red hot chili peppers: funky monks


Anthony Kiedis & John Frusciante in Amsterdam (1991)
Including Under The Bridge acoustic

Straight from Bram van Splunteren’s Vimeo - you can download it here.

“ It’s like I’m in the 4th Dimension and somebody is asking me to describe it verbally. And that’s what the 4th Dimension is all about. Is no words, no symbols, no images. All pure, real energy and vibrations. And if I thought about how cruel of a world this is, I would probably just commit suicide after a while, if that was what I spent my energy about. I would definitely not have any strenght left to create music. ”

- John Frusciante, Funky Monks Documentary (1992)

Funky Monks
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Funky Monks

You are all alone
Can I get a little lovin’ from you
Can I get a little bit of that done did do
You are all alone
Tell me now girl that you need me too
Tell me now girl ‘cause I’ve got a feeling for you


“Here is the whole reason we wrote that song, that you don’t like.”


In honor of his birthday

1. Do you have a favorite album of his?

2. A favorite song?

3. Favorite guitar riff?

4. Favorite guitar solo on an album?

5. Favorite live guitar solo?

6. Favorite lyrics?

7. Favorite backing vocals?

8. Niandra LaDes or Smile From The Streets You Hold?

9. Favorite RHCP album with fru?

10. Do you prefer him playing acoustic or electric guitar?

11. Have you ever seen him live? If so, when and where?

12. If you could go back in time and see him in concert with RHCP, which concert would you choose?

13. Same question but which one of his solo concerts?

14. Top 3 fru hairstyles?

15. Favorite fru era?

16. Do you think he’ll ever play live again? Why/Why not?

17. Favorite quote or saying?

18. Favorite interview?

19. How did you get into his music?

20. If you ever got a chance to meet him, what would you say to him?

21. Thoughts on his recent music?

22. Favorite song out of the ones he posted on soundcloud?

23. Curtains or The Will To Death?

24. If he hadn’t quit RHCP in 1992, what do you think would’ve happened? 

25. Favorite instrumental song?

26. Favorite tattoo of his?

27. Which one of his guitars is your favorite?

28. Scratches or Inside A Break?

29. Favorite Ataxia song?

30. Fight For Love with him and Omar Rodríguez or La Sirena with him and Banyan?

31. Favorite collaboration?

32. If you could see him live with another band than RHCP, which band would it be?

33. Do you think he’ll ever go back to playing rock music? Why/Why not?

34. Do you prefer him as lead or backing vocalist?

35. Favorite song with him and Josh Klinghoffer?

36. Wednesday’s Song or Song To Sing When I’m Lonely?

37. Pick a favorite song from all of his albums

38. Unreachable or Central?

39. Thoughts on his view on life, believes etc.? (4th dimension stuff)

40. What was your first impression of him?

41. Which one of his albums was the first you listened to from beginning to end?

42. Outsides EP or DC EP?

43. Favorite unreleased song?

44. Do you have trouble pronouncing his name?

45. Do you have a favorite picture of him?

46. Favorite gif?

47. Favorite live cover?

48. A song you would want him to cover?

49. Sir Psycho Sexy or Funky Monks outro?

50. What is your favorite thing about his music?

aayardbird-deactivated20170407  asked:

Hey could you do zodiac signs as red hot chili peppers songs please?

Aries- “Can’t Stop” or “Easily”

Taurus- “I Could Die For You” or “Don’t Forget Me”

Gemini- “Snow (Hey Oh)” or “Strip My Mind”

Cancer- “Otherside” or “Dosed”

Leo- “Love Rollercoaster” or “Suck My Kiss”

Virgo- “Hard to Concentrate”

Libra- “The Zephyr Song”

Scorpio- “Scar Tissue” or “Funky Monks”

Sagittarius- “Around the World”

Capricorn- “Aeroplane”

Aquarius- “Under the Bridge” or “Road Trippin“

Pisces- “Give It Away”, “Parallel Universe”, or “Soul to Squeeze”