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[ BREAKING ] Bang “Joker” Joonho Leaves Red Light Music + Evol?

surprise, surprise. yet another artist has left the dungeon known as red light music and fans are not happy about it! although we all know bang joonho as the main rapper and lead dancer for hjh’s co-ed project group evol and have been expecting his official debut with red light’s upcoming boy group, no limit, this upcoming new year, it just reached news outlets today that rlm’s longest running trainee of eight years has suddenly resigned from the company.

there has been no given statement from either joonho nor rlm as of now which only leads to question why the trainee had suddenly stepped down from both of his positions as a member of evol and no limit when he was literally months away from officially debuting. with speculations on the rise, fans are wondering where exactly will joon be going now and what will happen to evol and no limit when their rumored comeback and debut respectfully were planned for beginning of the new year? 

with people criticizing red light’s management for not debuting the twenty-one year old earlier as well as joonho’s lack of professionalism for leaving in the middle of evol’s comeback preparations, it is clear that the speculations for this breaking news won’t die down anytime soon until the public receives clarification from either parties.

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56 / 365 days of my sunshine (feat. Tae)


Wait a minute—that crab looks funny! 


Eagle-eyed staffers recently discovered a surprise guest in our pelagic red crab display: a young red octopus casually cruising the exhibit! 

This crafty stowaway must have found a perfect hideout in the rocky nook of Monterey Bay shale. 

After weeks of stealth, it grew big and bold enough to walk out into the open, where it was finally caught red-tentacled. 

For the safety of its tank mates, the cunning cephalopod has been moved behind the scenes, and will likely make an appearance in our red octopus exhibit in a few months!

Thanks to staffer Allen Protasio for catching video of this impostor in action! 


the boy who stole sweaters

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*long post; just a christmas story with the Akashi family; I gave Masaomi and Shiori eyes here ww ^q^;


Looks like I figured out where red hood got the idea for his move!! Figures he’s a john wick fan

I had a dream where the lions had corporeal holographic forms to interact with their Paladins. And it’s all hijinks and shenanigans [and Lance teasing Keith for how motherly Red is with him] until Shiro notices how generally unpleasant Red is with him.

At first he thinks nothing of it cause she seems just as dismissive towards the others, and Keith tries reassuring him that she’s just being herself. Until he brings up the whole leading Voltron subject with Keith again, then she’s a hissing growling menace and if it weren’t for Black and Keith, Shiro thinks he might have become her chew toy. Doesn’t help that all the lions can speak, cause everyone can hear Red calling him a “cub stealing meatsack”.

And of course he tries resolving the issue [can’t have problems in the Team, even if it lies between a Paladin and a lion that isn’t his]. But considering how temperamental and unstable the Red lion is? He doesn’t get a reasonable discussion “You want a successor? Fine! But don’t come sniffing at my cub’s direction and leaving him an anxious mess with your talk of potential death!” and really putting him on the spot and getting a faceful of sharp teeth “Funny how you feel absolutely fine with keeping this topic to yourself and Keith. Shouldn’t you be discussing this with the princess? After all, she seems like a more suitable candidate for Black, and I sure haven’t heard of my sister’s approval on the matter”. Then it’s just her dragging Keith away by the sleeve and him just turning to give Shiro a helpless look.