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Random Superstitions: Part 1
  • If the bottom of your right foot itches, you will be going on a trip very soon. 
  • A twitch of the right eye twitches means a birth in the family. One of the left eye signals a death in the family.
  • Dropping a fork or a broom falling can both mean visitors are coming. 
  • It is good luck to find a frog in your home. 
  • Pulling a grey hair will cause 10 more to grow in its place. 
  • Live a long life by carrying an acorn with you wherever you go. 
  • Writing someone’s name in red ink will bring them bad luck. 
  • It is bad luck to close a pocket knife unless you were the one who opened it.

Teaser sketch for Saeran’s new design dakimakura. The front one will be the white-haired *cough*evil*cough* Saeran, and the back will be the normal red-haired Saeran. Orders for Saeran’s dakimakura will be open on November 30th. I will be opening 25 slots for Saeran’s.

Price: $42
Material: Synthetic Japanese Cotton

V’s design will come up soon this week hopefully so please look forward for it ^^

I’ve been thinking about something for a little while, please bear with me while I try to explain. It’s going to sound like it’s all about me, but I promise it’s not.

When I was younger and playing video games, I never made characters that looked like myself. I realize now that these were my first OCs - exceptional women with bright red hair and blue eyes, who were strong and confident and represented everything that I thought I wasn’t. I didn’t like myself in those days - why would I want to play as myself?

When I first picked up Dragon Age: Inquisition on a whim and started playing, I created a girl who looks like me. To me, this represented the journey I’d come through - I loved myself, now, and wanted to play as myself.

Soon afterwards, I joined Tumblr, and after being here for a while I’ve started to pick up on something I find really strange - that self-insert characters are regarded as bad or somehow lesser than original OCs. I really don’t understand this.

Thanks for bearing with me through this ramble - all of this was to make it to this point:

Keep making your self-inserts. Keep playing as yourself. Loving yourself is never bad or wrong, and it’s good to see yourself as the hero of the story.

A Higher Education PT.1

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 4,228

A/U: No idea what I’m doing here, but I’ll be doing this into three parts and they will be coming soon. I’ve also included some things that everyone has been demanding asking for. 

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“Hey excuse me?” I looked to my left to find a girl with long red hair and many freckles looking at me. When she saw she had my attention she continued on.

“I won’t be here next class would you mind if I got my notes from you?”

I put on a smile and nodded. “Yeah, sure.” I lied.

She proceeded to ask me for my email and I purposely put one letter wrong. If this first year thought she was going to get notes in a curved class she was an idiot. I had every intention to dominate everyone in here with their naivety alone. 

When I was turning back to my notepad on my small desktop I saw Shawn running through the door just as the professor was standing before it ready to start his lecture. Shawn gave a beautiful smile running his fingers through his thick hair that was loose and a looking a little damp. His cheeks were a little rosy and he looked out of breath, he must have been running outside, rather than through the pedways. He had been late for this class I concluded.  

He took a few steps into the classroom and began to walk into the middle of the lecture hall. He looked so nice.

Over the summer he had filled out so well. He looked nothing like he had when I met him last year during Move-In week. The Shawn I met last fall was a tall slender kid who wore plaid way too much. When we had seen one another in person two weeks ago at the end of August there was a considerably noticeable different in him. He had spent a little time in the sun and a lot of gym at the gym. And for the first time in our friendship, I had noticed how much I was attracted to him. I had always thought he was good looking but only in a cute way. Now he was growing and parts of him were swelling large and I couldn’t help but notice.

I waved to him as he looked at me and he smiled. As Shawn began to make his way up into the middle of seating I noticed a few girls turning and following him. I wasn’t the only one noticing him now.

As he made his way up the few rows I removed my backpack sitting in his saved seat. As he made his way through the row he awkwardly bumped into people who were sitting in our row. I smiled watching people give him dirty looks before he put out his hand apologizing. When he bumped into a guys desk almost causing the laptop sitting on it to fall I began to giggle. When Shawn wasn’t concentrating he was so lanky and had no coordination.

“Sorry. Sorry.” Shawn said putting the laptop centre before moving down more.

Shawn smiled at me when he reached the spot for him and turned quickly sitting down.

“Couldn’t have picked a spot on the edge could you?” He said playfully as he began to reach down into his backpack for his stuff.

“Wouldn’t have been an issue if you showed up on time.” I spat back.

Shawn opened his mouth to say more but quickly closed his pretty lips into a warm smile before turning to his back again. As his hands moved around inside the bag at his feet I noticed the rain drops on his black sweater, I also noticed how tightly the fabric was against his body, his shoulders looked huge and round under the black sweater.

A moment later I saw Shawn was still rummaging through his bag and he shook his head in frustration when the prof began to speak at the front of the room. As I was listening to the prof and getting the first few lines of notes on naive realism Shawn sat back in his seat frustrated.

I smiled and without a word reached for my extra pen at the top of my notebook and held it out without even looking away from my writing.

“Thank you.” He whispered before taking it from my fingers.

I grinned. It was pleasing to know him so well. First few weeks of classes Shawn was a mess. He was always too caught up with all the fun activities on campus and running into people to get his shit together for classes. By next week though when the seriousness set in he would be prepared and on time.

As the prof was speaking I turned and caught a glimpse of Shawn who was leant into his notebook, back of his brown hair turned to me and writing furiously. I smiled because he was kind of adorable but a moment later I shook my head and turned wide-eyed to the prof down at the bottom of the room.

I wasn’t supposed to look at Shawn like this so I tried to force my attention to the prof but it took a minute.

When it reached 1:48 pm rustling in the theatre began in a few seats but then steadily increased as everyone began to back up their things. Both Shawn and I tried to listen to the prof as he attempted to speak over the sound but soon the prof just gave up.

“That is all, see you Thursday.”

Suddenly there was an increase of noise from people talking, putting their things way or putting the desk into their seats and quickly running out the room.

I turned to Shawn calmly and put the lid on my pen with a smile. He smiled back and then asked for the first few lines of my notes he missed when he was looking for a pen at the start of the class. I turned my book to him and he began to write as I put away my stuff.

When Shawn was done most of the room had cleared out, this was good because we always waited in our seats for everyone to leave as we had no reason to rush out into the panic of people leaving.

“Thanks,” Shawn said handing me back the pen.

“Keep it,” I said with a smile. “you need it for the rest of your classes right?”

“But you hate when people take your pens. You pay a lot for them.”

Shawn was right, I had these particular pens I liked to write with that were slightly more expensive than the common pens so I was very particular about who I gave them to. But I hadn’t even Shawn one of my pens because I knew he was going to steal it like the thief he was.

“Ah, but I didn’t give you one of my pens.” I smiled.

He looked to the standard ball point pen and then mine.

“Did you give me a shitty pen?” He smiled almost offended.

“I did,” I giggled as I put the desktop back into the seat. “I knew you’d steal it.”

“Hey but that’s not true I just tried to give it back to you!” He said zipping up his bag.

I gave him a look as I stood up over him, however a moment later he stood up from the seat. My head slowly went from looking down to now looking up as he did.  He was so tall in comparison to me, and frankly everyone.

“Okay fine. You’re right. I would have stolen it.” He smiled as he put his back pack over his shoulders.

We both smiled a moment saying nothing before turning for the end of the aisle.

“I switched my class actually. So I have nothing for the rest of the day.” Shawn said as we began to walk down the steps.

“What? You did? The one with the funny little man?”

“Yeah. That one.” He smiled as he pulled as his backpack straps and swayed. “So now I only have one class today.”

I smiled and threw my head back. “Shawn, you’re never going to show up to this class now!”

He gave me a look almost pouting as we talked to the door. “That’s not true. You’re gonna be here so I’ll always be here!”

I raise my eyebrow because I didn’t believe him. “Or you’re just not going to come because you think you’re getting my notes.”

Shawn smiled and laughed offended. “I do not.”

“You’re not getting them by the way.” I smiled as we slipped out the door, but the truth was I probably would.

Shawn returned to my side as we entered the hall of the building.

“Doesn’t matter because I’ll have my own notes.”

I rolled my eyes at him before turning and smiling. When I looked at him as we walked he was already smiling, and I felt nice all over.

We turned away from one another and began to walk to the entrance of the pedway.

“It stopped raining,” Shawn said.

I looked to a window and saw that outside was nice and sunny.

“Aw,” I said disappointed because I loved the rain. All class I had been thinking about going to the library at my favourite spot by the window and getting a good start on my notes.

“Y/N you’re so fucking weird.”

Shawn was referring to my disappointment in no rain.

“Shut up,” I said as we began to walk through the glass pedway. Looking outside I could see how nice it was out.

“We should sit outside and study?”

“What?” Shawn said, looking up at me before looking through windows of the glass hall. I noticed how the sun was warming his brown eyes.

“No, I wanted to get food.” He countered

I rolled my eyes, with a smile. “We can get food and sit outside can’t we?”

Shawn grinned as we made our way into the next building and into the HUB so he could get food. We ran into people on our way, and I almost had to drag him along, he was Mr Popular.

When we got outside we entered onto the main quad. The air was fresh and moist from the rain but the sun was heating up the moisture making the air humid. Although I loved the rain itself, this was my second favourite thing about rain. Everything was green outside and felt healthy and with every breath of air through my nose I could smell the petrichor.

Making our way across the pavement I pointed to an open area in the grass that people were sitting in. Then we began to cut across the grass and I could feel the moisture of the grass dampening my Toms.

“Oh,” I said as the moisture from the grass dampened my bottom as I sat down in the spot we picked

Shawn smiled and put his bag with his food and his backpack on the ground. He then reached for the zipper of his sweater and removed it leaving him in a dark grey cotton shirt.  I watched and couldn’t help but see how much his chest protruded out of the simple shirt.

He laid out the sweater to protect himself from the dampness on the ground before sitting and opening his Subway.

“I want a bi-“ I began but Shawn with his mouth full of food was already handing me the sandwich. I grinned taking it and eyed it down for green peppers.

“Why do you always ask for a bite when you know I put green peppers on it?” He asked after swallowing.

“So I can annoy you,” I said with sass before taking a small bite and handing it back.

Shawn took it from my hand and I chewed as I sat better on the damp lawn.

We sat for a bit as I talked and Shawn ate. After we began to play light music as the sun came down on us and we chatted.

