red hair]


Nothing like de-stressing with Altean!Lance. I couldn’t decide which hair I liked better so I did all of them :3c


Tried to get the pose right but just ended up in this ridiculous finger gun situation

anonymous asked:

you know what I think Harry does? when you're between friends, really close ones and you're all having a drink and chatting and playing games and he can't stop himself from making fun of you (not in a mean way, but like doing your accent or talking about your height or your cute sneeze, ANYTHING) just to make you run away from him and hit his arms when he tries to catch you but you always give up and let him put his nose on your neck and give sloppy kisses under your ear between laughs

Who brought you here? Why are you trying to attack me? I mean, I know I’ve been accused of ruining people with some of my concepts before, but this is just pure, unadulterated torture.