red glow stick

what the sun + moon combinations remind me of


fire sun, fire moon: the colour red, sneaking out at night, a red glow, fire, running outside, empty streets in the middle of nowhere, hot summer days, driving around the city, sunlight, a golden yellow colour, bravery and boldness

fire sun, earth moon: a brown-red colour, empty roads, driving around in cars, writing in journals, the smell of a bonfire, a deep purple, cosy fire, wooden flooring, open windows, summer days in the morning, leaves falling off of trees during autumn

fire sun, air moon: the colour pink, the petals that bloom on the first few days of spring, innocence, a warm fire, running through a field, strawberries, peaches, petals flying through the wind, bubblegum, a candle, the movement of fire

fire sun, water moon: sneaking into someone’s window at 3AM to go on an adventure, passion, a crimson red, rebellion, sitting outside at night and counting stars, strong feelings, sudden feelings, leather jackets, combat boots


earth sun, fire moon: an orange-red colour, waking up early in the morning and feeling good, early morning walks during autumn, a warm cup of tea on a cold day, a soft bonfire, candles, cosy sweaters, warm days

earth sun, earth moon: the colour green, fresh plants, open windows in wooden homes, the colour brown, forests, dark forests, trees with dark green leaves, expensive but simple looking jewellery, caramel, waking up late, house plants

earth sun, air moon: staying inside on a rainy day, the colour caramel, the colour white, white pearls, light but cosy sweaters, wide and clear desks, flowing white dresses, reading books, grabbing coffee at a coffee place

earth sun, water moon: staying up until late at night to read or watch a tv show, a fresh green colour, simple but chic clothing, small green cactuses, getting cosy under warm sheets on a cold day, tidy bedrooms, white beds


air sun, fire moon: quick movements, a peach colour, light pink, old records, cherries and red fruits, glow-sticks, trainers, writing, small towns, pink flowers that have newly bloomed, headphones, running on the streets, laughing and feeling free

air sun, earth moon: a light brown colour, a caramel colour, baking, getting up early in the morning, living in a modern city, calm and white cloudy days, latte art, expensive watches, writing things down, nice handwriting, white walls

air sun, air moon: the colour blue, light blue, swift movements, fresh air, white angle wings, birds flying across the sky, painting on a clear canvas, fancy pens, a blue sky with a few, fluffy white clouds, white wooden flooring, small windows in white attics looking at the sea

air sun, water moon: a pale, baby blue colour, the stars coming out at night, lying on the rooftop at 3AM, painting a galaxy of many stars, wondering things about the world, a dark, navy blue, paintbrushes, white desks, old castles, cloudy days


water sun, fire moon: a strong burning fire, a bright red colour, sneaking out the window at 3AM to go who knows where, passionate kisses, strong and sudden emotions, long letters, old diaries and journals, laughter and freedom, a dark blue-black colour

water sun, earth moon: getting up late during weekends, having a calm day with your friends, walking through an old town or city you’ve been to before, feeling sentimental, a dark green colour, a beige colour, newly laid sheets, a lake in the middle of a forest

water sun, air moon: the feeling of inspiration, sudden ideas, beautiful words, listening to stories that you love, laughing with your closest friends, the colour white, talking about positive emotions with people, white walls, a very pale pink colour

water sun, water moon: sitting by the seaside, a clear blue sky that is still very calm, pastel colours, white walls with white wooden floors, light blue curtains that flow in the wind, hugging someone you care about, writing down your feelings, late night talks, happy dreams

richie tozier the legend

so, @eddiesbadbreak and @eddiekasp and I were in TEARS the other day over the idea of adult richie tozier being super connected and up to date with the high school kids and community so here we go :

-Richie goes to Dunkin Donuts every morning before work and gets his breakfast : black coffee and a cinnamon donut. He becomes friends with the employees there, and it gets to a point where his order his ready for him when he comes in every morning.

-“Here’s your coffee Mr. Tozier, your donut with be right out!”

-He tips HUGE and the kids literally argue over who gets to bring him his order.

-Sometimes he sits down and talks to the kids and they catch him up on what is going down at school

“Mr. Tozier, you won’t believe what happened yesterday at school.”

“Marcus, sit your ass down and tell me everything.”


“So Benny is cheating on Grace with Ashley?”