“Are you doing to the party on Saturday?” Shawn asked as he rolled up his garbage and placed it neatly inside the plastic bag.

“Which one?” I had not heard of any party.

“The one in Windsor House. In one of the quads?”

I gave a look and shook my head. There was no way I had been invited to this or heard of it.

“What time is it at?” I asked now interested.

“Not sure,” Shawn asked leaning back on his hand and letting the sun hit this long body. “We’re going to pre-drink at Ian’s and then go over.”

“Okay,” I said closing my eyes and letting the sun hit my eyelids making them go bright red. “I mean I’m sure I can manage to find an excuse not to come by Saturday.” I said playfully.

I felt Shawn shove at me lightly and I protested and swatted for him but missed.

“No, but really come,” Shawn said after a few seconds.

I looked to him squinting from the sun. “Okay.” I smiled. “I will.”

I looked away after a few seconds and reached into my bag pulling out sunglasses and putting them on.

“Oh shit, I wish I had thought to bring those,” Shawn said noticing my glasses.

I smiled and reached into my bad. “Shawn, you can’t even remember a pen yet alone sunglasses.”

As I finished my sentence I pulled out my extra pair and handed them to him. He smiled taking them into his fingers.

“You’ll just have to accept the style,” I said with a grin as he put on the lightly rimmed cat-eyed glasses with a pink reflection on the lens. He looked silly but good at the same time.

Shawn pulled up his phone resting on his large thigh and checked himself in the camera view.

“I look good.” He said before turning with a dazzling smile.

Yeah, he did. I thought without control.

I said nothing but only gave a smile and turned away. I didn’t like how I was reacting to Shawn anymore. It felt a little wrong and forbidden.

We sat a while longer in the sun as it dried up the grass, making the air hot and moist. 

“Y/n!” I heard some yell not too far away. I turned to the noise knowing the voice of my roommate.

“Brooke!” I called back as my head fell back in a smile. She along with a group made their way towards us. After a moment I realized it was our group of friends.

They waved and a few of the guys called Shawn’s name. Brooke came and almost fell into me with a smile.

“Well, Hello.” I smiled; she was adorable.

“Hi.” She grinned as she sat upright and next to me.

I watched Shawn greet the guys still sitting down, calling them dude and firmly gripping their hands in a shake. After a few more seconds everyone was sitting down and there was energy flowing rapidly from everyone as we chatted.

“Nice glasses Shawn,” Brooke said with a smirk.

Shawn gave a nice smile. “Thanks, borrowing them from a friend.”

Under the sunglasses, I could see he was giving me a wink and I only was able to smirk back.

Everyone sat a while longer talking and already complaining about classes. I told Shawn and Brooke about the red head from class. Shawn rolled his eyes and Brooke laughed.

“Brooke!” Ian asked over the group. “You coming to the party Saturday?”

She turned with her beautiful smile, her newly short hair make her look even cuter. “Are you asking us?” She asked in a flirtatious way as she leant into me.

Ian looked uncomfortable. Everyone knew that Ian had a thing for Brooke, even Brooke knew. We both had endless conversations about it but it just seemed she didn’t want to do anything about it.  

“I’m going.” I said into Brooke.

“You are?” She said slipping her arm away and looking at me hurt. “And you didn’t tell me?”

I smiled. “Shawn just told me.” I said looking to him still sitting next to me in the group and he nodded to confirm.

“Oh well, if you’re going so am I.” She said to me before smiling to Ian.

Ian grinned and Brooke did the same in return.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ian. Although Brooke was my best friend I disliked how she refused to cut Ian loose. Often I wondered if he liked the attention which made me want to tell Ian myself, but I told myself over and over it wasn’t my place and to keep myself out of the drama.

We talked awhile longer before a girl with deep warm skin and jewel-like green eyes came and sat next to Brooke. They clearly knew one another and Brooke introduced her as Lindsey. As she was introduced to everyone I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was.

As Brooke introduced Shawn I saw a little linger in Lindsey’s eyes and I suddenly felt upset. I didn’t like the way she looked at him, but I couldn’t show it as Brooke was saying my name next and I needed to force a smile.

We sat awhile longer and I disengaged from the conversation and watched this new girl. As I observed I noticed all the eyes on her, in particular, the boys. I didn’t blame them, but I also didn’t like it. As I watched them all consumed with her I kept watching for Shawn, wondering if he was watching her too. It was hard to tell but every time he did look to her I felt myself growing jealous.

“Hey, wanna kick around the ball,” Emir asked as he stood up with a few other guys.

“Sure,” Shawn said as he pulled up from the ground and stood up, his shadow blocking out the sun on me. He looked down at me in the pink sunglasses and I couldn’t help but smile.

I watched the four of them walk little ways away and began kicking around the ball. I watched Shawn knowing I was able to stare in their general direction under the protection of my sunglasses.

“Y/n.” I suddenly heard.

I turned to Brooke. “Yeah?”

She smiled and I noticed Ian and the new girl looking at me. It was clear they had been talking to me but I hadn’t been listening.

“Is Shawn single?” Brooke asked. Immediately I knew who they were asking for.

“Uh yeah. I think so?” I said slowly, flickering between all three of their faces as I did.

Brooke turned to Lindsey with a grin and Lindsey looked up with a smile to Shawn and the boys kicking the ball.

“Why?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“Lindsey just wanted to know.” Brooke smiled casually.

My eyes narrowed under my glasses for a moment and I was thankful they were hidden. “Well yeah, from what I know he is still. He didn’t mention anything over the summer but who knows?”

Brooke and Lindsey looked to one another and I hated it. First, because I didn’t like Lindsey and how she was already after Shawn, and second because Brooke was encouraging it. Of course, Brooke had no idea what I was feeling, I hadn’t told her so I shouldn’t be upset with her but I still was.

“He’s definitely…changed over the summer.“ Brooke said and I watched the both of them look to who I could only assume was Shawn. I followed their gaze to find Shawn kicking the soccer ball right before laughing and shaking his head because his aim was off.

Quickly I looked back to the new girl and watched her. Both her and Brooke were talking about Shawn’s dramatic change over the summer and I felt incredibly uneasy listening to them go. So when there was a pause in their conversation I sat up and said I was joining the boys.

I left quickly and made my way across the now dry grass.

“Ohhhh.” One of the guys said as I got closer. “y/n, is joining us.”

I rolled my eyes playfully as they hollered at me and I entered into the loose circle they had created before they began to kick the ball around. We fooled around a while before Shawn slowly inched his way closer to me.

“Hi.” He said when he was only a foot away.

“Hi.” I smiled back as the ball was kicked to me and I caught it with my foot effortlessly.

I kicked the ball away and it returned a few more times between myself and Shawn as we chatted.

“What do we think of the new girl?” He asked after while of silence.

I looked up only for a moment before I saw the ball being kicked towards me.

“Ugh- I don’t know,” I said reaching for the ball with my foot. “Why?”

“Just wondering what our stance is on her.”

I gave him a relaxed look. “Well, you can have a different stance on her than me, Shawn.”

He smiled. “I know.”

There was a pause in our conversation and someone kicked the ball to Shawn. He controlled it before kicking it hard and missing his target again, he called sorry before turning back to me. I knew he wanted to talk about his new girl, but I was hesitant because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like what he had to say.

“Do you have a stance on her?” I reluctantly asked.

He paused a moment. “Not sure yet.”

“Well, she is pretty?”

Immediately I regretted my words. If I was trying to discourage sparking something between the two I was doing a terrible job.

Shawn turned over his shoulder and looked to them. “Yeah, she is.”

My heart hurt with jealousy. I was about to ask more questions but I forced myself not too. Last year I would have encouraged him, tell him to talk to her, ask for her number. I’d do anything to be a good friend, and I still had the urge to do so but I also couldn’t bear it now. I didn’t want to encourage it anymore because it actually hurt.

As I stood next to Shawn waiting for the ball I went into my own small world. How were my feelings developing so fast? Why after a whole year was I getting territorial over Shawn within a matter of weeks? He was my friend and suddenly I wanted him for myself. I wondered if it was because of his physical change over the summer, and began to think I was incredibility shallow. Maybe I was? Maybe all I deserved was Shawn’s friendship because I had never been able to see more when he was just the tall ass boy from last year?

We played out on the lawn a while longer as the nice mid-September air came down on my back and shoulders. Although my internal turmoil had nagged at me for a while the longer we stood around kicking the ball with everyone I slowly began to forget my worries and just enjoy the moment. Soon the ground would be covered in snow and the sun would be constantly hidden. I needed to enjoy this before it was gone.

We spend the next while running around laughing and poking fun at one another. Hanging with the guys was always a wild ride that I was down for.

“It’s three. Do you want to go study?” Shawn said looking at his watch.

I pulled the phone from my back pocket and checked the time as well. Looking up I smiled. “I guess we never did actually get to studying did we?”

Shawn smiled. “Did you really think we would?”

My smile only grew larger and I shook my head in a playful ‘No’.

We returned to our bags and picked them up.

“Where you both off too?” Ian asked.

“Library,” Shawn answered for the both of us.

Brooke grinned. “Already? It’s only the second week of school.”

We both didn’t say anything but simply shrugged. I saw Lindsey was looking up at us, and she wasn’t hiding how she was looking at Shawn more than myself.

“See you at home?” I said to Brooke.

She smiled and nodded before we began to walk away.

“See you later dude,” Shawn said as his large hand wrapped around Ian’s head and messed up his smooth hair.

“Fuck you.” Ian said reaching up to fix it.

Both Shawn and I chuckled before turning to one another and looking forward.

“Want to see if we can get our spot?” Shawn asked as our feet hit the pavement.

Shawn was referring to a small nook on the fourth floor of the library that not too many people knew of. It had a nice large place for three people to study and a large window with a great view and a lot of good lighting. And the best part was it overlooked the Otonabee River. It was more my spot for studying but Shawn regularly joined me there.

I turned and Shawn was looking at me with the pink sunglasses still on. Overly pleased at how he was now calling it ‘our spot’ I let a smile grow on my face before answering.

“Fuck yeah I do.”

Anime Recommendations

Why hello people of the internet! Here are some anime recommendations. If you want to hear more about these anime I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel soon.

10. Yona of The Dawn

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9. Vampire Knight (because Zero. Like come on Zero!)

