red hair..still

So, what if when Jason was resurrected somehow he ends up with ridiculously gorgeous long flowing hair down to his waist with a fat white streak in the front.

He has a special hole in the hood for his pony tail.

Jason with the most ridiculous man bun you ever did see.

Man braids galore.

He looks like a murder angel with his raven locks whipping back and forth in the moon light.

Jason: *Holding a pair of scissors* I’m just going to trim it.

The entire DC universe: DON’T YOU FRIGGEN DARE.


Happy lesbian visibility day to me and all my fellow lesbians out there!!! I’ve personally come a long way since I was 13 and figured out I liked girls. Three years later and I’ve turned into someone who is so unapologetically myself (and unapologetically gay) and I couldn’t be more proud tbh. I love being a lesbian and I love being apart of this beautiful vibrant community!!!