“Yeah, but listen Mr. Tozier, the quaterback of the football team-”


“Yeah, Jeffrey and Benny have been hooking up too-”


“I know!!!”


“I haven’t seen Brenda lately, is she on vacation?”

“No Mr. Tozier she got fired last week.”

“Tell me everything Jared.”


-Everyone calls him Mr. Tozier

-Every time Richie and Eddie go out, it feels like they hear “Yeah Mr. Tozier!!” then Eddie yells back, “We are MARRIED!!!”

-Whenever the kids see Eddie they ask about Richie

“Hey Mr. Tozier hows the other Mr. Tozier?”

“He’s doing fine, Emma.”

“Tell Mr. Tozier I said hi! Bye Mr. Tozier!”


-Richie becomes the football announcer for all of the games and all of the kids love it because he over shares.

“And there goes Jacob Hudson! He’s coming in hot! This defense can’t seem to catch him! AaaaaaND TOUCHDOWN!!! What a great play, what a great kid, it’s truly a shame that his girlfriend is cheating on him, WHAT A NIGHT FOLKS!!!”


“Alright everybody it is now time for our player spotlight for tonight’s game. Tonight we have the one, the only, Rrrrrodger Rrrrranks! And folks let me tell you this kid has been playing the game since he could hold a football. Lets pray he makes it to the big time because this kid can’t make a cup of coffee for his life folks! Sorry Rodg, you suck at the food game, but not this game! Aaaand THAT’S tonight’s spotlight folks.”


-They sell tickets to the games solely because Richie is announcing.

-Eddie and Richie donate money to the school

-Richie chaperones at all of the school dances but he spikes the punch and ends up being the life of the party

-At the end of the school year, Richie throws a massive party at his big ass Beverly Hills mansion house.

-He picks four seniors and gets them to help him set up and plan the party. He lets them hire a DJ, make the guest list, and get the house ready.

-He fills the bottom of his pool with hundreds of red glow sticks

-He buys SO MUCH BOOZE and hires bartenders

-Eddie sets up a key jar and buys a bunch of condoms. He locks he & Richie’s bedroom but leaves the guest rooms open and leaves a bowl of condoms by the stairs.

-Richie calls the cab company and pays for them to be ready to drive kids home who have had too much to drink

-Richie gets super dressed up, he wears his red suit and yellow dress shoes and he slicks his hair back. He looks like a gameshow host

-All of the kids love his outfits and compliment him

-Richie gets hammered and stands of the roof, takes off his suit jacket and all the kids start yelling “TOZIER TOZIER TOZIER TOZIER” and he cannon-ball’s into the pool off the roof.

-Some of the girls get super drunk and try to flirt with him but Richie just laughs at them

-The next morning there are at least ten kids passed out somewhere in their house.

-Eddie goes around with a broom and pokes them awake then calls them a cab.

-Richie is super hungover

-Kids who couldn’t drive home stop by throughout the day to pick up their keys and their cars

