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I am in such physical agony right now, but here’s today’s look from when I wasn’t this morning. I look like a child without eyeliner but my hair looks dope.

BTS Reaction to: Their Wife Dressing Their Son in Really Cutesy Dresses/Cute Outfits

exo reaction; here

Jin: “wow, you’re so good looking no matter what clothes you wear! you got that kind of beauty from me. you’re welcome, son.”

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Suga: does feel embarrassed at first. for like .2 seconds. until he turns into that over proud, loud father who’s parading his son around the studio like; “you know what this is called, hope-ah? it’s called perfection. you wish you could have half as much swag as my boy”

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J-Hope: wow, I can’t believe that jung hoseok invented being a great and supportive father. he gives no f**ks about the fabric his son wears. he focuses more on raising a happy, healthy, caring little boy

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Rap Monster: researches similar cases where little boys are dressed in feminine clothing by their mothers. he reads articles on the psychological effects & is panicked at that thought. so he makes sure his son is dressing like that out of personal choice. & if he is, he does more googling to find out how to appropriately approach this situation; “jagi, please don’t bother me right now. I found a really good article on dealing with gender stereotypes for kids, I need to finish it”

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Jimin: sits his son down for a caring but serious talk. “are you wearing these clothes because you want to? or are you doing it to make mommy happy?” if he finds out he’s doing it for you, then he’ll calmly ask you to not force your wishes on your son. and if his son is happy and dressing in what he wants, then he’s 1000000000% supportive. and spoils his son with all kinds of cute trinkets and clothes

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V: proudly waits for his son at the school gates, waving and winking at him once he catches sight of him running up in his pink and yellow shoes. a dad next to him scoffs; “you let your boy wear girl shoes?”

and papa taehyung shoots back with, “I didn’t realize that there was a law stating that only girls could wear pink and yellow shoes. I wonder if there’s a law against that ugly shirt you’re wearing?”

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Jungkook: tbh he finds it a bit odd. he seems to be more traditional in his views so his son stepping out of the gender norm will take him back. but as long as it’s not you forcing your desires on your son, & his son is happy, then his paternal instincts will take over and suddenly he finds himself leading his son in a pink dress down the red carpet.

“head up, kid. you’re a Jeon, we don’t worry about what others might think”

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tda modern high school au

i’ve seen this floating around so i wanted to take a stab at it (@blxthorns made me lolol)

i know its kinda written weird i was going for a mean girls kinda thing but also like a book synopsis? idk lmao if you want more/a sequel feel free to ask for more trash!

Malibu High is full of all sorts of different people. From the jocks to the nerds, you can find just about everyone here. But is there’s one family that really stands out, it’s the Blackthorns. They all share the same physical traits, curly brown hair and blue-green eyes and are all super active and hot. Seven kids and a whole lot of holy hell. 

They younget brother and the oldest sister, Tavvy and Helen, don’t go here. Helen’s MH alumni and Tavvy’s a future MH Dolphin, but that’s not the fun part.

The youngest is Dru, shes a freshmen and thirteen. She skipped sixth grade, so she got to MH a little early. She’s into horror and gothic stuff, but she’s freaking gorgeous and you can find ten guys a day staring.

Next are the twins, Livvy and Ty. They’re sophomores. They’re both ridiculously smart. Livvy’s into computers and Ty got moved into 12th grade bio. They’re inseparable.

Then, there’s the heart-throb of them all—Julain. He’s a junior and a painter and literally every girl in school has a crush on him. yet he’s had his eyes on the same girl since sixth grade.

Last but not least is Mark, and he’s a seinor. He spent a semester abroad last year and came back with lots of stories and a lamp.

Of course, next to the Blackthorn’s side, is their posse.

Mark has a girlfriend, Cristina, who moved to California from Mexico a few years back. They’re both also dating Kieran, the hot foreign exchange student. Everyone’s jealous of all three of them because its, like, against the law to have that many hot people in a threesome.

When Cristina came to Cali, So did Perfect Diego and his brother Jamie. “Perfect” isn’t just a nickname. Both boys have rock solid abs and amiles that’ll melt your heart. Cristina and Diego dated for a while back, but no one really talks about that. Diego’s a senior and Jamie’s a sophomore.

