red flow

O curse the name Mad Eyes,
Say woe to the day
When he tried to steal
Tears of all Oceans away.
All corsairs and searats
Whose messmates lie dead,
Saw blood and hot flame
Turn the seas flowing red.
Though northcoast lies far
And the ocean is wide,
Run from the green arrows
Of vengeance, and hide.
For the price of six tears
Through the dreams of us all,
Walks the fear of a Warrior
From the place called Redwall.
Now the life of our Brethren
Who followed the sea,
Will ne'er be the same
For such rovers as we.
‘Twas the greed of a tyrant
That brought us to shame,
Six tears for a crown–
Curse the Emperor’s name!
—  Verses taken from an old corsair ballad, Pearls of Lutra

Ib x Undertale crossover doodles (+an accidental paint practice ;u;)

Partially completed in stream! :’)

anonymous asked:

im not really sure if this is scenario of headcanons (i came back to tumblr for fan art and stuff about mysme not that long ago so im kinda behind on this, sorry >o<) but how about rfa members seeing seven's phone background is a beautiful girl and asks if the girl is his girlfriend when it's actually seven crossdressing (maybe some yoosung trolling? hehe) [if it's senarios then seven and yoosung plz :D] thank yous ~

Okay sooo… I’d if I’ll be any good at this so I hope they’re okay. This won’t be sectioned like it usually is. (OMG I JUST HAD A DEJA VU. OMG IT’S NOT STOPPING AHHASFLKJAS) Btw, I’ll add just a tiny bit of jealousy from MC because why not.

