red hair brown hair half and half hair

about mamoru’s genes:
my japanese friend that is half italian has her mother’s (natural) blonde, curly hair and her father’s brown eyes. while creating mamoru, I was inspired by her. 
Also I saw a japanese kid some time ago in the subway that had red hair (his mother was clearly japanese and the kid was clearly half japanese, but he had cute redhead freckles too)
so it isn’t impossible for mamoru to have victor’s hair, genetics haven’t always got only one possible outcome (my brother is blonde like my father but almost all of my family has brown hair, while i got hazel eyes even though my mom has brown eyes and my father has green eyes, but my parents are both caucasian so it’s a different story) 

Specialized Videotape Technology Inc. (Part 4) - Seventeen Imagine

A/N: I’m so sorry for not able to update this series daily… Please forgive me! But I still hope you’ll keep on loving my imagines. And oh god! Clap shook me real hard! I’m still recovering from it… Mingyu T^T 

Happy reading!

Intro / Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

  • You sat there on the ground, looking at the group of boys all huddled in a circle, discussing how they should deal with this intruder
  • “It’s Jihoon hyung’s fault. He let her stay in the office!” the tallest one scoffed
  • “What did you say, Mingyu?”
  • “Nothing, hyung,,,,” Then, Mingyu left the circle and came to sit next to you
  • The red-haired boy with the eyes like clock hands pointing to 10:10 bickered
  • “Jihoon-ah, Mingyu’s right. You’re the one who gave her the keys…”
  • Jihoon gave the boy a death stare and growled, “Soonyoung, it’s not only my fault. You and Seungcheol hyung also gave permission.”
  • Seungcheol and Soonyoung got embarrassed
  • because they knew Jihoon spoke the truth
  • Yes, they all compromised that day that you were allowed to use the box office
  • “Okay, we all didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t blame each other, and just focus on the matter,” the pink-haired boy with the white jacket said
  • Seungcheol nodded, “Agreed. Thanks, Josh. I guess we’ll still have to let them go to school… On free days, they’ll have to work for us.”
  • While they were bickering, Mingyu started to ask you questions about yourself
  • He wanted you to feel welcome, not afraid
  • What a kind-hearted boy he is (yes, he’s my bias) 
  • You did feel a little more at ease
  • “What will they do to me?” you asked Mingyu with a small voice
  • He wasn’t sure either, but he reassured you it wouldn’t be something terrible
  • “If you get to work with us, it will be great fun! We make all our videos here; the filming, editing, set and props-making. Those kinds of stuff!”
  • Like a really excited puppy, he told you the details of all the videos they’ve made
  • It sounded fun, tbh
  • But you’re still so scared of your “soon to be lost” freedom
  • When you’re still thinking about your doom, the group of boys turned to you
  • Seungcheol smirked at you and said, “You’re lucky that Joshua was able to convince us not to imprison you, (Y/N).”
  • Joshua smiled awkwardly at you as you nodded a thank-you to him
  • Seungcheol went on giving the verdict, “You’ll still to work for us, as a price for your goddamn -”
  • “LANGUAGE!” yelled Joshua
  • “Fine… as a price for your unacceptable curiosity and rule-breaking actions.”
  • Jihoon looked at you straight in the eye and added, “You’ll still go to school, but when you don’t need to go to school, you’ll come help us produce videos.”
  • As Mingyu helped you stand up, you agreed to the deal
  • “(Y/N) will do a great job! They’re in the film club of their school,” Mingyu grinned
  • You froze and blushed with embarrassment
  • “Well, then you’re hired,” the other pink-haired boy who looked like an angel smiled sweetly. “I’m Jeonghan.”
  • “I’m Jun and this is Minghao,” the chestnut brown-haired boy who wore a black sweatshirt with white lightning patterns greeted you, 
  • Then he gestured the yellow-haired, whom you recognised as the one with pointy ears and sat on the bleachers with Seungcheol
  • The one with the bomber jacket in half black half white introduced himself as Wonwoo with his deep bass voice
  • The caucasian-looking one grinned at you
  • “I’m Vernon, the second youngest. That one there is the youngest among us, he’s Chan.” 
  • The ash brown-haired at the back of the room gave you a thumbs up and hollered, “Call me Dino! Welcome!”
  • “Lastly, we’re Seungkwan, Seokmin, and Soonyoung!” a blond-haired, round-faced boy said while the brunet and the red-haired boys waved at you
  • “Call us the legendary Boo!”
  • “Seok!”
  • “Soon!” Soonyoung ended it with an extraordinary pose
  • You laughed at their funny introduction
  • It was the first time you laughed when you came here
  • “FINALLY! You laughed! Jisoos christ, I thought you’d never smile or laugh!” Seungkwan exclaimed with relief
  • All the boys gave you a prize-winning smile
  • “Let’s go! We have several new videos to produce!” Seokmin raised his voice and cheered everyone up
  • Now you’re not so worried about your new life here in the SVT Inc.

