red gothic girl

My lovely mutuals @deth-amphetamine, @misshammett, @cosmicbeast and my dear @vilnianamber tagged me to post a selfie 😁👆

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I tried to go for a darker, more gothy look! Did I pull it off? I think my whole head just looks… big. Like The Red Queen big.

Also, fun fact, these heels were the first pair I ever bought! They’ve survived many years of abuse haha. They’re also about a size too big, so I can’t really wear them out and about. Oh well, I can still take pics in them!

I need to up my makeup game. I’m to a point now where I think I do a good job, so I need to learn how to be more artistic with it. To mold and sculpt my face better, and to get cleaner eyes and lips. Off to YouTube it is!