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10 Male Fictional Characters I’d Marry in a Heartbeat

No. 2: Jason Todd

DC Universe

two things, one this is just what I see when ever comics want to use GUNS! and MURDER! to show how grown up and intense they are, its a 10 year old’s idea of “bad-ass” 

and second, I had this thought the other day, Jason died when he was 15, stayed dead 6 months, was in a coma and on the street a year, in training with Talia a year, he should be according to his own time line, 17 going on 18, so thats worth thinking about but more fun, I’d like it if DC’s next reboot had Jason come back from the dead, younger than Tim, I mean if Tim is 17 and Jason died at 15, the older Robin could be physically younger (and smaller) I think that’d be fun

Red - Chapter 18 - Cruel Disguise

Art by the amazing starscythe <3

What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White?

Outlaw Queen / AU Enchanted Forest / Angst, Drama, Romance / Rated M

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I’m so sorry for taking so long to update! My life is absolutely crazy right now. 

A very special thank you to @thisisamadhouse and @onhowtobecrazy who read this through for me and told me it was not awful. Thank you darlings! This is not beta-ed, so sorry in advance. 


Regina did not know what had woken her. 

She was used to waking up suddenly, gasping for air, soaked in sweat with her heart beating erratically, and sometimes even screaming out, due to the more than usual nightmares that haunted her. 

But this time, her eyes did not snap open and her senses did not hit her all at once. 

One moment Regina was enwrapped in peaceful slumber, buzzing energy travelled about her body, and her heart, for once, was at ease. She moved a little, and slowly became more and more aware of the fact that what she was laying upon was not her mattress. Her mattress did not breathe, or snore

Regina took a deep breath – taking in the scent of pinewood and sweat that was strangely familiar – and eased herself more into the warm, delicious embrace of whatever was holding her. She hummed in agreement to the arm that held her a little tighter around the waist when she moved. It felt quite good, she felt well rested and safe, which was something she had not felt for a very long time. 

The vibrant energy made her want to sleep the morning away there, even though she was now conscious that she was on top of somebody and that both of them were stark naked.



Variant cover by MATTEO SCALERA (RIGHT)
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When a turf war puts Black Mask in Red Hood’s crosshairs, Jason discovers that the False Face Society is not what it seems, and that the organization is about to auction off a powerful weapon. As criminals from all over the globe descend on Gotham City, Jason must prove that he belongs amongst the city’s worst in order to gain access to this Dark Summit!

Red - Chapter 17 “Just this Once” - Outlaw Queen Fanfiction

Art by the amazing starscythe <3

What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White?

Outlaw Queen / AU Enchanted Forest / Angst, Drama, Romance / Rated M

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8| 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | Chapter 17 

Sorry for the long wait guys, my life is complicated. A truck-full of thank yous to lillie-grey for beta-ing this so incredibly well and giving me such amazing ideas. And also a huge thanks to outlawqueenluvr for all the help she gave me in writing some scenes <3

Regina was so angry her magic was practically spilling from her fingers as she made her way towards the thief’s chambers. She could have poofed herself there, but at that moment, her magic was slightly out of control due to the overwhelming amount of feeling she was bearing. When she finally got to his door, however, it bore the brunt of all that bottled up rage. 

It flew, it simply flew and Regina didn’t give two shits about what it actually hit, if it was him, at this point, even better. 

“Tell the Queen she can fuck herself today.” 

She had twisted the words out of that ridiculously small chamber-maid, and did not really remember what she had done to her after the revelation, Regina found she did not care in the least anyhow. All she knew was that her reality became red, and all she wanted to do was strangle the words out of the outlaw’s lips, dare him to defy her in such a way to her face. 

When she walked through the generous hole she had created in his wall, she noticed he was still in bed and with eyes half lidded and wrinkled sheets covering his limbs, which Regina found most indecent and attractive - his erection was quite noticeable, especially since he had a hand inside his trousers. He sat up, removing his hand from inside his pants, looking completely baffled at the remains of his door. 

He looked confused and alluring, and Regina cursed herself for feeling so damn attracted to him, out of pure instinct, her magic worked almost on its own, making the heavy velvet curtains fly in his direction and hit him square in the face and chest. He went down with a loud exhale, which made Regina’s chest swell with a dark kind of pleasure in hurting him somehow. 