To be continued…

I can’t draw, so I’m just gonna dump my oc team and their physical descriptions on you lmao. I present you, Team Burg

Matthias Müller – Finish – Spy class (male)
Platinum blonde hair (medium length, slightly curly), dark blue eyes. Tall and muscular, pale skin.

Alice Müller – British – Sniper class (female)
Coal black hair (Long length, always tied up in a rolled up bun, straight), dark brown eyes. Tall and slim, pale skin.

Henry King – British – Engineer class (male)
Dark brown hair (Medium length, always tied up in a bun, slightly curly), dark brown eyes. Dark skin, Medium height and very muscular. 

Sophia Chawka – Polish – Medic class (female)
Greying Blonde hair (Extremly short, bob hair cut), light brown eyes. Pale skin, medium height, slightly muscular. 

Haluk Abdil – Turkish – Scout class (male)
Coal black hair (Very short, straight), green eyes. Dark skin, tall and slightly muscular. 

Adam Castle – British – Pyro class (male)
Bald, dark brown eyes. Tanned, medium height and very muscular. Burn scars on left side of the face.

Emil Beaufort – French – Soldier class (male)
Blonde hair ( Very short, straight), bright blue eyes. Tall, very muscular, pale skin.

Sabrina Winterberg – German – Heavy class (female)
Ginger hair (Very short, curly), dark brown eyes. Tall and very muscular, pale skin.

Akiko Oshiro – Japanese – Demolition class (female)
Coal black hair (Very short, straight), dark brown eyes. Medium height, muscular, pale skin.

I’m convinced that half of them are elves, half are vampires, and all could kick my ass

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what're you're headcanons for what human versions of the beta trolls would look like? like hair color race and all that?

Aradia: Japanese, hella chubby, tall, black hair, buns to mimic her horns.

Tavros: Dominican and muscular (more so at the top of his body), very dark brown hair.

Sollux: Tall and lanky half Korean (Haha half get it), black hair with died red and blue bangs, some piercings.

Karkat: Short, a little chub, black/lightskinned, dark brown hair, baggy eyes.

Nepeta: Really small, blonde, French.

Kanaya: Very dark skinned, tall and thin, black hair.

Terezi: Redhead with freckles, about average height w chub, slightly red eyes where it should be white.

Vriska: Taller but not very tall, hispanic with dyed blonde and blue hair.

Equius: Big and strong, darkskinned, black hair in dreads

Gamzee: Very tall, mexican, dark brown hair, still wears his makeup.

Eridan: Irish, strawberry blonde hair, on the shorter side.

Feferi: Really short and very chubby, brownskinned, curly bleached (but not all the way blacked) hair.

Brotherly Compromise

This is a story about Saeran and Seven (Luciel) from Mystic Messenger!! Dunno a lot about the game itself, but got a lot of their story from @magic-ler-marv !

This story is also a little gift for you, Marv!
Hope you feel better and have a good day/night/life/etc! Let’s get this show on the road!!

The air blows softly threw the open windows of the home. It was a brisk autumn evening, which meant the leaves were all changing colors.

Some leaves turned yellow, some brown, some even red and orange. Much like the color of a boy’s hair that was in the home that him and his brother shared. The brothers were so alike, yet unalike in so many ways.

One with orange tint red like hair, the other white hair. One with yellow bright eyes, the other a clear ocean blue. The orange hair having headphones around his neck half the time, glasses of yellow and black, and a jacket unzipped half the time.

The other boy, his brother, had a red shirt with a black jacket like outfit hanging off his shoulder all the time possible. The arm it hung off of, had tattoos all up and down the arm. The white haired boy wasn’t the most social, but for his brother, he’d do anything.

