red head boys

  • Jason : Tim, im not gonna fit
  • Tim : never know until you try ..and plus you're not that big big
  • Jason : mmhmm sure
  • Tim : just fucking try
  • Jason : shit.. fuck I didn't think I would fit
  • Dick: *burst inside room * WHAT THE HELL IS GOI-....what ?
  • Jason: * in the middle of putting on old Gotham academy uniform.
  • Tim : ..ummm..hi Dick..ever hear of knocking ?
  • Dick : ahahah .right ..ummm sorry
  • Jason : these pants are cutting off circulation to my legs
I know damn well I can't be the only one tired of people fancasting Jensen Ackles for Jason Todd all because he did the voice in the animated film 😴

Like there are millions of actors that are around the age Jason would be as the Red Hood, that could actually be really great! Like literally anybody but Jensen, I have nothing against him I love him but just because he did the voice doesn’t mean he has to be the live action actor too. Jensen is too old for the role and he has pretty much devoted his life and career to finishing Supernatural. Please stop fancasting him for Jason and then getting offended when nobody wants him, I can list a few actors I think would be perfect for Jason Todd and that fit in with the age range that he is when he becomes Red Hood…1. KJ Apa, 2. Dom Sherwood, 3. Alfred Enoch, 4. Asa Butterfield, 5. Freddie Highmore, 6. David Castro, 7. Johnathon Whitesell, 8. Bryshere Gray, 9. Keith Powers, 10. Noah Centineo, 11. BooBoo Stewart 12. Dacre Montgomery 13. Shameik Moore..there are soooo many talented young actors that could play him and have that chemistry with Batfleck. Y'all need to use your imagination and think outside the box a bit

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Young!FP Jones/Riverdale imagines - Small Town Part 1

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A/N: Look, I know it’s cliché but I feel this story could be really great. I hope you guys stick around for this because I’ve got a good plan for this and I hope you like it as much as you liked ‘Oh Dear’. I rewatched the whole first season to see what I could pick up about the parent’s past and I’m trying my best to include what I can but most of this will be my own creation. 

Overall Summary: Being the new girl is hard when all the attention seems to be drawing back to you even when you’re determined to stay under the radar. 

Pairing: FP Jones x reader, Alice x FP, Alice x Hal, Fred x Hermione, Fred x Mary, Hermione x Hiram, basically a lot goes on in this fic

Word count: 2,607

Warnings: Some strong language

“Honestly, Mom, you are the only woman I know who didn’t improve her situation by getting a divorce.” You shared a sideways look with your mother as you carried in the last of the boxes to your new house. 

“Stop being so dramatic, (Y/n). The town is lovely, I grew up here, everyone here is nice, it’s got a decent school. You’ll love it.” Your mom rolled her eyes at you, dusting herself down as she brought in the last box. 

“It may be lovely, Mother but it’s not Chicago or Los Angeles. Somewhere exciting. If you had just fought Dad a little harder we could have gotten enough money to live like celebrities.” You fell back onto the couch, heaving out a sigh. 

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Artist Keith headcanons

• Keith has a habit of drawing on himself when he gets bored. If he has a pen on his person in the middle of a class, you can bet he’s drawing to keep his hands occupied
• it was his kind of stress relief, keeping him from over thinking when he zoned out in class
• in the Garrison, he kept his skin covered because his art was rather… girl-ish
• flowers were a common one, along with small symbols he found online that he liked/meant something
• original reason for the fingerless gloves
• he would sometimes doodle to remind himself to do things

• once he got kicked out, he started seriously drawing on himself in his spare times
• individual flowers became bouquets and vines wrapping around his arm
• when he started feeling the blue lion’s energy he stopped drawing so much, instead using his arm as a notepad to scribble down random things until he could write it down properly
• on long nights where he couldn’t sleep Keith would sit outside listening to the wind as he drew things wrapping up his leg
• he still drew flowers but they started to change, looking more prickly and almost dangerous
• he also started to draw small dragon designs… some of which weren’t so small once they finished

• when he saved Shiro and met the rest of the team, it was one of his rare clear days, he hadn’t been feeling as stressed in a few days… of course that changed
• it takes Keith a while to realize that he hadn’t taken any of his pens with him into space
• when he does he kinda… shuts down for a bit before going to the training room to beat out his feelings for a bit
• once Voltron starts going, he doesn’t have much time for other things between training and missions so he forgets for a while once more

• at some point the rest of the team finds out about the habit
• they gift him a pack of different colored pens that will stay on his skin for days or wash off super easily with a certain substance
• Keith loves it and he starts drawing once he gets to the privacy of his own room
• Lance kinda pokes fun at him for drawing flowers and stuff but stops when he sees how sensitive Keith is about it
• it takes some time, but eventually Keith stops wearing his jacket around so much so that he can show off what he draws

• Pidge notices that Keith is running out of room on his own skin at one point when he’s super stressed and she offers for him to draw on her
• the poor boy is super shy about it at first but he draws a cool dragon wrapping around her wrist and a little ways up her arm
• Lance, the jealous bab, notices the drawing and decides he kinda wants to see what Keith could do on him so he offers as well
• Keith draws the blue lion across his shoulders/arm/back and decides he loves drawing on other people
• it’s just so much more free to be able to use large patches of skin instead of what he has to turn and twist to get to on his hand/arm??
• thus begins bonding moments with the team as they all gather to watch a movie with Keith drawing on his chosen person
• he loves drawing on Lance, Shiro, and Allura
• Lance because the darker skin tone + broad shoulders
• Shiro because he’s very good at sitting still (*cough cough* Lance *cough cough*)
• Allura because of the slightly glowing Altean markings on her back/arms that he can incorporate into the art

• overall, the team gets turned into a mix of people with pretty art on their skin and a badass paladin with artistic skills

Thankful - Archie Andrews

Pairing : Archie Andrews x Reader

Word Count : 1219

Warning : Sexual assault

Summary : You and Veronica are at a party when drunk Reggie tries taking advantage of you. Archie then comes and saves you.

