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Flower Path (pt.7)

title : Flower Path

with : Jaehyun (NCT)

sum : A popular boy and a quiet girl, what will happen between the two when their paths cross?

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anonymous asked:

What would happen if a dog or cat found its way into the hellsing's house hold. Sera would probably beg to keep it Alucard would want to get ride of it.(since he can like turn into dogs?) Boss lady Victoria would not be affect by it Old Walter would throw it out immediately if it was not house broken

Let’s say a dog since I’m not fond of cats. Walter knows he’s the one who has to clean after it so it’s a no from him. Alucard doesn’t care much, he can train a dog with one red eyed glance. Integra doesn’t have time for one… Which leaves Seras, Pip and the rest of the mercenaries who spoil the good boy/girl rotten. It’s no problem if it never leaves their area of the mansion, right?

Walter asks them to get rid of it and they’re all like “yeah, man” yet they don’t. Eventually they have to for the pupper’s sake, but they find it a good home.

Imagine if Seras brings one and it’s a wild coyote. She’s like “I found this cute dog when I was patrolling in the woods!!!”.