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((I am the literal worst you guys I am so sorry for this))

A pot shattered against the wall. A book flew threw the air, nearly hitting the red-haired woman in the face. A chair shakily lifted from the floor, only to fly straight up into the ceiling.

Kouyou touched her forehead as though a headache were coming on, her face puckered in irritation. “Alright, okay, let’s take a break,” she sighed. “Maybe another time.”

The young, wide-eyed boy currently trying to levitate the bookshelf stopped short and looked up at her, his face pulled into a pout. “But Ane-saaaaan!” he whined. “I’m so close! Let me keep trying! Pleeeeeeease?” He stuck out his lower lip and made impossibly adorable puppy dog eyes at his surrogate mother, hands clasped in a silent plea. Kouyou sighed in defeat; she couldn’t say no that face.

“Alright, but only a few more tries.”

Chuuya beamed, then turned around and tried to levitate some of the kitchen utensils laying out on the counter, succeeding in raising some silverware off the marble. “Look! Ane-san! I’m doing it!” he cried.

Kouyou smiled, pride warming her chest. “Very good, Chuuya. Now, try putting it all down.”

Chuuya nodded once, then righted himself, even sticking his tongue out in concentration as he focused on lowering the several utensils suspended in midair. For a moment everything was going smoothly, and then the next silverware was flying everywhere.

“No!” Chuuya whined, stomping his foot. “I was so close!”

The world seemed to have fallen still and silent around Kouyou, the only thing she could feel being the bright pain in her chest. The only thing thing she could see was the hilt of the knife buried deep in her body and the blood leaking out from the wound. “Chuuya…” she gasped. “Chuuya.”

Chuuya’s blue eyes grew wide with terror, followed by tears mere seconds later. “Ane-san…?” he squeaked, his voice choked and small.

“Chuuya, it’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t panic,” Kouyou said, trying to keep her voice cool and collected in order to keep her son from bursting into tears. “Just, go find help, okay?” Her mouth felt dry, her body felt cold, and drowsiness was already taking her over.

Chuuya hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave her side. 

“Chuuya, you have to. I’ll be fine until you get back.” 

She was lying.

Chuuya ran like his life depended on it, not even bothering to close the door behind him. When she was sure he was out of sight, Kouyou sank to floor and watched mindlessly as her blood dripped onto the floor, tiny little drops of red against light brown hardwood. Tired, I’m so tired… Maybe if I just close my eyes, just for a few moments… Her eyelids gently closed, and she slumped onto the floor. She remained there, barely conscious, until she heard loud footsteps and Chuuya screaming her name.



It was a blizzard outside the other day, but I though it would be the perfect setting for my wool Viking dress and hood made by the the most talented Midgaarb (etsy) and @lykosleather 🌿🙌❄️ I was surprisingly warm as well! Wonderful quality and craftsmanship. 😌💕

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“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” ✨
Fun Viking facts!
1. Viking women could inherit property 😉
2. Vikings were some of the most hygienic people of their time. 👍
3. William the Conqueror was a descendent of Vikings. 🇬🇧
(Photographer: @taylordlanier Hair and makeup: @tiffanynicoleperea 💕🙌🌿)

My Viking photo shoot featuring runes by lykosleather ( and on etsy)

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Again and again I notice how I see people through completely different eyes when I photograph them. Even people I have known for years. As soon as I look at their face through my camera I analyse it on a whole different level. It’s crazy how many things like emotions and memories blend into the way we see a person. How we don’t see ‘flaws’ if we like them and how we don’t see beauty if we don’t like them… It’s fascinating how our heart tricks our eyes.