Jamie’s also kinda dating Dru, but she’s a freshman and a young one at that, but noo ne can tell and everyone ships them.

Then there’s Julian, and his best friend and girlfriend Emma. She’s got long blonde hair and a whole lot of sass. They’re perfect together and everyone knows it. Everyone shipped them even when Emma dated the red-head Ashdown kid. Emma’s also best friends with Cristina, which brings their dynamic even closer.

Last but not least is the trio everyone either loves, hates, or wishes they were apart of. The Blackthorn twins hardly let anyone in, but somehow Kit Herondale managed to get a spot at their table. he’s dating Ty and is Livvy’s best friend. Their dynamic is odd, but works so perfectly it’s not fair.

The whole school wants to be in the Blackthorn’s posse. Only few can. How is it possible for one family to be so perfect?

Nameless Week: Colors / Reunion.

Pairings: Red x Green/Blue Oak ( I use Green. )

Warnings: None.

AU: Soulmates.

Everyone had their destined soulmate, at least that was what Red’s mother had told him. Red had believed it, that when he grew up that someone out there would fit him perfectly. However, he already knew who knew him so well, so perfectly that there was no doubt in childhood Red’s mind that his neighbor and best friend Green was his. He wanted it to be true, they were already close as it was so Red couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else. There wasn’t any sure way to tell with them being so young, as people grew up, the colors of the world began to fade into a world without color, only grayscale. Once someone saw their soulmate, the colors would return, it was the only sign that someone had found that certain someone.

Everyone started off seeing colors, letting the kids have a taste of what life would be like in a world so vibrant and full of life before it slowly drained away. When the colors started to fade for Red, earlier than normal, he didn’t mind, they would return one day, he was sure of it. Green’s color faded a year after Red’s and his friend didn’t take it as well as Red had. He was angry and furiously determined to find his soulmate so he could have the colors return to him. That confused Red, why did Green want to go on some grand Pokemon adventure, to gain fame so it would be easier to find his soulmate when Red was right here.

While it was uncertain for anyone, as the start of the search would only happen until after a person’s sixteenth birthday, no color would return until after that day. Red was confident, but Green’s constantly growing ire and persistence that his soul mate was out there was slowly starting to wear on Red’s confidence. He was growing uncertain, maybe Green wasn’t his soulmate if his friend didn’t feel the same way as Red did. Eventually, Red decided he would go with Green on this adventure, if he stayed by Green’s side, certainly his best friend would realize they were destined for each other. When he signed to his friend his idea, Green took it the wrong way.

Instead of being elated that they’d go on an adventure together, Green felt like Red was trying to steal his goal away from him, that Red wanted the same thing. Fame to find his soulmate. Red tried to explain, but his fingers couldn’t work fast enough as Green shouted at him and slapped at his hands in a way that said Green didn’t want to ‘listen’ to Red’s excuses. That was the end of their friendship, Red felt hurt, but he was determined to prove that he was right, to show Green through actions if he didn’t want to listen. While it was the end of their friendship, it was the beginning of their rivalry. From the moment they retrieved their very first Pokemon from Green’s grandfather, they clashed again and again.

The battles they waged were laden with adrenaline, there was so much on the line on both ends, neither one wanted to lose. Green was driven by all the wrong means, making him forgetting the most important things, such as love and compassion. His Pokemon weren’t even spared from such dangerous ambitions, Red hated fighting against his friend, but he wouldn’t back down from a challenge even if he was always one step behind Green. It wasn’t because he was slow, but he wanted to follow Green, to make sure he kept tabs on his previously best friend. Throughout his adventure, he defeated gym leaders, even stopped Team Rocket from stealing other peoples’ Pokemon, and yet nothing seemed to get the other boy’s attention, to notice him as something more than just a threat to some goal that he didn’t realize was meaningless.