He was quick to fight the trappings of the curtains, and their eyes finally met when she stood at the foot of his bed, looking as livid as she felt. Although the feelings were only ignited when, after a mere look at her, the suicidal man, started laughing without any apparent reason. 

“I fail to find anything funny about this situation,” she remarked in a cold tone. 

“Well you have not had a chance to look in the mirror this morning then?” he asked her amidst the laughter that Regina now began to understand the reasoning behind.


Red - Chapter 11 “Green Monster” - Outlaw Queen Fanfic

Art by the amazing starscythe <3

What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White?

Outlaw Queen / AU Enchanted Forest / Angst, Drama, Romance / Rated M

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 |Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

It hadtaken her three whole days. 

Forthree days, Robin had not been graced even with a single glimpse of her shadow. 

The day after the mermaid incident he had woken up in the middle of the afternoon – still with his limbs aching from the straining and most senseless adventure he had ever had. He had gone to her chambers as soon as he had put something in his stomach. But she had not been there; she was nowhere to be found in the entire castle. He had asked around, every guard, every single soldier in sight but nobody seemed to know where she was, had been last seen with him the day before and then nothing. 

Robin was confused, painfully so, the numb feeling on his chest for once did not assist him in clearing his head off the events of that day. 

He did not know how to feel about it. He did not even know how he could feel anything at all. That day - the day she had almost killed half fish Snow White and they had been trapped on that damned tree - had been one of the most insane days of his life. 

He did not know what had possessed him to follow her - especially after she had dumped him inside that cold river. He had felt uneasy about her going out all by herself, even though he knew that she was more than capable to fare for herself. He did not even pretend that he was honoring his post as captain of her personal guard, that title and a pile of horse manure had the very same importance to him. 

Riding the whole night, he was able to reach the seaside kingdom just before sunrise and as soon as he found civilization, started inquiring about the whereabouts of the castle. It had not been that difficult to spot it, nor to find the Queen, for she was hoisting up a mermaid on the deck situated directly in front of the castle. A mermaid that had looked a lot like the brat she had commissioned him to kill, he felt a surge of strange joy in knowing the Queen would be fulfilling her revenge on the princess she searched for so manically. He chose to hide away near the deck, amongst several wooden barrels and boxes that were to be loaded inside a ship anchored a few paces away. She never needed to know he had been there, he just wanted to make sure nothing- 

When he had spotted the red haired girl making her way back towards the Queen Robin froze. She held unskillfully a silvery pointy object in one hand but her aim was quite clear, the Queen’s neck. He did not think twice. He shot her right in the gut, he did not even go for the mercy shot in the neck choosing to make her suffer for trying to harm her, possibly even kill his- 

But of course the Queen had acted like an ungrateful bitch from the moment she had spotted him. Their banter had been most of the times entertaining but she clearly had not been thinking straight at that particular moment. He had had just about enough of her retorts, screams and insults so he had simply walked away, had left her alone to scream at the wind. He knew she was more than capable of fairing for herself, puffing herself back home with a single flick of her wrist. 

Apparently, he had been mistaken, she had chased after him. Robin had been thoroughly confused when she called out for him the first time, 

Why hadn’t she simply used magic? 

She had looked different then, uneasy, as if she did not have all the answers in the book and also quite resolute in trying her best not to show that very same fact. However, her feelings were always bared to him for some inexplicable reason; he was able to read her moods almost second naturally by now. 

He had seen so many sides of her it made him dizzy and excessively uneasy. He had not known what to make of all the stormy spirits he had seen in her eyes, he had caught a small glimpse of her being vulnerable. It was obvious that she had been stripped of her magic and that that terrified the living shit out of her. 

He could have run, left her there, retrieved his heart from the castle and simply left forever. He would never have to listen to her insult him, or belittle him or through him in bloody rivers. He could have also bargained for his heart in exchange for assisting and protecting her. He could have even killed her himself - it would have been ridiculously easy, she was a petite woman behind all that power she had lacked at that moment - it would have only taken a snap or one single arrow. 

