red headed sparrow

Decembird, day 06 : Flightless

“He had never understood why it had started by tearing up his wing rather than kill him first, and he’d probably never know. Maybe the small flag of vivid blue stripes had made it playful. Anyway, after the detonation of the shotgun had driven the fox away, he was still alive. Barely…”

There is not that much flightless birds and I wasn’t feeling very inspired, especially if we consider I already kinda drew two specimens yesterday, lalalaaa~ So I adapted the theme for my taste and drew a one-winged Eurasian jay, inspired by @virginiagreene‘s art. Her way to depict birds by slice of life scenes strongly reminds me of “The Mouse guard”, but with birds, which is even more awesome. ♥

Go have a look at some of her inktobers if you don’t believe me.