put one rose quartz on one side and an amethyst on the other side - which crystals you use depends on you, maybe you’d like to radiate a more of a calming ocean like beauty so you’d add aquamarine, or a more masculine don’t fuck with me kind of beauty so you can add red jasper for that)
  • apple slices

put all ingredients in a container except for the crystals, you gonna need to make a crystal grid around the container with this, and if you’d like you can add a beauty sigil under the charging container

leave it to sit like that until the vodka absorbs the apple and rose petals qualities - about three to four hours, if left longer the vodka slowly starts to evaporate

put the potion in a closed container (a bottle or a spray bottle)

before going out splash some on your wrists or your neck like you would with perfume