red grasshopper

lulloph  asked:

is my aura the same as it was !

nope!! You’ve grown grasshopper!
Red has gathered around your mouth, and there is…something shining in your hands and feet. It’s a purple from before, but now…there’s something there…it’s not bad. The shimmering glass can help you, if you know what to do. 

5sos + colors:
  • Luke: {blue&white}; clear skies, fluffy clouds, ice cubes, powdered snow, clear streams, swaying dandelions, starry nights, unroasted marshmallows, cold fingers and blue fingertips, strikes of lightning
  • Michael: {gray/black&purple}; storm clouds, violet skies, raindrops on your windowsill, shadows on a sidewalk, dropping lilac flowers, tar on streets, gravel and pavement, crushed pebbles, cold, deep water, scraped knees and bruised ankles
  • Calum: {green&brown}, soil and grass, broken twigs, summer leaves, warm sand, salty water, wads of seaweed, empty turtle shells, oaky trees, broken flower stems, muddy sneakers, chirping grasshoppers
  • Ashton: {red/orange&yellow}; sunsets, flames in fireplaces, the first ray of sunshine after a storm, roses in bloom, drops of blood, spoonfuls of cinnamon, sunflower petals, tall glasses of lemonade, heat waves

absedarian  asked:

Ah, an opportunity too great to ignore. ;-) I'd like to see a SQ "sharing a cab AU" or a SQ superhero AU - or both, if you get totally bored in the next couple of days/weeks ;-) (no, I'm not at all greedy LOL)

For the cliched AUs meme.

Emma crouches on the rooftop, watching the street below. Trouble’s brewing. She can feel it in the air, which is too still, as if the world is holding its breath.


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