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The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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Fooled By The Trickster

A/N: Okay! TWD/SPN Mashup! Give feedback please!

Prompt: Sam, Dean, The Reader and Cas, get put in The Walking Dead universe by Gabriel/The Trickster

Pairing: Paul Rovia x The Reader

Word Count: 1,618

Tags: @kerrionmywaywardson @originaladdict98

Hunts where you had to deal with witches, were never a favorite of mine. Or any hunter’s really. But this one, had hit an all time low. Considering the witch, wasn’t even a witch. Instead, it was an angel, still pretending it was a trickster, Gabriel. An angel I’d thought was dead. Clearly not the case though, how? No idea. Because next thing I knew, me, Castiel, and my brothers Sam and Dean, were in a place I didn’t recognize. 

It was night, we were on our knees. ropes tied around our hands, guns aimed at our heads, a bunch of people around us in the same situation. I didn’t know any of them, except for this one girl she looked oddly familiar, she was right next to me, she looked sick. Like she was about to puke, or die even. I had no idea what was going on, but I didn’t like it. 

I’d just realized why she looked so familiar. “..Bella?” I whispered. She looked at me, but she looked confused. I don’t think she recognized me, before I could say any thing else, one of the people behind me, hit the back of my head, hard. I wanted to turn around and punch them. But, that wasn’t an option.
“No talking. Negan’ll be out soon. So shut your mouth, okay you piece of sh*t?”
Negan? who the heck was Negan? Was I supposed to know? Or even care? These people sure did. Pure horror in their faces. It made my stomach turn. Just then, the door to an RV I didn’t even notice was there opened up. A guy stepped out. One I definitely knew.

My father. John Winchester.

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Games (Jerome Valeska x Reader Oneshot)

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: The reader is a patient at Arkham Asylum and she meets Jerome there. He suggests a game to cure her boredom and they bond over it.


You sat on the uncomfortable, plastic bench of the common room in Arkham Asylum, absentmindedly picking at your nails. There wasn’t much to do at Arkham and the staff certainly didn’t care about their patients’ boredom. This was usually when your mind started to run wild, your imagination really acted up nowadays. In your opinion, being at Arkham made you crazier.

That’s when a red headed guy slammed his hands down on the table. You looked up at him lazily through your lashes with an incredulously bored look on your face. The wild grin on his caught your attention.

“Hello, gorgeous!” He sang. You’ve had plenty of psychos try to come onto you here, but something about him told you he was different.

“Hello, ginger!” You mocked, crossing your arms across your chest and raising a brow.

He laughed a cold laugh and sat down, reaching his arm out to you. His movements were oddly animated, like some old comedic TV show. “Nice to meet ya! My name’s Jerome, what’s yours?”

You had a hard time denying the beauty of his green eyes. They reminded you of a lake you used to swim in as a child. You shook his hand before returning the smile. “Name’s (Y/N). I’ve gotta say, your eyes are really pretty.”

He smirked before striking a pose as if he were looking into a mirror. “I know, huh? Anyways, I came over here because you looked bored,” the smile slipped from his face and he suddenly leaned forward. “Are ya bored, sweetheart?”

You tapped your chin, appearing as if in deep thought. “I would think so, yes.”

Jerome clapped his hands together and the smile returned. “Great! You wanna play a game?”

You hummed, thinking. “Sure. What game do you have in mind?”

His insidious grin widened and he slammed his hands back into the table, this time palm up. “Red hands, slap jack, slapsies even. Whatever you wanna call it.”

You’ve played this game before. It’s a simple children’s game where you try to slap each other’s hands. Those with the best reflexes usually win. You just stared into his eyes for several moments before impulsively slapping at his hands, attempting to take him by surprise. You were a bit discouraged when your hands hit the textured tabletop.

Jerome laughed a quick, sincere laugh before shaking his finger at you. “Oh, you’re going to have to be quicker than that, doll.”

You smirked. “We’ll just have to see about that, doll.”

You both laughed before continuing the childish game. Jerome managed to slap your hands a couple of times before you finally hit his. The brief moment of enthusiasm was extinguished when he closed his fingers around your hands. You cocked a brow in confusion. He leaned forward until he was inches away from your face.

“I like you, (Y/N). You’re funny, and everyone knows you need to have a sense of humor in Gotham,” He brought your hand to his face and barely brushed his lips against it. Still, the feeling of his soft lips on your skin sent fiery waves down your arm. “We could rule Gotham.”

You laughed. “Ruling Gotham? Wow, you really must be crazy. Although I’m not opposed to the idea.” You immediately sat up like royalty and pretended to place a crown on your head. This caused Jerome to laugh.

He traced your jawline with his finger before murmuring. “Believe me, if I ever get outta here I’m coming back for you.”

And he did.

Cute-ass coffee shop AU

Luke half-listens to what Calum is rambling about as they make their way towards Starbucks. Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely loves his best friend to death, it’s just that he isn’t exactly a morning person and for him, being a fully functioning human being before getting his large cup of coffee is just not a thing. 

Which is why every morning, Cal and him stop by Starbucks before going to uni. Luke personally thinks it’s a blessing that the coffee shop is on their way, because if it wasn’t then he’d probably have to settle for the campus coffee and just the prospect makes him shudder. Of course, it would be way less expensive, but Luke actually finds he doesn’t mind Starbucks being so overpriced, because the quaint, peaceful atmosphere of it in the morning more than makes up for it. 

Calum pushes the heavy door and mock-bows for Luke as the blonde enters, finally managing to elicit a smile. It’s a rare feat in these dreaded morning hours. 

The usual curly-haired, dimple-smiled ray of sunshine grins at them from his post behind the counter, but this time Ashton - as his name-tag says - isn’t with the dirty-blonde girl who usually takes their orders. 

Instead there’s another barista, with dyed hair, arcade piercing and tattoos, who all in all puts Luke and Calum’s attempts at being punk rock to shame. He doesn’t smile at the boys as they approach him. In fact he only gives them a disinterested glance, as if he was way too important to gratify them with an actual acknowledgement. Or maybe he’s just not into early mornings. 

