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Okay!!! Happy MCL selfie day!!
I thought the best way to take photos of me resembling my candy was to show change!
Since her puberty is based off of mine it wasn’t too hard haha
Red Hair was 9th grade
Blonde was 10th
White was 11th
Purple was “12th”

The last photo is what I look like now! I’m wearing something Trinity would wear so I decided to add it


This has been my after-hours labor of love the past 5 months, and my 100th fursuit head to be completed from scratch! Excited to finally hit that milestone! This is my fursona, Denali the red wolf!

I am so proud of this head and ready to cosplay as my fursona once more! Denali has a few special features I experimented with- interchangeable eyelids for different expressions, and a repositionable tongue with room for more customization down the road. Now that I have this proof of concept nailed down, interchangeable eyelids is something I can offer in the future for commissions!

LobitaWorks will reopen for price quotes and new commissions October 3rd-10th! Stay tuned to learn more!                    

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Jason head cannons?

-Jason cannot, I repeat cannot, sleep lying down straight on his back. ever. He always has to be on his stomach or on his side or whatever, just not on his back

-It is also very difficult for him to fall asleep in complete silence, for the uh obvious reasons, he has to be listening to some sort of noise. His favorite is the sound of waves crashing because that was one of his favorite places to visit with Bruce

-Jason is the only one out of the batfam who know how to really cook. Growing up on the streets with a deadbeat dad and a druggie mom doesn’t really give way for great cuisine, so when he was taken by Bruce that was something he really was amazed by

-He would come home and help Alfred cook almost every day after school, and seek out lessons on coking, so he is quite the chef

-Before he was taken in by Bruce, he would try to stay at school for as long as he could, and that usually meant he had to stay in the library, which is where he got his affinity for reading and made good friends with the librarian 

-He always hated the assumption he was just another dumb street thug, so he would purposely read large words out of dictionaries and try to use them as much as he could in normal conversation, effectively surprising adults when he said things like quintessential or penultimate

-After he was resurrected, he went on a spree of trying to “cure” of all of the things that still had a hold over him, by doing things like crawling into the dirt and staying there for hours on end, put crowbars all around in places he could see, and play the beeping of a bomb on repeat in his safe houses 


 Small update

Good evening, everyone. It´s Úna here, I’m finally back to blogging, and ready to give you an update on how our lives have been. First of all, I really had hoped to do a last bump update when I was 34 weeks along, but… well, my body had other plans. Two days later, we welcomed our seventh child, Lughaidh Meallán - a super adorable and beautiful little red-head. We’re very proud of him, and the other kids ADORE him - the older kids especially. Only our little Gráinne seems to think he’s a little weird, and she haven’t shown much interest in him yet. But I’m sure she’ll warm up to him very soon. She’s always been a very loving child. She just needs time to get used to him.

I didn’t get pics of everyone, unfortunately. Sean and the twins were out of the house when I thought about bringing my camera out. Here’s a close-up of little Lugh with his eyes open. Right now it looks like he has his papa’s brown eyes. He’s so adorable.

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#10 with Monty Green?

‘stop teasing’ (monty green one-shot)

Request: as stated above from THIS wonderful smutty starter drabble thing. I changed it to just a smutty one-shot, hope that’s okay anon!

Prompt: Monty eats you out after a fight/a long day.

Warnings: smut w Monty Green, racial stereotypes, swearing, dirty talk (?)

(gif credit X)

You sighed, frustrated after that last fight with your FWB Monty Green. You both agreed that things would be better with a “no strings attached” policy, but Monty had somehow forgotten that policy and he became attached to you. Take earlier for example, he told you that he didn’t like when you stood too close to Bellamy or let him play with your hair. You, of course, scoffed and walked away. Moments later, you were looking for him and found him wrapped around Clarke in a tight embrace. How dare he? You called his name and you two made your way to his tent, the previously mentioned fight occurred, and Monty walked out after admitting his feelings for you.

“Damn it, Monty,” you paced all across his floor. “Maybe I should wait it out.” You sat patiently at the edge of his bed for a few moments before you hear commotion outside. You walk out and make your way to the source of it all: John Murphy.

“Looks like Y/N gave up on you? Guess what they say about Asian dicks is true, huh?” You heard Murphy talking and chuckling with his buddies, as you grow angrier by the second. You grow closer and see an insecure Monty, standing around and avoiding all eye contact with Murphy. “Couldn’t get it up in time? Or at all? Bellamy might be better for her, man. You have to be agile and thick for a girl like Y/N–” You walk right over and punch Murphy in the mouth before he can finish saying your name. A loud gasp is heard through the crowd as Murphy looks at you, stunned.

