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I can’t draw, so I’m just gonna dump my oc team and their physical descriptions on you lmao. I present you, Team Burg

Matthias Müller – Finish – Spy class (male)
Platinum blonde hair (medium length, slightly curly), dark blue eyes. Tall and muscular, pale skin.

Alice Müller – British – Sniper class (female)
Coal black hair (Long length, always tied up in a rolled up bun, straight), dark brown eyes. Tall and slim, pale skin.

Henry King – British – Engineer class (male)
Dark brown hair (Medium length, always tied up in a bun, slightly curly), dark brown eyes. Dark skin, Medium height and very muscular. 

Sophia Chawka – Polish – Medic class (female)
Greying Blonde hair (Extremly short, bob hair cut), light brown eyes. Pale skin, medium height, slightly muscular. 

Haluk Abdil – Turkish – Scout class (male)
Coal black hair (Very short, straight), green eyes. Dark skin, tall and slightly muscular. 

Adam Castle – British – Pyro class (male)
Bald, dark brown eyes. Tanned, medium height and very muscular. Burn scars on left side of the face.

Emil Beaufort – French – Soldier class (male)
Blonde hair ( Very short, straight), bright blue eyes. Tall, very muscular, pale skin.

Sabrina Winterberg – German – Heavy class (female)
Ginger hair (Very short, curly), dark brown eyes. Tall and very muscular, pale skin.

Akiko Oshiro – Japanese – Demolition class (female)
Coal black hair (Very short, straight), dark brown eyes. Medium height, muscular, pale skin.

I’m convinced that half of them are elves, half are vampires, and all could kick my ass

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what're you're headcanons for what human versions of the beta trolls would look like? like hair color race and all that?

Aradia: Japanese, hella chubby, tall, black hair, buns to mimic her horns.

Tavros: Dominican and muscular (more so at the top of his body), very dark brown hair.

Sollux: Tall and lanky half Korean (Haha half get it), black hair with died red and blue bangs, some piercings.

Karkat: Short, a little chub, black/lightskinned, dark brown hair, baggy eyes.

Nepeta: Really small, blonde, French.

Kanaya: Very dark skinned, tall and thin, black hair.

Terezi: Redhead with freckles, about average height w chub, slightly red eyes where it should be white.

Vriska: Taller but not very tall, hispanic with dyed blonde and blue hair.

Equius: Big and strong, darkskinned, black hair in dreads

Gamzee: Very tall, mexican, dark brown hair, still wears his makeup.

Eridan: Irish, strawberry blonde hair, on the shorter side.

Feferi: Really short and very chubby, brownskinned, curly bleached (but not all the way blacked) hair.

Between helping one of my roommates with fitness videos in which he makes me work on my weaknesses and making a list of what i need to take to London and bring from London, i’ve been told by a lot of people that i need to dye my hair because now it looks like i’ve tried to ombre my hair red and failed miserably. I really don’t see what’s the big issue, so what if half of my hair is dark brown and the other half red? Cruella De Vil rocked the black and white look, you can call me… Ginger De Vil? Maybe not because i love dogs and wouldn’t turn them into fur.

Any suggestion on what i must take to London and must not? My roommate told me that umbrella’s are a big no because i might turn someone blind. Knowing myself, that would sadly happen if i did walk around with an umbrella. Disaster coming through.

He who saved me.

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BTS AU (Demon Yoongi/Suga)

Part1/ Part2 /Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 / Part8 / Part9 / Part10 / Part11 /… ( I will fill in the parts as I go.)

A/N: I am planing to finish this this AU these days. School has been difficult and I still have to finish Jimin’s Mafia Au, Namjoon’s scenario, the fantasy texts and a reaction I have been working on. Sooo much stuff😅😆Hope you enjoy this. If you guys like please check out my customized texts.  Requests and Asks are open.😁😋

Word count:  1,885

Warnings: Don’t know.😀

  Before you knew it, the time had arrived for you to be accepted as part of a new world. An unknown one, scary and beautiful at the same time. The maids left pair clothing for you and Yoongi. You had to match so everyone knew who was who’s half. Very interesting way of distinguishing two people ,but does it always work? 

