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Prompt: Carol and Therese kiss and make up after their first fight. The honeymoon is over. Easy living?

On Madison Avenue (Mid-May)

On Madison Avenue, the heat was suffocating. Therese desperately tried to blame the heat. Like the hand of some enormous god, it weighed down on everything in sight. No amount of air-conditioning could help. But when she finally rushed out of the apartment and away from Carol, she knew it was not the only thing to blame. On the street, mailmen sweated through their shirts and secretaries fanned themselves with magazines. Therese did not see them. She had shocked herself more than she had shocked Carol, she was sure.

She had come home after eight long hours at Harkevy’s studio. They were working on a set for an Australian play, but the set itself was not working, and no one felt like doing anything to fix it, and no one but Therese seemed to have read the play anyway. She had tried not to raise her voice. She had left quietly. Then, on the way home, she had found a red cat by a fire escape between Lexington and Park, howling, shouting for her. It was one of those inexplicable things. It had seemed like the only living soul in the city that day.

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So I punched Nightwing in the face last night. He was fighting with Red Hood on my fire escape at 2 in the morning and I had a final exam at 6 and I needed to sleep after cramming. I yelled a few times for them to shut up or go away which didn't work so I went out onto my fire escape in my fuzzy pjs with a dead expression and punched Nightwing in the stomach and followed it up with a shot to his face that knocked him off my fire escape. Red Hood fell over laughing and highfived me #onlyingotham


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