-The Toziers are known as local legends

Valhalla is where you are - Part 4

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

1 | 2 | 3

Words: 2007

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

Tags: Emotions

Outside it had started to rain. One of Björn’s arms was around your shoulder and with the other he tried to prevent you from becoming soaked wet. “I want to go home.” You said while shivering. You felt your knees become weak. The alcohol, the emotions, the shock, all those things had made you feel dizzy. Björn noticed. “Hold on.” He said and took back his arm. Softly he grunted from the pain in his side. But that didn’t stop him from taking you softly into his arms. Your feet came off the ground and you hung in Björn’s arms as he walked to your house. In the distance the thunder had started to growl. It felt as if the earth was shacking with every rumble that came from the sky. An enormous lightning strike made the air bright blue. “The gods will protect you.” Björn whispered into your ear. Softly you hummed, closed your eyes and turned your head towards him. “I will protect you.” Gently he kissed the top of your wet hair as he fastened his pace towards your house.
Inside the warmth came towards the both of you. Björn walked to one of the comfortable chairs and gently laid you down. “Are you okay?” he asked, still whispering. “I’ve felt better.” You saw some sort of pain appear in his eyes when you said that. He kneeled next to you and stroke your hair. “Let me take care of you.” He pushed his forehead for a moment against yours. When he pulled back he turned towards your shoes which he started to take of your feet. Every piece of clothing on your and his body were soaking wet. You nodded at him with a smile and helped him by taking your dress of. Björn looked respectfully away from your bareness and saw the blanket you threw at your brother earlier that evening. He picked it up, shook the dust of it and placed it on your body. “Better?” He asked with an uncertain smile and looked you deep into your eyes. “Much better.” You said and looked at the fireplace that was barely burning anymore. “I’ll take care of it.” He assured you and left the house to pick up some firewood.
Björn was walking to the little shed next to your house when he heard Vidar’s voice calling him. Immediately he turned his head and looked to the slightly older Viking that was coming at him through the rain. “Where is he?” Björn asked and stepped forward, clearly talking about Kettil. Again he felt his anger grow. “Easy Björn. He has been taken care of.” Björn scoffed and shook his head from left to right. “Maybe for now. But he is still alive isn’t he?” He asked Vidar. “If they had let me I would have killed him.” Vidar stroke over his face and saw some blood sticking to his hand. He had a bruised eye and blood was dripping from his lip. “Who didn’t let you?” Vidar sighed because of the question and leaned against the shed, trying to escape some of the rain. “Your father.” Björn couldn’t believe his ears and he bit his lip out of frustration. “I’ll take care of it in the morning.” Björn assured Vidar. “Don’t do anything stupid.” Björn snorted sarcastically. “I would do anything for her.” Björn said. Vidar laughed softly as he took some blocks of firewood and placed it into the muscular arms of Björn. “I know.” Vidar gave Björn a soft pat on his shoulder. “Take care of her. And try to hear her out, okay? I need to know what that bastard did to my sister. And I think she’d rather talk to you than to me right now.” Björn nodded confident. “Where are you going?” He asked Vidar as soon as the boy started to walk away. “I also have someone who keeps my bed warm at night, Björn Ragnarsson.” The words made Björn laugh and with that gesture a thunderbolt cleared the sky.
It took a few minutes before the red coals were able to put the wooden blocks on fire. Björn was pushing them with an iron bar and was daydreaming whilst looking at the little flames. You saw he had sunk in deep thoughts and you pulled the blanket a little higher on your arms. “Björn?” You softly said his name. When he heard your voice he immediately awoke from his slumber. “Yes?” He answered with a little smile on his lips and looked at you. “I’m so sorry for tonight.” You said and looked towards the floor. Björn frowned his eyebrows and came walking towards you. “Don’t be.” He stroke over your cheek trying to comfort you, his fingers were still cold and wet from the bad weather outside. “The only one who needs to be sorry it Kettil. Sorry for what he did to you and sorry for what I am about to do to him.” You swallowed unsure and looked at Björn with big eyes. “What are you going to do to him?” You asked him whispering. Björn dropped himself on the floor, sat right next to the sofa you were laying on. “Depends on what he did to you, y/n. You want to talk about it with me?” You heard in his voice that he wasn’t sure if he should be asking these questions. “It is useless, it happened Björn. You can’t turn back the time.” He frowned his eyebrows and a dark glance appeared on his face. “But I can make him pay for what he did to you in the past.” You laughed softly from impotence. “Then why don’t have the gods punished him yet?” Björn grabbed the edge of the soda and pinched into the fabric. “I don’t know, y/n. Just tell me what he did to you.” You could clearly hear Björn was getting frustrated by you being silence about what happened. “Don’t you understand?” He said in an almost begging way as you didn’t spoke anymore. He turned on his knees and leaned towards you. “I want to protect you. I want to make up for the time a wasn’t here.” He grabbed with both his hands to his head and buried it away. His fingers slithered through his wet hair. “I want to make you happy.” Eventually he looked back up to you and you could see the imploring look in his eyes. “Please, y/n.”