It all finally came down to the last battle, the battle for the title of champion of Kanto. Green had gotten what he wanted and he wasn’t about to let it go, but Red wasn’t going to let him keep it. If Green remained champion, Red feared that he would never see his friend again. In desperation, he acted without thinking. The battle they waged was that of titans, both battling with everything they had because there was too much to lose in this last battle. Both sides were powerful, trained well, but Red had the advantage. Red’s Pokemon trusted him completely, never hesitating to attack, moving in perfect sync without Red having to say a word. In the end, he had proven that he was the better trainer and finally Green would give up this goal and finally see what was before him all along.

Or so Red had thought.

He walked over to Green, who had fallen to his knees as the weight of what happened was too heavy on his shoulders. Red extended a hand, offering to help Green up, to show him through everything Red was there for him. Instead, in his anger and humiliation, Green slapped the hand away and got up on his own. Green had always been strong and independent, he never accepted help from Red but had always gave it to the other boy in a tough love sort of way. Red frowned as Green lifted his head to level Red with a hateful glare, but it was the tears spilling down Green’s face that truly startled Red.

“I hate you! Why did you have to take everything away from me! I-I never want to see you again, Red!” The other boy shoved past him, moving back the way they had came, not even staying to hear Professor Oak’s lecture. Red was left standing there in the fallout of what just happened. As the Professor spoke, it fell on deaf ears, everything within Red felt cold as he realize what a huge mistake he had made, something he knew he’d never be able to take back.

Fifteen years later, nothing had changed, not for Red anyways as he stood on a snowy mound, staring off to the cloudy horizon like he did every day for these past few years. The sun was a white color on a slightly grayer landscape as it was setting. He’d forgotten what a sunset in color even looked like by now as the cold wind caused his dark brown, nearly black, hair to dance around the edges of his old, worn out baseball cap. The mountain was harsh to live in and Red was no longer a scrawny little kid anymore. At twenty-six years old, he’d finally filled out, his mind no longer a wild mess of depression, fear, and sadness. He’d finally come to terms with living up here on Mount Silver, it was peaceful and quiet, the harsh cold kept most people away aside from an annoying kid who claimed to be the Johto champion who continued to pester him every few months for a battle.

Those visits were getting less and less frequent though, last time he had heard from the fellow champion was that he was hanging out with some long haired red head kid, Red could never remember names. So now, he was really starting to feel the waning ache of loneliness within him, it was times like this he thought back to Green. He wondered if he’d been wrong, as a foolish child with lofty dreams, it was never a certainty that Green was his soulmate. Though he was torn, he hoped Green had found his actual soulmate so he wouldn’t have to suffer this longing like Red felt. At the same time, Red hoped he hadn’t, because he wanted to be that someone who brought the color back into Green’s life.

He sighed out softly and tucked his hands into his red jacket, it was getting close to start heading back to the cave he had turned into a makeshift home through the years. When he turned, he heard his pikachu shout and coming running up towards him, he assumed that his friend had been playing with the rest of his team. He looked over to see as expected, Pikachu running up, though what he didn’t expect was an eevee to be trying her best to follow after pikachu through the thick snow. He didn’t think eevees would be this far up, it was a bit dangerous for such a small Pokemon.Crouching down, Pikachu bumped his head against his hands excitedly, the eevee following suit, she was quite friendly for a wild Pokemon.

He always had a soft spot for eevees though, it had been one of Green’s favorite Pokemon, though his former friend had never bothered using his eevee in battle, claiming it had been too weak with stats that weren’t any good once they started their adventure. Red scratched behind the eevee’s ears, she seemed to have taken care of herself pretty well out here despite the tougher wild Pokemon that lived around here. He’d been so distracted in his pondering and playing with the eevee that he hadn’t heard the footsteps of someone walking up. As eevee jumped back onto her hind paws, putting her front paws on Red’s face, licking at his cheeks with her small tongue, Red laughed, it was a soft, quiet sound that could easily be missed with the blowing wind.

“That’s a sound I haven’t heard in years.”

The voice startled Red, his body tensing as his head snapped up to see who had spoken, who had caught him in a moment he never revealed to anyone other than Pokemon. His gaze instantly rose to meet the brightest pair of hazel eyes looking back at him. He could never forget the color of those eyes looking back at him, or those wild spikes of light brown hair. His breath caught in his throat as he was stunned, it was Green. He was here and not only that but he could see the colors he remembered from his childhood, making his heart race in his chest. He didn’t know what to say or do, all he could really do was take in the sight, the snow was still white but that only made Green stand out even more with colors that appeared so vibrant after more than a decade of seeing nothing but grays.