In any case, Luke doesn’t make too much of it, and simply requests his tall black coffee, two sugars no milk please. The boy, whose name-tag says Michael, nods and scribbles something on an empty cup before turning to Calum, who orders his usual mocha. 

The two friends head towards the back of the shop, the way they’ve done every morning for almost a year now. By this time the coffe shop is starting to fill in, both with students trying to make the most of their precious last hour before classes start, and busy adults stopping by for their respective energy juice to be able to take on the day. 

Soon enough Ashton is calling Calum’s name, and they head over to the counter. “A mocha for Calum? Tall black coffee for…pretty blue eyes?“ 

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Daryl Dixon and Paul "Jesus" Rovia Smut

Idek… This is random.
Just to warn ya, English is not my first language. So I’m sorry for any mistakes and grammar.

Warning: Smut, Threesome, and swearing.

Imagine: You’re Neagan’s daughter but you left you dad’s camp because you couldn’t handle the violence.

Neagan’s part is somewhat made up.
Also the reader is 18 while Jesus is 33 and Daryl is 47.
Lastly Daryl will be somewhat the flirty kind.

-Your POV-

I started running to who knew where I was running to. The only thing I wanted is to be out sight of the guards of my father’s camp. I couldn’t handle the violence in that camp. I tried to talking my father out of this whole violent phase of his. Ever since mom died he’s been sleeping around with random women in the camp. I think he even calls them his “wives”. The dad that I loved and adore was now gone. He still showed his love towards me and protected me from danger. But I couldn’t handle what he was doing to people. Burning their skin with a flat iron, but the thing that was worse, was when he brought his most beloved love out. Lucille. Lucille can be deadly. Never mind that, of course Lucille is dangerous. She’s a bat wrapped around chicken wire for gosh sakes. My dad uses her to kill what he calls, the “competition”.

Back to my running. I was so caught up in thoughts that I didn’t noticed that I’ve had run almost 4 miles. Up to a gate, a gate that I presumably thought lead to safe heaven. I hid behind a junk car. But I was suddenly tackled by a zombie. Which led to me screaming out in fright. All of the sudden I hear a voice calling out. “Who’s there!?” It said. Sounded like a girl. But all I could do was struggle in the walkers grip. I tried to hold it from biting me with one arm while the other tried to reach for my knife. I successfully got it and with relief I stabbed the fuck outta the walkers brain. Rotten blood spraying all over me. Mostly my face which led me to almost throwing up.

I hear a gate opening. I quickly got my shot gun that contained a silencer on it and got ready for who ever was coming my way. “Hello? Is anyone out here?” The same voice I heard about a minute ago. I carefully stood up and came out of my hiding place. Once I was out of the hiding place the girl pointed her gun at me. I didn’t noticed the red head man standing next to her. “Who are you?” Said the girl with a firm voice. “Um hello I’m y/n… I um…” But I suddenly felt light headed and started to loose my balance. The last thing I saw was the red headed guy reaching out for me. Then it was black.


“Why is she here?, why did you guys bring her inside? We don’t know this girl. For all we know she can be dangerous” was all I could hear. Well aren’t they nice. I tried so hard to open my eyes, but my brain was stopping me from opening them. My third time I successfully did it. The light was so bright that I didn’t know it was now night time. Yet the lights were shining straight at me.

Tried to get my eyes to adjust, a firmed guy’s voice asked me harshly “who the hell are you? And what were you doing in front of our gate?” The man who had asked me appeared to be scruffy looking with blue eyes. He had a voice tone as if he were to be a sheriff. “Rick calm down she barely woke up, give her a break” a women next to him whisper yelled at who appears to be Rick. The woman had a beautiful dark tone skin, and dreads that made her look like a bad ass. “Hello, I’m Michone and he’s Rick. I apologize for his harshness” Michone apologized. “It’s fine, mind telling me why I’m in here?” I asked them. “Sasha and Abraham, two of our people brought you inside because you fainted. Our doc said that you fainted because it seems that you haven’t gotten anything to eat and you were also dehydrated” Michone informed me. “Now if you don’t mind telling us why were you in front of the gates I will be nice and give you a plate of food” once again Michone said. Rick was just standing next to her almost as if I were to do something. I wouldn’t blame him though. I took a deep breath and got comfortable on the bed I was. Wow it’s been long that I have been on a bed. Over at the camp they had really hard mattresses. Anyways the minute I got comfortable I told them my whole story how I ran away from my camp because I couldn’t stand the violence. They seem to believe me which that was good.

I felt so sticky and slimy I then remembered the Walker I had fought after I fainted. I think I still have its rotten blood on me. “I will send Maggie to get you a pair of new clothes, seems that you and her are the same size. The shower is right in the left corner of this wall. After you’re done come down to meet the rest of our people. Then we will give you that plate of food we promised you.” Rick finally decided to speak. I have him a nod and a thanks as well as I did to Michone.