But the mere idea of killing her brought a chilling feeling up his spine, he could never do it, could never harm her. That realization hit him hard and deep whilst she stood in front of him waiting for his response. He did not understand why, but he simply did not have the strength to do it. Nor did he feel he was capable of leaving her to fend for herself, he would never forgive himself if something were to happen to her. Leaving her forever was completely out of the question. 

She had changed him, somehow she had. He had been then certain he would never be the same after he had met this maddening but stunning woman. He could not imagine himself being parted from her, even if she drove him up a wall with her attitude. 

He had been left with the option of simply helping her. But of course, she was not making it any easier for him, it seemed she grew more and more irritable by the second in their tracking. Their banter seemed to go on forever, her mood shifting so much Robin felt ready to simply knock her over the head and carry her unconscious self back to the castle. 

He did not, however, oppose to her shedding half her clothes off. By the time they had managed to get on top of that tree he was resolute that she had never looked more wild and exquisite. She had let down her hair, it was damp and clung to her skin in a way Robin did not know could be attractive, her brassiere was sin itself and barely left anything to the imagination, plus - after he had taken care of her skirt - quite a nice quantity of leg was at his eyes’ disposal. 

He could hardly even believe he had confessed to her about the electric feeling he experienced when they touched. He had been thankful she had not laughed at his face or taunted him but he had to salvage himself somehow so he made that ridiculous comment about her cunt being tailor made for him. He never thought it would have the effect it did upon her; she was on him a second later, all fiery, forgetting about her injured foot and her ruined clothes. 

It was a laughable affair that - for once - she had been wearing undergarments but they did not keep him from pumping his eager fingers inside her, hard and fast, and seeing her come apart with his touch. Her release over his curved fingers did something to Robin; it flared him up with an indescribable amount of pride and smugness. Of course, it had been his fatal mistake to actually voice his feelings the way he did. When her eyes acquired a new shimmer, they had been wide and almost unblinking. She was more looking through him, his words snapped her out of her haze but it only took a second for her to get her claws around his neck. Something that brought him back to their first time together, when she had almost killed him for having failed is mission. 

The situation then had been quite similar, for he felt her clutch was mighty even for a woman of her physical stature. Last time she had been assisted by magic but now even though he knew she was not using any of it she was managing to strangle him alright. However, Robin found himself unable to harm her, he did not have the strength to pull her hands away, and instead he just regarded her with questioning eyes. 


Why was she doing this? 

Why would she try to kill him? 

When their eyes met it was as if a spell on her own had been broken, her clutch became nonexistent and her body feel on his. This was the most unusual part of this whole exchange, the fact that after trying to openly kill him, she would quite simply through her weight on him and sigh. 


I am not weak


Red - Chapter 12 “Found and Lost” - Outlaw Queen Fanfiction

Art by the amazing starscythe <3

What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White?

Outlaw Queen / AU Enchanted Forest / Angst, Drama, Romance / Rated M

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8|Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12

Just a warning, some pretty nasty shit goes down in this chapter, just so you know, you have been warned ;) Have fun kids! Oh, and one more thing, if you wanna get the visuals on how Jamie looks like google Jamie Fraser from Outlander

4 years ago 

“Oh Regina! Isn’t this exciting?” Snow beamed. 

“Yes dear, oh so very” Regina was not even trying. 

“And to think that by this time tomorrow I will have already met the man who’s to be my husband!” the 14 year old girl swirled around her room and Regina rolled her eyes when her back was turned to her. 

They were in Snow’s bedroom, she had requested that her stepmother help her choose a gown for the evening’s ball and Regina had very little choice but to comply. So there she sat, on the girl’s bed entertaining seven different fantasies of how she could kill said girl with the various objects scattered around the room, the usual false smile plastered on her face. 

“Would you think red was too daring Regina?” she asked turning on her heel holding up a satin vivid red gown in front of her frame. 

You could not handle wearing red even if you were born again, brat. 

“I’m sure it would look lovely on you Snow, but I do think your lord father would not appreciate such a bold color in this occasion. Don’t you agree?” this act was becoming second nature to Regina, as if she were acting in a play for 24 hours. 

