red footed turtle

Look who made it through surgery! Rose the rescued tortoise came in with a severe, necrotic prolapse and needed a portion of her bowel resected. She is a week into recovery and is eating and pooping like a champ! She has a few more days of antibiotics to go but a full recovery is expected.

I want to give major props to the Alford Avenue Vet Clinic for taking such good care of my girl. Exotics vets are amazing <3


To all of our followers new and old
Thank you for following  My Page and Tortoise Mad love fanclub on Facebook We  very much appreciate every one of yall

Hope December with all its festivities is a warm and joyous time for you and your families . 

Freddy really loved to watch us decorate our tree and took so cute photos
While doing so took a giant xmas pooo hahaha  So please enjoy the photos 
From Freddy and Your Admin


Today i got to do something quit adventurous my owners took me too my very first pumpkin patch to help them pick out some pumpkins. It was alot of fun i must say and i got to walk around all over the place. Even got to smell some yummy pumpkins that laid everywhere. The lady who owned the patch was so sweet gave me a sticker and took a photo with me. I met alot of nice people and my owners educated them about tortoises . It was alot of fun .To all of my followers and tort friend

♡♡♡♡♡Have a turtly halloween♡♡♡♡