Right after my warm shower I started to change to the new clothes that were left for me inside the room I woke up in. I then started to hear loud people speaking. I couldn’t make up the things they were talking about. I got dressed I had on some skinny jeans and a white v neck that fit me too tight for my liking. The bra made my cleavage pop out more. I put on my black dr marten boots on and pull my short/long hair in a ponytail. I started to make my way slowly down the stairs when I suddenly hear a familiar voice… Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I got a little shy and scared from all those stares I received. I put down my head down. “Guys this is -” Rick was about to introduce me to his people when the same familiar said my name “y/n! Is that really you!” I look up and my eyes locked to my one and only love Paul Monroe/Rovia or some people know him as Jesus. I ran up to him and hugged him with all my might. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my head on his shoulder while his arms were on my ass. Typical Jesus. But sadly he let me down and hold my hand and led me to the table. We both sat down next to each other. In front of me was a man with a scruffy beard and long hair that almost fell to his shoulders. He had on a leather sleeves jacket witch a leather vest on top of it. I couldn’t help but squirm under his stare. His baby blue eyes made me melt just like Jesus gray blue eyes made me felt. All I got from that mysterious blue eyed man was a wink and a smirk. Fuck he’s making my panties wet. But how if Jesus is the one for me. Jesus was my first, he is the one who can only make me scream and have me begging for another round of glorious sex. I couldn’t be thinking like this for another guy. It made me feel uncomfortable with myself. I was startled with Rick’s firmed voice again “So Jesus how you know her?” “Well don’t freak out or anything I assure you that she’s no harm. She’s Neagan’s daughter the guy that we’ve been trying to look for. I know her because we’ve been together since all this shit happened. But her father took her when he found out we were together. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be alive today.” Jesus said while staring at me. I blushed from the stares I received once again. But the one that got me was the man with blue eyes. “Well I expect her not to be a problem to this camp and also she can be a great help once we get to meet that man Neagan” Rick said. “Okay enough with that lets introduced ourselves” Michone said. Once I met everyone, ate and drank a little, Jesus led me outside to the front porch where a couch swing was. We sat there kissing and caressing ourselves. Trying to show the love we missed. “I saw how you and Daryl were staring at each other” Jesus whispered in my ear. I moaned out from the feeling of his hot breath on my neck. It seems to be sensitive from the arousal stage I was in. “I uh well um sorry” I stuttered. “You see that house at the end of this door the one in the corner go in there that’s my home for a bit I’ve been staying here helping. So go get your naughty ass over there I expect you to be inside that room” I was shocked to hear what he just said but yet eager to see what was he planing on.

Once I got to the house he said I started to look for the room and I successfully did. I sat on the comfortable bed and waited. It didn’t took him long to get here. But all I hear were whispers. I started to squirm around. I then see Jesus and Daryl in the entrance of the room’s door. “I got a surprise for you baby, you see it’s been a long time since I had you underneath me naked. So now that you seem to be attracted to Daryl over here I’m going to make your night even better” he said while him and Daryl started heading my way. They made me stand up I was in between both of them. Then suddenly Jesus starts to kissing while Daryl starts to kiss my neck, it wasn’t to long that he found my sweet spot. I started to moan while Jesus was kissing me. I felt both bulges. Daryl’s right in my back while Jesus’ on my stomach. Daryl then decided to take off my white v-neck then followed by my push up bra. I was then thrown to the bed by both of them. I started to breath heavily. I then feel each set of hands on my boobs. Both men were playing with them. “Uh yeah” I moaned out while grabbing both of their long hair. Then suddenly Jesus started his way down kissing my stomach to the button of my jeans. He unbutton them. While Daryl took off my boots. Jesus then saw that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Naughty little girl ain’t she Daryl?” He asked Daryl while showing him that I didn’t have any underwear. “She sure is look at that pussy. Damn man you’re one lucky son’ of a bitch” Daryl said. I blushed so hard from the men that were staring down there. I couldn’t handle it no more so I started to play with myself. “Tsk tsk tsk who said you could touch yourself baby” Jesus said while taking away my wet fingers off my p*ssy. “I’m sorry just please both of you do something” I said desperately. Then they both started to get undressed. I just watched the striping show while squirming around. Once they were both finished Daryl got in between my thighs and spread them as far as he can and started to suck in my price possession. My little pearl. “Uh fuck yes just like that Daryl- Fuck” I moaned out. “You like it how he eats you out baby?” Jesus asked me. I just nodded while moaning out. Jesus then joined in but all he did was finger me. He entered two fingers inside of me. Daryl went to the side to give him some space. They were going so fast that I didn’t know that I was squirting everywhere. “Uh okay stop please no more” I tried separating them from myself. They finally stopped. “Oh honey we ain’t done yet. Daryl did you bring them” he asked Daryl. I gave them a questioning look. And Daryl went to his jeans and got out two wrappers of condoms. I didn’t noticed the size of his penis till now. Shit it was sure big… Even though Jesus looked a tad bit bigger than his. Daryl’s was thicker but Jesus’ was long.

They both put on the condoms and Jesus laid down on the bed. “Get on top of him girly” Daryl said. I got up and obeyed him. I straddled Jesus while he aligned his dick to the opening of my vagina. I slowly went down trying to adjust to his size. Once I was fully in and adjust I started to grind on him. “Uh fuck” “yes baby just like that” Jesus and I moaned. I then feel two big rough hands on my ass, Daryl then spread them apart.. The good thing was that I made sure I cleaned myself. Daryl then slapped my ass moaning out from the pleasured sting I received. I started to go up and down on Jesus faster. We were both moaning out. But then I felt myself being stopped by Daryl. His chest was on my back and his dick right on the entrance of my other hole. Shit. I started to squirm but Jesus and Daryl’s hands were holding my hips. Daryl started to slowly slip his dick inside my other hole. His thickness stretching it apart. I haven’t done this in my whole entire relationship with Jesus. But it sure felt good. Once I was all adjusted to his size. Jesus grabbed me and made our chest meet. I rested my head on his sweaty chest. Then it started both of them slamming into me with great force. Going in a rapid pace. All you could hear was moaning, screaming, the bed hitting the wall, the squeaking of the string of the bed, and skin slapping against each other. “Uh so close” I moaned out. After maybe 10 minutes later of pleasurable feeling. I felt the knot in my stomach ready to be released. “Go ahead girl, baby come for us” they both panted out. They were both kissing my neck. I couldn’t take it no more so I exploded. I came while tightening around both of them. That’s what triggered there ending as they both came at the same time. I could feel their warm cum inside me. Then Daryl got off of me and took of his filled condom I could feel my juices pouring out from my back hole. I then got off of Jesus and payed in the middle of both of them the feeling of my juices coming out of me. I was in a peaceful stage. That I didn’t feel both of Daryl and Jesus kissing me. And caressing my sore boobs. I kissed them back. Wow having a three way relationship didn’t seemed bad. I fell in love with Daryl even though I didn’t know him well but I knew that he was a total sweetheart like my Jesus. “How you feel to share her Dixon? Three way relationship. Are you in?” Jesus asked Daryl. “Only if y/n okay with it” Daryl said. “Fuck yes” I said dreamily while caressing both of their cheeks. “Then hell yes I’m in” Daryl said and kissed me. Then Jesus kissed me. “Go to sleep baby, it’s been a long night, don’t worry Daryl and I will be here when you wake up.” Jesus and Daryl kissed my forehead. And I just said goodnight and went right straight to sleep with both men besides me.