“Speechless as always,” Green’s voice held a hint of laughter as he held out a hand towards Red to help him up. Red mindlessly took it, pulling himself up out of a crouch, but he didn’t let go of Green’s hand, he was afraid. Afraid that this moment would slip through his fingers again and disappear, in his panic that Green would walk away from him again, Red pulled at the arm. Green, not expecting this, stumbled right into Red’s waiting lips. Now it was Green’s turn to finally be rendered speechless for once in his life.

Practice Makes Perfect (YooSeven)

“Bro- let’s practice kissing for when we get girlfriends, bro.”


Can’t help but feel a little inspired seeing your art. Here’s the picture this piece is based off of:

Practice Makes Perfect

Seven wiggled his brow, the motion purely mocking in most ways, but this time around it only made Yoosung blush even more. By this point, one would think that Yoosung would have been used to all the teasing- but Seven was bringing this to a whole new level.

“C’mon- Yoosungie~ hold me closer, dude.” Seven nudged a little closer, one hand on Yoosung’s hip and the other starting to tangle into blonde hair.

Yoosung’s breath was being sapped away with each brief graze of fingers against him. When Seven had suggested, months ago, that they practice kissing- he KNEW that the red-head was kidding. Then he brought it up again a few weeks ago, and Yoosung was quite certain that Seven was still kidding. A week ago, he said it again, and Yoosung shifted a little, wondering if Seven knew what he was doing to him.

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Magic mom

Gwen blinked at the sight in front of her. After all the parents left with their children she and David packed up the camp, the chances of them returning highly unlikely. She knew Max was going to stick around with David for a bit until they could solve things with the parents (or hopefully convince them to give David custody of Max) but she did not expect the residant magician to hang around. His parents didn’t seem that bad…..did they seriously just abandon their kid at a no longer operating summer camp?

Gwen tapped David on the shoulder and geastured towards Harrison and Max curled up on one of the beds, asleep. She raised a brow in silent question.

The red head looked from the kids, to Gwen, then back to the kids. He chewed his bottom lip, opened his mouth to answer, closed it, then tried again.

“Harrisons parents….they….they said he was broken. I….when…..Gwen they were holding a rosary everytime Harrison was within 3 yards of them….”

“His parents treated their own child like a demon?” Gwen asked in disbelief. At Davids nod her concern grew.

“Do you remember what Harrisons mother said?”

Between Campbell and the pizza parlour Gwen couldn’t really recall much, however she did seem to remember something about a brother disappearing.

She chewed the insde of her lip as she and David weighed their options. It wasn’t likely that her co-counselor had enough to support two kids. He would need at lest two jobs just to support him and Max. And with Camp Campbell being shut down money would be tight for the both of them. There wasn’t much she could do with a liberal arts and psych degree-

“We can’t just leave them, Gwen.”

“David, when the fuck did I say anything about leaving the lil shits?” David looked aside for a moment and chewed his lip again. “I….I don’t know if I can give them a comfortable life-”

“Whoa, let me stop you right there.” Gwen said as she held up a hand, indicating for David to be silent. “Who said you’d be taking both of them?”

“Er, w-well I know that you’re super busy during off season, a-and the whole job hunting and-”

Gwen held up her hand again, effectively cutting off Davids rambling.

“Look, here’s what will do. You take one lil shit, I’ll take the other.” David was about to protest but a glare had it die down in his throat

“I think we can land a shitty teaching job somewhere. That way we can keep an eye on the lil shits while they’re at school. Sound good?”

“….S-sounds good.” Davids voice cracked slightly as he gazed at the sleeping campers. Was this really happening? Did he and Gwen really just agree to essentislly be parents despite only being in their early twenties? He jumped when a hand clamped down on his shoulder.

“We better finish packing. It’s late.” He nodded as Gwen resumed her packing, holding back the urge to squeal as he saw Gwen place a blanket over the two boys out of his prephial vision.