Saeran, the white haired boy, was currently laying on the couch, curled up on half of it, since he never was one of those people to completely let loose and lay around like his brother, Luciel. Or Seven, as his friends had dubbed him.

Seven was on the other side of the couch, one arm lazily behind his head, the other on his stomach softly as he watched the random TV show playing. He glanced at Saeran, who was curled up and tense, yet also watching the show.

He didn’t like how his brother was always so tense and uneasy, even someone calling his name from across the hall or street would make him turn around with a yelp. Saeran didn’t have the… cleanest backstory, so it wasn’t really his fault.

Saeran caught Seven looking at him and his cheeks dusted pink, wondering how long he’d been watching him. Seven gave a soft snicker when he saw him blushing.

“So, what do you want to do today, Little Bro?” Seven kept glancing at him, not worried about the show anymore. Saeran glanced at him with his light blue eyes, giving a soft shrug and a mumble. “I-I’m not really sure.”

“We could cook!”

“I-I don’t think that’s wise- I’d just b-burn everything”

“We could play a video game?”

“I know y-you’ll go easy on me. You win every time. You are t-the one who got a job as a hacker after all”

Okay, Saeran, stop being such a buzz kill. At least Seven’s trying! He thought to himself.

“Crafts?”  “Since when d-do you do crafts?”  “Charades!”  “M-My life’s been cooped in a house for years, I-I wouldn’t know the latest memes and topics you’d p-pick.”

Seven was running out. They need a compromise and he was slowly becoming dry. But soon he had one more idea.

“I could tickle you.” Luciel stated. Saeran would be lying if he said that didn’t send a chill to his spine. Where did that idea come from?!

“You could- What??” Saeran seemed to sink into his side of the couch even more, hands up at his chest softly cupped together in his curled up state. Luciel gave a small purr as he crawled closer. “I saaaid, I could tickle you!” He felt a grin place his lips.

“W-Why would we do that exactly?” Saeran wanted to crawl backwards, yet he trusted him. Also he’s on an end of the couch so crawling backwards will cause falling off, and that’s not gonna happen.

“Because we used to do it all the time when we were little! Remember?? You had the same hair as me, we pretended to imitate each other, and whenever I got fed up with your little impressions I’d tickle the snot out of you!~” Luciel giggled. Saeran’s cheeks burned a dark pink, giving a muttered squeak.

“I-I.. I don’t understand why t-that’s an idea though” Saeran looked to the side. It was clear he was more embarrassed than scared or upset of the idea. “Becaaaause! You looooved it!” That remark made Saeran flinch and keep looking away.

“W-What?! I-I did not!!” He was stuttering more than average, which just made him more embarrassed. “You did too! I know you better than anyone, little bro, and it was ooobvious! I know you loved it when I’d squeeze your sides!”

Seven squeezed Saeran’s sides with both his hands as he spoke, to prove his points. Saeran let out a squeak again, flinching into a more curled up ball. Before he can protest, Seven continues. “I know you love it when I tease your ribs!” He traces along the bones.

“I know you love having your little armpits tickled and teased, since I’d tell you to let my hands escape just to dive deeper, and you fell for it every tiiime!” He spiders into his underarms, earning a small squeal. That’s better.

“You loved playing this little piggy, you loved when I’d squeeze your thighs and knees, and I knooooow you love it when I’d trace, draw and drill into your sensitive little hips!~” He moved down to his hips, starting to pinch at his hips, tracing little designs into the bone as well.

That earned the cutest reaction of all! He let out a snort, a wide smile spreading across his face as his cheeks, neck and even his ears tipped a red shade. He let out a whine. He hated how right he was. Seven knew it too.

“I…” Saeran was going to protest, again, but he had no idea how. He didn’t want to lie either. So… he didn’t. “…I-If you want to..” He looked away again. “I.. won’t mind. Just.. don’t kill me, I mean.” He gave a huff of a laugh. Seven’s heart melted. His brother was too cute.

“As you wish, Sae.~” He purrs as he starts squeezing up and down his sides and ribs. Saeran squealed almost instantly, but he didn’t bite his lip. He laughed. He laughed loudly and freely.

“Nohohohohoho!! Luhuhucihiel!” Saeran giggled. He’d always called Seven by his real name. He snickered and giggled even more when Seven cooed at him.

