red is for racing

As an Asian American living in America, discovering Kpop made me realize that I don’t have to be white to make it big. I should feel proud of my culture and language, and not feel ashamed about it. It showed me that I’m beautiful with my tan skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. It showed me that no matter what race you are, you can achieve something big! Now learning about Exp, I’m so mad, I’m almost livid, because it’s easy for whites to enter the Kpop industry but Asian Americans struggle with entering the American pop industry Kpop allows Asians to be proud of their race, their language, and their culture.

Yes Exp has different races (the two black members disappeared before debut, and that’s so ironic because Kpop takes from Black Culture as well), they’re not Asian except for one. But the point in Kpop was to represent Asian culture, first Korean culture, now also bringing Chinese, Thai, and Japanese culture (and hopefully more Asian cultures soon). This is important because Kpop gets so much crap because the artists are Asian. In America, Asians are seen as jokes. Kpop needs to be respected for it’s Asian artists.

Now Exp marches into the Kpop industry while other rookies have or are working their asses off to debut and these guys come in here because they’re funded…and this begins white washing everything that Kpop stood for! (This happened before with other music genres)

KEEP OFF WHAT ASIANS HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE IN THE WORLD, WHICH WAS SHOW THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE WHITE TO MAKE IT BIG, TO MAKE INTERNATIONAL FAME, FOR SOMETHING WONDERFUL AND GREAT. OUR HISTORY, RACE, AND CULTURE, ISN’T A JOKE And if Exp continues promoting and this starts a chain of similar events Kpop will lose what made it important, and that’s not okay with me.


S H O W N U  A S  Y O U R  B O Y F R I E N D

• the shy but cute type
• he surprises you when he’s (very) affectionate towards you in front of company or in public
• he does little things like
•  randomly squeezing your hand when you’re holding hands
• resting his hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to him
• and
• complimenting you even if you’re in a sweatshirt and sweatpants with no makeup on because he still finds you beautiful
• carnival dates
• cafe dates
• shopping hauls mostly for you even if you don’t want to
• he loves to spoil you and watch your face light up when he gets something that he knew you wanted
• he can be cheesy at times
• with trying to act cute to get his way
• or playing the claw machine twenty times until he wins you a stuffed animal
• “i don’t wanna see you crying.”
• he’s always there to comfort you when you’re going through something
• staying at home with him is the best thing because
• you get to cuddle and bury yourself in his arms
• also because him calling you baby and every other term of endearment is lovely
• he makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world
• every time he says he “got him a foreign”
• you hit his arm because he’s already dodging and that’s always the only thing that you can get to
• “shut up!”
• you always yell
• even if you’re actually blushing* on the inside
• he also sings to you to get what he wants
• because you become putty in his hands
• every time he’s at the store, he calls you
• “you want something? i’m at the store.”
• he’s so thoughtful of you
• when he smiles it’s the cutest thing ever
•  you call him “baby face"majority of the time
• his lips are so soft and nice
• you just can’t get enough of them
• something else you can’t get enough of is how talented he is in bed
• always making the neighbors call the cops or angrily knock on the door and walls to see what’s up because he makes you scream that loud
• they hate y'all for that
• but anyways
• he pays for everything
• he won’t let you buy anything for yourself
• so even if you want a cup of ramen from the corner store across the street
• you gotta sneak
• ” icangetitmydamnselfhyunwoo!“
• he really doesn’t listen when it comes to that
• he loves you so much
• random massages
• especially butt massages
• if only you could see the grin that he grins when he gives you those
• when it’s just the two of you
• he’s a trip
• but he’s your trip
• and being with him is amazing

*blushing is a result of blood vessels near the skin dilating, which allows more blood to pass through the skin.