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Ultimate Vessel Pt. 1

Prompt: Reader, being the middle Winchester, is the vessel for both Michael and Lucifer.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1319

A/N: There will be one more part.

The angel sent you a small smile from the other side of the room. You were sure he didn’t know why he was smiling at you - he’s the most clueless person you’ve ever met - but you still enjoyed the random smiles he’d send your way, like he’s acknowledging your existence. Even with everything happening, though, you couldn’t help but return the smile.

But that was days ago.

“Dean, I assure you that I can take control over my own body long enough to throw myself into the pit with Lucifer still-”

“No,” Dean said abruptly. “I’m not letting you do that, Sammy. It’s-”

“Yet, days ago you were willing to give yourself up to Michael just as easily for the very same reason,” Sam returned. “What makes you so liable to save the world and not me?”

“I’m not letting you, end of discussion,” Dean snapped angrily at Sam. “Now, let’s-”

“This is ridiculous.” Sam let out an angry sigh and glared at his older brother. “You would have gave yourself up if it meant saving the world. Hell, Adam was willing to give himself up and-”

“I tried to save Adam and you know it!” Dean declared, snapping his head up and finally looking at his brother. “I couldn’t get the damn door open no matter how hard I tried, so don’t you dare play that guilt card on me when I’m already playing it on myself.”

“I’m not playing any-”

“Enough!” you yelled, both brother looking directly at you, even Bobby had a shocked expression on his face. You were always quiet whenever Sam and Dean fought, something you let your brothers resolve on their own terms, but you were quite annoyed with everything right now, especially with Castiel missing in action. “Nobody’s to blame for Adam and you both know it. Lucifer’s still trying to convince Sam to give in and none of us are going to let that happen because we love you, Sam, too much to let you do that. So, just shut up and think of a better plan to kill an unkillable angel.”

You ran both your hands over your face and looked back down at the book in front of you, even though none of the words on the pages were speaking to you anymore. You were so annoyed, you slammed the book closed and pushed it away from you.

Y/N’s right,“ Bobby said, speaking up finally. "We’re not going to let anything happen to you, Boy, so you might as well get yourself comfortable.”

You turned your attention to the Four Horsemen’s rings, spinning them around your finger, watching as they attached together in a certain shape like magnets. And then an idea shot through you quicker than a bullet, You looked up, all three men’s noses back into their own books.

“Maybe we could try it.” When the words fell from your mouth, everybody snapped their attention back to you, a small smile on Sam’s face as he thinks you’re going along with his plan.

“But you just said-”

“I know what I just said, Dean,” you declared, “and Ii also said that we have to find a way to kill an unkillable angel.”

“We’ll find a way,” he huffed, angry now that you’re siding with Sam all of a sudden, though it was only apart of your new plan, a plan you don’t intend on telling anybody at the moment.

“The only was it to throw him back down to the pit,”  Sam said, joining in. “We all know there’s no way we’re going to get him into the pit unless I’m the one he’s in and I could control my body for just a few seconds.”

Dean glared at Sam. “No.”

“We could do it right then and there,” you spoke up. “The second Lucifer takes over Sam’s body, activate the pit and Sam will manage to do the rest.”

“I said no-”

“Give it a shot, Dean,” you begged and he trained his eyes onto you. He could see, then, the look in your eyes, the look that you’re hiding something big, the look of somebody with a plan. So, he sighed and shook his head, making Bobby speak up only to be shot down by Dean with a look.

With everybody’s agreement, they began the plan.

And you began yours.

It took a long time to build a simple plan, but you finally got it perfectly in tact.

Sam is to lure Lucifer out with Dean and yourself by his side, Dean will then throw the rings and active the pit, allow Sam the time to fight against Lucifer and throw himself in there. A easy plan, something that will require a lot of hard work from Sam, but easy at the least. Then again, until you ruin it with your own plan.

Dean caught onto that little part, too, asking why you were suddenly on board with Sam’s ridiculous plan, and you told him the plan you made up with him, not your Plan A.

“The three amigos,” Lucifer said with a smile as he appeared in front of you in the old, abandoned building. You had no idea where Bobby went, you completely forgot his part of the plan now that you’re getting ready to launch your own. “You got something to say, Sam?”

“Yes.” Lucifer’s face expressed a slight hint of shock when the word did not come from Sam’s mouth, but your own. The same shock from both Dean and Sam, only stronger. “I give your permission to take me.”

Anger quickly replaced Dean’s face as he realized this was your plan the whole time.

“That’s a turn of events,” Lucifer said with a sickening grin spreading across his face, the small hint of shock washing away.

“No,” Sam declared quickly. “Take me.”

Lucifer pondered this a moment, but it didn’t seem like he was really thinking about it, just pretending to. And then he shook his head, not willing to pass this opportunity. “Take you, or the girl that could handle both myself and my brother at the same time?” He tsked. “That’s an opportunity too good to miss.”

You didn’t look at Sam nor  Dean, knowing the look they’ll give you if you did - betrayal, anger, disappointment - and you couldn’t stand to see those expressions before Lucifer takes you over.

A blinding white light flashed and you saw it happen. Lucifer escaping the current vessel it’s occupying and appearing in front of you, crawling into your now-opened mouth and shifting himself under your skin, making yourself feel as if your skin were literally crawling. And then, the flash of white disappearing, feeling as if it took hours for Lucifer to adjust himself just right inside you, but really only taking less than half a minute. When the light vanished, you could see through your own eyes, but you weren’t moving your bones. No, that was his job and he moved your right in front of your brothers, a smile crawling onto your face.

“Sam, Dean, I think… I think I got him,” Lucifer said for you, you screaming out for them not to listen to him. Dean tossed the rings against the wall and Lucifer turned towards it, your eyes looking deep into the pit and seeing red and fire, metal bars thicker than your forearm. You were looking right into Lucifer’s cage. No, scratch that, you were walking right towards Lucifer’s cage.

And then he stopped making you walk, and turned around, a laugh escaping your throat, coming out evil and dry, something you didn’t think were possible.

“You really thought I’d make it that easy?” He  laughed again and then the portal closed, him reaching down and tucking the rings tightly into his pocket. “Oh, but I do enjoy hearing her scream her lungs out, trying to reach out to the both of you.” And then he shrugged and vanished.

Sam and Dean were too ill to speak, just turn away and slowly leave the building, barely moving, feeling as if they were going to collapse and die right then and there.

When Bobby’s eyes landed on both of them, measuring their facial expressions, and his eyes darting around for you to pop out and go on your usual cheer about managing to beat Lucifer and keep Sam. “Where’s Y/N?” he asked.

Dean looked up at him, but Sam was the one to speak. “She beat me to the punch,” Sam said quietly. “Lucifer chose her over me after she said yes.”

“She said-” Bobby’s voice caught in his throat and he coughed.

“I knew she was planning something,” Dean whispered, running a shaking hand through his hair. “I just didn’t know it would be… this insane.”

Nobody said anything else.

Part 2