“He came to this house at night when Vidar was away. I had seen him the day before on the market. Don’t ask me how we got there, but eventually we were talking about my past. I told him that I was feeling lonely since my brother started to spent a lot of time with his significant other. And that I felt an empty hole inside me since the day you left with your mother.” Your eyes started to fill with tears. You felt Björn was watching you but you didn’t dare to look at him. “You had your mother Björn. I had nobody. You knew how hard it was for me when they died when. We were just kids, but I was definitely old enough to experience the pain and the emptiness.” With a finger you caught a tear that was going to fell on the blanket. And at the same time you felt Björn’s hand on your other hand. Softly he pinched, stimulated you to tell further. You gasped for breath, trying to prevent yourself from crying. “So like I said, he came here in the night Vidar was with Inkeri. I was here all by myself, so at first I was frightened when I heard the intruder. Until I saw it was Kettil. He told me he knew Vidar was away and so he was there to make me feel less lonely.” You laughed trough your teard, realising how stupid you had been. “We talked. I cried. He comforted me and told me everything would be okay. And eventually I believed him. After that he told me it was better that I would catch some sleep, and that he would watch over me when I did. So he joined me in my bed and..” You stopped telling and immediately felt Bjorn’s hand tighten around yours. “And?” he asked, his voice sounded deep and raspy. “And he tried to rape me.” Björn jumped up without saying any further word. He grabbed the red glowing iron stick from the stove and made preparative to leave the house. “Björn no. Stop!” you yelled at him and also jumped up. The blanket hung around you like some kind of dress as you ran towards him to stop him from leaving. “He didn’t succeed. I fought him of, he didn’t get the chance to touch me properly.” - “It doesn’t matter. It is the fact that he tried.” His eyes looked like they were glowing from anger. “Please, Björn. Don’t leave me here.” An lonely tear rolled over your cheek. Björn sighed deep, trying to calm down. “One day I’ll make him pay. You can’t take that away from me.” You looked down to your bare feet and clammed the blanket closer around your body. “Don’t you want me to make him pay?” He asked you in confusion and put his finger under your chin to make you look at him. “I do, but..” - “But what?” Björn frowned his eyebrows in a worrying way. “He took my mother’s and father’s wedding rings. He knew how much they meant to me and now he is using them to blackmail me.” You started to walk towards the sofa and the stove again and Björn followed you closely. “Blackmail you how?” He asked. “He keeps them hidden somewhere and told me I’d never get them back as I didn’t do as he wanted me to.” Björn didn’t know what to say, and instead he pulled you against his chest. You felt his cold, wet clothes to your naked body but despite that the hug made you feel warm. “I’m going to make this right. I promise you. No more need to worry, no more need to be afraid. If the gods don’t watch over you, I swear to Odin that I will do it myself.”
It had taken a few minutes to calm down, but eventually you were able to smile again. Björn had comforted you and made you feel safe as he had promised. His axe was on the table next to the sofa the both of you laid on. In the meantime he had also taken off his clothes and put them next to yours to dry in front of the stove. “You are staying, right?” you asked him as you snuggled your head against his bare chest. You were laying in between him and the stove so you felt warmth on both sides of your body. “Why are you asking such stupid questions?” He whispered with a smile and pressed his lips against your neck. Softly you giggled and stroke with your hand over the side of his body. Björn cringed shortly and you looked at him concerned. “Are you okay?” He smiled at you to reassure you. “It’s just a scratch.” You frowned your eyebrows and suddenly remembered Kettil had hit him with the knife. “Let me take a look at it.” Björn laughed and held you down with his arms when you tried to get up. “No.” He loaded you with little kisses on your face. “Please.” You giggled and tried to push him away playfully. “No.” he said again as he pressed his lips fully on yours. And then you relaxed, totally went into the kiss. Eventually he ended the kiss but kept his head close to yours. “You can look tomorrow, but for now I just want to enjoy this moment. And especially, enjoy you.” You hummed in approval and pressed your lips afresh against his. In the background Thor was still playing the song of the gods.