“Keep mine and my BOYFRIEND’S name out of your filthy, no-good mouth,” you threaten him, placing extra emphasis on the word boyfriend. Everyone’s eyes widen as you threaten Murphy, Monty’s included. “Come on,” you walk over and grab Monty’s hand, taking him back to his tent. Once you two were in the safety of his tent, he turned you around and pulled you flush against him, kissing you senseless.

You snaked your arms around his neck and bit his bottom lip, eager to dominate his mouth like you would before. Surprising you, Monty placed a firm grip on your ass and bit your bottom lip. You gasped and gave him entrance as his tongue dominates yours. This was new, and you loved every second of it. You eagerly allowed him power over you as he tugged on your hair and pulled your head back, his mouth moving to your jaws and slowly down your neck. You moan and tug on his jet-black hair as he nips the side of your neck, sure to leave love bites plain as day for Murphy and his little friends to see later.

Monty pulled his head back and smirked, proud of the small red mark on your neck. He reattached his lips to your neck and started leaving open-mouthed kisses down your throat to your collarbone. Once he reached your collarbone, he makes eye contact with you–his dark brown eyes hooded with lust and you were sure that your eyes matched his. He bites down gently on your collarbone, leaving you a quivering mess as he began to roughly suck on your skin, leaving an even darker mark against you.

“Monty,” you whisper his name and he hums against you, his mouth moving to the valley of your breasts. His slim fingers reach under the hem of your shirt and brush your hips, swiftly pulling your shirt over your head.

Monty gasps and stares down at you, hungry and passionate as ever. “So, so beautiful, Y/N,” he whispers and kisses the valley of your breasts. “So perfect.” For the first time, you believe him.

You blush and pull Monty’s head up, kissing him deeply as his hands worked on unclasping your bra. You both pull away to take a breath as you fully remove your bra. Monty hastily pulls off your pants as well and eyes you as you lay there in just your plain black panties. You blush again and Monty lays a gentle kiss against the bottom of your stomach, causing your insides to go wild.

“Let me make you feel beautiful,” he whispers and you moan softly, nodding enough for him to see it. He slowly makes his way down, pushing you onto the be and laying between your legs, his head leveled with the insides of your thighs. He looks up at you, smirking as he licks a long stripe from your inner right knee, up to your inner thigh and over your panties, to you other thigh and back down to your left knee. You pant and grab onto the sheets of the bed as he leaves you a quivering mess, your core soaking for Monty. He lays another fleeting kiss on your wet clothed core before ripping off your panties and leaving you bare for him to ravish.

“So fucking beautiful,” Monty whispers as he teasingly flicks your clit. “This little flower is begging for my mouth, isn’t it?“

“Hmmmm,” you hum softly and close your eyes before feeling a slap against your opening. You gasp loudly and open your eyes, a smirking Monty waiting for you to properly answer. “Yes, Monty. It’s begging for you.”

Happy with your husky answer, Monty groans against your inner thigh as he inches his way closer to your core.His eyes meet your as he lays an open-mouthed kiss against your center, his eyes closing in satisfaction as he finally tastes you. Your hands shoot forward and you pull roughly on Monty’s hair as you let out an ungodly loud moan. His tongue leaves small kitten licks against your slit, smirking as he feels you tense every time he comes close to your opening.

“Monty, stop teasing,” you moan and he gently bites your clit. “P-please stop teasing,” you scream out his name and tug his hair.

“Yes, ma’am,” Monty whispers as he makes eye-contact with you one last time before allowing his mouth to devour your beautiful flower. His tongue finally enters you, without warning. You scream and grab his hair, as his skillful tongue probes in and out of you, causing you to squirm beneath his touch. His hands find his way up and he soon removes his tongue from your opening and moves it to your clit. Before you can complain, you feel his slim fingers curling inside you as he continuously hits your g-spot, his tongue sucking on your clit as he does so. You scream and moan, finding your climax moments later. You lay there, panting as Monty licks your juices from in and around your opening, smirking at you all the while.

You blush and remove your gaze from his, but his hand quickly cups your chin and turns your head to face him. He licks one of his fingers clean of your juices and brings his index finger over to you. You look at him, face red as can be as you open your mouth and he gently slides his finger in. You suck on it, eyes never leaving his face as he moans your name.

“You’re mine, Y/N. You said it yourself. I’m your boyfriend, which makes you,” he moans as you nip his finger, “my very naughty girlfriend! Ouch, Y/N that hurt!”

