red fox clothing

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combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #18: A darker prompt than normal; Nick and Judy haven't been talking to each other since the fight when Judy gets a call to investigate the scene of a murder. Apparently, the victim is a male red fox wearing a tacky clothing and Nick isn't answering his phone.

-remembers last dark prompt- I have entered a new realm of normal.  Also Why do you do this to me!!!!


It’s been a solid two weeks since Judy saw Nick.  It’s been about two weeks and half since she spoke with him.

The two had had a falling out.

Over something so dumb and stupid Judy couldn’t really recall what it was even really about.  But at the time it was big, meaningful, and important and this stood on completely opposite sides.  And they just cut their partnership apart.

But as Clawshauser so elegantly put it the first day Nick was being “lent” to Precinct Five, space is good.  They are always around each other constantly, enough to the point where they wearied each other to the breaking point.  But Nick is important to Judy and vise versa, they’ll come back together eventually and things will return to normal.

Judy took the words to heart, because she knew it would work out.

After all Nick forgave her once before without really knowing her the way he did now.  It was a dumb and stupid argument after all.  She was more than ready to apologize for everything and move forward when the time came.

Her phone rang suddenly as she put the last of her dishes away.  A picture of Clawhauser with a doughnut appeared on screen.

“Hey, Clawhauser, what’s up?”  Judy answered cheerily.  Figuring the large cheetah was calling her to cover a shift if she could.

“Chief wants you at a crime scene,  I’ll text you the address.”  Clawhauser stated over the phone in his usual manner.  There was something else in his voice that she couldn’t quite place.

“Sure, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Judy said with a nod. 

She instantly hung up the phone right after. The doe went to her closet to pull of her police uniform and change.  The phone chimed shortly after, no doubt the address from Clawhauser.  It dinged a few more times as Judy was getting dress.  Once her uniform was all on, she checked her phone, finding all messages from the large cheetah.

Just a warning, it’s a suspected murder scene.

You hung up before I could say

Here’s the address:

Judy felt a cold shiver run down her spine at the address.

The fact that Cheif Bogo was outside the crime scene did not help Judy’s nerves any.  He was talking with Office Fangmeyer and a few other officers Judy didn’t recognize. 

“Hopps, you’re here.”  Bogo stated once she neared.

“What’s going on here, Chief?”  The rabbit asked.

“A body was found over there,”  Fangmeyer started slowly, guesting towards the swarm of CSI mammals.  “They’re unidentified at the moment.  All we have is just a basic description of species and sex.”

Judy raised an eyebrow, a silent question and urge for them continue.

“They’re a male fox.”  Bogo informed flatly, and a coldness washed over Judy.  “They also happened to be wearing a rather…uniquely artful shirt.”

“Oh,”  Judy breathed as it’s all hitting her. 

She wasn’t there to help or do any sort of policing.  But rather to possibly identify a victim.  A victim who could be Nick, was thought to be Nick, if the number of officers was any indications.  And all she can thing about is last dumb thing she said to him.  The heated pointed words the both last spoke to each other.  Her ears dropped down.

Judy felt her legs grow a little weak, and all she wanted to do was sit down and wait to wake up from a dream.  But she turned sharply and pulled out her phone.

She dialed Nick’s number quickly.  Listened to ring, straining her eyes for his ringtone at the scene, or just a vibration in general.  Nothing, but it doesn’t calm her nerves.  His voicemail beeped loudly in her ear, along with his dumb little “can’t come to the phone” speech.  She hung up and called again.  Same reason.  Again.  Same result.

“He’s not picking up.”  Judy informed, turning back to Bogo. 

Bogo who is looking at her grimly.  As if to say, we already tried that.

Judy turned sharply and took off running down the street.  Ignoring the calls of her name behind her.

She runs, and runs.  Not one every really thinking, just sort of running.

Because if Bogo’s tried calling, then he’s sent officers to Nick’s apartment with the same result.  And Judy just needs to get out of there, because she doesn’t want to think about what it all means.  Nor does she want to look at what possibly be might be Nick’s unidentifiable body.

Judy stopped when she was too tired to continue.  Dropping to the grown in a mess of pants and tears she was trying to hold back.  But it didn’t take her long to notice she was back under the bridge she found Nick that one time when it really counted.

It doesn’t help the situation.

“Carrots?”  A voice suddenly said behind her.  “What are you doing here?”

Judy turned sharply to find Nick standing there confused. A small grocery bag in one of his hands.

“Nick!”  She exclaimed racing over him to hug him.  She heard him grunt as she wrapped her arms around him tightly.  “You’re alive.”

“Yes…”  Nick said oddly.  “And so are you?”  He patted her head lightly, and she can just hear the confusion in his voice.

“Why didn’t you pick up your phone!”  Judy snapped, pulling away sharply.

“Because Finnick decided to throw out the window of his van.”  Nick informed annoyed.  “I haven’t had a chance to get a new yet.  Why are you asking…and crying.  Or importantly what are you excited I’m alive.”


AN: Happy ending, because I can only take so much darkness.

Also I have no reason why Finnick through Nick’s phone of the window, I will let all of you have your own ideas.