  You walked out of the room holding hands. Your dress was long ,tinted in a deep ,dark red color and a veil like material draped over your body like a cape. It was covering your arms and everything from the neck down, but it didn’t hide anything as it was see through.

  The maids told you to wait in front of the big door of the ceremonial hall, until they open and let you step in. After arriving there ,you saw a lot of people waiting as well.

“Y/N!”said Sung waving at you 

“You look amazing in that blue dress.”you complemented her 

“You do too. The dark red makes you look like a queen or goddess.” she smiled at you

  Can clothing make you ,what you might already be? Can you look like something you already were? I would say that time would tell, but it is not always like that, sometimes destiny decides to surprise us sooner than expected.

“Thank you.”

  Yoongi walked over to Jimin. The other men waiting ,looked casually to the side, but gasped in surprise after seeing Yoongi.

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I tried to draw Akashi Shiori and Masaomi’s full faces based on many pics and facts and this is the result I came up with ! Here are the pics and facts I used to draw them

 For Shiori ,I saw this answer by Fujimaki sensei, when asked who Akashi looked like,

 Fujimaki said he looked like his mother and it’s quite obvious in pics from the anime that Masaomi has brown hair so I thought Akashi’s hair color must be his mom’s. I also have a theory that the lower half of Akashi’s face is his mom’s but the upper half is more his dad’s (since his dad has visible cheekbones and his mother doesn’t, he doesn’t as well). 

 So the eye shape is more his dad’s but the color is his mom’s However when Akashi’s eyes turn hetrochromatic one eye turns amber and the other stays red, so I assumed the amber eye color must be his dad’s. So Masaomi has brown hair and amber eyes while Shiori has ruby hair and ruby eyes (which Akashi now has)

. Akashi has an avarage height, his parents must be avarage too. I think Shiori should be around 160-165cm tall while Masaomi is like 176-180cm tall. 

For Masaomi’s hair I noticed in some pictures that it kinda looks like Akashi’s hair, but judging by this one pic

 I think it might be shorter and it doesn’t cover his eyes, that’s how I came up with his hair’s appearance.

what do you think ?? :3

Rooming With Your Boss

Terrible title I know XD

Type: humor/maybe fluff?

Warnings: none unless awkward situations trigger you.

Description: You’re a newbie to the team and your initiation is to room with Hotch.

On the flight to Louisiana for a case, Hotch was giving out orders;

“Once we land, JJ and Reid go to the dump site. Morgan, Prentiss, and Rossi go talk with the victim’s family. (Y/N) and I will investigate the victim’s home. Go ahead and figure out room partners by the time we land.” Hotch said retrieving to the back of the plane to get a cup of coffee.

You let out an enteral cheer of excitement. You got paired with Hotch. Then you mentally scolded yourself.

You were an idiot. Having a crush on your boss. Like he would ever date a team member. You felt a tingly sense when you heard a voice;

“Hate to break it to you, (y/n), but as a newbie it’s time for your initiation.” Derek said smirking a bit.

“My initiation? What do I have to do?” You questioned him.

Morgan glanced at the rest of the team who were choking back laughs. Rossi leaned forward;

“We thought of the perfect initiation for you. You have to room with Hotch.” He said smiling.

Your heart sunk and you felt yourself blush. What did he mean “the perfect initiation”? Did they know about your feelings for Hotch?

You only briefly mentioned it to Penelope. You gulped and sighed. I mean how bad could it be?

Surely there would be twin beds and Hotch would be okay with rooming with you.

You breathed out. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?

“Okay….but how come none of you had to room with him?” You asked curiously.

Spencer chuckled;

“Each initiation is picked specifically for the rookie of the team. Like I had to go the whole case without spitting out random facts that didn’t relate to what we were investigating.”

You leaned back in your seat as your eyes followed Hotch as he returned to his seat in front of you.

Everyone had eyes on you and Hotch waiting for your reaction to the rooming situation.

You pinched your nose and stared out the window. Praying the plane would crash or something.

Hotch noticed all the stares from his comrades;

“What?” He asked in his deep voice.

You ever so quietly whispered to yourself;

“It’ll be okay. It’ll be fine.”

You turned away from the window and actually convinced yourself it would be fine.