This is my first SMUT post and I am so sorry if it sucked. Please tell me how you liked it. If you do, feel free to send more smutty requests bc tbh this was fun to write. Kinda scary, but mostly fun. So send me more and tell me what I can do better… pls.


Summer House~Chapter Six: Waking Up

Hello all! Well with real life and, the holiday I’ve been extremely busy! But the wonderful @jaspertown sent me a PM asking for an update so I felt I should honor the request! Happy reading and to everyone in America Happy 4th of July! 

Read it here or on AO3

Chapter Six: Waking Up

The house creaked as the wind blew roughly around the silent and, barely standing structure. The lights were out, the rooms were covered in dust and debris, the windows were cracked allowing the wind to float through the devastated space with unchained ease. Two sleeping bodies were curled in a dark corner while the light of the full moon protected them from harm…

If only the moon could protect them from their dreams…

Today she’d been given both a gift and, a curse. Today she’d found out his engagement to Laurel was all a lie created by Robert for reasons that still remained a mystery. She’d found out that even after all these years someone was still in love with her and, she found out that sometimes a bridge can be built over very turbulent waters.

Felicity felt every seemingly perfect muscle of his sculpted arms as they slowly began to curl tightly around her slender waist. Her body tensed, her heart clenched and her lips quivered while her mind screamed for her to move…Instead she remained still, quiet and, oddly comfortable within his grasp. She couldn’t help but snicker quietly to herself when his fingers began dancing along her skin. His fingertips felt soft and, at the same time rough as they swept over the fabric of her borrowed shirt. She grinned lowly then whispered in muted tones, “I should be pushing you away yet here I am letting you hold me anyways…”

His touch sparked a memory of another time when Felicity should have walked away and, yet she simply decided to run straight towards him anyways…

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Can you make a mix of ballroom and bedroom kacchako Drabble prompt please?? Love your work!

A/N: Thank you so much for your kinds words! I hope you enjoy this! Just a warning to readers there is light smut content in this but they’re both aged-up. Also…the word count is 1259 words…

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big mechanical inconsistent cats

Sometimes, when there’s a sequel (or second season) to a story, the relationships that started in the first story get broken up in the second. If you’re lucky and the writer is good, it’s because the groundwork was laid in the first story that the relationship was only a HFA (happy for now, vs a happy-ever-after). More often, though, the conflict is contrived, and done purely for the sake of getting to repeat the ‘getting back together’ tension. 

The key is whether the reader hits that conflict-point and says, “oh, I had a feeling that was coming.” A buried tension, an issue left unaddressed, some old enmity reappearing, a fundamental difference in ethics or priorities: these foreshadow a possible break. Done right, it’s not a ‘will they or won’t they’ repetition, but a ‘can they resolve their differences and grow stronger’ new turn. Instead of a circle across old ground, it’s a spiral treading new ground. 

To paraphrase Mark Twain, this isn’t real life, this is fiction, and fiction is supposed to make sense. So my question is: does the lion switch – from the point of view of the lions themselves – make sense?

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The New Princess - chapter 6

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 3000ish

Warnings: none, except some swear words (the usual basically)

A/N: I’M BACK BITCHES!! It’s been a hectic week but I found the time to write a chapter so here it goes! Feedback is very much appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy! 
P.S. I hope my tags are working, if not, please tell me :)

Previous chapter    |    The New Princess Masterlist


“Would you care to elaborate?” Jo questioned, her brows furrowed in curiosity. You sighed as you rubbed a hand across your face, probably smearing your make-up all over.

“It was… awkward at first, but I didn’t expect it to be any different. I don’t know the man so no surprises there. And then all of a sudden it was alright,” you shrugged. A small smile formed on your lips at the memory of the picnic. “He was nice and it didn’t feel as forced anymore and I genuinely thought that we were having a good time.”

“What changed?” the red head asked. When she noticed how your face fell, Charlie got up and swung an arm around your shoulders, pulling you against her side to comfort you. 

“Once we were back in the car away from the paparazzi and the cameras, he just shut down and gave me the cold shoulder for no reason. He… He’s a great actor,” you joked humorlessly, a dry chuckle leaving your lips. Jo opened her mouth to say something but a familiar tune interrupted her. The three of you stared at your handbag for a second before you started rummaging through the contents. Your fingers wrapped around the plastic casing of your phone and you pulled the electronic device out of the bag. “It’s Ellie,” you shared as you read the caller ID. 

“Hi, Ellie,” you all chimed in when you enabled speaker phone.

“Hi, girls!” the Princess exclaimed, happiness clear in her voice. “How’s everything going, huh?” You wanted to answer her question, not sharing her enthusiasm whatsoever, but she continued her rambling. “Good, I think, if the photos are any indication.”

