red heart shoes


Imagine life without them, all your radio heroes, like, the Outlaw that walks through Jessi’s dream. No, there will never be another Red-Headed Stranger, a Man in Black and Folsom Prison Blues, the Okie from Muskogee, or Hello Darling.

 Lord, I wonder who’s gonna fill their shoes.



moon-beam-s  asked:

So,I was scrolling through @they-killed-kenma and I saw a pic of Hinata folding origami,so I started thinking(FLUFF WITH ANGST.)What if hinata started to learn Origami to deal with things in his life,like when he's upset he folds flowers,or cranes+

(2)when he’s sad he folds animals or more flowers trying to make himself happier, when he’s feeling anxious he folds boxes of different shapes and sizes. He Keeps a box of origami paper in his bag at all times,and most the things he makes go to Natsu

(3)Hinata keeps a box of different types of origami paper in his bag AT ALL TIMES,and as the team fools a around like they normally do,they knock over his bag crushing the paper,Thats the first time the team sees hinata truly angry,they were in Tokyo

(4)Kenma and Kags were the only reason Hinata forgave Tanaka and NoyaTsukki and Yama used books to try and flatten out the paper,but it was no use. The team goes to buy some Paper for himas he folds with the ruined paper and sees who expensive it is.

(5)When They get back home, after that accident Kags come in a whole bag of paper, and everyone who’s stocked. He gets a red heart in his shoe locker the next day,and a crow the next then a crown then a Ball.(End)

Yooo other side-blog appreciation~ 

And g o d does this make me happy. Like for real. Hina probably has a lot of insecurities because of his height, and his size, and origami helps with soothing his anxiety. 

When his paper is ruined, he’s devastated. It helps his anxiety, even when he isn’t using it, but without it, he feels his breathing leave him and he’s furious. He doesn’t want to yell, he really doesn’t, but his anxiety has his chest heaving and he can’t help it; it’s the only way he can get his voice to work. 

Everyone feels bad, even though it’s Tanaka and Noya’s voice; even Tsukishima feels horrible, and so while Kenma and friends calm Hinata in another room, he and Yamaguchi lay text books they find in the classroom they’re sleeping in on the bent paper, trying to flatten the pieces. It works, but only a little; it at least flattens the bent edges. 

Hinata calms down, eventually, and comes back apologizing for his behavior, but no one thinks he should. It’s not his fault, he had every reason to be upset. Tanaka and Noya still feel horrible. The rest of the training camp is nervous, stiff. Everyone is anxious about Hinata’s mental state. 

When they get home, immediately Suga and Daichi go out to buy more, but it’s really expensive, and they’re only able to but a small package together. They meekly hand it to Hinata at morning practice. Everyone is caught off-guard to see Kageyama enter carrying a large, heavy-looking box into the club room, but ignore it, startling when Hinata shrieks in excitement. Heads snap in his direction to see him peering excitedly into the box, jumping up and down. 

Kageyama had gotten him an entire box of origami paper. 

Everyone is surprised. That shit is expensive, and Kageyama just bought a whole box. No one wants to question him how he acquired the money needed to buy it, so they don’t, they just enjoy the way Hina’s face lights up, and they allow him to have the morning off from practice to catch up with his origami. He makes things, cute things, and leaves them for people that tried to help. 

The next morning, when Kageyama reaches his foot locker, he finds a small pink origami heart and smiles to himself. He’d done good, even if he’d spent all the money he was going to use to get a new pair of a volleyball shoes.