red is for racing

frccdomfightcr  asked:

This suddenly interested me. Who is the red horse painted on the Malvern barn. Do you think that Corr could be meant to mirror that horse? or could /that/ even be Epona?

YES GOOD. I would probably say that Corr, at the very least, is meant to evoke the red horse who seems to pop up all over the island and its history, from the stables to the sea cave! I wouldn’t say that’s all there is to it because…

*shines the red horse signal into the sky*

ARE YOU THERE, @skatzaa​??? DO YOUR THING??? SAY YOUR PIECE??? WE NEED YOU!!! (Skatzaa has some ideas about the legendary red horse that you will want to hear! And she will say them much better than I can!)

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out this beautiful legend and origin story that @asmalldarkmannamedfurrisky wrote! 

As an Asian American living in America, discovering Kpop made me realize that I don’t have to be white to make it big. I should feel proud of my culture and language, and not feel ashamed about it. It showed me that I’m beautiful with my tan skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. It showed me that no matter what race you are, you can achieve something big! Now learning about Exp, I’m so mad, I’m almost livid, because it’s easy for whites to enter the Kpop industry but Asian Americans struggle with entering the American pop industry Kpop allows Asians to be proud of their race, their language, and their culture.

Yes Exp has different races (the two black members disappeared before debut, and that’s so ironic because Kpop takes from Black Culture as well), they’re not Asian except for one. But the point in Kpop was to represent Asian culture, first Korean culture, now also bringing Chinese, Thai, and Japanese culture (and hopefully more Asian cultures soon). This is important because Kpop gets so much crap because the artists are Asian. In America, Asians are seen as jokes. Kpop needs to be respected for it’s Asian artists.

Now Exp marches into the Kpop industry while other rookies have or are working their asses off to debut and these guys come in here because they’re funded…and this begins white washing everything that Kpop stood for! (This happened before with other music genres)

KEEP OFF WHAT ASIANS HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE IN THE WORLD, WHICH WAS SHOW THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE WHITE TO MAKE IT BIG, TO MAKE INTERNATIONAL FAME, FOR SOMETHING WONDERFUL AND GREAT. OUR HISTORY, RACE, AND CULTURE, ISN’T A JOKE And if Exp continues promoting and this starts a chain of similar events Kpop will lose what made it important, and that’s not okay with me.