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8. Snow White with the Red Hair

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7. Maid-sama

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6. Ouran High School Host Club

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5. Fruits Basket

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4. Attack on Titan

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3. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

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2. Kamisama Hajimemashita

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1. Noragami

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For @the-gods-of-new…continuation of this imagine. it’s a bit weird writing an angsty Peter…Enjoy!

“Peter?” you called out in shock, “Shit!”

You tucked and rolled to avoid Cyclop’s red beam shooting toward you. Needless to say, the X-Men didn’t really trust you anymore. Given that you had spied on them and lured them into a trap, you could see why they wouldn’t trust you. However, a little bit of you had hoped Peter wouldn’t have to witness any of it. In fact, you had purposefully not waited for Peter to get back to the mansion.

The silver-haired teen was soon in front of you. You yelped as you rolled back into a standing position.

“You shouldn’t have come,” you told him.
He knit his brows. “Why? Because you were going to betray my friends? Our friends?”
“You don’t understand,” you barked back, “I don’t have a choice!”
“There’s always a choice!”

Gasping, you decided to leapt over some rubble, avoiding an attack from Jubilee. You landed behind some trashed cars. Peter was quick to catch up. He looked so hurt, so betrayed. You glanced toward the ground.

“You don’t know what he has on me,” you muttered, “Even if I wanted, I couldn’t disobey.”
Peter furrowed his brows. “Why? Just help me understand. Let us help you.”

You closed your eyes, desperately trying to keep the tears in. You couldn’t tell him. That was part of the arrangement. So, you let out a long sigh.

“I love you Peter,” you told him, “I really do.”

Effectively shocking him, you were able to make a quick move and knock him down. A tear slipping down your cheek, you knelt and pressed a kiss to his forehead. Standing back up, you hastily left the scene.

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I've Been Around The World For You (Part 1/?)

Beca stared down at her hands.

Or, more accurately, at the tattoo on her left palm, just under her thumb. A ladybug, to be precise, about the size of a craft bead, that she got years ago when her best friend had told her that she had to take some time to find herself before joining Beca in L.A. Beca had nodded and smiled and said good luck and to come home soon, even though there was a tightness in her throat and her stomach was filled with stones.

Chloe never called.

Beca thought she understood that too. Sometimes, finding yourself meant that you had to be alone.

Still, Beca missed the red-haired beauty, the quick smiles and elated laughter that was her best friend, and after a few solid years of no news, Beca had decided on her tattoo. It was a reminder, of who Chloe was and who she had been for Beca, how she had changed the moody alt girl for the better.

“Hey, Bec, c'mon, time to go.” Sammy clapped a hand on her shoulder, and it made her jump as the lights dimmed for the night. “This is the third night this week, you can’t work yourself into the ground.”

Beca looked up at Residual’s commander-in-chief and smiled just a little. “Hey, Sammy, didn’t realize you were still here.”

“Had to finish up paperwork for the new client,” Sammy said gruffly. “She’s coming in at nine-fifteen sharp, as I’m sure you remember.”

Of course she did. It was the first new client he had assigned to Beca for a while; he always told her she was valuable, and he wanted to pair her with the best possible new artists because of the explosion he knew she could make with just the right voice. Apparently, that voice was coming in tomorrow morning, and he wanted Beca to sit in on the meeting, not just to be introduced but to go through the motions with him and learn how to handle stuff on her own.

“Yeah, I was just, uh, brainstorming a little,” Beca said as she pulled her headphones from around her neck. “Wanted to have something to start with tomorrow, ideas for a demo and then maybe even a single–”

Sammy chuckled at her. In truth, Beca liked Sammy. He was actually quite warm and gentle when he wasn’t shouting at the others. Beca had worked hard to gain her spot alongside him, and she knew he appreciated her dedication. “You work too hard sometimes, Beca,” he said. He gently reached over and closed the laptop she worked from. “I need you here at nine tomorrow, and I need you awake, not drowning yourself in coffee.”

Beca rolled her eyes, but pushed away from her workbench. “All right, I guess I’m coming.”

Sammy smiled and stepped back as she stood up and stretched, then led them both out of the building.

Beca swirled in her chair, swaying gently side to side as she waited on Sammy to get there. He usually ran a few minutes late, barking at Dax for something or other and checking on things that needed his (and sometimes even Beca’s) approval on his way to his office. It happened no matter how early he came in; Beca was simply used to it.
Today was no exception; Sammy strode in about five minutes after, muttering darkly about his nephew as he shook off his coat. Beca looked up from her tattoo in time to see his eyes soften as he caught sight of her. “I’m fine,” she said quickly before he could start. She lifted her mug from the desk. “Only one cup in, swear.”

He laughed at that and came around the desk to his own chair. “She’s usually early,” he mused, “so we might see her soon. Em should be bringing her in.”

Beca chuckled to herself. “Bet she’s ecstatic. If I didn’t know her better, I’d say she hates being coffee girl, but she’s just thrilled to be here.”

As Sammy chuckled in response, there was a sharp rap on the door, and Emily poked her head around it.

“Hey, Legacy,” Beca greeted her easily; her former Bella’s member had caught up with Residual after Beca had recommended her as an intern last year, and on occasion played songwriter to Beca’s producer.

“Morning, Cap!” Emily said brightly, calling Beca by her old Bella’s nickname. It was a habit hard to break; being captain, it seemed, doesn’t fade in time. “Need coffee?”

Beca lifted her mug half off the table in response, and Emily nodded before turning to Sammy. “Your nine-fifteen is here, send her in?”

Sammy waved his hand, and Emily opened the door wider to admit a gorgeous red-haired woman.

Beca’s stomach dropped when crystal eyes met midnight.

The Purrfect Birthday

Sami Rarely got any days off so when he did you try to spend as much time with him as you possibly could, such as today, you dragged him to the Pet store to try and convince him to get you a friend for when he’s not there.

As soon as you walk through the door of the pet store, you knew exactly Where to go first. When you made it to the back of the shop you dropped Sami’s hand rushing over to the grey playpen filled with little kittens too busy playing to notice you coming towards them.

“Y/N why don’t we go to the movies or go to that fancy restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to…there’s no point in getting a pet. We just haven’t got the time.” The red haired male sighs when he notices that you weren’t listening to him at all instead where reaching into the pen grabbing a kitten.

“This one kinda looks like you Sami don’t you think? We should get him and name him Little Zayn!“ You turn to face the annoyed man the tiny animal snuggling into the palms of your arms enjoying the heat radiating off them.

Well, that was till two large hands scoop it up the Small ginger tabby and placed him back in the kitten pen “We can’t Y/N I’m not home enough as it is and when I do get home, I don’t want to be dealing with a cat scratching at the furniture… Maybe in a couple of years we’ll get a Cat, but right now it’s not gonna happen.”

It’s been Two Weeks since you went to the Pet store and Sami started to notice the change in your behaviour.

First, it started when you stopped watching all those animal programs you love which he always thought were boring but he sat through them anyway.

Then, whenever a Cat would come to the window or Be coming towards you, you would close the curtains and change directions. Sami wasn’t stupid no matter how much he hated the idea of having to deal with a Cat Peeing and pooing it was just a sacrifice he had to make for your happiness.

“Listen Finn I just need you to look after it for one night… Yes I understand, but I promise you it won’t eat your Lego sets… Okay Deal.” Sami runs his hand over his face sighing not believing how much hard work he’s done for such a tiny animal.

It was the night Before your birthday and Sami told you he was going out to the pub with Finn which normally you wouldn’t mind but it was the night before your birthday and you just wanted to spend it with Sami.

So Bored and alone, you rang up the Pet Store you were in a couple of weeks ago “Hello, I was wondering if I could Reserve a Kitten you had in the other week, A small Ginger one.”

After a moment of silence the Lady on the phone Replied “I’m sorry to inform you, but he’s already been taken by someone else, can I assi-”

Unable to hear anything else she was saying you hung up the phone devastated about the kitten. So in the hope that tomorrow would be a better day you fall asleep praying for a miracle.

Groaning, you roll over sighing when you felt the cold, empty side of the bed “Sami!!“ You call out wanting the warmth of the Canadian man. When you didn’t hear any movement in the house you sat up, rubbing your eyes

“Sami?” You jump out the bed and head down the stairs, stopping when you saw the sight of Sami holding the ginger feline wearing a matching hat to him in one hand and a bouquet of daisies in the other.

“Listen, I know I said we shouldn’t get a cat because honestly, they ruin the whole house and need a lot of attention also have you seen the prices of Cat food it’s ridiculous. But I saw how happy this guy made you and Hell, we can buy a thousand cats if it would make you happy because that’s all I want. I know I’m ranting but I just really Lo-” his eyes widened as you cut him off with a kiss “This just might be the best birthday I’ve ever had.“

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Love Spell - Song-based imagine request

Request: @oaisara : Voodoo by Nick Jonas.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Rowena, Mary (mentioned), Lucifer (mentioned)

Word count: 1,545

Warnings: I literally wrote this ten minutes before I left, so it may suck a bit. I’m sorry about that.

A/N: I’m tired, and stressed and wrote this in record time. HOwever, I liked how it turned out and I hope you like it too.

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“Why do we have to come here?” Dean argued once more. Sam sighed heavily.

“Rowena is the only one that can help us, and you know it.” He repeated once more.

They knocked the door of the old house and soon, the red haired witch opened the door.

“Oh… I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon.” She spoke, sounding disappointed at how little time she had gotten without the brothers.

“Same here, can we come in?” Sam asked. Rowena nodded and move to the side so the brothers could walk inside.

The house was pretty dark and old; it smelled like wetness and spell ingredients. The brothers couldn’t help but to notice that there was someone else in the kitchen.

“New boyfriend?” Dean asked as the stranger continued to move stuff in the kitchen, causing a lot of noise.

“I wish.” Rowena replied sassily as she guided the brothers to said room.

There was a very good-looking lady, presumably another witch, trying to finish Rowena’s poison by following the instruction at some old book. The young witch didn’t even look up, she was too focused on her job to even notice the brothers staring.

“Rowena, do we have bat wings?” She asked as her index finger traced each word in the book and, with the other hand, she continued to mix the potion.

“It’s not literal bat wings, dear.” Rowena chuckled, “She’s a beginner.”