  • It all started when Seven sent a screenshot of his lockscreen to prove to everyone that he had 150+ notifications only from the messenger.
  • But what everyone noticed instead was the beautiful girl in the background. 
  • She had flowing red hair and was quite endowed.
  • Yoosung said: Ooooooh, who is she?
  • Zen said: Seven… it can’t be… is that your… is that your girlfriend!?
  • Everything was chaos after that.
  • Jumin started saying that he thought it would be an astonishing thing because not everyone understood Seven’s nature.
  • Jaehee just stared at the young woman and was just… wow. 
  • Zen was already sending Seven a private message begging asking him to give her the girl’s number.
  • Seven was staring at his phone, a stupid grin on his face. He was trying so hard not to break the news to them. 
  • Jumin said: I don’t get what’s so special about this particular female?
  • Zen said: Trust fund, are you blind? 
  • Jumin said: No, I am not. I had an appointment to the optometrist about two weeks ago and he said everything was in top condition. That said, I believe I am far from blind. So please refrain yourself from assuming such things.
  • Zen said: Ugh, you just manage to suck the fun out of everything. Anyways. The girl’s beautiful! 
  • Jaehee said: I don’t think it’s okay to say those things about Seven’s girlfriend.
  • Zen said: But he hasn’t confirmed it yet.
  • Yoosung said: Why else would he have the picture of a girl as his lockscreen then!? 
  • Yoosung said: Ahhhh, I wish I had a girlfriend T^T 
  • Jumin said: Elizabeth the 3rd’s my lockscreen and she most certainly isn’t my girlfriend.
  • Zen said: Don’t agree with me, Trust Fund Kid!!!
  • Jaehee said: What do you think of this, MC?
  • Seven was just chuckling while reading the conversation until you were brought up. That’s when he realized that throughout this entire time, you hadn’t said a single word.
  • He checked again to see if you were active and, in fact, you were.
  • MC’s typing…
  • Why was the red hair getting so nervous?
  • MC said: Ah, haha, yeah… 
  • Zen said: Oh, MC! Oh no. You saw my true nature! 
  • Jumin said: It’s not that hard to see.
  • Zen said: Shut up, idiot!
  • Jaehee said: Now, now, let’s calm down everyone ^^’
  • Jaehee said: MC, do you think that’s Seven’s girlfriend? That answer was pretty vague, haha ^^’
  • Jaehee wasn’t particularly interested in knowing if that was or wasn’t Seven’s partner or not, she was just tired of the endless bickering between Zen and Jumin. 
  • MC said: Oh, uh.. Haha, I don’t really think it’s any of our business, guys. The girl’s extremely pretty and all, and I’m happy if Seven’s happy with her.
  • You were being honest. As long as Seven was happy so were you. It didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.
  • Yoosung said: Oh, MC, you’re so kind and thoughtful! i wish i had someone like you.
  • Jumin said: It was a nice thing to say, MC. I expected nothing less. 
  • Zen said: Ahhh, why even bother with someone else when there’s a beautiful princess right here chatting with me! ^3^
  • Jumin said: She’s not chatting with you.
  • Jaehee said: Oh! That’s a very nice thing for you to say, MC.
  • Zen said: Again ruining the fun, jerk.
  • At that precise moment Seven was typing the big reveal.
  • But then…
  • MC said: Hey, guys, I think I’m going to sleep. Sweet dreams, everyone!
  • MC has left the chatroom.
  • All that happened a few milliseconds before Seven hit send.
  • Seven said: Lolololol, that’s not my girlfriend. That extremely pretty individual’s nothing more but tHE DEFENDER OF JUSTICE 7 0 7!!!!  ! ! !! lolololol
  • But then you were gone. He wasn’t stupid. He knew why you left so suddenly. He had been calling you a lot recently, he knew he shouldn’t be, that he should keep his distance.
  • He just couldn’t help it.
  • Zen has left the chatroom.
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom.
  • And surprisingly,
  • Jaehee has left the chatroom.
  • Jumin said: Well, if I do say so myself, the dress does suit you. Everyone’s extremely rude, unlike MC, they didn’t even say goodbye. Anyways, I should be heading to bed now. Goodnight, Luciel. 
  • Jumin has left the chatroom.
  • I honestly think that Jaehee, Zen, and Yoosung were equally shocked.
  • Zen and Yoosung would trying to erase that thing from their minds while Jaehee felt extremely betrayed (she wasn’t mad tho lol).
  • Maybe Yoosung would have a bit of trouble trying to erase it. maybe. But that would be his secret lol
  • Seven couldn’t help but chuckle at his friends’ reactions. But was still thrown off by yours. You usually just followed along or figured it out before anyone else did.
  • He called you.
  • “Oh, hi, Seven.”
  • Hey! You just missed the biggest and most wonderful revelation of the entire universe!”
  • “Oh, did I? Haha, I didn’t know. Sorry. I’m really tired right now, Seven. Would it be okay if I called you tomorrow?”
  • w h a t. You usually wanted to keep talking, one time you even asked him to stay for a bit longer.
  • Was it that you were… jealous? He couldn’t help but grin at the thought.
  • Oh, but MC, aren’t you just d y i n g to know?”
  • “Seven, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to stay up talking to someone who isn’t your partner. I’m going to bed, have a good ni-”
  • That was me!”
  • You were completely silent. Not even your breathing could be heard and that only made the poor man panic.
  • He checked the CCTV footage only to find you running a hand down along your hair with your head thrown back. You looked relieved.
  • So…” he continued, “Am I ‘extremely pretty’?”
  • “I… You.. So you don’t have girlfriend?”
  • Nope. I told you I’m already married to the world of binary numbers.”
  • You could hear the grin on his face.
  • “I’m glad.”
  • Ngl, Seven’s heart was beating loud and frantically
  • Awwww, MC. Were you jealous!?”
  • Maybe.”
  • That shut him up for a change.
  • When you got no response you decided to end the call.
  • “Oh, and you make a beautiful girl. Goodnight, defender of justice.“
  • And the line went dead.
  • And so did his brain.
  • Zen’s sitting on his couch reevaluating his life.
  • Yoosung’s slapping both of his cheeks at the same time.
  • Jumin doesn’t care lol. He’s sleeping soundly in his bed.

a/n: first, pls don’t get offended if jaehee feels betrayed, i don’t meant for it to be taken in a rude way. like, she feels betrayed bcs that was seven and well she feels no attraction towards him whatsoever. so yeah. at least that’s how i picture it. and two, i’m sorry this took so long.

Stop desexualizing and infantilizing Gay Men.

We’re not some soft abstract images in your fanfics and moodboards. We’re real people. We have actual lives. Red blood flows through our veins. 

