red iceberg


Imagining them drop on a planet half part is freezing cold and the other half is boiling hot; only the cold half is somehow red-orange-red looking (with red icebergs) and the other half is blue.

Keith’s communicator is not with him so is Lance who connected with the rest of the team. He can’t stay waiting so he moves around in hope maybe he’d find Keith before their rescue arrives. Keith is basically doing the same.

It’s not really a story and I did’t plan the whole thing through … also this is what I originally planned for klanceweek day 1 (yeah it takes way longer than i anticipated)


Dawn’s Soft Glow by Lizzy Gadd
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New Year is coming! :)

Are you ready for the New Year holidays?

Photo by @DavidDoubilet Icebergs are fluid sculptures in the sea and a perfect metaphor for the oceans because only a small percentage is visible to our human eye. We dove in a garden of icebergs near Red Island in #Scoresbysund Fjord, #Greenland. It was an Alice in Wonderland moment sadly created by the rapid unprecedented retreat of Greenland’s glaciers. #Toronto Jan 26 join us and Celebrate Photography Under the Sea and Explore Life in the Ice with @natgeo Live. With @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #oceans #beauty #polar #iceberg #explore #NGLive #adventure #respectnature for #moreocean follow @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet by natgeo

Photo by @daviddoubilet Icebergs are a perfect metaphor for the sea. Only a fraction visible to our human eye. We dove in a field of icebergs at Red Island Scoresbysund Fjord Greenland, it was like swimming through a garden filled with sculptures. Happy New Year. @thephotosociety #ocean #happynewyear #polar #beauty #ice #peace #COP21 #ElysiumArctic #extreme #iceberg #Greenland for #moreocean follow @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet by natgeo

Inktober day 7! The Queen Bee! 🐝 I wanted to add yellow but I really like the black and white feel.

I’ve wanted to draw Chloe but wanted to wait until it was confirmed. Lots of spoilers! 😌 I really like the outfit with the angled lines.

Excited for some character development because something has to change with her attitude