He’d never admit it, but he loved tickling now more than as a kid. After everything his life has thrown at him, his brother’s stuck with him through thick and thin! Seven got a job as a hacker, he asked Rika to check up on him, and he’d spent years helping him through everything. He owes Seven his life.

The thing about the tickling was this though; after the hell he’s gone through, tickling is basically a large sun in an abyss of dark and empty nothingness. Compared to the hell, tickling is a ‘saint’. Seven would rewrite his history if he could, to save him sooner, but he couldn’t.

A loud squeal broke Seven from his thoughts as he looked down at Saeran, who now had his arms clamped to his sides, eyes shut, nose crinkled, and his smile still wide and happy.

“BROHOTHEHEHER!” He bucked to the side, laughing more. “Aw, is little Saeran too ticklish to have his armpits traced and tortured?~” He coos in his bright red ear. The whispers and breath tickled his neck and ear, which didn’t help poor Saeran one bit.

“N-NOHOHO!” He protested against the statement. He was not too ticklish! He is the average amount of ticklish! …Okay that was a bad argument.

“Either way, I wonder how you’d do if I just attack your worst spot over and over again?~” He gave a soft nip to his ear as he spoke, earning a small snort.

“DOHONT YOU DAHARE!” Saeran squeaked out, whining as he was being teased to no end. “Why?~ I know you’d looooove it! You love tickling, you love laughing, you’re loving this right now, you love meeee, and I know all of it better than you think I do.~” He smirked, which made Saeran just- well- basically he just died.

Died of embarrassment that is. He can’t turn anymore red. His cheeks match the color of what his hair used to be before he dyed it white. He snorted, squeaked, squealed and whined. When he felt Seven stop, he opened one eye up at him in a panting giggly state, seeming like he was upset he stopped.

Though, Seven wasn’t done. Seven smirked even more and moved his hands slowly down his ribs. He knew what this was!! This was not happening!

“5…~” Seven cooed.




“3…~” He’s tracing down his sides slowly.

“Ihi’m warning you-” He can’t threaten at all.

“2..~” He squeezed his lower sides. Another snort.

“I-Ihihi’ll kihihill you-”

Though it broke. He shrieked.

“1!~” Seven squeezed and drilled and kneaded and spidered his hips over. And Over. And over. Saeran absolutely howled.

He’d never remembered ever laughing this hard in his life, not for a long long long time at least. He couldn’t explain what it felt like. You laugh so loud and care free until your abs hurt. Until you can’t process anything else. He loved it.

“NOHOHOHO!!” He pushed at his hands, squealing and throwing his head back against the couch pillows. “LUHUHUCIHIHIEL!” He whined.

“Yes, baby bro?~” He coos, spidering slightly lighter, but not enough to make him stop laughing.

“STAHAHAHAHAP IHIT!!” Another snort. He hated making snorting noises! “Aw, but is that what you really want?~ You know what’ll make me stop for real!~”

“DOHOHO IHI HAVE TO?!” He opened one eye at him again, squealing and cackling. Seven and Saeran always had some sort of way to know when it got unbearable. It was cheesy. Both of them had different things to tell. Saeran would make Seven say ‘Tickle Monster’ since it would embarrass him.

Seven’s word for Saeran was cheesy and very simple to say. After another drill, and another snort and cackle, he finally gave in.

“GAHAHAME OHOHOHOVER!!” Can you tell Seven came up with it? No? Huh, thought that was obvious. Anyway, Seven stopped in an instant with a small kiss to his nose in a platonic and brotherly way.

“You alive, you dork?~” He grinned, resting his chin on Saeran’s chest softly to stare up at his blushy giggly figure. Saeran giggled breathily as he soon opened his eyes at him again.

“I-Ihim much mohore than ahahalive, Luciel.” He stated, giving a flick to his forehead. Seven winced with a squak and a snicker. “Hehey! I will tickle you again!!”

“But that’s not how our games work, brother.”

“What? What does that mean?”

“We made a deal. Back when we were kids.”

“…What deal?”

“Neither is aloud to tickle the other one until revenge is pursued.”

Seven’s laughter rang through the house this time. Saeran showed just as much mercy as Seven did, which was close to none, since Seven was a hard nut to crack and show a real loss.

Saeran had determination though.