We are t-minus 7 days, 13 hours, and 9 minutes from release. I invite you all to join the Taylurk Reputation Release Party!!! Since we all can’t go to the New York Release Party, I figured we could have one on here! All you have to do is tag your reaction videos, posts, pictures, memes, etc with #TaylurkRepParty. Comment, reblog, tag Taylor in the posts and make new friends bonding over this queen! There will also be a GroupMe chat leading up to the release and during so if anybody is interested in joining that chat, send me a private message with your email or phone number to join!! :) If you use the tag, I will reblog & tag Taylor in hopes of her seeing it. I’m super excited and I really hope you’ll consider joining :) 

- Nikki


request: Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were the reader is a metahuman with the power of a werewolf (like teen wolf because I know there are a lot of different types of werewolves out there) and she does good with her powers and when team flash hear about her they send the flash to meet her and ask her to join the team and they think her powers are really cool and her and Barry fall in love (sorry if this is too much detail) – could she be an alpha.

A/N: I’ve started a part two so if you guys want it, request it please if this isn’t too crappy. The next part will include Barry okay guys

Y/E/C – Your eye colour

Part 2


Part 1
The Flash

It all started the night the particle accelerator exploded.

You were walking your dog that night when a force crashed into you, forming the world around you to become a myriad of black spots, until darkness consumed you entirely.

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Lots of full moon fun last night. Didn’t get pictures of everything. I had linked red and green glow sticks to represent the god and goddess on the alter set up. In the teapot is a cleansing potion i made. I will share instructions later. We had 5 sparklers that we made wishes on and drew symbols in the air as we focused on what we wanted. We also had pop its and we each had some of those to cast out negative things we no longer want in our lives. It was a lot of fun. After that we had smores and enjoyed the bondfire. 🔥🌕✨

10 Days Of LawLu || Day 8: Alternate Universe

Idol!AU, more specifically a Love Live!AU.
Luffy and Law are a famous pop male duo; their fans go into raptures as they accompany the music with glow sticks that represent their respective color (red for Luffy, blue for Law)!

I was inspired by Honoka and Umi’s outfits from the Dancing stars on me! MV (they are dressed like pirates lol) so I thought why not to redesign them to fit Luffy and Law’s bodies and styles?

anonymous asked:

Can I get some Bruce + Tim #7?

7: for warmth

It’s dark and it’s freezing cold, and the torrential rain is tossing the waves into chaos. 

But everything is muted under the water; except the panic, not knowing which way is up. And it takes a long minute of painful breathlessness– lungs aching, pressure building– for Batman to kick his way in the right direction, and finally break the surface of the water again.

He sucks in two, three deep breaths, and calls, “Red?”

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During Louden Swain’s song “She Waits” which is written by Rob about his father leaving him and his mother the entire crowd at NJCON stayed silent and just waved the red glow sticks we all got. After the song was over we continued waiving our glow sticks and sang the chorus back to Rob. He was so happy and overwhelmed these were the only words he could get out. I’ve never seen him so emotional and this was such a incredibly touching and heartfelt moment. I was so unbelievably happy to be apart of this.


The Voice Inside Your Head Part 6 ~Valentine’s Day Special~

*Demon Jack Gilinsky*

Parts 1-5

She sits at herdesk, twirling film canisters with her finger. Her index finger is painted adeep red; the color entrances her tired eyes as it spins round and round. Redhas always been such a diverse color. Red is blood and bleeding and pain and anger. Red is the poison on your tongue and the searing flames in your eyes. Red is the splitting of skin, the breaking of bones. Red is the fire in your stomach that burns a hole through your body. But red is also love and passion. Red is the feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone ghosts their lips over yours. Red is the way your cheeks flush when you notice the way someone can’t keep their eyes off you. Red is a paradox.

“Hey,” Nate nudges her shoulder, breaking her out of a trance.

“Hey,” she smiles at him.

“So…uh… what happened with you and Sam?” Nate scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“And here I thought you came over here for the pleasure of my company,” she rolls her eyes, letting the film canister fall out of rotation.

“C’mon, you know I love your presence, I’m just curious,” Nate defends.

“Bullshit, Nate. I know Sam told you what happened,” she snaps, not in the mood.

“Alright look, you guys have been friends for so long. It would be a shame to ruin that over some guy,” Nate wrings his hands.

“Is that what he told you? That I chose some guy over him? That this is my fault? Newsflash, Nathan, none of this is my fault. I’m not going to act like I’m okay with the way Sam acted,” she huffs.

“You’re right. I’m sorry I brought it up. I take it you’re not going out with us tonight then?” Nate inquires.

For the past few years her, Nate, and Sam have spent Valentine’s Day together. None of them have been in a serious relationship and even if they were seeing someone they still made a point to all do something together. To them Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. Platonic love is just as important.

“No. Not this year,” she sighs, picking up a film canister and rolling it in her palm.

“That’s a shame, but I understand,” Nate nods, walking away.

