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Pollen samples & the 5h mass extinction event 🔬

In the center of this image, there is pollen (shaped like the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo!!!) from a plant that went extinct 66 million years ago. 75% of all species (including dinosaurs) vanished back then.

This was the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event, a major transition in Earth’s history. The event can be observed in a layer of sediment around the world, called the K–Pg boundary. The samples allow to idenfity when the impact took place and how much it affected various species. 

In a summer school about impacts, we went through 12 palynological slides from the boundary section from North Dakota, USA for an exercise about biostratigraphical methods. The pollen appears red because the samples were stained for easier observation.

Below is an example of pollen from a plant that didn’t go extinct after the impact, also sporting a familiar shape:

The Girl Next Door

Chapter 5

Summary: Erica is overjoyed that she finally can buy her own home with a big backyard for her dog. Shortly after she moves in, the neighbor’s dog wanders over with his owner close behind… who happens to be none other than Chris Evans.

Pairing: Chris Evans x OFC
Word Counting: 1404
Warnings: None

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“Erica! You’re not wearing red, white and blue!” Ethan stated the moment that the willowy woman stepped out into the backyard.

This brought everyone’s eyes over to notice her arrival while Erica just looked down at her clothing. She thought about her 4th of July outfit and said to the little boy, “Well I have denim shorts, that’s blue. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo on my shirt has red… and then I’m pale as a ghost so my skin is my white, ta-da! Red, white and blue!”

“You made that up!” Ethan accused her.

She just cracked up while putting her hands on the curve of her hips, “Well I’m at a party with your uncle, Captain America, so I think that’s about as patriotic as it gets!”

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I was watching Bogus Journey and I found a lot of cool easter eggs in Bill and Ted’s apartment I wanna share

Faith No More poster. Infest band logo

Nevermind poster. KISS “Destroyer” album picture on the fridge. Abbey Road album pic on the fridge. Stussy reggae label on the top right cabinet

Alice in Chains logo. John Lennon picture. Red Hot Chili Peppers picture. Infest band logo. Metallica picture

Motley Crue logo on the speaker

pretty much most of the same stuff as previous, but there’s a picture of Abraham Lincoln behind Ted’s right shoulder

Sonic Youth album picture. Misfits band logo. Both on the speaker

Sex Pistols band logo. Another Stussy reggae logo. There’s also a promo pic tacked on there from Excellent Adventure (shown below but in black and white)


Red Hot Chili Peppers band logo hiding under the Faith No More poster. Also on the right of Ted’s dad are two more promo stills from Excellent Adventure (shown below)

and lastly

the 69, ted’s smiley face, and WS for Wyld Stallyns on their door