This really was a compromise that both brothers can get behind.

He who saved me.

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BTS AU (Demon Yoongi/Suga)

Part1/ Part2 /Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 / Part8 / Part9 / Part10 / Part11 /… ( I will fill in the parts as I go.)

A/N: I am planing to finish this this AU these days. School has been difficult and I still have to finish Jimin’s Mafia Au, Namjoon’s scenario, the fantasy texts and a reaction I have been working on. Sooo much stuff😅😆Hope you enjoy this. If you guys like please check out my customized texts.  Requests and Asks are open.😁😋

Word count:  1,885

Warnings: Don’t know.😀

  Before you knew it, the time had arrived for you to be accepted as part of a new world. An unknown one, scary and beautiful at the same time. The maids left pair clothing for you and Yoongi. You had to match so everyone knew who was who’s half. Very interesting way of distinguishing two people ,but does it always work? 

  You walked out of the room holding hands. Your dress was long ,tinted in a deep ,dark red color and a veil like material draped over your body like a cape. It was covering your arms and everything from the neck down, but it didn’t hide anything as it was see through.

  The maids told you to wait in front of the big door of the ceremonial hall, until they open and let you step in. After arriving there ,you saw a lot of people waiting as well.

“Y/N!”said Sung waving at you 

“You look amazing in that blue dress.”you complemented her 

“You do too. The dark red makes you look like a queen or goddess.” she smiled at you

  Can clothing make you ,what you might already be? Can you look like something you already were? I would say that time would tell, but it is not always like that, sometimes destiny decides to surprise us sooner than expected.

“Thank you.”

  Yoongi walked over to Jimin. The other men waiting ,looked casually to the side, but gasped in surprise after seeing Yoongi.

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Alrighty, in which style do you think the girls would wear their hair? ^^

マリ: Hmm… how the DiaBoys as girls (DiaGirls?) would wear their hair… Don’t pay too much attention to their faces though – it’s all about the hair here!


Ayato: Shoulder length, bright red hair ↓

Laito: Long, wavy, dark red/purple ↓

Shuu: Messy, half-long, dirty blonde hair w/ fringe ↓

Reiji: Sleek and straight black hair, parted in the middle ↓

Subaru: Grey-white, medium length hair, messy and slightly curled ↓

Kanato: Above shoulder-length, dark purple hair w/ highlights and slightly curled ↓

Kino: Dark brown, almost black hair, often in a messy bun w/ fringe ↓


Ruki: Very dark brown, almost black hair, often in a high ponytail and a bow on top ↓

Yuma: Long, brown and curly hair w/ blonde highlights ↓

Azusa: Relatively short, black hair w/ blue undertone, very messy and curly ↓

Kou: Shoulder length, blonde hair, wavy and often in a half-updo


Carla: Long, almost white/lilac coloured hair, slightly curly ends ↓

Shin: Dirty blonde, relatively short hair, and a bit spiky ↓


I tried to draw Akashi Shiori and Masaomi’s full faces based on many pics and facts and this is the result I came up with ! Here are the pics and facts I used to draw them

 For Shiori ,I saw this answer by Fujimaki sensei, when asked who Akashi looked like,

 Fujimaki said he looked like his mother and it’s quite obvious in pics from the anime that Masaomi has brown hair so I thought Akashi’s hair color must be his mom’s. I also have a theory that the lower half of Akashi’s face is his mom’s but the upper half is more his dad’s (since his dad has visible cheekbones and his mother doesn’t, he doesn’t as well). 

 So the eye shape is more his dad’s but the color is his mom’s However when Akashi’s eyes turn hetrochromatic one eye turns amber and the other stays red, so I assumed the amber eye color must be his dad’s. So Masaomi has brown hair and amber eyes while Shiori has ruby hair and ruby eyes (which Akashi now has)

. Akashi has an avarage height, his parents must be avarage too. I think Shiori should be around 160-165cm tall while Masaomi is like 176-180cm tall. 

For Masaomi’s hair I noticed in some pictures that it kinda looks like Akashi’s hair, but judging by this one pic

 I think it might be shorter and it doesn’t cover his eyes, that’s how I came up with his hair’s appearance.

what do you think ?? :3

I know it doesn’t seem like it but I do actually check out the people that like/reblog my selfies and I often message them if I think they’re interesting or need help so don’t be suprised if you got a message from my main blog because I can’t send messages with my second blog.