Well that’s that, sorry if it was too detailed. Lol. And long… Please tell me what you guys think.

Okay, but here’s the Christmas gift I’m still laughing about.

My parents got me a Chinese knock-off Hetalia pillow case. Most of the characters are pretty recognizable. 

First we have Japan, Germany, France (??), and Canada (without his glasses and with his eye color a bit off).

Next we have England, China, Prussia (probably), and America (probably).

And here’s Russia and Austria.

But after them?

I really don’t know who those two are supposed to be. The red-headed guy could be Ladonia, and maybe the brown-haired guy is Italy? I’m pretty sure they’re just in the wrong anime.

As if random knock-off countries weren’t bad enough, the real kicker comes from the saying in the middle.

Do you recognize that phrasing at all? How about from Nickelback’s song “If Everyone Cared”?

I can’t

 @inevii  replied to your post “so, two (2) cool things happened yesterday: A) I finished my…”

congratulations!! what about nursey/dex, and something with nurseys poetry? maybe he writes one about dex and dex finds it?

Thank you!! And I am…so sorry about this.

“So,” Dex begins, sitting down next to Nursey at team breakfast. “I think I found your tumblr.”

“Oh?” Nursey says. He starts fiddling with his spoon and drops it on the floor.

“Yeah, and like, man? You have like a lot of photos of random red headed guys, and they’re all tagged ‘inspo’. What’s up with that?”

“Uch,” Nursey sputters indignantly and rolls his eyes. “That doesn’t mean anything,” he says, in what is possibly the least chill voice Dex has ever heard from him.

“And that one poem you posted, 'ocean acidification’? Was the lobster supposed to represent–”

“I gotta go,” Nursey interrupts, shoving away from the table and tripping over his chair.

Imagine you are out walking your dog one night because your stupid parents told your so. You liked walking your dog, but not in the evening at the weekend. You had so many YouTube videos to see and so many bands to stalk, that the poor dog was only a burden. On your way home you passed a well visited bar where a huge group of young people were gathered outside laughing and having fun. Not your typical choice of activity in the weekends, but it was fun once in a while. But not today, and not with a dog.
When you came closer some of the girl squealed and walk towards you and your dog in their unsteady high heels. You rool your eyes and try your best to ignore them.
“Can we pet your dog, pretty please!”
“No thank. I just want to go home.” You said tired and kept walking.
“What a loser!” One of them said as they walked back. It was typical drunk people to say that kind of things. Another reason to hate these walk at night. You continue your walk as a group of guys comes walking towards you. The way they walk round you that they were as drunk as the rest of the people you had met, so you walked over the road to the other sidewalk. But as you do that, so do one of the guys. When he stops right in from of you, you saw him with the biggest grin you have ever seen on. He was a tanned boy with dark hair and dark eyes. He was dressed kind of like a punk with holes in his clothes, but his smile was almost like a happy puppy. As you stops the strange boy reach down and starts petting your dog.
 "Who’s a good boy?“ He kept saying and actually sat down on the sidewalk to be closer to your dog. You were just staring at the strange drunk boy.
“Ermh.. it’s a girl actually. ” Is the only thing you can say. The boy stops and turns his head to the side to look under your dogs stomach to get it confirmed. You could not help but laugh at his actions.
 "Oh… you are right!“ He said smiling at you.
"Well it’s my dog. I should know.”
 "I like your dog very much.“ He said sounding more drunk than before.
 "I can tell.” You said and bent down to pet her as well. The boy let’s at you with a weird drunken look but keeps smiling.
 "You smell really good.“ He suddenly says.
"Ermh thanks?” You said blushing. It was weirs how this tanned boy didn’t annoy you like the other people. He was more cute than annoying.
“Or maybe it’s the dog?… no it differently you.” He says after smelling your dogs fur. You tried your best not to laugh him right in the face.
“I’m Calum. And I think I’m drunk too.” He says and tries to find your hand but even end though you reach it out for him, it took some time for him to get a grip and shake it.
“Nice to ermh.. meet you Calum. But shouldn’t you go with your friends?” He squeezed his eyes together like he was thinking really hard.
“Oh yeah… Where are they?”
“They are standing down the road. Outside the bar.” Calum looked down the road and tried to get up, but he almost fell on top of your dog, so you reached out for him and started walking him over to his friend. As they saw you, they started laughing at you two and the poor dog.
“I think you lost this guy.” You said as you let go of Calum and one of his friend took over.
“Was he awkward? Please tell me he was awkward!” The red-headed guy asked. “Well he did smell my dog.” You said chuckling.
“It was better than I thought oh my God. Did you get her number then, mate?” The red-head asked Calum like you were not standing right there. Calums eyes widened and you thought it must be of embarrassment, but he shot you a smile and reached out for you.
“I forgot your number! The dog distracted me..” He mumbled and looked down at your dog again. He was about to reach for it again, when one of his friends stopped him.
“Come on dude. Focus!”
“Oh yeah… Can I get your number? You are pretty hot and I like your dog very much.” He slurred out and made you laugh.
 "I guess it’s okay.“ You said and one of Calums friends got his phone out of his pocket and you put your number in it. You had never done this before so it felt strange, but the way Calum acted towards your dog could only mean, that he was a great person. 

 You went home with your dog and went on with your Internet abuse and went late to bed. So late that the day after you wake up to your phone vibration it’s way your nightstand. You grab it and without thinking answer it.
"Hello?” You said sleepy not thinking clear.
“Is it the dog girl?” A known voice said in the other end.
“Calum is it you?” You said and smiled to yourself. You didn’t really think that he would call or even remember that he talked to you, now that he was so drunk.
“I want to say sorry for yesterday. If I did anything embarrassing other than smelling your dog, then I’m very sorry. I’m not good at apruching girls when I’m drunk.” He explained.
“You did check if it was a guy or a girl but you did no harm. I only got a good laugh.” You said chuckling.
“Oh God… I’m so sorry. I was about to ask you out or something but I don’t know if I should do that now.”
“Well.. I wouldn’t mind it at all. My dog looked very found of you anyway.” You said and he laughed but shortly after he started moaning in pain.
“Oooh.. don’t laugh when you are hangover!.. oh.. but.. What do you say then? Should we do it for the dog?”
“Yeah for the dog.” You laughed.