And then the plane landed and you checked into your hotel late that night.

Oh boy. Were you in for a surprise.

“Good luck, baby-agent.” Rossi said passing you to go into his room directly across from yours.

You stared into your hotel room in disbelief. One bed. ONE bed. You had to SHARE a bed as your initiation?!

What a surprise.

But you were determined not to go through with it.

You sighed and grabbed an extra pillow from the bed. Plopping it on the floor next to the bed. You went scrummaging through the hotel closet for a blanket.

You laid it on the ground and heard footsteps approach the door.

You were so pouty about your initiation you didn’t even hear Hotch walk in.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

You snapped your head up;

“Oh…well, you see, there’s only one bed. So I figured-”

“Hey. We’re professionals. We can share a bed for a few nights.” He said throwing his bag on the floor.

You gulped nervously. Okay. This was weird.

“You can take first shower.” You offered.

He thanked you and slipped into the bathroom. You grabbed your room key and banged on Morgan’s door who was sharing with Spencer.

Rossi the lucky duck got his own room. Morgan opened the door;

“Yes?” He said very sing-song like.

“One bed? ONE BED?! This is torture. I’ll be sleeping in the same bed as my boss!” You whisper/screamed.

“Listen, chocolate thunder here doesn’t pick the initiations. Penelope does. SThat’s why she asks for one secret of yours when you first meet her.” Morgan said.

The blood drained from your face. PENELOPE KNEW! She knew you liked Hotch and put you in a room together.

“Now, I don’t know what you told my baby girl, but it must’ve been something to put you in the same bed with boss man.” Derek laughed.

You grumbled and stormed back to your room. As you were about to open the door, Rossi appeared from his room;

“Word of the wise, Hotch and I normally room together. He’s a bit of a mover at night. You might wake up being spooned.” Rossi laughed.

Your eyes grew and you groaned. Fabulous. Just great.

You entered your hotel room seeing Hotch in a t-shirt and sweatpants that were a bit low. They hung low enough where you could see his pelvic bones.

Ohhhhh were you in for a night.

But you were honestly excited to be in the same room and bed with Hotch. It’s just the awkwardness that bothered you.

He was biting his lip as he reviewed the case files silently. You slipped into the bathroom with your change of clothes.

You showered for about fifteen minutes before turning off the water and stepping out. You dried your body and hair with a towel.

You dried your hair enough to where it wouldn’t drip. You slipped on a t-shirt with no bra…you only brought two and the other was for the next day.

Would it be weird not to wear one? You took a chance and left it off.

You slipped on just some pink sleeping shorts and you exited the bathroom.

Hotch was still looking over file. He seemed to be lost.

“Anything new?” You asked nonchalantly.

He shook his head;

“No. I’m a bit stuck.” He admitted.

You sat awkwardly on the other side of him.

“On what?” You asked curiously.

He looked up at you. He seemed surprised at your eagerness to help.

“The victims. They’re all different. A blonde, a ginger, a brunette….he doesn’t seem to have a type.” He said turning the file to face you.

You looked over the notes and victims pictures.

“Maybe….he’s killing one of each. A blonde haired, a red haired, a brown haired girl. All the natural hair colors except black. So his next victim is a girl with black hair.” You stated.

Hotch thought for a minute.

“That makes sense…but we’ll dig deeper tomorrow. It’s awful for me to say, but frankly I don’t care to work anymore right now.” Hotch said sighing.

You nodded. You closed the case folder and set it down. You turned off the light. Now the part you were half excited/half dreading.

You peeled the covers back and slipped into the bed in the pitch black darkness.

You stayed as close to the edge as possible giving distance from Hotch.

“Well (y/n), you can move a little closer.” Hotch laughed.

You inched a little closer but not much.

You stayed quiet. Keeping your eyes shut trying to sleep.

“I’m guessing this is your initiation?”

Hotch’s voice startled you a bit.

“Yeah.” You answered.

He chuckled;

"What the heck did you tell Garcia to make this your initiation?”

You stayed silent for a minute. How were you supposed to answer that? Do I lie or admit the truth?

"Truthfully?” You asked.

He nodded.

” I told her I liked you a lot. And that I thought you were cute.” You said quietly.