The Signs as Hair Colours/Styles

Aries: Ice Blonde or light brown. Likes to experiment with pastel colours as well.

Taurus: Thick brown, black, or red hair. Probs has bangs.

Gemini: Dark hair with highlights half/half just like their personality.

Cancer: Cute bob haircut, typically beautiful, brown virgin hair.

Leo: Long curly red hair (like a lion mane)

Virgo: The founders of the messy bun. Brown or ombré hair colour. Very studious.

Libra: Typically a perky, flat ironed brunette or has ombré hair who shops at VS/PINK.

Scorpio: Hair as black as their soul. Or blonde and wavy. :p it’s one or the other.

Sagittarius: Likes hair out of their face, wears a lot of braids and pony tails. Naturally straight brown hair.

Capricorn: Long, fine, and straight blonde or silver hair.

Aquarius: Lengths can vary, usually a fun colour like pink, purple, or electric blue.

Pisces: Dirty blonde, beachy free spirited waves. Long or short there’s no preference.

A Wedding - Draco Malfoy

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This was requested by marleyprince123. This was the request: Hey, can you please do an imagine where Draco and I are getting married and my maid of honor is you, Kenzie, and Draco’s best man is Blaise Zabini. All the professors at Hogwarts, the trio, the Weasleys, most students in Gryffindor, some students from Slytherin, Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood, Draco’s family, and my family are attending. The wedding is on October 31st and is fall themed. The wedding will be in a small church and Hagrid is the minister who is marrying Draco and I. Thanks :) A/N: You’re a beautiful little muffin you, I am honored to be your maid of honor. Keep requesting guys because I’m out of Harry Potter requests, have some teen wolf ones to do first though

It took all the courage in the world to walk up to you, Harry, Hermione and Ron after the war was over. And it took even more to actually apologise for everything he had done to them to many other and most importantly to him, you. After this he was too empty to even try anymore, so he left the four of you alone and walked out of the Great Hall. The whole day had been a shock to them, and that apology was the biggest of them all. It left Harry, Ron and Hermione stunned, but you went after him. You talked well into the night, and only stopped at sunrise because of a kiss. The first of many. And now on October 31st, the two of you were to be married.

Draco had no doubt in his mind about marrying you. Its just, he had doubts about you not having doubts. As confusing as that may sound, it was true. Even his best man Blaise couldn’t calm him down. “I don’t think you get it Blaise, I was an ass to her and her friends for more than half our time at Hogwarts. Should I even bring up the war? Nobody would want to settle for that.”

“Draco,” Blaise pleads. “She’s forgiven you for that. She’s moved on, everyone else has. Ask Potter for instance.” He says, nodding to harry who was helping Ron with his dress robes.

“Well, you’re forsure a different guy than who we first met. We know you meant what you said when you apologized.”

“Good enough. Listen, you get to start a new life with in your words, ‘the most amazing girl in the world’. Why do you keep looking for a problem?”

“Because there has to be one!” Draco argues.

Things were going a bit better in the bride room. They had put the finishing touches on your hair and the bridesmaids were finishing getting ready. You looked beautiful in your dress, your makeup was simple and your hair was in a half up, half down style. The color scheme for the rest of the dresses were red, gold, and brown to match the fall trees.

Your maid of honor MacKenzie had taken control over the evening, Lee was almost like her assistant. “Ginny, Hermione, can you help Luna with her hair?” She asks as she dodges the people in the room. There was a piece of parchment following her with a quill. “Okay Marley,” She says when she reaches you. “The Weasleys are ushering people to their seats, your and Draco’s families are getting along fine, Lee just got back with the bakers and the cake is fine, Susan Bones just sent an owl saying she won’t be here until right before the ceremony starts and Hagrid is ready to go and get you two married.” She says without stopping as the quill checks those things off the list. “Now I’m going to check on the boys and make sure they’re ready and was wondering if you needed anything else.”

“How about a drink?” You joke, causing her to laugh. “Um, but no not really. Just when you see Draco tell him I love him and that I cant wait to marry him.”

“Will do. You look amazing by the way.” She gives you a quick hug and hurries out of the room. She makes her way across the small church to the grooms room, where she was stopped by Lee. “What is it?”