Old Family (PT.1)

Description: You were a part of Rick’s group from the start. You got separated by a herd of walkers at Hershel’s farm and you stumbled upon Negan and his men. You begin dating and fall in love. When you see the group at the round-up and you realize what Negan’s about to do, everything comes crashing down.

(Quick note: I may change some of the original dialogue and obviously the plot from the round up scene)

“They took care of me, Negan. They were my family.”

Negan ordered you to stay in the RV. He never let you participate in anything he did involving Lucille.

You knew this was bad.

“Stay here.” He said deeply.

“No, Negan, what are you doing?” You asked pleadingly.

“Just a little bit of business, baby-girl. Nothing you want to be a part of. Just wait here.” He said kissing your lips swiftly.

Dwight knocked on the RV door.

“There’s my signal. I’ll be back.” He said swinging Lucille over his shoulder.

He stepped out of the RV. Shutting the door behind him. You scrambled to the door and opened it just enough so you could see people kneeling in a line.

You couldn’t see any of their facial features. You saw Negan’s back still in front of the RV door;

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” He said to the frightened people.

You sighed;

“Negan, what are you doing?” You whispered to yourself.

He talked to the group of people for awhile before saying something that caught your attention;

“But you killed my people. A whole damn lot of them. More than I’m comfortable with. And for that, you’re gonna pay.”

There was a slight pause before Negan continued;

“So now…I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you.”

That’s when you realized what he was going to do.

“Negan, no…” You whispered.

Negan paced for a minute before squatting in front of one of the people. From what you could tell it was a younger man.

“Shit, kid. Lighten up. At least cry a little.” Negan said with a throaty chuckle.

You sighed. Kid. There was a kid out there than Negan was about to beat to death. You knew about some of the guys being killed.

But you didn’t think Negan would swoop this low. You opened the door a little more. You saw the kid…he looked strikingly familiar.

You couldn’t put your finger on it.

“I simply cannot decide.” Negan smirked.

He claimed to have an idea before starting;


“Negan…” You whispered in disbelief.

He wasn’t actually going to kill someone…was he?

Finally he finished the nursery rhyme and Lucille landed on one of the people.

“It.” Negan said finally.

You opened the door more to see who it was. Now you could only see the kid and part of the guy Negan was in front of. You didn’t recognize the guy.

“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father and then we’ll start.”

You couldn’t help it. You stuck your head out completely of the RV. You scanned the people and you almost fainted.

Carl…Rick…Maggie…Daryl…Glenn…they were all there. The ones who saved you and taught you everything you needed to know. Carl had changed so much. No wonder you didn’t know it was him.

Glenn was your best friend. Maggie and Carl were like your siblings. Rick was almost a father-figure.

You couldn’t move or speak. You were in shock.

“You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing all that.” Negan said before raising Lucille.

Lucille came crashing down on the red-headed guy. His head dipped but he brought it back up. Fighting the pain.

“Woah! Taking it like a champ!” Negan swung Lucille again.

And again. And again. And again.

He was dead. Negan killed him. You almost choked on the air you were taking in.

Negan waved the bloodied up Lucille in Daryl and a girl’s face you didn’t recognize. Forcing them to look at it.

Daryl. He had changed so much. His hair was longer. His arms were more toned. He just looked darker altogether.

Daryl leapt up and took a swing at Negan. You gasped. You knew Daryl had just made a mistake.

Negan had a little outburst;

“That shit is not cool.” He growled.

Negan abruptly turned around to where Glenn was sitting you flung out of the RV door and screamed;

“Negan, no!”

But it was too late. Lucilled cracked down on Glenn. Negan whacked him again before turning around in shock.

He pointed the blood-dripping bat at you;

“I told you to wait.” He said deeply:

“(Y/N)?” Carl whispered quietly.

Negan looked at Carl very confused.

“Well, now you’re here. Enjoy the show.” Negan said before whacking Glenn again.

You cried. Tears flooded your face. Watching the love of your life kill your long-lost best friend.

“Kid. How the hell do you know my girl?” Negan said abandoning Glenn’s mutilated body.

Maggie was sobbing in horror. Rick looking at you sympathetically.

“Your girl? (Y/N), you’re dating him??” Carl asked in shock.

You stuttered on your words.

“Carl-I…Negan-he’s never done-”

Negan cut you off;

“Never killed anybody? Yeah, you’re damn right. They killed my men. Someone had to be punished.” Negan said turning back to you.

You swallowed hard. Tears stinging your face. Realization crossed Negan’s face.

“Do not…do not tell me you used to run with these pricks.” Negan said cocking his head back.

Anger flooded you;

“Yeah, I did. I got separated. They’re my family. And you just killed my best friend.” You said growling at your boyfriend.

Maggie’s head snapped up. Suddenly realizing it was you;

“(Y/N)…oh, (y/n).” She sobbed.

You kneeled in front of her. Wrapping each other in the tightest of hugs;

“Oh my God, Maggie. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” You cried.

Negan scoffed;

“Okay, okay. Let’s end this little pity party and get me some answers.” He said plucking you gently from the ground.

“I just told you.” You said sharply.

Negan chuckled;

“Okay, baby. You’re right. Now here’s the deal. They’re mine now. They work for me. So you’ve got a choice to make. You go with them, work for me, and end this special thing we have. Or things stay the same between us.” Negan said.

Your head spun. After seeing two people get murdered by the man you loved, maybe going back with them wasn’t a bad idea.

But then again, Negan always took care of you. He loved you. You were his.

“They took care of me, Negan. They were my family. I can’t-” You sobbed.