Who was she talking to? The young witch stopped mixing and looked up only to find beautiful green eyes staring at her.

“Heya, sweetheart.” Dean waved shyly.


Nobody would thought that after that, the brothers would end up being stuck with the young witch – who was now almost as powerful as Rowena.

Lucifer had trapped the red haired witch, leaving (Y/N) as the only witch available to put him back in the Cage. However, she needed protection, because Lucifer wasn’t willing to come back, and that’s what the Winchesters were providing.

She was forced to move to the bunker, where her magic was limited to certain hours and spells that the Winchesters allowed – although of course she would do magic in secret when they were asleep.

She had also developed a relationship with each brother. Sam was her friend now, and though he wasn’t comfortable having a wicked witch doing mischiefs in the bunker, he liked her as a person and was always willing to have fun with her and even learn some tricks. Dean, on the other hand, wasn’t really having it.

Yes, at first he got mesmerized by her looks, but she was just a sassy witch who threatened to turn him into a pig every time he made her mad. They wouldn’t bear to stay in the same room without a third person, for they would end up fighting. Less to say, they hated hunting together, especially when they had to interrogate people while Sam did his research.

It was as if Dean was always trying to make her get angry, and vice versa. They just couldn’t help but to sass the hell out of the other as soon as the conversation started.

Worse thing was that it wasn’t even because they hated each other, hell! They could be the best friends in the world – even more than friends. But there would always be something about the other that triggered them.

Maybe it was the way Dean’s frigging green eyes travel around her body whenever she got to wear a dress. Or the way she would innocently bite her lip when Dean got to wear his fed clothes. Or it could be by the fact that (Y/N) seemed to like better Sam and Cas, as well as her extra-touchy behaviour around them; or even the many girls Dean flirted with every time they went on a hunt. Perhaps it was just the fact that they couldn’t have each other that made them get upset.

Yes, maybe it was that.

This time, Dean’s self-loathing wasn’t the problem. The real issue was that she was a witch and he was a hunter; and the only reason they were working together was that they had the same enemy, but after Lucifer was taken down… It was just the natural order.

True, she wasn’t a murderer. When a spell required dead animals, she would go to pet graveyards or forests to find already dead animals, which wasn’t her favourite thing either, just because she wasn’t willing to kill anyone for her own benefit.

She would also keep a strong loyal bond towards anyone that helped her even in the slightest thing, even if said person turned rogue. She wouldn’t hurt, or kill that person because she felt she owed them and she just could betray them.

What witch kept those values? None. But that didn’t change the fact that she did magic, and even during forbidden times; Dean had heard her.

She looked cute whenever she was preparing a spell; she was excited. It was like watching at a little girl preparing her makeup, mimicking her mother’s moves… So cute.

Wait, why was Dean thinking that way about her?

He shook his head off of his thoughts and continued to stare. The girl was at the basement, it was 3 am, and she was moving as silently as possible. She had set the whole thing up, all she needed was to cast the spell.

Dean recognized some of the ingredients; roses, wine, pink and red candles… It seemed to be a love spell.

A LOVE SPELL! That’s the reason why Dean had been having those feeling and strange thoughts about her. She had put a spell on him because he would never be with her for being a witch! Dean had discovered her!

It all made sense now. Dean had fallen for her just as suddenly as one falls asleep; and not even his crappy self-consciousness could stop him from wanting her, he needed her almost as much as he needed to breathe. He wanted her hair on his fingers, her lips pressed to his, her skin against his… He wanted her in a way he hadn’t wanted anyone else before, and it could only be explained with a love spell.

“Busted.” Dean chanted as he entered the room, finally allowing her to see him. The witch widened her eyes and started to mumble senseless words.

“I thought we had a deal.” Dean continued, using the cruellest voice he could on her.

“Dean, I uh… This isn’t what it looks like, I swear.” The witch finally managed to pronounce a complete sentence.

“Right, because those aren’t roses and that one isn’t wine… You know, sweetheart? If I didn’t know better, I’d say this is the worse love spell I’ve ever seen. Hell, it isn’t even that powerful.” Dean chuckled. The girl furrowed her eyebrows.

“Love spell? This isn’t… My spells are almost as powerful as Rowena’s, so shut up you frigging… Bitch.” She hissed, not really sure why she was defending her not-love spell from Dean.

“Right.” Dean laughed, “If it were that powerful, I would already be on my knees begging you to… But no, because that spell only causes a few tingles.” Dean confessed, trying to sound authoritarian.

“It’s not a goddamn love spell! And it’s definitely not headed to you!” The witch finally stood up from the floor, facing Dean.

“Oh yeah, don’t you think I’ve noticed?” Dean fumed, “I can almost feel your claws all over me. Why don’t you confess it already and move on?”

“Confess what?!” The poor witch was far too confused to even argue as she used to with Dean.

“Confess that you’re in love with me!” Dean roared, “And that you casted this frigging love spell, because you want me!”

“You think I put a spell on you?” She roared back with her eyebrows lifted.

“Don’t play dumb, sweetheart.” Dean hissed.

“Do you even know the symptoms of a love spell?” She was starting to understand, but yet not completely because she couldn’t believe Dean’s words.

“Heart beating fast whenever you’re around, the constant need of having you close and…” Dean had been walking closer to her unconsciously. She was a magnet to him.

“Those aren’t love spell symptoms.” She whispered just as her eyes met Dean’s, which were pretty darn close. “You would feel nausea, and you wouldn’t be able to focus in anything… You would see uh… my face everywhere and would probably be already on the floor begging me.”

“I uh…” Dean didn’t know how to feel about it. If it wasn’t a love spell, then what was it?

“If this is your way of confessing your feelings to me, let me tell you that you suck.” She spoke, although her lips had started to curl up in a flirty smile.

“You’re a witch.” Dean said. The girl nodded.

“And you’re an asshole…. And a hunter.” Both of them giggled awkwardly.

“My mother will kill me for this.” Dean mumbled, but before (Y/N) could say anything else, he already had her in his arms, kissing her deeply.

Maybe it wasn’t voodoo, or dark magic; less to say a cheap love spell. Maybe It was just Dean finding the missing part of him in the most unexpected person ever.

Restaurant AU

Blake walked around the city, not happy that her favorite place to get lunch closed. She saw it coming, but it was still upsetting. Now she had to find a new place where she could eat and possibly read a bit as well while she relaxed a bit. She heard of a new place that had been open for a few months, but never really got the chance to go in.

She opened the door and was quickly sat at a table by herself by the red haired hostess. She saw down and looked at the menu, looking at it, trying to figure out what kind of place it was. She soon gave up and just tried to figure out what she wanted to eat.


No Place to Call Home (Ardyn Fanfic Part I)

Synopsis: Ardyn heads to Lestallum to await Noctis and co’s arrival prior to the Disc of Cauthess. Lots of character development / character study into what kind of a man I believe Ardyn to be and what I imagine his life is and has been like. This is just the beginning, and it’s not quite finished. More to come! 

Inspiration: “Creep” by Radiohead 

They were staring.

Ardyn was used to people staring; it amused him. Normally the attention was due to his wine-red hair, attire, or that he seemed foreign. Today it was definitely due to his attire, which seemed strange in hot, stinking Lestallum. While others might not notice it, the wretched scent of mingled body odor and street foods permeated the city and churned his stomach.

He kept his usual meandering pace, however. If there was one thing he’d learned over the eons, it was how to bear the myriad unpleasantries of existence.

Soon he exited the main square and found the side street which lead towards the top of Lestallum, where most of the homes were— and where tourists rarely ventured.

Ahead on his right, a woman leaning against the building flashed him a lewd smile, arching her body forward ever so slightly to give him a better— but still teasing— view of her ample cleavage beneath the deep V of her dress. He could see beads of perspiration there, a tiny river between her breasts. Half of her face and torso was deliciously hidden in shadow.  

The faint, familiar urge to devour suddenly pulsed within, the daemons demanding he act. While he’d learned to control these urges and mostly managed to silence the voices, it sometimes felt like something was pressing against the inside of his skin, an inner itch and pull that threatened to overtake him completely. The longer he ignored it, the worse it became. Daemons, after all, wanted what they wanted. And what they wanted more than anything was to destroy— one way or another.

Ardyn looked greedily at the proffered view, met the woman’s gaze, smirked, and continued on.

Lestallum might have been the most civilized place in the kingdom of Lucis, outside of Insomnia, anyways, but like any city it had its dark underbelly. And Ardyn never had difficulty finding these dark underbellies. He’d accepted long ago that like attracts like, and the most depraved, twisted, lost, and desperate souls were drawn to him like moths to a flame. When it suited him or his daemons, he used them, burned them…left them blackened husks. He rarely killed, but those who came into direct contact with him rarely remained the same after the encounter.

He turned down another street, heading northwest. This was the beginning of the incline, and soon he’d reach the steep stairs that lead to the top of Lestallum, which overlooked the city and the Duscae region.

He knew the would-be king and his friends would soon arrive. The Regalia was nowhere in the city, but he’d be able to spot the white car with its black racing stripes miles away. Foolish on Noctis’ part, but the boy (for surely he was not yet a man, by Ardyn’s standards), seemed to feel invincible with his three companions and the few glaives he’d acquired.

Even without a kingdom to return to, and without his father, Noctis appeared to be enjoying his pre-wedding road trip. He still had no idea what destiny awaited him. He knew so very little about the world, about the history of his family or kingdom, or even about the gods. It was due to Regis’ sheltering of the young prince that Ardyn now had to do so much.

If Noctis wasn’t already having headaches, he suspected the Archaean would reach out to him soon. The Oracle had already completed the Covenant, and as Ardyn knew full well, the Astrals were not a patient or forgiving lot.

He was here to ensure that Noctis would seek the Astral out, either way.

At last he reached the stairs to the city overlook. He’d never counted, but there had to be nearly five hundred stairs. While he wasn’t getting any older, he wasn’t getting any younger, either.

On the bright side, this may be the last time you have to climb these. A smile tugged at his lips and he began the ascent.

 When he reached the top, he found that he was alone except for a young couple on one of the benches, admiring the view beyond the railing before them. The girl’s blond hair caught and reflected the waning daylight, shining like white fire. He sauntered towards them and leaned over the railing, putting at least four feet between him and the young couple.

“Beautiful view, isn’t it?” he asked without facing them.