Valentine’s Day Special #31

(Not stated) Modern AU 💙  Crush on Kid requested by Anon

It was adorable, really. The two of you were complete opposites yet the chemistry was as clear as day. You were the cute, shy girl that embodied perfectly the expectations of the girl next door. Kid was that punk that everyone, except his friends, avoided. His little gang always found trouble and he never said ‘no’ to a fight when provoked. 

You had taken a part time job at a small restaurant that the locals loved and it paid well. It also helped you overcome some of your shyness and quietness. You were grateful to the locals for being patient on your end and finding your shy nature very adorable. You were behind the counter when you saw Kid and his small posse come in. You felt your whole body shiver at the intimidating men in front of you, the one in front was almost a foot taller than you, but you realized that you would hate being judged if you were in their position. With some deep breaths and mental prep talk, you welcomed them and told them your special which was curry udon. He made a disgusted face at the mention of it and you couldn’t help but find it cute, hiding your smile by looking at the counter. You mentioned your other specials and after a bit of back and forth, the group finally ordered a meal the size of a feast. 

You brought the food over and put the bowls of food down on the table. You were about to head back to your spot behind the counter when the voice of the man behind the mask spoke up and stopped you.

“You’re new here, right?” You looked back at them and nodded, noticing that the man with the red hair was already eating the cabbage rolls that you placed down.

“I just started very recently and I’m still getting used to it.” The man nodded and pointed to the red head next to him. 

“Kid and I are regular around here so I guess we’ll see you more often.” You smiled and nodded.

“My name is (Y/N) and I’d be happy to serve you when you guys come in.” The masked man pointed to himself while the red head grunted, acknowledging what you said.

“Killer,” which made you raise your eyebrow at the odd name but didn’t dwell on it too long, “and this is Kid.”

That’s how it all started, Kid and his group would come in and order while also chatting with you. It became a thing where it would be Kid and his posse or just with Killer but lately it’s just been Kid coming by himself. He usually picked up food to go and leave but it’s been a regular thing that he stays and talks with you. The two of you chatting and being friendly with each other surprised a lot of people, including his friends. His friends noticed the happy expression on the man’s face and took every chance they got to poke fun at the both of you (one of the reasons why he showed up alone nowadays). He wouldn’t admit it but he basically memorized your schedule due to him coming in so much. Your coworkers even told you that he wouldn’t show up when you weren’t there.

He was a grump but there was something about the way that he talked with you and the underlying kindness behind his actions. As the days went on, you wanted to see him more than just at the restaurant but, due to your shyness, you told yourself that you were content with just the daily visits. What you didn’t know was that, he was having the same issue but he was becoming more anxious. 

He walked into the restaurant and immediately went over to the counter where you were, ignoring the heat that wanted to come up to his cheeks when you smiled up at him.

“Hey, Kid! What can I get for you today?” He rested his hands on the counter and leaned forward, making you blush at how close he was getting to you. 

“When do you get off?” You cleared your throat, his eyes were staring into yours and it took all you could to not lose focus.

“Um… I-In three hours?” He groaned and looked at your boss that came over to check up on everything.

“I’m taking (Y/N) for the day.” You blinked and eyes widened at how your boss easily agreed as the day wasn’t that busy so far and another coworker was coming in anyway. He went behind the counter and tugged you out. You struggled to keep up with him and your other hand came up to grasp the hand that was pulling you, using all your strength to at least pause him in his tracks.

“Wait, Kid! W-What’s wrong?” He looked at anywhere but you.

“There’s nothing wrong.” You raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to say something else. “Just… Just wanted to take you on a date, alright?” You blinked and a dark blush filled your cheeks.

“A-A date?” He groaned under his breath.

“I’m taking you on a date today.” You had just realized that you were still holding your hand in both of his but even if you were embarrassed, you didn’t want to let go just yet. A shy smile lifted your lips as you sheepishly looked up at him. 

“Surprisingly romantic of you. Wanting a date on Valentine’s day?” He blinked and his free hand covered his face, groaning and making you giggle at his flustered expression.