She drops the canister, letting it roll off the desk. It hits the floor with a dull thud. She doesn’t bother to pick it up as she reaches for the handle of one of the desk compartments. It slides open with ease. She finds the flash drive she’s looking for immediately. The red stick almost glows amongst the other assortment of colors.

 The screen of her laptop lights up with activity as she plugs the flash drive in. After a few monotonous clicks, the pictures she took in the forest pop up on the screen. There are a few shots of landscape, but a majority has an unsuspecting Jack in the frame. They’re beautiful. No, they’re absolutely breathtaking; arguably her best work.

 Every single frame is a candid and yet Jack fits into his surroundings like he is supposed to be there, like he is just as much a part of the forest as the trees are. There’s nothing forced or artificial about these photos. They’re natural and effortless and just so beautiful.

 She finds herself reaching for her phone and pressing a sequence of numbers she’s never had to press before.

“Hello?” He answers after the third ring.

“Why are you answering my phone?” she asks.

“Why are you calling if you didn’t want me to answer?” Jack retorts in confusion.

“Are there eggs in the fridge?”

“You called your home phone to scold me for answering and then inquire about the presence or lack thereof of eggs in your fridge?” Jack snorts with amusement.

“Are there eggs?” she asks again.

“Yes you dork, there are eggs.”

“Awesome,” she grins.

“Are you alright?” faint concern taints Jack’s smooth voice

“Yeah I’m fine. I’m stopping at the store real quick before I come home,” she informs.

“How come?”

“I’m starting a new tradition,” she announces proudly.

“New tradition for what?”

“Valentine’s day.”

“What the hell is a ‘Valentine’s Day’?”

“I’ll explain when I get home.”


A harsh flat tone resonates in his ear, indicating that the call has ended. He places the phone back on the dock and begins to pace. He tries to remember where she put her old laptop. And by old he means the one she had before she got a new one for Christmas that has absolutely nothing wrong with it.

 He always thought humans were odd in that way. They buy a replacement before something even breaks. Why jump the gun so soon? Why not just let it run its course before it’s subject to an early retirement? He wonders if this attitude manifests itself in other ways. Is that why some people can’t commit in relationships? They’re always waiting for the next big thing? Something better? Humans are cruel in that way.

He presses his cheek to the cool, wooden floor as he looks underneath her bed. Sure enough, the laptop is sitting amongst other discarded items. He reaches for it, his fingertips grazing its smooth exterior as it drags across the wooden panels, dust being pulled with it.

 He carries it into the living and bounces his knee as it boots up. The screen casts a warm glow onto his face, making the purple tinted skin under his eyes stand out even more vividly than usual. His fingers dance across the keypad typing out ‘what is Valentine’s Day’.

“Humans are weird,” he mumbles as he continues to educate himself.

He’s so entranced by the words on the screen that he fails to hear the jingle of keys outside the door.

She pushes through the threshold, the plastic bags in her hands making a rustling sound as they bang against her legs. Jack looks up from the screen, his eyes wide from being startled.

“What are you doing?” she laughs as she moves to place the bags in the kitchen, kicking the door shut behind her.

“Research. What’s in the bags?”

“Brownie mix, cupcake mix, various colors of frosting, and sprinkles,” she beams as she spills the items onto the counter.

“Is that a normal Valentine’s Day thing? Because none of the webpages I looked at mentioned it,” he scrolls through the search engine semi-frantically.

“Wait. That’s what you’re researching?” she holds a hand up to her mouth to muffle the giggles.

“Yeah, I was too impatient to wait until you got home to explain what it is. You people are weird. Aren’t you supposed to love people every day of the year? I don’t get it.”

“It’s basically a ‘hallmark holiday’ for companies to make money. But it’s kinda fun,” she explains.

“Oh, okay. How do you usually celebrate?” Jack sets the laptop aside.

“Uh… usually I hang out with Sam and Nate,” she says a bit awkwardly, “But not this year.”

“What’s the plan for this year?”

“We’re going to make enough baked goods to feed a small country,” she announces proudly.

“Sweetheart, I am a cambion born from the flames of hell. I do not bake.”


“Pass me the pink frosting,” Jack demands, holding up a golden cupcake.


“Pass me the pink frosting. Please.”

She grins, passing the container over to him as she continues to stir the brownie mix.