“It is,” the man replied.

 Ardyn could sense their discomfort, and didn’t say anything more.

 It was only moments before the couple stood up and started down the stairs.

 He gazed out at Duscae, watching the tendrils of energy twist about the meteor. He looked too at the steam rising from Ravatogh, followed the scar that was Taelpar from Lestallum towards the sea and horizon.

How many sunsets had he seen, and from how many places in the world?

How many of them had he witnessed alone, like now?

Countless. Yet for all the days he’d been forced to spend in Eos, and despite all the horrors of those days, it never ceased to be beautiful and stir something deep within him, something he felt fading further with every day’s close.

Will I miss you, once I plunge the world into darkness? Will I miss your warmth upon my skin? Will I even notice its absence?

A gleam of white caught his eye to the north. It appeared to be a car traveling on the highway towards Lestallum. There weren’t many cars in Lucis these days, and white ones were even rarer. Even without knowing if it was Noctis, he knew…whether due to their shared blood or the daemons, Ardyn didn’t know, and didn’t care to know. It was time.

He made his way down the stairs much faster than he’d climbed them, or at least it seemed that way.

As the smell of the heart of Lestallum grew closer, Ardyn looked to his left. The woman who’d been leaning against the building was gone.

A pity. There was something truly wicked about her.

If Noctis and his friends were staying at the Leville…. Well, he could stay there too, couldn’t he? After all, it was the only proper hotel in the city. And he was used to making himself scarce and being discreet.

He made his way to the Leville, first checking to see how many gil he had left. It was amazing how quickly it went these days. Of course, he had expensive tastes. What was the point of living for thousands of years and not being able to enjoy the best of what each era had to offer? Fortunately he was afforded a rather generous sum for his role as Chancellor, and Aldercapt rarely asked questions about his frequent excursions and absences.

As he entered the hotel, he scanned the lobby lazily before heading to the counter.

“Good evening, sir,” said the well-groomed young man cheerily. “Are you in need of a room?”

“I am indeed. Just for the night, I think.”

“Would you like a standard room, or a suite?”

“Oh, a standard room will do just fine.”

“Alright, then. The standard rate is 1000 gil.”

Ardyn pulled the coin purse from inside his jacket pocket, pinched out a few gold coins, and handed them to the man.

“Do you need a receipt?”

“No, thank you.”  

“Very well. May we take your luggage up for you?”

Ardyn smiled. “I don’t have any. But you’re welcome to try and carry me to my room.”

The man laughed. Ardyn smiled his most charming smile. “There is one thing you can do for me. I’m waiting for my nephew and his friends to arrive. He doesn’t like to use his real name when he travels, but there will be four of them. Can you call my room when they arrive? I have a surprise planned for them. They don’t know that I’m here.”

“Yes, I can do that. Is there anything else?”

“No. Thank you ever so much.”

The young man held out a room key. “Here you are. You’re in room seven— the first room on the right.”

Ardyn took the small silver key and turned towards the stairs.

He had no intention of retiring for the evening, but he needed to see exactly where his room was and wait for Noctis and company.

At the top of the stairs, he paused to take in the layout. It was a small, enclosed landing area with a couch, table, and ice machine. The hallway ran left and right, with six rooms on each wing— three on each side. Signs signified that rooms 1–6 were on the left, while rooms 7–12 were on the right. The end rooms seemed larger, and Ardyn assumed those were the suites. He bet that Noctis and their group would be staying in one of those, if available (and likely his associates already in the city had rented one in preparation for their arrival).

He unlocked his room and entered. It was decently sized, and certainly one of the nicer rooms he’d stayed at in Lucis over the years. Pulling the door shut, he then shrugged off his coat and laid it on the chair near the bed. Feeling tired suddenly, he lay on the bed with his hands behind his head.  

It wasn’t often that he slept. He didn’t feel the need to; couldn’t remember what that need felt like, although he knew he’d been normal once. And even when he did feel like sleeping, he rarely wanted to due to the recurring nightmare. In this nightmare, a thick, liquescent darkness forced its way into his ears, nose, eyes, mouth…choking him and filling him until he was the darkness and had no distinguishable features.

But what truly terrified him was the knowledge that this was the fate that awaited him if he ever lost control. The darkness was already in him, ever ready and wanting to devour him from the inside. Whenever he felt intense anger, lust, hatred, or any of the more primal emotions, he felt himself slip under ever so slightly. It was like bobbing beneath a wave momentarily only to pop up for breath.

So he kept his eyes open and tried to stay awake. He didn’t feel uncomfortable, but he didn’t feel at home, either, despite being back in Lucis. He had never truly had a place to call home after being exiled from Lucis so very long ago. He was always on the move, and though he’d traveled the world countless times, nowhere had ever come close to feeling like home. He truly felt an outcast, out of time and out of place in Eos.  

He had nothing but his car, the clothes he wore, a few spare articles of clothing, a pillow and blanket, and a few odd trinkets from throughout the eons. He didn’t have a cellphone or any of the modern technologies that people today seemed so dependent on and fascinated by. He never watched television, nor did he use the Internet. Everything he needed to know, he already knew, or would discover by natural (or supernatural) means.

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can I get some headcanons about Sousuke's adorable little girl having a massive crush on super-cool-olympic-star Uncle RinRin? xD



  • She first saw uncle RinRin at television, when she strode in the living room and saw that the television was left running by her dad. She was about to turn it off when her attention was caught by a certain handsome, red-haired swimmer whom she immediately admired as soon as he dove in the water and showed off his skills. 
  • She didn’t even knew that Rin was her dad’s childhood friend until Sousuke showed her an old photo album. Well, she was amazed (and was even a bit angry at Sousuke for not telling her immediately)
  • Aside from her dad, Rin also became her inspiration to become a great swimmer. 
  • She was the happiest kid ever when Sousuke told her that Rin’s coming to Japan and that he asked him to visit them. 
  • She gave Rin the biggest hug when that day finally came. Rin carried her in his arms and he cooed at how cute she was. She excitedly told him stories about how she watched all of his matches and press-cons and even about her collection of all the magazine and newspaper articles that featured him.
  • Much to both of Rin and Sousuke’s horror, she told Rin that she wanted to marry him when she grows up. To which Sousuke immediately said ‘no’ and explained to her that uncle Rin has a gf/wife. She becomes upset and would pout the whole day. 
  • Of course, she’ll be okay the next day and she’ll be back to her normal fangirl mode. 


She met auntie Gou and they both fangirl-ed over Rin’s muscles. 

Hope and Despair

Here is my piece for the Love Live Big Bang 2016.
I was lucky enough to be paired with the wonderful @noelclover who put up with all my procrastinating. I had a ton of fun working with them.
Pairing: Nico/Maki
Fandoms: Love Live and Madoka Magica
Artwork: []


“Come on Rin, we’re going to be late,” crossing her arms over her chest, Maki watched the girl run through her house, hurriedly getting ready for school.

“Sorry, Nya. I forgot to set my alarm,” grabbing an apple as a substitute for breakfast, Rin scurried out the door in pursuit of her red haired friend, who was on the move, and already halfway down the street. “Where’s Kayo-Chin?” Rin questioned, following a large bite of her apple.

“She’s not feeling well today, something about a low fever. She thinks she’ll be okay by tomorrow though.” Maki kept her walk at a swift pace. She refused to be late on the first day back to school of the new year.

“Well, I hope she feels better,” Rin replied, a soft frown crossing her features. Maki watched her energetic friend’s face turn somber, an expression that rarely made itself seen. Rin and Hanayo were practically inseparable and had been friends almost their entire lives. They met as small children and instantly bonded. Rin couldn’t stand going more than a few days without seeing her friend, and Hanayo enjoyed the company just as much. Maki had just recently joined the duo. Earlier in the year, her first year in high school, Maki befriended Hanayo, since they sat side by side in class. Rin was part of the package, and Maki had grown to love her, even though her energy could drive Maki up the wall at times.

The two girls walked the rest of the way in silence, slipping into class mere seconds before it started. Letting a sigh of relief brush across her lips, Maki pulled out her notebooks for class. Time seemed to slow to a crawl, but that was to be expected after having some time off. Her brain wasn’t accustomed to having to focus on one topic for so long.

When lunch finally rolled around, Maki was glad for the break. While she wasn’t one of those people who hated being in school, it wasn’t her favorite thing in the world. Rin and Maki chatted through lunch, time passing quickly. Class was resumed and she was immersed in the world of literature and learning. The familiarity of it all made a gentle smile ghost across her features. While school wasn’t exciting, it provided a sense of routine in her day life. It was something something so ordinary and yet it actually offered some comfort, especially when viewed through the rosy lens of nostalgia.

After school Maki and Rin headed Homura Sweet Shop, per Rin’s suggestion. Pushing the door open, Maki was greeted with the aroma of various treats, sugary and sweet.

“Hi! Welcome to Homura Sweets! I’ll be right with you!” A voice called from behind the counter. Eyes darting to the girl, Maki discovered it was Honoka Kousaka, a second year at her school. She was the new student council president. Though Maki didn’t know much about the girl, she thought she was a little scattered to be student council president. “What can I get for you two!” Honoka’s beaming smile broke Maki from her inner musings, pulling her back to reality.

“I’ll take two chocolate dipped madeleines,” Maki ordered after examining the contents of the dessert case.

“Oh! I want the matcha pound cake,” Rin’s voice was quick with excitement, her eyes locking onto the baked good. The girls paid for their sweets and took them to go. Snacking on the way back to their individual houses, the pair parted ways for the night.

Entering her rather large house, Maki made her way to her bedroom. Dropping her bag on the desk, she sat down to start her homework for the night. She clicked on her desk lamp: it cast a soft glow around the room. The gentle illumination was enough so that she wouldn’t strain her eyes, but felt somehow fitting for the falling night.

“Hello.” The word was sharp in contrast to the dull scrawl of a pencil dragging across paper. Upon hearing the voice, Maki whipped around, expecting to see an intruder in her room. Heart pounding, she stood and looked around, but there was nothing to be seen.

“Who’s there?” She questioned in a hesitant voice, trying to push the fear out.

“It’s only me. My name’s Kyubey.” A creature stepped out of the shadows, revealing itself to a stunned Maki. It was catlike in build, with a sleek ivory coat. It’s eyes were hot pink with a dark center. Long ribbon like extremities hung down from it’s ears, and faded into a gentle rose color. They were surrounded by seemingly floating golden rings that gleamed when they caught the low light.

