red fruit jelly


Shounen SundayXPasela Resorts event 

Until the end of August, the Pasela restaurants around Japan is offerring a menu inspired by the mangas serialized in the Shounen Sunday magazine, including Magi. Here are the Magi-inspired dishes/drinks available: 




The thing that Aladdin would sink his teeth into (melon jelly, melon cake, plain fruit and whipped cream)

Melon plate 

“I’m Aladdin! Right now, I’m eating this red, sweeeeet fruit!" 




Alibaba’s Favorite? (grilled chicken, mashed potato, tortilla and mustard sauce)

Chicken with Bones 

"The papagoras (the bird in Sindria) roasted chicken! Why don’t you give it a try, little master?" 




The Sindria Kingdom Tropical Iced Tea (mango syrup, cranberry juice, plain ice tea and lemon)

Soft Drink 

"The tropical iced tea that Sinbad usually drinks!"