And yes. Gay men have sex. it’s not gross it’s not taboo. It’s natural. Gay men aren’t oversexed. It’s normal and good for a gay man to want to have sex. Sex between gay men is real. It’s wet, hairy, it’s fun, warm, hot, sweaty, smells, noises, tastes, etc.

And we’re not perpetual boys. We grow. Old. Elder gay men exist. We’re not this image of a perpetual soft young boy. Destroy that. It’s actually harmful. You don’t become less gay or less valid as you grow older. The ideal image of a gay man isn’t youth. The ideal image of gay man is what a gay man sees when he looks in the mirror.

Uncultured Tim Drake x Reader

Request for Tim by @rigorousgiraffes

You walked down the stairs, your heels clicking, red dress flowing with your elegant movements. Everyone’s heads shifted to face you, their eyes tracing every movement, and you couldn’t help but smile from all the attention. 

 You smiled at familiar faces, but never stopped to make a conversation, as you made your way to the bar at the end of the room. 

 'Room’ wasn’t the word for the majestically decorated hall, pale blue flowers placed delicately on each table. Gold ribbons wrapping the columns, an impressive Christmas tree at the heart of the hall, speckled with snowflakes. 

“What can I get you?” You turned to face the bartender, “Water, no ice.” He nodded, handing you a glass, you smiled in return. 

Turning, you prop an elbow on the counter and sip your water, watching the social event through the bottom of your glass.

 You feel a presence settle beside you and you take a moment to voice your opinion, “I’ve never seen a more uncultured group of people.“ 

 A low chuckle, “How do you mean?" 

 "Well, for one, all the women try to outshine the next with their dresses, without breaking the theme, and you can physically see them snake around to everyone they feel threatened by.”

 A silence from the man next to you encouraged you to go on, “The men hope that no one notices their absence, while their secretaries happen to coincidentally disappear as well. They come back disheveled, but still have the nerve to kiss their spouse to keep up their appearance. 

 And the poor children, born into dysfunctional families, probably being forced to make friends with all the heirs and heiresses. I can’t imagine how it’ll weigh down on them later." 

 "What about you then?” He asked. 

 "What about me?“ 

 "You showed up hours late.”

 "Traffic.“ You say simply.

 He cocks his head, "On Christmas Eve?”

“Of course, the roads are extremely congested." 

"Then the red dress.”

“What about it?" 

"The theme is winter." 

 "Well…” You paused, thinking, “It’s cold during winter, everyone looks for warmth. That’s why I chose red. Plus I look good in red.”

“Well so do I.” He said amusement in his voice. 

“Whatever, to each his own.”

You turned to face him, your eyes met his deep blue ones. He was built, as if he exercised a lot, but his posture suggested he spent lots of time on the computer. He was handsome, but he didn’t seem like a social sort. 

“So why are you here, this doesn’t seem like your kind of scene."  

"I’m Tim. Tim Drake. My dad is Bruce Wayne, I kind of have to be here." 

 You choked on your water, "About everything I said about the people being uncultured, I didn’t me—" 

 "Everything you said was true,” He said, waving his hand to dismiss your guilt, “What’s your name?" 

 ”(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).“ 

 "How do you feel about some coffee?" 

 "It’s eleven PM." 

 "It’s never too late for coffee." 

 "It’s Christmas Eve, nothing’s open." 

 "I can make it." 

"I don’t drink coffee.” You said, for the sake of the exchange. 

 "That’s not even humanly possible.“ 

 "You’re right, let’s go, Tim.” You said grinning. 

 He smiled, grabbing your hand. 


 "Did Drake just leave with a female?“ Damian said from the other side of the room. 

 "Really?!” Dick said like an excited puppy. 

 "Leave Tim alone.“ Bruce said, squinting to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Dick laughed, "Little Timmy’s got some moves.”

Thanks for being my first Christmas request @rigorousgiraffes

Part Two

Falling Leaves. (a)

Taehyung x Reader drabble

Genre: angst i think?