Shock settled over the redhead, her breathing ragged. Closing her eyes, Maki began to talk to herself. “It’s not real. I must be dreaming, or maybe seeing things.” She attempted to convince herself of the creatures fantasy origin, her voice barely a whisper.

“I can assure you that I am completely real.” Hearing the voice again made something snap inside Maki. Giving into her every logical thought, she knew this creature had to be real, standing before her in this reality. Maki bit down on her bottom lip, teeth digging into soft pink flesh.

“What do you want from me?” She fought the tremble in her voice, trying to maintain a calm facade. There was no logical reason for this creature to be here unless it wanted something, there was no logical reason for it to be here at all, but that was beside the point.

“I’ll get straight to the point. I want you to trade your life as an ordinary human to become a magical girl and fight witches.” With a tilt of his head, Kyubey stated his purpose for invading her home. Maki took note of the fact that his mouth never moved, even when speaking. It was somewhat unsettling; hearing a voice with seemingly no origin.

Shaking her head, Maki shoved a hand through her styled hair, causing the waves to become messy and scattered. “Magical girls? Witches? Fighting?” Glancing at Kyubey, the confusion was evident across her features.

“I will explain it all in time. I don’t need a decision today. You can take as much time as you need,” Maki fell backward into her bed, staring up at the ceiling, trying to absorb all the information being thrown at her. “If you do decide you would like to be a magical girl, I will grant you a wish. It can be anything at all, but in doing so, you would be putting your life in danger, and spend your time fighting creatures we call witches.” Kyubey continued to list off everything that came with making a deal and becoming a magical girl.


“Maki!” The familiar voice of her mother echoed through the empty halls. Getting up from comfort of her bed, Maki walked to white door that separated this world of disarray from the rest of reality.

“Yes, Mama?” Maki asked, poking her head out into the hall.

“It’s time to eat.” A kind smile graced her mother’s face.

“Okay, I’ll be down in a minute,” she replied with a curt nod. Pulling back inside her room, Maki shut the door, turning back to Kyubey. “I have to go, stay here. I can’t let my family see you,” Arms crossed over her chest, Maki made her way to the door.

“No worries, they can’t see me anyway. Only magical girls and prospective magical girls can see me. We can also communicate through telepathy, as I have been speaking to you this way. You can speak to me this way as well.” Kyubey hopped up onto Maki’s shoulder, perching amongst the fiery curls.

“Fine, just don’t cause any trouble,” Maki headed out the dinner table, mind whirring with thoughts. She ate in silence, only speaking when she was addressed, spending the rest of the time trying to sort out what had just happened.

After dinner, Maki went to bed early, falling into a restless sleep.


The cacophony of sound coming from her alarm startled her from her slumber and the nothingness of a dreamless night’s sleep. Dragging her tired body out of bed, she made her way to her closet, pulling out a uniform for the day. Maki slipped into the clothes and walked into the bathroom. She splashed cool water over her face, the icy temperature waking her up considerably. Patting it dry with a towel, she found herself going into autopilot to finish the rest of her morning rituals.

The walk to school was fairly uneventful, Kyubey atop her shoulders the whole way. He was explaining more about witches and the type of fighting she would be doing. “Witches are awful beings. They take the lives of innocent humans for their own benefit. The more humans they kill, the more powerful they become. That’s why it’s so important for magical girls to fight them,” Kyubey explained.

“So, let me get this straight. You want me to fight these things, who kill people, all on my own,” Maki raised an eyebrow, an incredulous look covering her features.

“Well, yes. Although as a magical girl would would have strong powers that would enable you to kill the witches with ease. Once you learn how to control them that is. You also don’t necessarily have to be alone either. There have been some girls who team up to fight the witches, but teams are far and few between. Fighting between magical girls is much more common.” Kyubey then went to explain the cause of these fights and how grief seeds worked.

Upon arriving at school, Maki sat down on a bench outside, for she was rather early. She watched as students arrived, all going to their classes or chatting with friends. She snapped out of her people watching when a girl sat down next to her. By the color of her tie, she was a third year. The girl had ebony hair tied in twintails by pink ribbons. Large jet black sunglasses concealed a large portion of her face. Something about her seemed familiar, but Maki just assumed it was because she had seen her around school before.

“I’m warning you now, don’t make a deal. It’s not worth it,” The mystery girl spoke, keeping her words sharp and her voice clear. She crossed her arms over her chest, leaning back against the bench.

“What are you talking about?” Maki questioned, voice harsh. It almost sounded like this girl knew about what she was currently going through.

“Whatever you do, you can’t make a deal with him,” She simply repeated the same idea, and turned her head away from Maki.

“I can do whatever I want! Besides, who are you anyway?” The raven-haired girl flinched at those words, seeming to shrink further into her already small and fragile-looking body.

“You really don’t recognize me, do you?” Her voice softened, and the girl slid the sunglasses off her face, revealing bright crimson eyes. Seeing those eyes, Maki began to piece everything together. The twintails, the pink ribbons, scarlet eyes, small stature, and determined voice.

“Nico?” Maki asked, realization hitting her as an epiphany. Emotions began swirling inside of her, everything from anger to sadness to joy. There was so much she wanted to say, but no words came. Nico offered a sorrowful smile in response. Bowing her head, Nico looked to the ground, kicking at the pavement below. For a third year, she still acted like a child sometimes. “Why did you- What made you- How could you-” Maki tried to form a sentence, but there were too many thought in her head. “Why?” She settled on the single word, pain clear in the word, as well as her eyes.

“Him,” Nico gestured to the creature who had settled onto the arm of the bench. Kyubey tilted his head to the side, directing his attention to Nico.

“I didn’t do anything. I merely made a contract with you. Everything from then on was irrelevant to my presence,” He stretched and sat down on Maki’s lap, making himself comfortable.

“I don’t care about him. You were my best friend, you know that? You meant everything to me, and you just vanished without a care in the world.” Tears stung at Maki’s eyes, her fists balled tight, nails pressing little curves into her flesh. Her voice was cold and emotionless, but her body betrayed her true feelings.

“I didn’t have a choice. I was doing it for your own good,” Nico’s words were soft, somewhat detached.

“What do you know about what’s good for me!” Maki’s tone was sharp, words like daggers. Pulling Kyubey into her arms, she abruptly stood up, heading for the school at a brisk pace. Nico was left on the bench, alone, watching as Maki’s frame grew smaller until she entered the building, out of Nico’s view.


Maki went through the school day in a daze, words passing through her head with no comprehension. She was lost in her own world, too distressed to pay any attention to her teacher. Normally, Maki would take every precaution not to let things like that affect her. This was too much though. Her world had just been spun on it’s head due to a small catlike creature waltzing into her bedroom. Then Nico came along, the last person she ever thought she’d bump into. Although, they didn’t bump into each other, Nico sought her out. To warn her about Kyubey and the deal.

Later, Rin and Hanayo offered to walk home with Maki, but she dismissed them with the excuse of not feeling well. It was somewhat true. She had felt sick since her encounter with Nico that morning.

Upon arriving at home, Maki closed herself in her bedroom. She laid on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She began to reminisce about the times she had spent with Nico. The two met when Maki was in the 6th grade.

Maki sat down on the bench with a sense of purpose. Fingers resting on the ivory keys, she began to play. Soft notes drifted around the otherwise silent room. A haunting melody rose from the instrument as Maki closed her eyes, letting her memory take over, guiding her fingers to the correct keys. It was a piece she had been composing. She had been working on it for several months. She was nearly complete, but she wasn’t satisfied. It was just missing something. The notes were correct, but the emotion was missing.

Nico, who was the founding and only member of the idol study club, sat in her clubroom. She had been thinking of how to gain members, when the sound of piano began to drift through the walls. Initially she was annoyed. How dare someone in the music room be disrupting the great Nico-Nii’s thinking. The longer she listened, the more she began to appreciate the music that echoed through the room. It felt fitting that such a sad song be playing next to her clubroom. All of a sudden the music came to a halt.

Nico waited a few moments, but the music never returned. This process repeated day after day, until Nico decided to do something about it. Moments before the piece would end, Nico made her way to the music room, opening the doors as the final note rung out through the room. There was a girl with vibrant crimson hair seated at the piano.

“Nice song,” Nico commented, breaking the girl out of her concentration.

Upon hearing the statement, Maki spun around, her cheeks becoming a shade of red not unlike her hair. “H- how long have you been standing there?” Maki questioned, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Not long, I’m Nico,” She introduced, a smug smile covering her lips.

That fateful day was forever engrained into Maki’s memory. It was the start of their friendship. It was rocky at first, but the two girls grew extremely close over the time they spent together. They would walk to school together and home together. The two would often go to each others home and spend time together, even doing separate things. They grew to be rather comfortable in the other’s presence.

That was until one day, Nico simply vanished. Maki attempted to get a hold of her in every way she could. She called, texted, and even went to her house. Nico refused to answer the door, or answer any of Maki’s calls. Because of Nico’s age, she went to high school that next year, and Maki never saw her again. That’s when Maki finally finished her piano piece. She used the anguish and despair of losing her closest friend to create the haunting tune. She put all of her emotions into it, and was able to put the piece to rest.


Weeks passed and Maki didn’t hear from Nico again. The raven-haired girl went to great lengths to avoid Maki, not want her presence to cause Maki any additional harm.

Walking home from school with Kyubey perched atop her shoulder, Maki put her earbuds in. She had been recently listening to a school idol group named A-Rise. They were really good, and provided some contrast to her usual piano pieces that she would listen to. As Private Wars blared in her ears, she zoned out, her feet carrying her in the direction of her home. What she didn’t realize was that her surroundings began to morph around her. What was once a cobblestone street became one of white slate with harsh black swirls cast about. Lace and crepe fabric were draped across every surface, adding shards of pastel mint and turquoise. Looking up from her shoes, Maki stopped in utter shock. Head whipping around, she attempted to make sense of her environment. Yellow tape measures were floating through the air, some aimlessly, and other with purpose, coming directly towards her.

“This is called a labyrinth,” Kyubey’s voice invaded her mind, clouding her hearing. “This is where a witch lives and how she conceals herself from the average human. Unfortunately though, sometimes a passerby gets trapped when a labyrinth opens. The only way for you to get out is if the witch flees or someone kills her.”