“Okay, sure. They took care of you and “were more than just friends” to you. But I’m the one who really loves you and makes you feel special.“ Negan said trying to take your hand.

You flinched. Suddenly afraid of him. His eyes widened. You stumbled back to the RV. Mouthing an apology to Rick. He looked more disoriented of all of them.

”(Y/N).“ Carl called but you didn’t hear him.

You shut the RV door and immediately started panicking. You cried hysterically, you couldn’t breathe, and your chest felt like a millions bricks were being thrown at it.

You were gasping for air. Negan opened the door and shut it with a face full of worry.

”(Y/N), baby.“ He said walking in.

You turned away from him before he pulled you to him. You thrashed and screamed, afraid he would hurt you;

“No! Negan, stop I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me!”

Negan let you go. And looked at you in shock.

“Hurt you? (Y/N), you know I would never ever hurt you. You’re my baby-girl.” He said softly pushing a hair from your face.

The tears finally stopped falling and you were able to breathe easier. But the image of Glenn’s dead body kept replaying;

“You killed…Glenn. My best friend.” You said angrily.

Negan looked confused as if it wasn’t a big deal;

"Uhh, yeah? Rick killed my men, so I punished the ginger. The redneck made a scene so I bashed in…Glenn.” Negan said emphasizing Glenn’s name.

You blinked. Unsure of what to say. Anger was still bubbling inside you. Negan smirked and bit his lip.

"You know, you’re so…incredibly beautiful when you’re mad.” He said pulling you to him again.

You didn’t push him away, but this increased your anger. He wasn’t taking you seriously. You didn’t respond.

"You don’t have to decide right now. I’ll give you a little time. Now, I’m going to take Rick and lay down the law to him. You’re going to sit out there with the rest of them and catch up or whatever. I’ll be back by dawn.” Negan said ushering you out of the RV.

He grabbed Rick by the collar and drug him into the RV. Driving off after a few minutes.

You sat down. Afraid the group was angry with you for what Negan had just done. Instead, they all hugged you and exchanged “I missed you’s” and “I thought you were dead’s”

You hugged all of them. And comforted Maggie who still hadn’t moved.

Even with all this support and love, you still have a big decision to make.

And you had no idea what to do.

anonymous asked:

Ok so this is lame but hear me out. The GOM are turned into frogs, and naturally the only way to turn them back is with a kiss from their one true love, so the reader helps them try and find their true love and gets tons of people to kiss them but nothing works, until one day they kiss the guys for what ever reason and then POOF! The guys are back to normal and the poor reader is left all red faced and flustered.

Haha, this sounds really cute for some reason.


“What’s your type?” you asked, glancing at Akashi as he tried to sit as refined as he could in frog form.

You were resisting the urge to snap pictures of him as a frog because you know he would definitely kill you when he is turned back into a human.

“Girls with dignity,” he stated clearly.

“What? That’s so vague,” you complained.

“That’s all I can think of.”

You sighed and opened your palms up to him.

“Okay then, let’s try our luck.”

After various failed attempts at getting girls who you think have dignity (whatever that means) to kiss Akashi, you were ready to give up. Firstly, it was difficult getting them to even kiss a frog, even though it was Akashi. Secondly, who describes their dream girl as one with dignity? Letting out a groan, you covered your face with your hands.

“(f/n)-san, I appreciate what you have done for me,” Akashi’s quiet voice broke through your stormy thoughts.

“Of course I would. I am the only one you have, Seijuro,” you murmured.

“There is one girl we haven’t tried though,” you heard him muse.

You immediately lifted your head, turning to him excitedly.

“Who? Who?”

“You,” he replied before jumping onto the nearest rock and kissing you on the lips.

You could hardly even react when he turned back into a charming red headed guy with heterochromatic eyes. Your face flushed and you almost toppled backwards if he did not catch you by the waist.

“I… I…” you stammered, feeling your cheeks heat up even more.

“I knew it would be you,” he whispered before leaning down to catch your lips.

This time, you had time to react and kiss him back.


“Are you asking me to kiss a frog?” The girl asked dubiously, raising a brow at you.

You held Midorima out in your palms and pushed them at her.

“I promise that if you were his one true love, he would turn into a gorgeous prince and marry you,” you tried to make the deal sweeter.

The girl frowned and finally nodded.

“This better be good,” she hissed.

As she bent down to kiss Midorima, a sudden feeling clenched in your heart. What if she is his one true love? You bit your lips. Of course you would be happy. You want this to happen, don’t you?

When she straightened again, both of you looked expectantly at the green-almost-red frog. Nothing happened.

“Are you sure you are not lying?” the girl huffed, arms akimbo.

“Uh… I am sorry. It just means you are not his one true love,” you quickly escaped with her hurling curses behind your back.

“I think this won’t work nanodayo,” Midorima sighed.

“I guess so,” you replied, kicking rocks along the pavement while holding him in your hands.

All of a sudden, your toe got caught in a crack and you tripped. One of your hand shot out to grab at the pavement while the other cradled him close to your face. When you fell, your lips brushed each other. You barely had enough time to feel embarrassed when you landed on top of a green headed blushing guy.

Both of your eyes widened as your lips locked.

“I… I am sorry!” you yelped, pushing yourself up on your arms.

He blinked slowly before sliding his hand up into your hair, pushing you down to him again.

“So you are my one true love,” he whispered before kissing you again.


“I am going to be a frog forever,” Kise whined morosely.

“No, you won’t. We just haven’t found the right girl,” you murmured, slightly annoyed with his pessimism.

On another hand, you had already tried finding more than 20 girls to kiss him and it hadn’t worked. Even his own supposed ‘crush’ hadn’t worked.

“This isn’t working,” he growled.

“It will work. Just be patient,” you frowned.

“It won’t…”

Groaning, you snatched him up before he could continue complaining and pressed a kiss to his lips. It was the only way you could think of to shut him up. Before both of you knew it, the frog you were kissing turned into a blonde haired guy right in front of your very eyes.

You gasped and reared back, clapping a hand to your lips. Kise looked confused for a minute before a dangerous grin unfurled on his face.

