red haired louis


Next I follwed Luna on her daily run and saw alot of familiar faces! Dom is walking around with a cupcake (?), Emma and Penny are meeting up for coffee, and Luna’s little brother Max is hanging out with one of Louis’ roommates AS WELL AS the last girl Louis hooked up with nidhfjkfmlwrmgjqer


I was tagged by @howharrymetlouis @halo-of-a-strong-heart and @gaysilk to do the aesthetic thing where you describe your personality with pictures on your phone.

I’m not sure if these pictures actually describe myself correctly (except my endless love for my cats) but I liked them.

fangirl39  asked:

Is the red streak in Louis's hair a tribute to Natalie or a reference to his connection to Ladybug?

Wow! You are the first person to notice this, I’m glad you asked. Actually his hair a tribute to Lordbug, Louis is big fan of Lordbug and also he has a crush on him, took a lot of photos about him.

Louis: Sis, are you ok? Do you need twins talk?

Emma: *deep breath* ….Yes, I have something need to tell you.

Than Emma tell him everything about her super hero secret.

Louis doesn’t like Arno, they could not get along.

#200 High
  • Harry: He's laughing softly as he tries to wink at you again but failing as he closes both eyes. "I can do this." He slurs slightly, but he's laughing again. You haven't stopped, and you look at him through your tear filled eyes as he tries over and over again. A grin appears on his face as he lets out a breathless laugh, the high falling down as he takes your hand in his. "I think your gorgeous." You hum before he could speak. And maybe it was the blunt talking and the heat making his cheeks red.
  • Louis: His hair was swept up and out of his face as he took another long drag. His tongue stuck to the roof off his mouth with the bitter taste but he swallowed it down and passed the paper over to you. He was silent for the most part, bathing in the silence as you skip a drag and just hand it back over to him. He waste no time taking another one as he simultaneously leans his head over onto your shoulder. "You need to stop smoking." "Just like you need to stop telling me what to do."
  • Niall: He's reckless. Spilling beers on the carpet, screaming out swear words as if they were free. It was relentless the way he yelled your name -- moaned it, even when you were a few feet away from him. "Come ere." He pats his lap, biting his lower lip to suppress a large smirk. You want to say no, he catches your contemplated look and starts to pout. Sighing, you stroll over and sit beside him. He sighs but leans over to your ear anyway. "I need you baby." You shove him back with a small smile. "Shut up you're high." He laughs and slaps his knee.
  • Liam: It's fuzzy all around you, his silhouette is barely visible in your drooping vision as the high leaves your body and is slowly replaced with sleepiness. "You l-look pr-etty." He giggles and pulls you into his side. "Bullshit." You hum, instinctively leaning your head onto his shoulder. He chuckles again, his eyes slowly opening and closing. "Me? Bullshit? Never." You can't help but tiredly laugh with him.
  • Zayn: He was used to this, the rush that the drag gave you, and the crash following it. However, you didn't expect it to hit this hard. Your fingers felt numb as the drug down his chest dramatically, enjoying the feeling off the contraction of his muscles under your finger. "M'sleepy." You mumble and continue to trace out his torso. "Then go to sleep." He chuckled, already recovered, with his arm wrapped around your shoulders. He smiles, maybe still a little fuzzy but it doesn't matter. Especially when he fought the downfall so long just to watch you fall asleep.