You gulped. You figured you were fired for sure. You felt so stupid. Telling your boss you thought he was hot.

Really?” He breathed out.

You nodded. Nervously waiting his reaction. He turned to completely to face you.

“I told her the same about you. I really like you, (y/n).” Hotch said softly.

You furrowed your eyebrows and scoffed;

"Yeah right. Is that part of my initiation?” You said not believing him.

”(Y/N), I’m serious.”

“Sure you are. Mm-hm.

Just then Aaron’s lips connected with yours. Letting the butterflies into your stomach. You believed him now.

No one would MAKE their boss kiss a team member for an initiation.

Your lips disconnected. You sighed;


"Shh. It’s okay. We’ll talk about this when we get home. Because I would rather ask you on a proper date first.” He said smiling.

You nodded goofily. Not really listening. You were on cloud 9.

He turned the other way and shut his eyes. You went to sleep with a smile on your face. But not before he said;

"Oh, and I can definitely say you have been officially sworn into the BAU.”

I know it doesn’t seem like it but I do actually check out the people that like/reblog my selfies and I often message them if I think they’re interesting or need help so don’t be suprised if you got a message from my main blog because I can’t send messages with my second blog.

A Wedding - Draco Malfoy

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This was requested by marleyprince123. This was the request: Hey, can you please do an imagine where Draco and I are getting married and my maid of honor is you, Kenzie, and Draco’s best man is Blaise Zabini. All the professors at Hogwarts, the trio, the Weasleys, most students in Gryffindor, some students from Slytherin, Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood, Draco’s family, and my family are attending. The wedding is on October 31st and is fall themed. The wedding will be in a small church and Hagrid is the minister who is marrying Draco and I. Thanks :) A/N: You’re a beautiful little muffin you, I am honored to be your maid of honor. Keep requesting guys because I’m out of Harry Potter requests, have some teen wolf ones to do first though

It took all the courage in the world to walk up to you, Harry, Hermione and Ron after the war was over. And it took even more to actually apologise for everything he had done to them to many other and most importantly to him, you. After this he was too empty to even try anymore, so he left the four of you alone and walked out of the Great Hall. The whole day had been a shock to them, and that apology was the biggest of them all. It left Harry, Ron and Hermione stunned, but you went after him. You talked well into the night, and only stopped at sunrise because of a kiss. The first of many. And now on October 31st, the two of you were to be married.

Draco had no doubt in his mind about marrying you. Its just, he had doubts about you not having doubts. As confusing as that may sound, it was true. Even his best man Blaise couldn’t calm him down. “I don’t think you get it Blaise, I was an ass to her and her friends for more than half our time at Hogwarts. Should I even bring up the war? Nobody would want to settle for that.”

“Draco,” Blaise pleads. “She’s forgiven you for that. She’s moved on, everyone else has. Ask Potter for instance.” He says, nodding to harry who was helping Ron with his dress robes.

“Well, you’re forsure a different guy than who we first met. We know you meant what you said when you apologized.”

“Good enough. Listen, you get to start a new life with in your words, ‘the most amazing girl in the world’. Why do you keep looking for a problem?”

“Because there has to be one!” Draco argues.

Things were going a bit better in the bride room. They had put the finishing touches on your hair and the bridesmaids were finishing getting ready. You looked beautiful in your dress, your makeup was simple and your hair was in a half up, half down style. The color scheme for the rest of the dresses were red, gold, and brown to match the fall trees.

Your maid of honor MacKenzie had taken control over the evening, Lee was almost like her assistant. “Ginny, Hermione, can you help Luna with her hair?” She asks as she dodges the people in the room. There was a piece of parchment following her with a quill. “Okay Marley,” She says when she reaches you. “The Weasleys are ushering people to their seats, your and Draco’s families are getting along fine, Lee just got back with the bakers and the cake is fine, Susan Bones just sent an owl saying she won’t be here until right before the ceremony starts and Hagrid is ready to go and get you two married.” She says without stopping as the quill checks those things off the list. “Now I’m going to check on the boys and make sure they’re ready and was wondering if you needed anything else.”

“How about a drink?” You joke, causing her to laugh. “Um, but no not really. Just when you see Draco tell him I love him and that I cant wait to marry him.”