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Exo reacts to you (gf/wife) as a vs angel walking down the runway and they're there front seat hehe thank you


You were choosen to wear the 10 million dollar bra and couldn’t turn the opportunity down. You hadn’t said a word about it to your boyfriend and wanted it to be a surprise.

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You were posing when you saw your boyfriend and his bandmates stand up and started clapping and made incredibly loud noises. You turned red while Jongin was smiling from head to toe and he was so proud to call you his.

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Hehe….You were waiting for your turn backstage. You saw your boyfriend sitting in the fron row while watching the other model walk. They were beautiful and you were getting kind off jealous so you couldn’t wait for your turn and show him what you’re wearing.

*When you walk out*


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He hasn’t processed what was going on just yet when you walked out in just a tiny lingerie.

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He couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.

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*Uncomfortable af because of hard on*

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He would try to not show that he was enjoying this so much, but failing so hard because he thought this was only a normal catwalk…with more clothes on.

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Bouncing with happiness. He’s been waiting for this day for a long time

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Thinks about the things he want to do to you *Sorry!*

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Lip Virgins (requested)

P O N Y B O Y C U R T I S imagine

///This one’s for Anon :) “…where the reader is new to school and meets Pony and they become best friends after a few months and like he tells the reader that he’s in love with them and they share their first kiss together?…\<

I smiled slightly as I entered the class, looking around the room. It’s where I was going to be for the next 5 months anyways. I heard a few guys and girls snickering. The guys were in sweater vests and the girls were wearing oversized varsity jackets. I guess they were couples. I avoided their smirks as I bit my lip. Most of them were blondes anyways. That was great. It’s not that I had any problem with blondes. It’s just I was a red head. Not any normal red head that people usually are fascinated by. My hair was orange. I was that definition of a red head. I wasn’t ashamed of it- but I wasn’t entirely proud of it either. It was a conversation starter. I looked up to look around the room again. I saw a lean boy hunched over his desk, hitting his pencil lightly against his head that was covered with greasy copper hair. He was kind of cute but he didn’t even notice that I had walked in. He looked up when the teacher started talking.

“Class, this is Y/N. She’s very new here and I hope you’ll make her feel welcome,” Mr. Syme, my new english teacher announced. “Is there anything you’d like to say to introduce yourself perhaps?” he smiled at me. I shook my head not wanting to say anything. “You’re from Los Angeles right?” I nodded. “Well, I’m sorry Ms. Y/L/N that you had to move to such a slow town,” he joked. “There’s a seat next to Ponyboy,” he finally stopped the small talk. But I flinched and I felt my mouth open. Ponyboy? “Mr. Curtis, will you please raise your hand?”

I scanned the room and then I saw that the only open seat was next to the copper haired guy, who started to raise his hand. Mr. Syme looked at me and I nodded, walking over to.. Ponyboy was it? I never heard of that name before. Then again, it should be completely different here in Tulsa.

“Hi,” I said meekly, trying to be friendly.

“H-Hi,” he muttered, giving me a half smile.

“Ponyboy, right?” I flashed a smile.

“Ponyboy Curtis,” he nodded, quietly. Maybe he wasn’t into the whole idea of friends or maybe he didn’t like to talk. It seemed like he was alone in this class anyways. Everyone had natural looking hair while his seemed too slick- greasy. Everyone had some nice looking clothes while Ponyboy had a cut-off shirt. “Is there something wrong with me?” his voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked at him again- his body was turned to mine, his eyes were wide and he looked scared.

“N-no sorry,” I apologized. I didn’t mean to stare at him straight. He just seemed interesting.

“It’s alright. I’m a greaser if you didn’t know,” he nodded slightly, avoiding my eyes.

“A- what?”

“Mr. Curtis, Ms. Y/L/N- are you two done saying hello?” Mr. Syme said, followed by a bunch of laughs.

“Yessir,” Ponyboy gulped.

“Sorry,” I muttered. I didn’t know if I directed that sorry to Mr. Syme or Ponyboy. I wasn’t really sorry for trying to talk to him. I did feel sorry for putting some attention on him.

After 20 minutes of listening to Mr. Syme talk about ‘Animal Farm by George Orwell’, the bell finally rang. I approached the door, hoping to get out of this class but instead I tripped on someone’s foot. A bunch of snotty giggles and smirks followed the sound of my books and my knees hitting the floor.

“Mr. Sheldon, detention,” I heard Mr. Syme’s voice. Someone handed me my two notebooks. I looked up to see it was Ponyboy.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“No problem,” he put a hand under my arm, helping me up.