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The night was only getting started and you could already feel your head pounding. The loud music was booming trough the house and a bunch of teens were already wasted on the dance floor.

Cheryl Blossom had thrown a party in the honor of the new riverdale’s vixons. Since you were a part of the cheersquad, you felt obligated to attend the event. You never really were the partying type but your bestfriend Veronica, had practically dragged you to the Blossom’s manor. She promised you that you would have a good time and that your long time crush, Archie Andrews, was going to be there.

You had been friends with Archie since kindergarden and always thought he maybe had a crush on you but you were never sure of it. Vernica knew you liked him so there was no point in denying your feelings towards the boy with her. After a lot of arguing, you decided to give this party a try only if Veronica stayed with you all night, which of course, she accepted.

You two danced and laughed like little kids. Even if you had a headache from all the noise, you couldn’t help but have fun with your best friend. While jumping and singing, you had tried looking around for the famous redhead but had no chance, not once spotting him on the dance floor. After a while, Veronica excused herself to go to the bathroom.

You were now staying at the punch table, waiting for your best friend to come back from the restroom when Reggie, one of the football players approached you. You guys had talked once or twice, but never enough to call each other friends. His tall and attractive figure made it’s way towards you, as he gave you a cheeky grin.

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’?” Reggie was close enough for you to smell the alcohol in his system. He had obviously drank alot

“Hey Reggie” You returned loudly enough for him to hear you.

“Whatchu doin’ out here all by yourself?” You laughed at his sudden bizarre way of talking.

“Actually, I’m waiting for Veronica to come back from the bathroom.” The drunken teen beside you only nodded and pourred himself another drink. His back was pressed against the wall, slurping the liquor that was in his cup.

“Wanna go upstairs?” You furrowed your eyebrows and quickly turned your head towards Reggie.

“I’m sorry?” You asked confused. The tall teenager slowly made his way closer to you as you took a step back.

“You know what I mean,” He said, eyeing your body up and down.

“Come on (y/n), I know you want it.” Before you could say anything, Reggie’s hands made it’s way to your hips trying to pull you towards him. You pushed him lightly on his chest.

“What are you doing? Stop that.” He ignored you and started kissing your neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses.

“Don’t touch me!” You tried pushing him harder but he only held you with more force. He dug his fingers on your hips probably leaving bruises along the way. Tears started forming in your eyes as you squirmed to get out of his grasp.

“Don’t fight it babe.” You cried out for help but no one seemed to be hearing you.

“I bet you’re so hot underneath that dress, I-” Reggie was then aggresivly pulled of you and thrown on the ground. He grunted in pain as his head hit the hard wood flooring. In front of you, your redhead crush was pinning down Reggie by the neck. Your eyes widened in horror as Archie started punching the teen beneth him.

“Archie- You’re going to hurt him!”
Around you, a circle of drunken people we’re starting to chant ‘fight, fight, fight’ continuesly. Others had their phones out recording the scene. So much was going on in such a small amount of time, you couldn’t comprehend it all.
Reggie was trying to fight back, but couldn’t due to the heavy weight of Archie on him and all the punches he was getting on the nose and the jaw. Some people in the room were still unaware of the fight, and others just seemed uninterested. The redhead was still going at it when you shook his shoulder saying,

“Don’t do this, he isn’t worth it.” Archie looked back at you.

“He should'nt touch you like that!”
You looked at Reggie on the ground. He was completely knocked out. His once good looking face was now all blue from the punches. You couldn’t look at him without getting a shiver down your spine.

“Let’s just leave, okay? Before all of this becomes any worse.” Archie nodded, got up and tried making his way trough the crowd of people. You looked around and couldn’t find Veronica. Where the hell was she? You made yourself a mental note to text her the second you got home. She probably couldn’t get to you because of the mass of teens in the room, still excited about the fight. You and Archie quickly made your way out of the Blossom manor before anyone could hold you back


The stars were the only source of light in Riverdale at this time of night. The streets were quiet as you two walked side by side on the old sidewalk.
You kept playing what happened at the party over and over in your head. It was like an endless cycle inside your mind. The thoughts of almost getting sexualy assaulted terrified you. Gratefulness filled your heart for Archie. If he wouldn’t had been there, who knows what would’ve happened next. A few minutes passed before you broke the silence.

“Thank you, Archie. For what you did back there. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” You said while walking. He shrugged his shoulders like it was no biggie.

“You don’t have to thank me, it’s the least I could do.” You stopped walking and sighed at Archie.

“But, I do. Reggie could’ve done awful things to me but you were there to stop him.”

“Reggie is a shit face who never should’ve laid eyes on you in the first place.” He continued. “You’re precious (y/n). I wouldn’t let anyone touch you or take advantage of you” You smiled at him and blushed at his last comment. You looked down from embarasment.

“You really mean that?” Archie lifted your chine up with his thumb and locked his beautiful brown eyes with yours.

“Of course I do.” Your heart started racing in your chest. Had Archie just confessed his feelings for you?
Your lips formed a small smile as he took your small hands in his big ones. Your breathing became shaky as his mouth was only centimeters away from your own.

He then slowly locked his lips with yours. Electricity was running trough your veins as the red head boy was kissing you. You couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. The boy who you had a crush on since you we’re five, was kissing you. His lips were warm, soft and brought you comfort.

Suddenly, nothing else mattered in the world but you and Archie. All you wanted was him, and all he wanted was you.