As Kyubey spoke, these mannequin esque figures emerged from seemingly nowhere. They carried large scissors, which more closely resembled shears. Black markings were etched about their bodies in radial patterns, all emerging from a central point with a symmetrical design. There was something eerily beautiful about them, but that was overlooked due to their vicious nature.

“How can I get her to flee?” Maki asked quickly. She was in no position to kill her, so that was the only option.

“Well, typically they only flee if they feel they are in danger of being killed, such as starting to lose to a very powerful magical girl. The only option I see is you become a magical girl. Of course, I can’t force you though. If you do nothing, you will almost surely perish.” Bluntly stated, Kyubey explained the nature of witches.

Chewing on her bottom lip, Maki wrestled with the idea. Becoming a magical girl would mean a destiny of fighting witches. That wasn’t what she wanted. She was supposed to become a master pianist or composer. There would be no time for that if she were constantly fighting witches. But the only other option seemed to be death, and there isn’t a fate crueler than death, she thought. As she debated, she was thrown off by a bright rosy flash coming from behind her.

Turning around, she was faced with none other than Nico Yazawa, the girl she so longed to see, yet also dreaded seeing.

Her black tresses were tied up by thick baby pink ribbons that trailed down to her shoulders. They were placed perfectly on either side of her head, framing her face and drawing attention to her burning crimson eyes. She wore a sleeveless dress that was a bit corset-like in design. Black ties laced up the front. They were loose at the top, revealing a frilly ivory blouse underneath. The garment itself was a deep cerise pink. Small white polka dots were scattered about the fabric. It flared out to a subtle tutu skirt with black ruffles filling out the bottom. A small bundle of roses were placed at her left hip, right where the fabric bent away from her body. Her feet were clad in knee-high lace up boots with a chunky heel. Laces were a gleaming gold that easily attracted the eye. Although, the most eye-catching piece was a glittering gem in the shape of a diamond that lay above her heart, between her collar bones. It was suspended in place by a gold chain that hooked around her small neck.

“Nico?” Maki gasped, watching as the older girl leaped into the air, landing on a suspended platform. She watched in shock as Nico began to battle the witch. The witch was pale pink in color with sewing needles sticking into her skin. She was humanoid, looking like a crude mannequin. Large sheets of ebony fabric were draped over her body. They served as shields, blocking large amounts of the magical attacks.

Nico fought with what appeared to be extensions of her hair bows, as well as small throwing knives. Swirls of pink fabric shot through the air, attempting to ensnare the witch. They would wrap around her body, only to be disintegrated by the magic of the black cloak.

Pulling out a few needles, the witch used her magic to hurl them at Nico, all while her familiars worked to surround Nico, shears opening and closing rapidly, creating a harsh metallic clicking that filled the labyrinth. Nico was hurled backwards, gritting her teeth at the needles cut gashes deep into her arms.

“What’s going to happen to her?” Maki turned to Kyubey, venom dripping off her words.

“Well, I can’t predict the future, but as of now, it’s not looking good. Nico has been using immense amounts of magic, but this witch is very strong. She has been feeding on human lives and they have been giving her large amounts of power,” Kyubey explained as battle raged on in front of them. Nico was no longer making advances, but rather throwing up barriers of ribbon to block attacks, losing ground with each blow. “She most likely won’t survive the fight. Even if she were able to kill the witch, she has used so much magic that she’ll perish even with a victory.”

“I can’t just sit here and watch her die!” Maki was beginning to become frantic, looking from Nico to Kyubey, wracking her brain for any idea of how to prevent that dreadful fate.

“There is one thing you can do. Why not make a contract with me and become a magical girl? You can save Nico and defeat the witch.” Kyubey offered, cocking his head to the side.

Maki bit her lip, war raging inside of her. She didn’t to have to be magical girl for the rest of her life, but she couldn’t be a bystander and let Nico die when there was something she could do to help. At this point, Nico was constantly being thrown to the ground, unable to make any sort of attack. The barrier were growing smaller and weaker, only up for seconds at a time. The raven-haired girl heard Maki’s voice, and turned to face her.

“No! You can’t make a deal. Don’t do it!” She screamed, her voice raw and scratchy. Nico’s warning fell on deaf ears, as Maki had made up her mind.

“I’ll do it. My wish is to save Nico, make it so that she’ll live through this battle and many more,” Maki stated, holding her shoulders back and keeping her head high to disguise the fear rumbling insider her.

“The contract is complete. Your wish has overcome entropy.” Kyubey spoke, creating Maki’s soul gem. Searing pain ripped through her chest as a blinding turquoise light rose above her. Her feet were lifted off the ground and a whimper escaped her lips. All of a sudden, it all stopped and she dropped to her knees. A soul gem appeared in her hand, cool against her heated skin.

As her mind cleared, Maki looked up to see Nico, now lying motionless on the ground The witch was nowhere to be seen, and the two girls were back in the normal world. Cobblestone streets were once again under their feet, and the cloudy grey sky above their heads. “Nico!” Maki shrieked, running to her. Kneeling by her head, Maki pulled the smaller girl’s head into her lap. “Please be okay, please be okay,” She whispered, stroking her wavy black hair.

Crimson eyes flashed open, boring up into Maki’s. Jolting away from the redhead, Nico sat up, now a foot of so away from Maki. “What have you done?” Nico exclaimed, clenching her pale hands into fists. “Why didn’t you just let me die?” She spoke through gritted teeth, pain in her features. “You have no idea how big of a mistake you just made,” Nico spat, crossing her arms over her chest.

“It’s not a mistake! I know that because you’re living and breathing,” Maki shadowed Nico, also crossing her arms.

Letting out a breath, Nico looked to Maki and Kyubey, “What’s done is done I guess,” she muttered, as there was no point in arguing about it now.

“So what now?” Maki asked, realization hitting her with massive force. She was now a magical girl and had to fight these witches for the rest of her life. They were awful beings, and Maki had just witnessed their true power, as well as the danger she was in for. Her hands were trembling, but she looked to the elder magical girl for guidance.

“Training,” Nico stated, pushing her mixed emotions away for the time being, “You need to learn how to use your powers in combat.”


Exhausted and out of breath, Maki fell onto her hands and knees. She rolled over to lay on her back. “I need a break,” She panted. They had been training for hours, and Nico wasn’t going easy. At first, Maki was just getting used to her weapon. It was a long black scythe with a silver blade. Decorative details lined the base and twisted up the shaft. This wasn’t her only power though. She had the ability to control sound waves, as well as fast healing. Kyubey had explained that Maki’s love of music had carried over and given her manipulation over sound waves. Also, since her wish was one of healing, she would be able to heal herself rather quickly. Nico had discovered that she was more powerful as well. Maki’s wish had given Nico much greater magic than she had ever possessed.

“I think this is a good time to call it a day,” Nico replied, sitting beside Maki, leaning over her to see her face. A smile slipped onto Maki’s lips.

“I missed this you know. Spending time with you,” Maki felt a flush rising to her cheeks at that thought.

“I did too. I just wish it wasn’t under the circumstances,” Nico admitted, lying down beside Maki, so they were both looking to the sky. It was quite beautiful at this time of the day. The sun was starting to set, leaving streaks of orange scattered throughout the blue.

They laid in silence before Maki’s voice broke Nico from her reverie. “Why did you leave. Why didn’t you just tell me,” She asked, voice soft and gentle, as if not wanting to scare the older girl.

“There are things you don’t know. I just couldn’t tell you alright,” Nico replied, her words quick.

“Just tell me the truth, what don’t I know?” Maki questioned, turning so she could see Nico’s face. To her surprise, tears were sliding down Nico’s face. There was a sad smile gracing her petite lips, and it was breaking Maki’s heart. “Just tell me, it’s okay,” She laid a hand on top of Nico’s.

“I just can’t,” Nico replied, knowing the truth would be too much. Maki would never forgive her, and they could never be friends. Nico blamed herself for Maki becoming a magical girl, and her eventual transformation into a witch. She knew it was her fault that Maki was now nothing more than a measly rock in a gold stand. Tangling her fingers with Maki’s, the redhead accepted that she wouldn’t be getting any answers right now.


The pair fought witches side by side, falling into a cycle. They went to school, fought witches, then went to bed. It was the same thing every day. Most witches weren’t a challenge for the duo, and they were actually having some fun. One witch battle, things weren’t going according to plan. They were fighting a particularly strong witch. She was adept in illusions and trickery. It was a game Maki could play too. She would use sound waves to create the illusion that there explosions behind the witch, when in reality there was nothing. She could use sound waves to simply shatter almost anything, but because of the veil of deception surrounding the witch, Maki could never even really attack. The witch was never where she thought she was. The witch would also hide Nico from her. Nico would just vanish, at least that’s what Maki saw, when in reality, she was still fighting alongside Maki.

Delivering a hard blow, Maki began to make real progress with the witch. Nico would use her ribbons to hold her in place and Maki would attack, using her scythe to hack away at the witch. Just as the witch began to disappear, a harsh scream pierced Maki’s ears. The labyrinth ebbed away, but the witches magic had travel down Nico’s ribbons, creating a devastating attack. Rushing to her partner’s side, Maki looked to Nico’s soul gem. It was pure black, not even the slightest hint of pink shining through. It was too late for a grieve seed, there was nothing she could do.

“No, no no no no….” Maki muttered, watching as the soul gem began to shatter, metal bending and gem falling to the floor in shards.

“I’m sorry,” Nico managed to get out before a scream ripped past her lips. Looking back to her soul gem, Maki’s eyes widened in shock as she discovered that it was no longer a soul gem, but a grieve seed, the metaphorical egg of witches.

A labyrinth opened around her, and Nico’s body disappeared. It was filled with all things Nico. There were floating music notes and the color pink was scattered about the labyrinth. Familiars swarmed her. They looked almost like rabbits that stood on two legs. Forced to make a quick decision, although an undesirable one, Maki decided that she had to fight. She couldn’t just let Nico kill everyone in the city. Even if she let her go, another magical girl was bound to come around and kill her then. Nico would just suffer in despair if she didn’t do anything.

