red genie

I just rubbed a magic lamp
  • Genie: Alright, you may have one wish.
  • Me: Hmm... I want to know the RQ4 title--
  • Genie: Done.
  • Me, not listening: --and the Red Queen movie cast to be revealed, also
  • Genie: I'm sorry but you get only--
  • Me, still not listening: For Mare to end up happy and overall healthy by the end of the fourth book with a new sense of self love.
  • Genie: ONE wish you only--
  • Genie: But--
  • Me: :-)
  • Genie: ...are you done? You know you can only have one--
  • Me: wAIT! Ok im done. nO. FOR RQ4 TO BE A BESTSELLER. Ok, okay now I'm good, seriously now I'm good.
  • Genie: My goodness *rolls eyes*
BTS reacting to you not wanting to hold hands because of your skin disease.

A/N: Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough.

He’d understand how you feel about yourself and wouldn’t want to force you into anything you don’t want to so instead he’d be fine with walking besides you until you realize that it’s okay to him.

“To you it might be the worst, but to me I’m completely fine with it and ready to hold your hand when you’re ready.”

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He’d first look at you in shock when you pull your hand away as he tries to intertwine your fingers and when realizing you hiding them away from you, he’d just chuckle quietly before taking your hand and rubbing his fingers over your hand while smiling at you.

“Don’t worry too much. If I want to hold your hand, there’s nothing stopping me.”

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Yeon Ki-min: 
He’d understand your decision and would be fine with it because skinship wouldn’t be his priority yet he’d appreciate getting to hold your hand every once in a while without pressuring you into anything.

“I don’t need to touch you 24/7 but I like feeling you next to me to be honest.”

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He would be fine with it while he’s with you because he wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable but he’d have a hard time accepting that you think he wouldn’t want to hold what’s his so he’d confront you with it when you’re back at home.

“I know you feel insecure about your hands but let me reassure you that I do not mind as long as I get to hold what I adore~” 

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Christian ChimChim:
He’d quickly realize how uncomfortable you feel and not try to let it show how much it breaks his heart as he quickly takes ahold on your hand and gives you a reasuring look to make you feel better, his finger circling the back of your hand. 

“Yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t feel great.” he’d whisper teasingly and thighten his grip on your hand when he notices you trying to wiggle out of his grip and you’d both chuckle about it.

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Taehyung would respect your decision but couldn’t help but notice the way you hide your hands from him, thinking that they might disgust him and feeling his heart break a little each time you refuse to hold his hand. 

“I’m really fine with it if you don’t want to but don’t refuse it because you think it would make me feel uncomfortable. It won’t queen.”

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He’d be quite confused by your reaction at first and get confused about why you’re hiding them from him and refuse to hold his hand. After you honestly tell him and making it clear that you think it’s embarrasing, he’d get quite dissapointed in himself for making you thinking that he would hate anything about you.

“I’ll make it clear to you by words and actions that you’re the most mesmerizing person on this planet. I’ll love you no matter what~”

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Love, Youngmi~


“We knew!” Jasmine screamed, at everyone, at no one, at herself. “We knew. Oh, god, we knew, we knew better than anyone. We knew our stories ourselves.”

She collapsed on the chair behind her, collapsing in on herself. She shook, remembering Jafar’s control of her father, of her. Remembering the Red Genie. And the terror he’d caused. She shook, thinking of that anger, on one child.

“And we left them,” Anita whispered, turning into her husband’s shoulder. “We just left them. For sixteen years.”

Cruella de Vil. She had left a child, with the woman that skinned dogs alive, and wore their fur coats. She’d seen her knives, for God’s sake. And she had left a child, a sweet little boy, to hear Snow White tell it, with this woman.

And Snow White.

The woman was normally pale, but now she looked deathly.

“My sister,” She murmured. “I left, I left my sister.”

“You didn’t know,” Belle tried, but her words were deaf even to her own ears.

They knew. They all knew.

Oh Gods. Belle thought. They all knew. They knew about Maleficent, her power, her anger, her rage. What had Beast said when Ben had told them? The worst one. And she, in all her benevolence as Queen, had left a child for Maleficent to raise.

And the Evil Queen. Oh, Evie. How had they not thought? The Evil Queen had married only once. The girl wore a Tiara everywhere, for God’s Sake! How had they been so stupid!

And Cruella, what did they think she would have done as a mother? The boy had burn marks, from what Ben could tell them.

And Ben, oh, Mal. Oh, how they had argued with him, how Aurora had complained to her of this girl hurting her daughter. This girl that was their charge to protect.

Belle looked to Lonnie, standing between her parents, that had brought her to the Palace when Lonnie had held on to her warrior mother for a full twenty minutes when they visited her crying, demanding her to tell the Royals all that she had confided in her parents.

Fa Mulan and Li Shang had asked for an audience with Snow White and her Prince, Belle and Beast, Anita and Roger Radcliffe, Jasmine and Aladdin, and Aurora and Philip. Mulan had asked for them all by name and without titles. 

The Hall had gone silent when Li Shang had asked, “What did you nobles learn from your stories?”

And then his daughter spoke.

And Snow White hadn’t stopped crying.

“We can still mend this,” Aurora says, turning to Philip. “Can we not?”

“We must,” The no longer young prince answered, remembering a Dragon.

“Oh God, we must,” Snow White said, her voice echoing through sixteen years.