Word Count: 442

a/n: i don’t know why i did this to myself at 3 am :’) i feel like i’m posting too much?? i have another drabble & a request ready to post as well but i goTaT cOnTrOl MySeLf

Originally posted by shitjeon

It was during a fall afternoon. Despite the chill creeping through the breeze, there was something warm about the changing season.You sat down on a bench and looked up at the colorful trees above you. The leaves were just starting to fall. The orange, yellow and red colors gracefully flowing through the air, sprinkling the ground with their beauty.

You had forgotten how pretty it was during this time of year.You felt someone sit down next to you and when you turned your head, your eyes had met with Taehyung’s. “You came.”

He said with a wide, boxy smile. It hurt to see how beautiful it was, but you managed to return a half smile, “I do every year.”

You let your eyes wonder back to the leaves as Tae followed your gaze and looked up as well. You sat there for a few minutes, just listening to the sound of the rustling leaves. Until Tae faced you again,

“How’s she doing?”

Still looking up, you replied with a sigh, "She looks just like you, Tae.“ You finally turned your head towards him with a smile. He had the softest look in his eyes and you couldn’t help the constricting feeling in your heart. Tae met your eyes before speaking, his expression suddenly going sad.

“Why don’t you ever bring her here?”  You dropped your head, looking at the ground. You always felt guilty for not letting her see him, but you were afraid with how she would take it since she’s still so young. You worried it might make her more confused.

“She doesn’t understand yet.” You start to say slowly, 

“She’s still waiting for you to walk through the door, yelling daddy’s home.”

Taehyung’s eyes fell to your fiddling hands where he saw the wedding ring still in its place on your left hand.

“…secretly, I am too.” Your voice was starting to get shaky as you tried to choke back your tears. Taehyung’s heart sank and his face looked pained. He hated seeing you this way. He wanted nothing more than to go back to how it used to be, to be able to reach out and touch you again. To hold you and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

You managed a weak smile as you saw the first tear fall onto your lap. This season was so bitter-sweet; you weren’t sure whether to be happy or sad anymore. “I should probably get back.” With that, you got up and started walking to your car. You stopped just before opening the door and looked back at where Taehyung’s gravestone resided, fresh white roses laying in front of it. “Next year I’ll bring our daughter, I promise.”


We sit on your porch
Crickets control rhythms of your porch swing
My feet touch, rock out

Your feet, the dainty, fairytale versions
Delicate, arched for shoes that never come
Your hair flowing, long, red as mermaids
Your figure spreading like Ursula
Too much fast food, too much stuffing hate
The spread without demise or power

Your eyes always nod at me, approving
I can be anything in your short brain

We’re the last of our childhood nightmare
We’re the zombies who dug our way out
Leftovers, time travelers of hate
Anachronisms struggling to fit

You should, you say, your mind folded
You never finish your thought


La Vie en Rose

Newt has just moved into his New York apartment to take a break from adventuring, and to sit down and edit his manuscript. He soon finds that this will be a bit difficult, as his neighbour likes to play her records with the balcony door open.

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 855

Warnings: None

A/n: If you guys like this I may do a part 2!

Originally posted by boudoirduchaman

Newt sat down at the desk facing the big window of his new apartment. He let out a brief sigh as he uncapped a red pen, opening the notebook that contained the unheard stories and information on the wondrous beasts he had come to call family. He loved writing about them, truly, but when it came to editing he saw it as a (necessary) hassle. Just as the red ink started flowing onto the first page he found himself interrupted. He heard a piano’s notes, played in an array of a beautiful fluttering melody. Then trumpets. The creases in his forehead formed as he slowly stood from the desk and stepped towards his window, drawing the blinds apart and opening it. He squinted at the sudden light that lashed out at his unprepared eyes, trying to spot the source of the sound through the blazing glare.

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Just revealed at the NYCC Marvel Games panel: the Sorcerer Supreme himself–Dr. Strange–arrives at Avengers Academy just in time to celebrate the new movie. Concept and illustration by me. :)

Had a blast reimagining Stephen Strange as a college-age student, rearranging familiar elements like the white in his hair and the flowing red and yellow cape into new, more youthful contexts. This is the fun of the game in general–a totally fresh version of the Marvel Universe, different but familiar. It’s going to be a fun event!