red jackal


Hazoret the Fervent

Here we have the first of five Gods that will appear in packs of Amonkhet. Hazoret is an interesting card that immediately shows the distinction between the Amonkhet Gods and the Theros version. Hazoret as a Commander would be a non-traditional build that would require some specific finessing to get right, but I’m sure we’ll see at least a few decks for her in the future.

  • Darrow au Andromedus: So, why should I have you on my team?
  • The Jackal: Well, I bring vast monies and influence, I have a better grasp on the political situation than you do, and I can ensure your contract gets bought so you're noticably harder to assassinate. You might say...
  • Darrow au Andromedus: Adrius
  • The Jackal: That I could...
  • Darrow au Andromedus: Adrius no.
  • The Jackal: Give you a hand.
  • Darrow au Andromedus:
  • The Jackal: I could also keep an eye on Sevro for you
  • Darrow au Andromedus: Adrius why
  • The Jackal: I could take a stab at being your new Pax
  • Darrow au Andromedus: You have no idea how lucky you are that I need you to not die

swmystery27  asked:

Why don't the Amonkhet Gods have their associated creature types (Jackal for Red, Cat for White, etc) as well as "God"? Looking at Hazoret it doesn't look like there's a lack of room in the typeline, as there was with the Theros Gods.

I believe the Theros Gods got us in the mindset of Gods are just Gods.


Red Rising Characters: Adrius au Augustus; The Jackal

“I am something different than you. A hand is a peasant’s tool. A Gold’s tool is his mind. Were you of better breeding, you may have realized this sacrifice means so very little to me.”


I will die. You will die. We will all die and the universe will carry on without care. All that we have is that shout into the wind - how we live. How we go. And how we stand before we fall.

color series pt. 1

-inspired by @leia-buns post for Eddie Redmayne as The Jackal

This is what we’re up against, seems like. @the-red-jackal fwiw, i am not IN ANY WAY trying to “bind anyone’s will”; my post was asking others to help ask the NTRW to make sj a priority (for reasons i will explain in full in a post me and Sat are currently working on). Furthermore, the kemetic watch is only for people who are dangerous- which is why it currently only includes a handful of people rather than everyone who’s done and said racist things.

I am not a liberal; I am a freedom fighter. Therefore while I won’t ask for “binding of wills” (idk where intaier got the idea thats what my post meant, and tbh i feel she’s being purposefully disingenuous here) just as i won’t ask for, say, federal laws prohibiting offensive speech, i will absolutely campaign for social and cultural awareness about the effects that offensive or hateful speech has on others. Our freedom to say whatever we want is not more important than another’s freedom to live without being discriminated against or oppressed.

Finally, comparing people that aren’t Nazis to Nazis is anti-semitic. Don’t do it. @antisemitism-eu @jewish-privilege @littledoomwitch @antisemiticpagans if you’d like to jump in to explain, i’d appreciate your input.