“You’re right,” she said dropping the gown unceremoniously on the bed next to Regina, who ran her fingers through the soft fabric “What about the green? Father says it brings out the color of my eyes." 

Green, how fitting, just the color I turn whenever you speak. 

"I don’t know Snow. Haven’t you worn that one to your last ball?”   

How did Regina even remember such a thing? 

“I think-” she rose from the bed wanting to cut this little friendly moment short, she went for the wardrobe “-you should wear the pearly white one.” she picked up the dress from Snow’s wardrobe, it was a champagne colored and embroidered with all types and shapes of pearls that created an unique design. The gown was a masterpiece, one of the most beautiful dresses Regina had ever seen. “If you want to impress your future husband, you have to wear your best dress." 

The girl took the dress from Regina’s hold and inspected it, “That is true.” 

She smiled at the dress and then back at Regina, she threw the garb on the bed and hugged Regina tightly around the waist “Thank you Regina.” she said against her shoulders, she drew back putting her hands on her biceps and Regina had to fight to not finch away “What would I do without you?” 

"Indeed.” Regina managed, she felt sick, she needed to get away from this girl, she needed to be alone, “Now, dear, if you will excuse me,” she pushed the girl away gently “I must also get ready for the ball, and you know it takes time." 

"Of course” Snow said finally stepping away from Regina’s personal space. 

Regina headed quickly for the door before the brat asked her to also do her hair, “I will see you later, dear.” Regina said as she walked through the door and out of that Snow White impregnated atmosphere. 

Calm down, calm down. Just breathe. 

Regina concentrated on each step she took, trying to rail in all the bubbling hate she was feeling. Her magic - which she kept as a secret from all - was simmering from the tips of her fingers; she could feel the crackling energy of her emotions making purple smoke appear and disappear on her palms. 

Normally the further she got from the girl, the better she would feel, the more in control of her magic she would be, 

But this was no ordinary day. 

Today was the day Snow was to be introduced to her husband to be, a union arranged from the moment the girl had been born. Her fiancé was a highborn lord, second son to a Duke from the Kingdoms farthest to the North, where the winters were fierce and so were the people. 

Regina sent a silent prayer every night that Snow’s groom to be were an old, awful man, who stunk of alcohol and treat her as a toy, an adornment he could play with. Just like Leopold treated Regina, as if she were a trinket, a pretty little thing he could use and abuse at leisure. 

Regina then, learned he was only a few years the senior to Snow. Regina’s wishes then changed to imagining a weak, thin, pale and ill faced adolescent with spots of red covering most of the flesh on his cheeks. In Regina’s mind, he had a runny nose and could hardly climb a flight of stairs without having to catch his breath. 

She would amuse herself with such fantasies of awful suitors, of men with smelly breaths who had infrequent bathing habits. If Regina had to marry into a nightmare, so would Snow. After all, she had been responsible for the demise of Regina’s fiancé, her true love, the only man who could have made her happy. 

Although it did not come as a surprise to her, when the entourage from the Highland kingdom arrived, that the suitor had none of the many flaws she had wished upon him. Regina stood from her high seat in the throne room beside the King whilst the young man knelled before them. Snow was just a step below her, next to her father; she was smiling so hard she wished the girl’s teeth would crack. Regina took this opportunity to study the suitor. 

He was handsome, far too handsome; he had an intense green coloring to his eyes, lined cheekbones and a strong jaw. He had a young face, had to be in his early twenties, only a few years older than Snow indeed, which made him a couple of years younger than Regina herself. 

And although his face was young his body definitely was not. He was very tall, taller than Leopold - but then again, who wasn’t taller than Leopold? He had broad shoulders, a strong torso and Regina could spot rather big arms beneath the thick layer of his cloth.  

To make things worst he did not sport the noble manner of looking nor speaking, but had a friendly smile on his face and eager eyes for the brat Snow White. Of course, she was young and mildly pretty, Regina gathered any young man would be eager to get under those skirts- 


Something malicious and incredibly mean slithered its way inside Regina’s mind and she could not help but smile back at the young man in front of her. 

She would have her revenge on Snow White. 

One way or another, she would make that girl suffer. 

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