“My one true love huh?” he laughed and leaned in to kiss you again.

“No, you baka!” you screamed and batted him away.

Idiot Kise!


The green frog glared balefully at you as a girl puckered her lips to kiss him.

“Ne, (f/n)-chin…” before he could finish his sentence, the girl kissed him straight on the lips.

Nothing happened for three to four seconds as Murasakibara sat on your palm with an annoyed aura surrounding him.

“Nothing is happening!” the girl frowned, wiping her lips as she straightened.

“Then, you aren’t his one true love,” you repeated the line you must have said to at least 10 other girls.

“What? Prove you are not lying! You kiss him!” The girl demanded.

“What? It only works if the girl is his one true love,” you protested.

“I don’t care! You kiss him now!” she was getting increasingly agitated.

“(f/n)-chin, I want some pocky,” Murasakibara drawled.

“Okay, okay, I will get you some pocky later,” you placated.

“Kiss. Him. Now!” the girl was standing in front of you, arms akimbo.

She seemed pretty upset so you quickly nodded your head.

“Fine. Fine!”

Lowering your lips to Murasakibara, you gave him a light peck on the lips. The change was immediate as a purple haired titan was sprawled on the ground in front of you. You gasped at his sudden appearance, a hand on your mouth.

“You were his one true love all along?” the girl accused.

“I… uh…”

Before you could say anything, the girl stormed off.

“Meh, I am back to my body. Say, let’s go get some pocky, (f/n)-chin?” he stated adorably, looking up at you from the floor.

You were initially flustered by the fact that you were his one true love but his nonchalant attitude made you sigh, knowing that he wouldn’t make a big fuss over it anyway.


You have lost track of the pure amount of girls that Aomine had kissed. He insisted that all girls who had big busts were his one true love and you had to stop them one by one to convince them to kiss the frog you currently held in your hands. After the last girl kissed him and nothing happened, she almost threw him into the nearest dustbin.

“Can you narrow down your type of girls and not just tell me that you like girls with big breasts?” you groaned.

Aomine seemed to think for a moment before shaking his head seriously.

“Ahomine,” you grumbled.

“Hmm, you have pretty big ones yourself,” he suddenly commented.

“Wha-…” you started to retort before he jumped up and pressed his lips to yours.

You pushed him away instinctively but your hands touched a warm chest.

“If you want to touch me, just say it babe,” Aomine grinned at you in all his 6 and 3.5 foot glory. (no, he is not naked)

You yelped and almost fell off the chair was it not for him wrapping his hand around your waist.

“So you were my one true love after all,” he laughed before kissing you on the lips.


“That was the fifth girl,” you sighed as the girl walked off while giving the both of you dirty glances.

Kuroko sat in your palm silently, giving the same impressive poker face in frog form.

“I am sorry, (l/n)-san,” he said.

“No, it’s okay,” you smiled gently.

“I just don’t know who else we can find.”

“Might I be as bold to suggest something though?” he turned to you.

You tilted your head.


“Can you kiss me?”

A deep flush immediately worked onto your cheeks as you contemplated what he meant.


“It is okay if you do not wish to.”

“Uh no! It… It is okay,” you replied shyly.

He looked at you expectantly as you lowered your lips to his and gave the lightest brush of a kiss. In an instant, a boy with powder blue hair laid sprawled before you. He scratched his head curiously as he scanned himself. Your cheeks flushed when his gaze locked with yours.

“Looks like it worked,” he grinned up at you, his smile melting your heart.

The Ichigo Diaries

As requested by anon. :)

What if Ichigo kept a diary during the first Bleach arc? This might be the result!

1. Dear Diary,

Protected a dead girl from bullies today. I’ve been leaving her flowers. I wonder why she doesn’t have family or friends who leave her flowers. Since she appears to be like nine years old. And dead. Probably best not to think about that.

2. Dear Diary,

Shinigami are real. They are not giant and scary like in Death Note. They are small and angry and they draw mustaches on the faces of helpless humans. Also, they will follow a guy to school and write threatening messages on their hands. And expect you to do their job for them! Like - what?? Why would I want to 

hang on diary i hear something


3. Dear Diary,

I met the hollow that killed my mother. I lost.

I need to get stronger.

A bigger sword, maybe. 

I feel in my soul that a bigger sword will always be the answer.

4. Dear Diary,

Who duels anymore, seriously? Like who goes up to a classmate and challenges them to a duel? Is that a thing? I don’t think that’s a thing! And if dueling were a thing, then it would be an actual duel! Like, hand-to-hand or sword-on-bow or whatever! Not releasing hollow bait in the middle of a crowded town full of humans that are hollow food!

I just don’t understand how that Quincy guy’s mind works. He just seemed really mad that I never noticed him. But who gets that mad just because somebody else didn’t notice them? 

But whatever. I guess the past is in the past since we’re friends now. He saved my life I guess. And tied my sword to his head but we’re not gonna talk about that. Ever again.

5. Dear Diary,

Rukia was arrested. I almost died. My sword was broken. It rained on me. A guy took me to his house and another guy lay on top of me until I woke up. Then I got thrown into a pit for three days with no food while I turned into a hollow.

It’s been a traumatic few days, is what I’m saying, diary.

But now it is weirdly peaceful. I am sitting on my bed, the window is open, and I am waiting for a weird shopkeeper to come find me so that I can go to the land of the dead. 

So by “peaceful” I guess I mean



6. Dear Diary,

I beat a giant today. It was easy.

7. Dear Diary,



8. Dear Diary,

Ishida has reminded me that we are here to rescue Rukia. That is fair. I can’t waste my time beating up random ghost peasants when I am here to beat all of the ghost soldiers.


9. Dear Diary,

I’m going to admit it: I am good at things. I always pick things up really fast. Like fighting. And fighting with a sword. And fighting with a different sword. But man! These cannonballs are IMPOSSIBLE! I just have no sense at all of how to do it. Everybody else picked it up really fast. Even Ganju can do it. And he is Ganju. I guess I’m feeling a little bad about myself. 

Why can’t the cannonball be a sword?