1 M O N T H L A T E R

“You know Y/N,” Johnny said looking at me. “You can sit next to me and Ponyboy at lunch. We always see ya alone at the library.”

“Nah, that’s okay. Thank you though,” I smiled at them.

“Why not? We’re friends right? You don’t have to be alone anymore,” Ponyboy nodded.

“Well- I don’t wanna ruin your fun or anything. You two always seem like you’re laughing-”

“Y/N, we’re always laughing. Ain’t that right, Pony?” Johnny chuckled, punching Pony in the arm.

“If you weren’t Johnnycake, I’d pound you Johnny,” Pony threated under his breath.


;2 M O N T H S L A T E R

“Hey Pone, are we still up for the Nightly Double?” I smiled at him, coming over to our secret place. It was a bench underneath the shade on the school’s campus. Johnnycake, Pony and I usually eat here. Ponyboy and I usually go to the Nightly Double on Fridays to watch or rewatch certain movies. It was like our own ritual although sometimes Johnny would come along if he had nothing to do.

“Oh yeah, where’s Johnnycake?”

“He’s at my house, sleepin’. He didn’t get much sleep yesterday,” he bit at his cheek.

I didn’t bother to ask because even if they didn’t tell me, I knew what Johnnycake went through at home.

“Does everyone sleep over at your house?” I sat down, mentioning the gang.

“Yeah, Darry always leaves the door open for anyone,” he nodded.

“What about burglars and things like that?”

“Well, Darry would rather have face some stranger than have one of our own get trouble or something,” he smiled at me. “And Darry says he can take anyone on.”

“Like you?” I joked.

“Yup,” he smiled staring at me for a little too long. “Y/N, why’d you always gotta do that?”

“Do what Pony?” I asked, confused at where he was going.

“You always compliment him,” I looked back to see Two Bit grinning. “You like him huh?” He smiled, a little too close to my face.

“Cut it off Two,” Ponyboy got up.

“Or what? You’re gonna take me on like Darry?” Two Bit started laughing hysterically. “Just admit it to her Pone. Look at the lil’ thing. She’s all red too. She must like you back,” he chuckled, messing Ponyboy’s hair and walking off laughing.

“Admit what Ponyboy?” I looked up at him, sheepishly. I could feel my cheeks burning. I didn’t know Pony liked me. I did like him though but I could never want to ruin anything.

“GOD DAMNIT TWO,” he shouted at Two Bit frustrated. “I- I-,” he stopped. “I gotta go Y/N.”

“But Pony-”

Before I could finish his name, he bolted off. I watched him run, and he first jumped on Two Bit. Slapping him on the back. And before Two Bit could grab him in some sort of lock, Ponyboy ran away.



“Pony?” I stepped in his room, knocking on the door. I didn’t see the point in me knocking if I was already in but I did it anyways.

“Y/N?” I heard him say.

I entered the room and stopped in front of his bed, looking him in the eye. “We- uh, weren’t done talking at lunch,” I crossed my arms, smiling.

“Yeah we were,” he gulped.

“I don’t think we were.”

“I told ya- I had to go,” Ponyboy shrugged, trying to avoid the subject. “There ain’t nothing to talk about anyways.”

“Really?” I tilted my head. He nodded. I nodded back, “okay, well. I guess I should let you know that Bob Sheldon asked me to the Junior Dance-”

“Bob Sheldon? The guy who tripped you on your first day? You’re- you’re going with him? Are you kidding me-” his voice was strained but I stopped him.

“I didn’t say if I was going or not. And why are you all worked up on it? It’s not a problem is it?” I smiled slightly.

“Y/N, you sure are acting different,” Ponyboy shook his head.

“Pony, tell me what it was at lunch then. Tell me what you wanted to say,” I sat next to him, looking with hopeful eyes.

“I- I think I’m in love with ya Y/N,” he sighed.

“Ponyboy-,” I breathed, feeling something pull us together. I stared at him. He had the same expression on his face when I first met him. Wide eyes and confused. I flashed him a quick smile before nodding. I was in love with him too. But the second our lips reached out and touched for the first time in forever, we both pulled away surprised by the gang hollering at us.

“Look at Ponyboy. He ain’t a lip virgin anymore Darry,” Sodapop grinned.

“Would y’all get out of here?” Ponyboy stood up, hitting them with a pillow. They eventually all got out once they had their laugh.

“I- I was your first kiss?” I asked, smiling to myself.

“Yeah,” he said. “Who was- um, yours?”

“You were mine too,” I giggled, kissing him on the cheek.