Taking a more defensive approach, Maki used her scythe to fight off the familiars. She spun around, taking many out with a single swing. “Nico, I know you’re in there,” She yelled, using her magic to amplify the sound, sending it straight toward her witch. The witch would have been beautiful if it weren’t the chains holding her down. She was wearing a dress adorned with stars and bows, but all the pain she had been through was evident in her form. What should have been elegant and beautiful seemed miserable and suffering. “I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m here for you. I always have been,” Maki yelled, trying to get to the friend that lie beneath the creature before her eyes. Nico, or the witch, began to send pink ribbons at her, each one tipped with a glinting blade. The hit the ground directly beside Maki, the girl having to jump to the side to dodge them. “Not pulling any punches,” she muttered under her breath, jumping up to a higher platform, one that put her at eye level with Nico’s witch. Getting closer, Maki could hear that screams were coming from the witch. They were constant and coming from all directions. It was the kind of scream that tore at a person’s soul. One of complete and utter agony. They made her blood run cold and caused shutters to run down her spine.

“Please, I’m begging you. Don’t do this,” Maki cried, ducking to avoid being struck by the blades. She had to be constantly moving, or she would be struck. Jumping from platform to platform, ducking and dodging, Maki continued to yell at the witch. “Nico!” She yelled, voice going raw. She could feel the magic draining from her soul gem. Using all these blocks and using sound waves to shatter the metal was draining, and Mai knew she couldn’t keep it up much longer. She was getting grazed by the blades and knocked to the ground. They sliced at her arms leaving gashes running up and down her body. As soon as she could get back up, another struck, throwing her back down. Summoning a much larger scythe, Maki drew large amounts of magic from her soul gem. “I love you Nico. I always have. I’m so sorry,” She whispered, tears slipping down her cheeks. “I’m sorry,” Maki pulled the scythe back and closed her eyes. Swinging with all her strength, she struck the witch, nwing the amount of power would surely kill her. As expected, the labyrinth disappeared, leaving only Maki and the greive seed of her former best friend.

Taking one look at her soul gem with glazed eyes, Maki knew she was done. Unwilling to use Nico’s grieve seed, she clutched in her hands, leaving her soul gem to sit beside her. “It’s not worth it. It’s not worth being here without you,” She cried, white hot pain ripping through her body. A sob broke through her lips as she curled around the grieve seed. “After all I tried, after I fought so hard, I still couldn’t protect you. I wasn’t good enough to save you.” She whispered. Fiery, searing pain pulsated through her body, and a scream rang through the air. All the pain and despair echoed on her voice. The sound cut off and another witch was born.

Blood and Snow
a Reylo fanfic
coming soon

“You know… I’d like our child to have hair as black as night, skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood,” she whispers. She shakes her head, laughing at her own daydream. “I sound ridiculous,” she chuckles.

“No you don’t, sweetheart,” Han reassures her. “I mean, combine that with my good looks, and he’ll be the fairest of them all.”

“Don’t get too excited, hotshot,” she replies, slapping him softly on the arm. “Maybe he’ll end up looking like me or like Luke.” 

“Either way, with parents like us, I’m sure he’ll be an angel,” Han jokes.


hogwarts founders; hufflepuff
“autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower” - albert camus

meaning “holy” or “blessed,” the name was used mainly in scandinavia, iceland, germany, austria, hungary, and the netherlands. 

godric || rowena || salazar || helga

more coming soon ~ now accepting requests ~ more aesthetics

SPEED DATING - a jomiconsparackosholi imagine

“Come on, guys,” you heard a male voice (you later knew it to be Mikey’s) say. “It’ll be fun!”

You and several other women were currently seated along a wall, each with your own table for two. You ran a hand through your somewhat tidy hair and quickly gulped down some of the red wine you had been given. The exclamation you had heard signalled that boys would be coming through soon. It was nerve racking; you had never done the whole speed dating thing before. Your friend had set you up, hoping that something would come out of it. You hadn’t been in a relationship in a long while and she figured that it was finally time.

You ended up having a great time, just chatting to all the boys as they came to you. It turned out that seven of the ten guys there were all friends; Caspar, Joe, Jack, Josh, Conor, Mikey and Oli. They were each very different and you wanted to get to know all of them more by the end of each little interview. It wasn’t as if you had your eyes set on all of them, rather you just knew that they’d be great friends to have around.

Caspar. Caspar Lee. As soon as he sat down opposite you, you were already smiling. His beaming smile was infectious and immediately broke the slight hesitation you had been feeling. It was the first little set of dates and it was clear that he was also nervous. But come the end of the five minutes, you had already exchanged phone numbers and funny stories.

The next man to shuffle along was Joe. He was the one that told you which of the guys there were his friends. It was a good conversation starter and you could see how much he valued all of his friends. He was funny, almost as much so as Caspar, though in a different way. Where Caspar was funny in a cute and awkward way, Joe told you jokes that had tears pricking the corners of your eyes. It was a good five minutes.

Jack Maynard had an air about him that told you from the get go that he was a good mixture of classy and the class clown. You both smiled at each other as he sat down with his glass of rosé in hand. You got to talking about your interests and he told you, bashfully, about his videos. It interested you but he was quick to change the topic, wanting to hear more about you. You definitely could have kept on talking with Jack when the five minutes finally ticked over.

As he came over, the first thing to strike you about Josh was obvious - his height. When you mentioned it, he laughed and so the ice was again broken. He was polite and careful with what he said and did. At the same time though, he was incredibly open and nice, telling you about his day, after hearing about yours. The way he spoke just left you feeling genuinely cared for and happy. Your cheeks had started to hurt at the end of the five minutes.

You knew who it was as soon as he smiled and sat down. Conor Maynard’s voice was one you listened to on a frequent basis. Not wanting to seem abrupt, you didn’t mention anything though. He was incredibly modest, not mentioning his music once, though your conversation began about your current playlists. Also incredibly funny, Conor’s sarcasm was one that you identified with and lead to the both of you chuckling the five minutes away.

Michael, Mikey, was nervous. He told you that even though it had been his idea for him and his friends to come here, he hadn’t expected it to be as scary as it was. Soon though, well as soon as one could get in five minutes, his true character shone through and you met the real Mikey.

Lastly, but not least, you met Oli. He was also very nice upon introductions and you found yourself enjoying chatting with him. He told you a few jokes and from the conversation you discovered that he had a younger brother, whom he adored. It was nice to see how family oriented he was and in the few minutes, you came to see him as incredibly caring. He also gave you his number come the end of the round, telling you that he felt you were easy to confide in.

Afterwards, you wished you had exchanged phone numbers with more than just Caspar and Oli but because you knew they were all friends, you figured it wouldn’t be hard to find them all again. What you didn’t anticipate was for that moment to come sooner than a few days. It in fact came a few minutes later.

You had pulled on your jacket and as you walked out of the restaurant door, all seven guys were huddled to the left. They hadn’t seen you yet, made obvious by what they said next.

“Guys, that Y/N girl was amazing.”

“Yes, she’d be so good to hang out with!”

“And maybe more for me.”

“Who says she won’t choose me?”

You couldn’t help but blush and burst out in laughter. It was such a strange feeling having people speak about you like that but so hilarious. Your laughter drew the attention of the guys. They were clearly slightly embarrassed but Jack brushed it off by calling out to you.

“Y/N! Want to come back to mine and hang with us tonight?”

The end of the DATE series.

Blackest Night

“C’mon Shitty-Hair, fuckin’ stay with me here…” Katsuki Bakugou grumbled as he trudged through the rubble and wreckage. The young hero shifted the weight on his back, careful not to aggravate the wound on Kirishima’s abdomen that was already heavily bleeding. “Fucking hell… You’re much heavier than you look,” Katsuki said, panting through the effort of carrying his injured friend and having just come out of a battle. He felt a breath of warm air brush his shoulder, where Kirishima’s head lay. Katsuki glanced down at the mass of red hair, concern filling his features, “You’re awake? Thank fuckin’ god – this is the last time I’m rescuin’ your sorry ass.” Katsuki kept up his slow trek out of the battle zone, hoping emergency services would show up soon. I’ve gotta get him to safety…

“Thanks…” Krishima said weakly, a light coughing fit accompanying his raspy gratitude.

Katsuki could feel the blood running down his back now, “Hey, conserve your energy, fuckmunch. You’re gunna need for when I beat your ass after your recovery,” he heard Krishima laugh weakly, “I mean seriously? Two puny enhancement-types and you couldn’t fuckin’ handle ‘em? It’s a wonder your hero agency fuckin’ stays alive.” Feeling the red-headed man’s head dip back onto his shoulder, Katsuki glanced down again. “Oi, Kirishima,” he jostled the man’s body slightly, “don’t conk out on me now!” The blonde-haired hero crouched down and slid Krishima’s body off his own, positioning his arms so he could twist around and hold the redhead’s limp body in his arms. “Kirishima! Hey!” Katsuki’s voice was filled with worry as he looked down at the wound – a large gash in his stomach. The bleeding had let up a little, but that was only because he’d lost so much blood already. Katsuki patted his cheek lightly, cradling Kirishima on his left arm, “Eijirou! C’mon, the ambulance will be here soon! Just fuckin’… just stay with me until then okay?”

A light smile flitted across Krishima’s face and his eyes half-opened, “Katsu…” he said, almost inaudibly, “I’m sorry… I made you come here… and get hurt…” Kirishima reached up and brushed his fingers against Katsuki’s cheek where a rather bad graze lay. Katsuki flinched but kept his eye’s locked onto Kirishima’s.

“It doesn’t matter, you idiot,” the blonde’s voice was shaky, “just don’t fuckin’ die on me.” The sound of sirens blaring in the distance came into earshot, getting louder and louder, “Hear that? You’re safe now,” Katsuki let out a sigh of relief and bowed his head in exhaustion, “they’re comin’ to get us. You’ll be fine now.”


The young hero looked up at the nickname Kirishima had so affectionately coined him with, “What is it, Shitty-hair?” Krishima’s eyes began to slide shut. “Hey! What’d I say? You… you can’t leave me!”

A whisper left Krishima’s lips, barely audible to Katsuki, but the words he said resounded loud and clear in the blonde’s mind:

“I love you…”

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“each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can’t strike them all by ourselves” - laura esquivel

means “power of god”, derived from old english god combined with ric “power, rule.” this name died out a few centuries after the norman conquest.

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