red hot chili peppers at venice beach


RHCP videos from By The Way, Stadium Arcadium, I’m With You and The Getaway albums with funny descriptions by foreverdosed.

  • The Zephyr Song - Psychedelic kaleidoscope! Sexy go-go dancer. Random hula hoop. 
  • Can’t Stop - Erwin Wurm. Modern art museum walk through. Yellow tubes and packing peanuts.
  • Dani California - Cool costumes. 1960s-2006. Shitty bass Flea has to play during ‘goth’.
  • Hump de Bump - Block party. Fun dancing and mattress jumping. Chris Rock.
  • Look Around - Rooms of a house with random objects. Anthony holds a big-ass dog.
  • Rain Dance Maggie - Venice Beach. Hipsters.
  • Dark Necessities - Skateboarding. Metaphoric cuts and bruises. Chad is slapped.