10. Dear Diary,

I am in the sewer. The sewer in the land of the dead. With the world’s tiniest and most cooperate hostage. And also Ganju.

I fought a bald dancing guy. And then ran around a lot. This whole experience is much different than I thought it would be. 

11. Dear Diary,

So you know that big red-headed guy with the cool sideburns and all the tattoos? The one who like swore to kill me and tried to kill me and all of that? Well I think he’s like my squire now? He knelt at my feet and grabbed my robe and begged me to rescue Rukia and I said I would so long story short I think he works for me now. 

He’s like the third shinigami I’ve collected now. Shinigami kind of love me.

12. Dear Diary,


13. Dear Diary,




14. Dear Diary,

Also that Squad 11 captain was just as scary as everybody said. No, more scary. Like, when dancing bald guy said, “Watch out for my captain” I thought, “What? Is he gonna be more bald and better at dancing?” But then I met him and HOLY SHIT THAT GUY WAS SERIOUSLY FREAKY. And so was his tiny lieutenant! Those guys. Man.

But anyway I have to go learn bankai now. Because yeah. Bankai is a thing. A thing I need to finally beat Byakuya. Nobody told me about bankai before now, but it’s a thing. I wonder what else I don’t know. Eh. I’m sure somebody will tell me.

15. Dear Diary,

It is time to go rescue Rukia. And I don’t normally say this, but I have to be honest: I am going to look so. freakin. cool.

16. Dear Diary,

Yeah. I looked cool. BRB I have to go beat Byakuya’s ass for trying to kill his sister.

17. Dear Diary,

I almost died again. During my fight with Byakuya. I really almost died. But then instead, I became a hollow. Just temporarily, but it still freaked me out. Kind of a lot. 

I didn’t get a hollow from Urahara’s pit, did I? No I’m sure it was just a fluke. I am not going to think about it.

Especially not know when everything is finally okay again. 

Time to go home.

18. Dear Diary,

It was not time to go home. A captain with glasses came and stole something from Rukia and then ascended into the sky. Everybody thought he was dead? It was all pretty confusing since I don’t know anybody’s names.

19. Dear Diary,

Rukia decided to stay in Soul Society. I guess that make sense. I’m not sad.

20. Dear Diary,

Weird summer vacation, huh?

choas-at-its-finest  asked:

(#5) Hicca looked back at the group of men who ran after them. She kept running, a step behind the big red headed guy who she had stupidly interfered with. She had seen him protecting some girl in an alley way but the bad guy had him out numbered in seconds. Hicca didnt think throwing an extra wrench from the shop at one of the guys would do much. Now she was running for her life with the wannabe hero, "When?! More like 'if'!" she panted. Her big sweatshirt got in the way of chases.

“Hey!” He yelled over the wind, “Ah could’ve easily taken them down even without yoo throwing that dumb wrench on one of ‘em!” He shouted over the wind as he ran.

He could hear yelling and curses directed at both of them. “Why did you do that anyway!?” He was a bit more impatient now. They took a turn and he almost slipped on his shoes but he luckily balanced himself before he slid sideways.

furihoesa  asked:

Teenage!Kylux: Kylo is grounded for being a little snot at school, so he's stuck at home manning the door for trick-or-treaters. It's going ok, he supposes, until a cute red-headed guy about his age shows up; he's chaperoning some neighbor kids and clearly despising every second of it. Cue Kylo awkwardly trying to flirt while making nice with the kids. Hux may or may not come back later on his own to give Kylo his number. And maybe a smooch.

Everyone needs to see this, it’s so adorable!

The Dragon Prince the 15th (my oc) :D

Here’s Long Reix the 15th, a red dragon descendant from the Mighty Dragon tribe (?) . He is also the only descendant to be born without wings. And he’s also Akami’s companion (btw he always escapes himself from his over-protective mother for the sake of his adventure-thirst xP)

idk why i’m obsessed with red headed guys especially Fuxy bae xP

reblogs are appreciated :D

Sami’s birthday is today, and I want to talk for a minute about this dude. 

That cool?


I’ve told this story before, but today it could stand with a repeat.

I’ve been watching wrestling since before I could remember. My grandparents got my brother and I into at an early age, and I feel like it was always on our tv in some form or another. My brother and I were still massive fans well into our twenties (i often joked that my wardrobe at the time consisted of star wars and wrestling shirts, split right down the middle), and while he stayed watching it, I hit something of a road bump in life and bounced out. It wasn’t because I was particularly tired of the product. I just had a lot of shit going on in my life and could not divide my attention in half. After being a fan for years, after going to wrestlemania 24, after going to a few house shows and FCW events in southwest Florida, i threw in the towel. 

The shitty thing is that , with everything that was going on in my life, I probably could have benefited from the temporary distraction. I fell out of it for several years.

During this time, FCW became NXT, the Sheild (Which I discovered had been formulated in an FCW warehouse literally ten minutes from where I went to college. At the same time. Never went and saw them. Still kicking myself over that) had already shimmied up the ranks to the main roster. NXT was being talked about by everyone in it’s early WWE Network days.

Including my brother, who convinced me to sit down and watch Finn Balor’s demon entrance. And don’t get me wrong, it was cool. It was really cool, but that’s not what brought me back.

I’d never heard of Sami Zayn before that, or any previous life he’d had in the indies. Some red headed bearded guy fought some long haired dude with a mouth guard in a match  that night. The red headed guy went over. Didn’t know who he was, but I was pulling for him big time.

Then a dude with a busted nose rushed the ring to embrace the new champ. Didn’t know who he was either, but he was there. And I gave a damn for some unknown reason.

And then, of course, the inevitable betrayal happened and i was pissed. Why was I pissed? I didn’t know these two, hadn’t heard of them an hour previously. Sami had gotten over with me in one match. 

When I say that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens got me back into wrestling, that is exactly what I mean.

When I post another picture of them and get the inevitable comment , “Why do you draw him so often?”

Not only is he great to draw, but if it weren’t for Sami Zayn, I wouldn’t be doing any wrestling art at all. 

So happy birthday, Sami. I hope it’s a great one.