He dips the knife into the creamy substance, carefully spreading in over the bulbous top of the baked good. He concentrates heavily on making the sure frosting comes out smooth. Aesthetics are everything.

“For someone who was born from the flames of hell and consequently does not bake, you’re taking this very seriously,” she chuckles.

“These things are magical,” he says in awe, turning the freshly frosted cupcake, “It’s food, but it’s also like… cute. Food shouldn’t be cute, but it is.”

“Life changing isn’t it?”

“I am a new man. I don’t even know who I was before this,” he jokes, frosting another cupcake.

“Wait until you see the brownies.”

“Can we frost those, too?” he asks excitedly.

“Of course! I’m even baking sprinkles into the mix.”

“Is this what love feels like?”

“Had I known this would melt your frozen heart, I would have insisted we bake a long time ago,” she notes nonchalantly.

Jack smiles at her over his shoulder. He notices a carton of eggs sitting on the edge of the counter and a devilish idea blossoms in his mind.

 He advances towards the eggs casually, careful not to raise suspicion. She doesn’t suspect anything as he holds an egg in the palm of his hand.

 Suddenly she hears a cracking noise and a chilled, slimy substance slips down her hair.

“Jack!” she shrieks, stepping away from the brownie mix.

“I had to, the opportunity was there,” he laughs, putting his hands up defensively.

She grabs the bag of flower next to her and in one swift movement dumps it onto his head. White powder creates a cloud in the tiny kitchen, blanketing them both. He grabs a handful on flour that landed on the countertop and throws it at her. She ducks away from him, girlish laughs coming out of her lips as she reaches for the carton of eggs and whips one at his chest. It explodes in a mess of eggshell and yellow yolk, staining the front of his shirt.

 Jack grabs a handful of brownie mix and backs her up against the counter. She hops up onto it, sliding back until her back hits the wall.

“Jack,” she warns.

“Hmm?” he hums, nudging her knees to stand in between her legs.

“Don’t do it,” she attempts to scowl.

“Do what?” he smiles innocently, spreading the mix across her cheekbone.

“Jaaacckkk,” she whines.

“Ohhhh, that’s what you didn’t want me to do. Whoops,” he shrugs.

“You’re such an ass,” she laughs, lightly hitting his arm.

He’s un-phased by her actions as he grazes her cheek with his thumb, collecting some of the brownie mix. He brings his thumb to his mouth and taste tests the batter.

“Oh my god, that’s awesome,” he licks his thumb again.

“You have now experienced brownie batter,” she laughs at his enthusiasm.

“Try it,” he wipes more batter off with his index finger.

“I’ve had it before.”

“Try it again,” he brings his finger to her lips.

She looks at his eyes, the dark brown eyes she’s become accustomed to. They look different this time though. Usually they’re cold and dark like onyx. Or they’re burned and charred like the remains of a fire pit. But not this time. This time they’re warm and soothing like a cup of coffee. They’re inviting.

 She sucks on his index finger softly, letting her taste buds relish the rich flavor of chocolate.

“Best you’ve ever had right?” he smirks lightly.

“Best I’ve ever had,” she agrees, nodding her head.

He wipes the rest of the mix off her face with a paper towel while she scrunches up her face at the feeling of the rough fabric on her sensitive skin.

“Hey,” Jack says softly.

“Yeah?” she replies.

“Be my Valentine?” he asks with a sweet tone to his usually rough voice.

“Of course,” she nods, pushing his hair back, “Best Valentine’s Day ever.”

“Really?” he beams.

“Yeah,” she kisses his cheek gently, letting her lips linger over his skin.

He kisses her nose in return.

“You should probably go shower now. The egg in your hair is starting to stink,” he suggests.

“You shit,” she laughs as she pushes him back to hop off the counter.

He watches her walk away until she’s out of site.

 For as long as he can remember he has questioned whether or not he has a heart. He is not mortal so there’s no biological need for one, and if there is one it doesn’t beat. He has a vague memory from when we was a child of his heart racing, but he’s not sure if it’s an actual memory, or if he just dreamed it. Either way, the tightening in his chest is constricting his heart or filling the void and he can’t get the feeling of her lips on his skin out of his head.

 Is it possible to feel the ache of a broken heart if you don’t even have one?

 Part 7

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