“Will do. You look amazing by the way.” She gives you a quick hug and hurries out of the room. She makes her way across the small church to the grooms room, where she was stopped by Lee. “What is it?”

“Draco is having an existential crisis.”

“He seriously has to have one 15 minutes before the wedding.” She curses under her breath. “Why is he having one?”

“He thinks that Marley doesn’t want to marry him any more.”

“I’m going to kill him.” She brushes past Lee and walks into the room. “You guys finish up here and Draco you’re coming with me.”

“What? Why?”

“Will you just trust me?” She says exasperatedly.

“It was nice knowing you,” Ron calls as they leave the room.

“Ron, after the wedding when there’s more time I’m going to strangle you.” MacKenzie calls as she drags Draco away, hearing Harry laugh at Ron. Stopping in front of the bride’s room she motions for him to wait as she walk in. “Okay, everyone out of a few minutes. Like now.” She informs the others when they don’t move.

As they all file out Luna stops in front of her. “You know its not good luck for him to see her right before?” She says dreamily.

“How did you- never mind.” She says, shooing the rest of them out. She then turns to you. “Face the mirror for a sec.”

“What are you doing?” You call after her as she walks out.

“Just trust me. Ginny shut your mouth, you’re worse than your brother.” She holds the door open with her foot and guides Draco into the room with his back facing you. “Now, keep your eyes closed Draco.” She orders as she presses the two of you back to back. “You have five minutes to say what you have to say.” You could see the door open and then close through the mirror as she walks out.

“Hey,” You say quietly, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his.

“Hey,” He says back, just as quiet. He squeezes your hand before falling silent again.

“Are you nervous?”

“A bit.” He admits sheepishly.

“Well you shouldn’t. I want to do this, you know? There is not a voice in my head saying I don’t want to marry you.”

You feel him relax behind you. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ten minutes later you were walking down the aisle. Your heart was hammering in your chest when you saw him, your husband. You grinned nervously as you passed your friends and family. Out of the corner of your eye you could have sworn Professor McGonagall was crying. Your eyes met Draco’s, who was awe struck just looking at you. ‘I love you.’ You mouth at him as you near. Your stomach flips when he does the same.

The Signs as Hair Colours/Styles

Aries: Ice Blonde or light brown. Likes to experiment with pastel colours as well.

Taurus: Thick brown, black, or red hair. Probs has bangs.

Gemini: Dark hair with highlights half/half just like their personality.

Cancer: Cute bob haircut, typically beautiful, brown virgin hair.

Leo: Long curly red hair (like a lion mane)

Virgo: The founders of the messy bun. Brown or ombré hair colour. Very studious.

Libra: Typically a perky, flat ironed brunette or has ombré hair who shops at VS/PINK.

Scorpio: Hair as black as their soul. Or blonde and wavy. :p it’s one or the other.

Sagittarius: Likes hair out of their face, wears a lot of braids and pony tails. Naturally straight brown hair.

Capricorn: Long, fine, and straight blonde or silver hair.

Aquarius: Lengths can vary, usually a fun colour like pink, purple, or electric blue.

Pisces: Dirty blonde, beachy free spirited waves. Long or short there’s no preference.

Character customization

I’m getting all sorts of crazy character customization questions mentioning “ear sizes” and stuff like that.

I’m doing the best I can do make a good character customization in the game that you will hopefully enjoy but this is not a dress up game or a game like “the Sims”. If you expect it to be a perfect character customization screen with tons of crazy features like sliders and all other The sims-ish stuff, It’ll be a VERY dissapointing experience for you. Again, Ascension:Echoes in the dark is NOT a dress up game. So no, it won’t have “ear sliders” or any sliders for that matter.

Once and for all, the customization will include ONLY;

race: Human/dwarf/moon elf/sun elf/lith/kaleik


body type : 3 medium/skinny/chubby

Skin color: 4 pale/light/tanned/dark

hair style: 5 or 6 at most.

hair color: black,brown,red,blond.

eye color: black,brown,green,blue,hazel

Character history: No spoilers for now!

MAYBE and only MAYBE; scars, freckles and tattoos. (Won’t be more than 4-5)

Character customization WON’T include;

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