“Draco is having an existential crisis.”

“He seriously has to have one 15 minutes before the wedding.” She curses under her breath. “Why is he having one?”

“He thinks that Marley doesn’t want to marry him any more.”

“I’m going to kill him.” She brushes past Lee and walks into the room. “You guys finish up here and Draco you’re coming with me.”

“What? Why?”

“Will you just trust me?” She says exasperatedly.

“It was nice knowing you,” Ron calls as they leave the room.

“Ron, after the wedding when there’s more time I’m going to strangle you.” MacKenzie calls as she drags Draco away, hearing Harry laugh at Ron. Stopping in front of the bride’s room she motions for him to wait as she walk in. “Okay, everyone out of a few minutes. Like now.” She informs the others when they don’t move.

As they all file out Luna stops in front of her. “You know its not good luck for him to see her right before?” She says dreamily.

“How did you- never mind.” She says, shooing the rest of them out. She then turns to you. “Face the mirror for a sec.”

“What are you doing?” You call after her as she walks out.

“Just trust me. Ginny shut your mouth, you’re worse than your brother.” She holds the door open with her foot and guides Draco into the room with his back facing you. “Now, keep your eyes closed Draco.” She orders as she presses the two of you back to back. “You have five minutes to say what you have to say.” You could see the door open and then close through the mirror as she walks out.

“Hey,” You say quietly, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his.

“Hey,” He says back, just as quiet. He squeezes your hand before falling silent again.

“Are you nervous?”

“A bit.” He admits sheepishly.

“Well you shouldn’t. I want to do this, you know? There is not a voice in my head saying I don’t want to marry you.”

You feel him relax behind you. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ten minutes later you were walking down the aisle. Your heart was hammering in your chest when you saw him, your husband. You grinned nervously as you passed your friends and family. Out of the corner of your eye you could have sworn Professor McGonagall was crying. Your eyes met Draco’s, who was awe struck just looking at you. ‘I love you.’ You mouth at him as you near. Your stomach flips when he does the same.

anonymous asked:

Can you do something like svt ideal hairstyle/color? If you've done it already can you put a link under? Please and many many thanks.

Seungcheol: He would prefer your hair down rather then any hair style. He’d like to see you run your fingers through it. For colors: he’d like the exotic colors that make you stand out. Dark blues, reds go wild with this

Jeonghan: He’d love braids! Any kind French braids, Dutch braids. He’d think it was really cute and framed your face. For colors he’d like: blondes, dark Browns something light and fresh

Joshua/Woozi: they would like the sweet half up half down hairstyles with loose curls. For colors: light Browns, dark blondes, maybe even strawberry blondes

Jun: He’d like curly hair styles no matter how it was done he would love it. For colors: he’d like the dark natural colors like dark Browns or even blacks

Hoshi/Dino: They would both love buns, messy buns would be their favorite! Something that looks laid back and lazy. For colors: dark browns, blondes, pinks, purples

Wonwoo: He wouldn’t be too picky on the hairstyles you wear. He’d find anything on you appealing. For hair colors: blondes, Browns, grayish blues

Seokmin: He’d like the sleek hair styles like pony tails or buns. Something that looks classy for colors: blondes, blacks and even Browns with a simple pop of color like blue or pink

Mingyu: He’d like the long messy curls so he can run his fingers through them and play with them. He’d like your hair down over all! For hair colors he’d like it all: muted pinks, lilacs even light Browns with a little pop of color.

Minghao/Seungkwan: they would like cute pony tails, the slick pretty type of pony tails! He’d like the hair out of your face. Hair colors: Natural colors like Browns or dark dirty blondes

Vernon: He’d like your hair natural, wether it’s curly or straight he’d like to see it down (he likes short hair) for hair colors: light browns with streaks, maybe even those dark reds.


i was tagged by the lovely milky-candy-kisu to post some selfies!

i don’t really take them too often, so these are all kinda old-to-really old haha.

i wanted to show off my hair adventures! the top ones (except the middle) are my natural hair color, the bottom left was a dark brown i had to dye it after i dyed it red (not by choice trust me), the middle is my half and half hair (which was my all time favorite siiigh) and the last is my now that’s what i call red red hair.

i have two decent angles and love over using filters orz.

i tag anyone who wants to do this! i’d love to see your cute faces! ; u; <3