red footed turtle


Today my owner took me to go see the blue bonnets field near our home. As a Texas tradition every year we take our pictures in the blue bonnets.  If you don’t you’re not a Texan haha. I didnt mind I liked stomping all over the flowers and soaking up the cloudy day. The field was quite an adventure for me . Dug a big whole in the dirt and felt the wind on my scales. I love when my owner takes me new places it always somewhere really interesting.

well gotta roll out 


grimnismal  asked:

Red-footed tortoise, Pygmy gecko, and Painted turtle

Red-footed tortoise: What pets do you want to get in the future? already answered but basically all of the fish and birds i can comfortably care for

Pygmy gecko: Do you like insects? What is your favourite kind of insect? infestations of small insects are literally a nightmare scenario but spiders and bees and most other bugs are cool. those giant palmetto cockroach things can go fuck themselves

the little native honeybees are the best tho

a bunch of ppl asked the three-word aesthetic one, and i think it would be much more fun to grab three random words from the list of words i keep on my phone and just mash em together

aeropleustic apogee urbicolous

which is basically word salad


To all of our followers new and old
Thank you for following  My Page and Tortoise Mad love fanclub on Facebook We  very much appreciate every one of yall

Hope December with all its festivities is a warm and joyous time for you and your families . 

Freddy really loved to watch us decorate our tree and took so cute photos
While doing so took a giant xmas pooo hahaha  So please enjoy the photos 
From Freddy and Your Admin